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Numbered Patches in My Block Piecer

Welcome Software Saturday readers!  Recently, I had a conversation with an avid My Block Piecer user. She loves this software and makes large blocks and mini blocks – really, really mini blocks!  She told me she struggles with one thing – the numbers that are stitched in each patch. On the one hand, she loves the numbers because they tell her where to place the next piece of fabric. But…sometimes she doesn’t want the number to actually stitch. She would prefer to skip the numbers when using light colored fabrics or when stitching mini blocks. Since the numbers are part of the schematic (the outlines of the patches), she can’t just skip the colors at the machine.  So here’s how to get rid of them in the software.

First, open My block Piecer and go to File, New.  Click on the Block Library icon and choose from over 1200 blocks. 4_3_9

Select your block and click OK.  4_3_10

Left mouse click and drag the cursor around the block.  4_3_11

Select the Workflow tool. 4_3_12

In the Workflow window, set the size of the hoop, click on Auto Build.  4_3_13

Click Preview. 4_3_14

Click Save and name the block.  The software automatically saves the block (stitch file) and the artwork in a folder. Open the stitch file. 4_3_15

In the color Sequence window, click on a color. You’ll see the design is grouped so right click and select Ungroup. 4_3_16

Now, move the cursor back to the design. Drag the mouse around each number and delete them one by one. 4_3_17

What remains is the block schematic – sans numbers! 4_3_18

Go to File, Save As and assign a new name to the design. Use this design to stitch and the original design to print the schematic and instructions.

Don’t you just love this software? It gives you so much freedom when creating blocks to piece in the hoop!




  • Susie Mackenberg

    O.k., call me dense, but where can I find this software to purchase? I have just about given up piecing quilts by hand, love my embroidery machine…so, why can’t I find all these lovely quilt blocks? Thanks ahead of time for help!!

  • eileenroche

    Hi Susie, you can purchase this software through our Inspiration dealers. If you visit our dealer locator page and enter your zip code, you’ll find the dealer closest to you. Here’s the link to the dealer locator page:
    Just copy and past this link into your browser.

  • Kris

    What I’d really love is an option box to check while creating these that just lets me turn the numbers off. I’ll use this method in the interim, but requesting it be considered as an update.

  • Bruce

    Great post. Thanks for sharing!