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Alignment and Placement Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Why I love the basting feature

I am a new fan of the basting feature. What’s to love? Two things, it firmly attaches the item to the stabilizer and is a fabulous alignment tool when mishaps occur.

If you’re hooping stabilizer and fabric, then attaching the fabric to the stabilizer with a basting stitch is probably not necessary. If you’re using adhesives or a magnetic hoop inserts such as Magna Hoop, then the basting feature is added security.

Regardless of what hoop you’re using there is always the possibility of trouble ahead. Trouble? What trouble? Well, let’s see, bird nesting, empty bobbin (I know the machine is supposed to tell you before that happens), fabric pops out of the hoop, thread gets tangles around the foot or stitched over the foot (oh yes, I have seen it all!). Regardless of what caused the trouble, often the next step is to remove the hoop from the machine before completing the design. And possibly, removing the fabric from the hoop. AAAAAAHHHH! Many times, when this happens, you scrap the project and start over.

But if a basting file was stitched first, you have a very good chance of getting everything aligned in the hoop.

First, make a note of the stitch number when the snafu occurred. Write it down. Also write down the location and rotation of the design.

Fix the problem. Reattach the hoop to the machine. If the needle is centered over the last stitch, you might be in good shape. Travel back through the design a few stitches and see if the needle is centered over the stitches. If so, advance to the last stitch and complete the design.

If not, go to the first stitch of the design – the basting stitches. Travel through the basting stitches and watch where the foot is located in reference to the stitched outline.

Rehoop the fabric to align the foot with the stitched outline or rotate the design and continue the process. The real proof is when you travel around the corner of the basting line. The basting file is a square or rectangle and as long as the needle is centered over one horizontal and one vertical line, your design will be aligned.

If you’re using a flat magnetic hoop it’s so simple to realign the fabric. Just lift the top frame and slide the fabric into the proper position.

Once you’ve confirmed the needle is aligned with the basting line, advance to the last stitch and complete the design.

Basting outlines are like auto insurance, you can drive without it but if you have an accident you’re really in trouble.

What’s your favorite machine feature?

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Last week we asked you what your favorite “Nancy technique” was.  The winner of the Designer Necklines is…Susan Cira!

“Hard to pick my favorite “Nancy’s Hint” but I’ll pick how to pivot & slide a pants pattern to make them longer. I’m taller than average & the main reason I originally learned to sew was to have slacks that were long enough. I was doing it wrong until Nancy showed the easy way.”

Congratulations, Susan!

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  • maryc

    My favorite machine feature is available on lots of basic sewing machines as well as elaborate embroidery machines. By far, I use the needle down/needle up feature the very most.

    • grammasrunamuck

      I like that too, and the needle threader, much easier once you get the hang of it.

      I started a group on facebook Stitchaholics Anonymous. I think this would be a good topic. May I link to your page here on wordpress Eileen? Let others know about the great stuff you do. Thanks patti rairden

  • Pam Duxbury

    Love the way you explain this. It makes it sound like common sense.

  • Ev Munce

    My favorite feature of my Janome 1100SE is the ability of stopping an embroidery design at anytime and turn off the machine. Upon turning the machine on it immediately asks if you wish to continue previous design. This feature works for both embroidery and stitch settings too. What a wonderful feature for sewers.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my favorite feature.


    • eileen

      Ev – that’s a great feature! Very helpful during power outages, too.

  • Bernie Webre

    Although I have a TOL machine with lots of wonderful features, I could not live without the needle down setting and my thread cutter. When it works right, the needle threader is pretty awesome, too.

  • Judy Carter

    Wow, you listed all the things that have happened to me while learning to use my embroidery machine in the past year. Makes me feel better to know I am not alone in making those mess ups.

    My favorite thing on my Brother Innoves 2400 machine is the automatic threading system. Wow, that sure makes thread changes easy!

    Now I want to try those basting frames, sounds like I could have used those earlier.

  • Alice McFarlane

    One of my favorite features is the bobbin letting me know it is almost out. Gives me time to change it and start back to sewing or embroiderying on my pfaff creative vision. Basically I love all the features on my machine. Use the basting feature all the time when I am embroiderying.

  • Wien

    My Bernina 830 has a huge bobbin which is my favorite feature. It evens tells me when it gets low so I can change it out when I want to like a color change instead of when it empties! I also use the basting feature with temporary spray since I hardly ever hoop anymore……cleaner smoother finishs even in dense embroidery

    • eileen

      It seems like the bobbin on the 830 never runs out!

  • sjc

    I love a lot of features on my Quattro 6000D, but the automatic threader is the best ever. I have had several machines with this feature, but this is the first one that works every time and is easy peasy…no complicated path to remember. As far as embroidery specific features, I love the camera with the snowman targets. Perfect starts every time and if I hooped it a little wonky, it compensates for that as well.

    • eileen

      Oh yes, that Quattro is something else!

  • Jane Olson

    I have 2 Brother PR600II machines. I’d have to say without a doubt that my favorite features (because I can’t just pick one) are the ability to sew up to 6 colors without needing to change the thread and the auto threader that Brother machines are known for! These old eyes are not as good as they used to be and the threader is an excellent tool to have on the machine. Thanks for the opportunity to tell everyone about my favorite features.

  • Susan Cira

    Thanks for making me last week’s winner. How do I acquire the winnings? I almost always use the basting feature. It really does make life a lot easier.

    • Eileen Roche

      Hi Susan,

      Congrats on winning! We’ll email you on Monday to get your address! Have a great weekend!

  • Sue D

    I have so many favorite features on the Janome 11000 but I will admit to using the needle down all the time. makes things so easy when needing to readjust the fabric, especially when free-motion thread painting and quilting.

  • Rhonda Juhan

    My favorite feature of my Husqvarna Designer SE is the stitch count. This allows me to back up to a stitch that might need to be redone due to thread breakage.

  • Rhonda Juhan

    My favorite feature of by Brother Entrepreneur Pro 1000 is the user-friendly computer screen. Easy to design, edit, and stitch out.

    • Irma Clements

      Hello Rhonda, I have a PR1000e like you but I am not good with editing etc. You sound very expierienced, perhaps we can keep in touch if it suits you. I had to buy machine online as no one sold it here
      Thanks Irma

  • Donna G.

    I have several Pfaff machines, including the 7570 which was the TOL in its day. My favorite feature in all of my Pfaffs is the integrated dual feed, or “walking foot”. I use it as the default setting, and it does a wonderful job when quilting and fashion sewing. I never have that extra bit of material at the end of a seam!

    • Elaine

      I loved my 7570 Pfaff too! Unfortunately I burned up the circuit board a couple years ago, and bought a Baby Lock Destiny 2. I only used the embroidery function on the old Pfaff one time, but I love using the smaller machine to embroider now. I have a Brother 12 needle which is great for big designs, but have found I can put just a big a design on the Destiny as I can on the big machine. I even did my grandson’s letterman jacketback on the Destiny. So When the Brother machine dies, I will still be able to do big designs. My Brother is almost 20 years old and when it dies, its gone. They don’t even make parts anymore for it.

  • Rachel T

    My husband bought me a new Bernina 730 for Christmas to replace my ailing 180. Such a dear! Both, I must admit scared me at first with the computer interaction, but I knew I had to just dig in and go! My favorite feature, which I have used for both, is the gold latch pig-tail bobbin case. It holds a firm tension on the bobbin thread so that the top embroidery thread never shows top-side. This is really helpful when I use Coats and Clark thread along with regular sewing thread on the bobbin.

  • Judy Parker

    My favorite machine feature on my Bernina 830 is the endless embroidery..WOW! it marks where to begin the next design for perfect alignment everytime!

  • Janet Recla

    My favorite feature is the tie off at the start and finish in a seam or a chosen place. I love that feature as it is such a timesaver.

  • Karin

    Oh, gosh, yes, I do love that basting feature (which I’ve seen, but unfortunately do not have!), but it’s hard to pick just ONE feature – I love my needle up/down, pressure foot up on stop, the auto-threading, oh, and especially the back-up stitches. You know, the ones where the needle backs up a few stitches so you can start the design over, like you say (not the regular back-stitches that lock stitching in place, tho that’s handy-dandy too!).

    And with my newest machine, I love, love, love that I can just stick my designs on a jump drive & plug it in & go! Oh, and the re-sizing feature is neat too! And the stitch regulator, so I can slow down for metallic threads! Oh, yes, I use everything I can figure out!!

  • Gail Beam

    I have to admit that the favorite thing about my D1 is the basting feature that is available for any of my D1 hoops by simply touching the fix button. Since first learning about it, I have hardly ever hooped anything. The basting feature is especially great for towels, jean or sweatshirt fabrics, satin, faux leather, toilet paper, or just anywhere it would be difficult to hoop an item. You never any have hoop imprints when you use the basting method, which is also an added plus. If you need to put a piece of WSS over the fabric before embroidering a design, it can be basted down the same time as you baste the fabric to the stabilizer.

  • Jo

    Totally love your newsletters and site and of course the magazine! The basting idea really saves me a lot of headaches as I don’t always get my fabric and stablizer hooped correctly. I have found the basting covers a lot of uh-ohs. LOL I have a Brother Innov-is 2500 Duetta and really love a lot of it’s features, auto-threader, badge maker, basting, the different shapes you can use to make a number of things, the ease of moving the needle around for placement of the design, and on and on.

  • LeAnne

    I love the design alignment feature on the Diamond. That’s the main reason why I purchased it. Plus the extra large hoop.

  • Shirley R

    The stitch count on my Babylock Ellegante, the fully automatic threading and the automatic cutting of the thread jumps are my favorite features.

  • Susan Burns

    Boy, it is hard to pick just one favorite feature, but one I love and use often on my Bernina is the ability to size/scale my design with just the turn of a knob. It lets me make any design any size I want easily.

  • mary dickerson

    My Brother 4000D is my best friend. It’s easy to learn and operate and I’m having a great time with all kinds of machine embroidery. To pick a favorite feature is difficult, but I love the knee-lift. It frees my hands and is such a necessary feature that when I don’t have it enabled, my knee just keeps on trying to do the job!…MaryDickerson

  • Linda Hedelund

    my fav feature of my machine is that I can back up stitches after stopping for a thread break and continue. thus not leaving any missed stitches in my design.

    thank for the great article, I will be trying the basting.

  • Nancy Wood

    Stitching Sister event is awesome! I loved what we learned! A definite must! Well worth the time and money!
    Sign up if it is anywhere close to you.

  • Lydia Kefauver

    My favorite machine feature is being able to check the stitch count *if* my bobbin thread runs out while in the middle of an intricate design & being able to get right back to that spot! As much as *I* try to remember to put a fresh one in prior to doing a detailed design, Murphy’s [okay, Lydia’s rule] seems to prevail & I forget! Has saved my sanity more than once!

  • Valerie Usowicz

    Needle down/ presser foot up combo is my very favorite on my Pfaff 2170. I also love and take for granted now the dual feed walking foot. I really miss these features when I use another machine.

  • Cindy McCord

    My favorite machine feature is the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regular). It makes free motion quilting look great, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, since all the stitches are the same size. Of course, when using your Stipple products, the free motion quilting is always perfect!!!

    • eileen

      Gee – as I read all these favorite features, it’s really hard to pick a top feature. I’ve gotten so comfortable (ok, spoiled) with all of these great features, I don’t think I would sew without them. The needle down/foot up, trimmers, needle cams, automatic threading, perfect alignment, continuous embroidery…the list never ends! Aren’t we lucky?

  • Berenice Trickett

    My favorite feature is the ability to stitch out designs of my choice on almost any fabric in almost the blink of an eye! I was raised on hand stitching and have a skin a thick as a quarter on the tips of my fingers from pricking myself. (Yes I know about thimbles, but I have hands bigger than most men…) Now I can just sit, review designs, program, thread and suddenly my vision is completed. Spoiled indeed!

  • Jackie Wallace

    As a brand new Brother owner, I love many functions, the basting stitch so I can see where my design is going to be, this helps me with having confidence that usually comes from experience. I love how user friendly this machine is, and how you can watch a video right on the screen to help with the many functions (how to wind the bobbin)! I love how the machine tells you what to do! I know you said just one reason… I love my Brother!

  • Betsy

    Like many others, it’s hard to pick just one feature. When I think back to my childhood, learning to sew on my Grandma’s Singer treadle machine and practicing the embroidery stitches she taught me, who ever would have thought that I would someday have a sewing machine that could stitch an embroidery for me with the touch of a button! Wow, mind-boggling!

  • Janice Murry

    My favorite feature on my machine is the needle threader. As I get older the more difficult it is to see to thread a needle, but this is the time of life I have the most time to sew. Couldn’t get along without that needle threader!

  • Kathi Miller

    I am blessed to have one of the new Bernina 830s. Two of the machine’s features are favorites. First of all, I love the huge bobbin capacity and the fact that the machine tells me when bobbin is running low. Starts warning me when there’s 20% left. Other 830 feature I love is that presser foot lowers when I tap the foot control or push the manual start/stop button. Most folks probably don’t realize the 830 doesn’t even have a lever to raise and lower the presser foot. Took me a while to get used to this but now I love it!

  • Valli Lopez

    Oh my gosh, there are are so many great features to choose from. I do love the continuous embroidery feature to do borders on my quilts. I also love using it for wonderful border details on sheets ,pillowcases and towels. It is so easy to use and I really love it!!

  • Toni Melton

    I had a Pfaff that I plumb wore out, poor thing couldn’t be repaired anymore. I replaced it with a 16 needle Melco Amaya. I LOVE the 16 needles! I can work on gorgeous multi-color designs after setting up all the color changes in the beginning. And it has deeper hoops than my Pfaff did, so I never have the problem of the hoop coming apart in the middle of an embroidery, which did happen a few times with the Pfaff.

  • Debbi Wilson

    My favorite feature is my sewing machine MEMORY! Thankfully it is so much better than mine

  • Debbie Gartelman

    My favorite feature is the placement feature. I can just push a button and it will show me exactly where my design will be. I have a brother 4000D machine and love it.

  • Vicki Barnes

    My favorite feature is to be able to back the stitches up when I’ve had a problem. LOVE THAT! Especially being new to embroidery!

  • Jill

    My favorite feature on my machine is not an embroidery feature, but a sewing feature. I like that I can choose needle down.

  • marsha nelson

    I love the way my machine puts the presser foot down when I begin to sew and raises it when I stop.With the push of a button, the thread is cut. I can make things in half the time because I’m not constantly reaching behind the machine to cut thread or put the foot up or down. And I really love that it doesn’t make a birds nest of thread is the needle comes down and is not on the fabric for a few stitches. I feel so spoiled but that’s ok with me.

  • Doris Alvarez

    My favorite feature of my Ellisimo is the terrific lighting. When I turn on the machine and the light goes on, I don’t even have to turn on my floor lamp which I always had to do with my Ellegante. I also love the ability to push the button for monochramatic sewing. I just learned this trick at a sewing class last week and I’ve had the machine for two years. Just goes to show you can always learn something new when you take classes.

  • April

    I love the needle down position when sewing and quilting. But for embroidery, I like that I can back of as many stitches as I’d like (or forward) and that I can skip a thread color entirely. Many times I decide I want just the picture stitched, and not the text that goes along with it, or vice versa.

  • Ellen OBryan

    My favority machine feature is automating raising and lowering of presser foot! When I change machines I see how much I miss it!

  • Enis

    I couldn’t live without the automatic needle threader and the auto trim cutting features. Oh my, what did we do before these wonderful machine were created!?!

    • eileen

      I remember when I got my first machine with automatic trimmers. After falling in love with that feature (and getting quite spoiled!), I had trouble getting used to clipping threads whenever I resorted to a machine without a trimmer. I would yank at that hoop and wonder why the devil it wouldn’t come free!

  • Becky

    My favorite feature on my Pfaff 7570 is the dual feed. I recently made a fleece rag blanket. I couldn’t have managed it without the dual feed. Of course as my eyes have aged, I can’t imagine sewing without the automatic needle threader. And as far as embroidery goes, it still runs circles around my newer embroidery machine.

  • carroll

    I love the automatic needle threader on my machine but there are so many features on my machine that I love that its hard to pick one feature that I love the most. Having a great machine is like having a friend that you love and you never want to loose them.

  • Devora OLson

    I couldn’t be without my knee lift for my presser foot. It’s my third hand. Whenever I use one of my machines that doesn’t have one my knee automatically slides out to the side. What did we ever do without these wonderful “friends” on our machines?

  • Marjorie Paul

    Favorite machine feature — the automatic thread cutter!!! When I discovered that on my first embroidery machine, it was pure delight! You don’t have to pick up the scissors and do the process of cutting the threads. Is truly a time and energy saver.

  • Paule-Marie

    I have Pfaffs and an Ellisimo. I adore the dual feed of the Pfaffs. Miss it, but the Ellisimo does pretty darn good without it. The lighting is great on the Ellisimo, but the feature I’m in love with right now (other than all the space to the right of the needle) is the camera scanning feature. It helped me place the quilting design in the correct place on the last quilt I made. Pretty slick the way it scans the fabric and shows it on the screen so you can adjust your placement just right.

  • Mary Anne

    I have to say I do love the basting feature on the Husqvarna D1 and use it often, but I also really like the “nudge” feature….being able to scoot the needle across or up and down to position it exactly on the centre point of the design for perfect placement.

  • Kimberly Self

    I want to win the $100

  • Beth

    I love the dual feed on my Bernina 830!!

  • Donna

    I totally love it. Enjoy learning something new. Thank you

  • Donna

    Really enjoy.

  • Connie Gozdan

    There is not one feature on my Designer SE that I can say is my favorite. I love them all. I am a beginner sewer but have embroidered for a few years now. I am still like a tourist when I watch it, with my mouth gaping open, and saying WOW! I am so glad no one is around when I am in my shop working! Maybe I would be embarrassed or maybe not. I would enthusiastically encourage a “observer” to “watch this”, and question their mental health if they weren’t as thrilled as me! lol

  • Diane Kunowski

    My favoite machine feature is the self-threading button. It’s a terrific invention and it makes life a little easier.

  • Carol Anderson

    I read all the above and agree with all. So I thought I would add something different! But even it was written by Doris!
    I love the lighting on my Brother Innovis 4000D. It has two separate lights that up a larger area. You got lots of replies on this question, Eileen! It was a good one!

  • Penny

    I love all the features on my Diamond machine but my favorite features are needle up needle down and auto thread cutter.

  • Helen Stillwell

    This is tough..I like the features on my Innovis machine, but especially the auto threader. What a joy not to have to thread the machine all the time. I also have a Toyota ESP9000 which is my workhorse. I use it mostly for designs with multiple thread changes (15 needles!!) and large jacket backs (12×18 inch hoop).

  • Beth Shelton

    I cannot think of a “favorite” because I love everything about my machine! This all came to light while I was embroidering a jacket on one machine and doing simple stitching on another (ealier embroidery model). There is no comparison and I realized that each “enhancement” my machine offered had spoiled me. The ability to download embroideries from my computer has given me remarkable embroideries I never thought possible, even those that go with the large dream hoops. The basting stitch is also important since I don’t like to hoop anything but stabilizer. The “favorites” are endless..also, thanks for the endless ideas & information in your magazine.

  • Ronda Shirley

    As I am a “mature” machine embroider and don’t see as well as when I was younger, I love the auto threader on my machine! I also love to be able to just plug in a stick or my computer and not have to worry with 3 1/2″ floppy disc!

  • Mary Parker

    Hi Eileen,
    I have two features that I really like, just can seam to choose between the two which are the needle down and the thread cutter features. They really spoil me!!!

  • Terrie

    Oh wow! How nice it would be to have a basting feature on my machine. I have a Janome MB4 and unfortunately it does not have this feature. I am forced to tack down manually.

  • Linda K

    I have a Bernina deco 330 and the Artista software. When I am digitizing a design, I usually digitize a basting stitch or an outline stitch. That gives me a “do over” option.

  • Melody♪♫

    ♥ the “fix” button on my D1! I use it’s basting stitch mostly for aligning embroideries into quilt squares.

  • Mary Jane Souza

    The best feature on my machine is the “notice “that the bobbin is running out. I wish I could say it was the automatic needle threader but it doesn’t always work. That is what I dislike the most about my machine. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Robyn Jordan

    I just love the centre point button which has helped me get embroideries back on track when I have had problems .Would love to win the voucher . Thanks and I love your tips and expertise in machine embroidery 🙂

  • christine

    I’m a newbie to all this so I like the trace feature and the on-machine help.

  • Bev

    I love my Pfaff that lifts the presserfoot automatically when I stop. So easy to pivot during an applique project.

  • Pat

    I sure am glad you asked this question and told about the basting in the hoop. I’ve never used the basting feature on my machine. It can baste around the design or around the hoop area. I’ll have to try it out. Sounds like a definite plus.
    I love everything about my machine the same as everyone else: needle up/down; auto threader; thread cutter, sensor foot up & “Extra lift” too.
    Being able to Resize is a big thing for me. I can make it smaller or larger and retain the fill type. I use this feature all the time. I also love using a USB for getting designs off my computer so I have just what I want at the time.
    I know I’m spoiled with all the gagets and fancy stitchs and built in designs, but hey, I paid for it….and I love my Designer Diamond.
    Thanks for all of your info & ideas in your magazine. I also learned alot from your trip here with your sister to St. Charles, Mo this pass year.
    It’s really nice to read everyones answeres about different subjects. You learn & get inspired by it.
    Have a great week.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I think one of the best things I have come across is when you get things all lined up and away we go..and then there is a power glitch..or the phone rings..but before I start to embroider I can tell my machine to save all the settings I have spent so much time creating so I can easily pick up and go from where I was when the interruption occured.

  • Evelyn J. Gonzalez

    I have a Brother Duetta 4500-D and I absolutely an crazy about all the Disney character stitches it came pre-loaded with! Disney has (for a lot of folks, at least) an almost universal appeal: I can use Disney designs on the apron I just made for my son’s 24-year old girlfriend, and I can use them on the layette I just completed for little “Sebastian,” who is due in about four weeks! They’re absolutely terriffic!

  • Theresa L

    I own a Designer Diamond and there are so many features that I love about it.

  • Nora

    I love the needle down/up feature the very best for me.

  • Donna K

    Sadly, I never see many comment about the Bernina 820; what a delightful workhorse it is! It was sold to me as being like the 830s only without the embroidery features which is just fine for me because I am strictly a free motion quilter. Having arthritic problems, my favorite features of the 820 are the automatic threader, self cutting of threads and automatic raising of feet. What a physical saver. I piece and machine quilt on an average of 3 or more hours a day. Thank you Bernina.

  • Keri

    While I own a TOL Viking…my favorite machine, and all around Go-To is my old Pfaff 6230. I can count on it no matter what and that built in walking foot is my favorite feature EVER!! No more fumbling with a big clumsy foot so I can get that even feed on the top fabric and bottom fabric.

    I know my 6230 may not last forever so I’m glad Pfaff & Babylock have come out with heavy metal machines again that have the dual feed built in.

  • Teresa Jackson

    I am absolutely thrilled with everything about my 830. If I had to choose one favorite, it would be the automatic threader. I have found that it saves me a lot of time. It makes sewing and embroidering such a pleasure.

  • hopemarie1210

    The feature I like the most currently is the needle up, needle down and the free hand system on my machine.

    All the comments demonstrate how much I have to learn with these new machines. I have only had mine for a week.

  • Jean Walenta

    With the version 6 software for the Bernina, I LOVE the ability to digitize my own (or grandchildren’s) designs!

  • Gail Knight

    WOW!! MY FAVORITE! My Pfaff Creative Vision–the whole machine is my favorite! But the one feature I would just hate to be without is the needle threader. I used to just struggle threading the darn needle when my eyes started to go. Now I can sew with ease. On the embroidery side–the Place & Stitch kit is my BBF since I purchased it a while back. Fun to see what is every one’s favorite. It reminds me of all the wonderful features of these delightful sewing/embriodery “friends” of ours. I have a real life friend who is unfazed by all this hoopla–she sews on a hand crank and would not consider a new one. Thank you for all you do, Eileen.

  • Darlene Law

    By far my favorite feature is the needle threader. I would never get finished if I had to thread that needle by hand everytime.

  • Connie Podewiltz

    Hallo,I have a deco 330 machine and would like to be assisted in digitizing.Can you please help me ,I need step by step guidance on this.
    I thank you,
    From Connie

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Connie,
      We have a product you may find helpful. A set of DVDs by John Deer: Creative Digitizing Educational Bundle.

      The product features 8 hours of educational instruction and begins with the basic concepts of digitizing and walks you through to more advanced techniques.

      You can learn more about this product by visiting our website:

      Happy Stitching!
      Denise Holguin, Designs in Machine Embroidery

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  • Lois Griffiths

    I just received your book Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons and have enjoyed reading it and picking up a few new tips. I am try to download the basting outline referenced on page 11 and can’t seem to figure out how to do it or find where they are. HELP!!! you can email me at [email protected]


  • Lois Griffiths

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