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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Two Simple Questions Lead to Embroidery Success

Want professional embroidery results? Then do what the pros do! Approach every embroidery project with 2 simple questions. Embroidery expert Deborah Jones and I will share a logical way to tackle every project with great results. Sometimes, embroiderers (myself included) ‘overthink’ a project but when you ask Deborah’s two questions, you’ll won’t struggle with the next steps. I’ll hope you’ll join us tomorrow on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at 1:00 PM CDT, July 30, 2020.

Plus, it’s the August Dime Door reveal. This month has a white picket fence and a chair and a…well, you have to tune in tomorrow! I hope you think it’s A Door Able! See you at 1:00 PM CDT! Like us on Facebook to be notified when we’re going live or subscribe to our YouTube channel.




  • Kathleen Lamb

    Please include a link to your FB Live/YouTube events. I could not find it on Facebook or on YouTube, and I was really looking forward to seeing this!

    • Beth R

      Click on the work ‘LIVE’ in red above, at the very top.

      • Beth R

        Well, never mind . . . the link above just goes to another page that has a link coming back to this page. That’s not helpful at all!!

  • Mary

    Where is August door. Cannot find anywhere.

  • Marj Hershberger

    Where is August door. I can not find the you tube reveal on you tube. Thanks