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The Rest of Nancy Zieman’s Story

Shortly after Nancy Zieman’s passing, Rich Zieman felt compelled to share the rest of Nancy’s story with the sewing and quilting industry, people like you. This industry consists of a unique community of people who care deeply and respectfully for others.  In The Rest of the Story, he shares her struggles and triumphs plus he includes anecdotes from family and friends. Included within this book is a DVD showing Nancy’s life and the vitality in which she lived and how we all should remember her. The Rest of the Story picks up where Nancy’s autobiography Seams Unlikely left off. If you’re a Nancy fan, you’ll thorough enjoy learning the rest of her story.

Many people were surprised by Nancy Zieman’s passing on November 14, 2017.  Nancy appeared on television for 35 years looking polished, professional, warm and congenial.  When in fact, many of those appearances were a façade. Some shows found Nancy enduring pain beyond a normal person’s tolerance.  Her health struggles started at a very early age and she learned how to push through pain, not let discomfort block her from accomplishing goals and fulfilling responsibilities.  She carried quite a burden.

But she did it in stride.  Nancy didn’t let her health – or her appearance – define her.  She found her callings and lived those callings every day. You see, Nancy had three callings. To us, her sewing family, her calling was teaching the world to sew.  And she did an excellent job at that. She set the bar for other instructors on how to teach this craft.  And she transformed hundreds of lives by sharing her joy and knowledge of sewing on national television. This is not an exaggeration because there have been literally hundreds of written tributes to the Zieman family on how Nancy changed their life.

A second calling was to her family.  She juggled family responsibilities while leading Beaver Dam’s largest independent employer, Nancy’s Notions.  She attended sporting events, musical performances, school meetings, birthday parties and more for her two sons.  They ate dinner together every night, often with extended family.  She led a ‘normal, busy home life’ while helping build the industry we so love today.

But her first calling, her faith in Jesus Christ, carried her through each day. She taught Sunday school for 30 years at Peace Lutheran Church. She had a lifelong commitment to her faith. The end of her journey was excruciating yet she found joy in having the time to meet with loved ones. To share feelings and thoughts that would have never surfaced if the end of her life wasn’t racing toward to the door.  And she happily anticipated meeting Jesus – soon!

I am forever grateful for the impact Nancy Zieman had me. Her friendship, wisdom and faith have been a guiding light in my own life.  In my sewing room, I have lots of reminders of Nancy. And you probably do, too. Like her 5-in-1 Sliding Guage measuring tool, countless books and patterns but what I treasure most of all is an incomplete landscape quilt.  It’s small, in fact, it fit on her lap. You see, a lap design board was my last gift to her.  And the day she received it, she went to work on this scene – a wooden fence strewn with bright sunflowers.  Several hours later, she sent me a photo of the work in progress.

Unfortunately, when Rich Zieman sent me the design board after Nancy’s passing, the quilt top was still in the same design phase. Today, it sits on the back of my cutting table.  The pins are still holding the cut flowers, the fence post and the low-lying brush. It is a work in progress and a reminder that our work on earth is never complete in our eyes.  Only God knows when our work is done.

This week, we’ll pick a random winner from comments left below.  Tell us what is your favorite Nancy Zieman tool, book or pattern.  You can learn more about the Rest of the Story during The Rest of the Story blog tour.  A complete list of blogs is available here.







    Found Nancy’s Notions way back in the 80’s and 90’s and purchased many things over the years dragging my sewing friends along with me. I followed her TV whenever it was available on my cable. Finally ordered her book Seams Unlikely and was surprised to learn of her innovation, perseverance and struggles with health.
    Nevertheless I was still shocked and saddened by her passing. Nothing seems the same without her advice and teaching of all things needle and thread. I still think of her every time I get a Nancy’s Notion email and though sad to think she is not in the warehouse and travelling around the US I am overjoyed that she was with us and made such an impact on all of us.

  • Jeanette Tuck

    I watched Nancy every chance I got and learned so much from her. She is missed. Love and prayers to her family.

  • Patricia Wester

    I learned so many things about sewing, quilting, embroidery and life from Nancy. I looked forward to her show every week and miss her greatly.

  • SANDRA Sikes

    Best tool ever was and is sewing machine needles. I have learned a lot about the different needles and they need to be sharp and changed regularly.

  • beth d.

    I found the measuring gauge is my favorite tool. I saw her years ago at a seminar and had a picture taken of us. I will treasure that photo always. My favorite show that she did was her webinar she did on the computer a few years ago. I learned a lot on that webinar and many other shows she did while on television.

  • Rosalyn Schultze

    I have most of Nancy’s instructional books, videos and DVD’s. The leaflets, dating back to her early days, were kept in her blue binder. I felt she was a ‘friend’ guiding me in my sewing room. I miss her…

  • Karen

    My favorite book is 10-20-30 Minutes to Recycle Jeans. She was a great pioneer for sewing.

  • Clovis Perkins

    I watched Nancy when my kids were little. I still watch the show today. You learned a lot from her show.

  • Noreen

    I have most of Nancy’s books, and my favorite is the one with tips. She had such clever ideas for ways to make sewing easier.

  • Brenda Rithmire

    Nancy was a wonderful teacher and an inspiration to all of us . I learned so much from her. I still love watched the shows on the internet and on TV when they show them.

  • Christa Martin

    I saw Nancy’s program on the Trusty Triangles quilt and was inspired to make that my first queen sized quilt. Nancy made it easy to learn quiltmaking and all of my family has received a quilt from me as a result of Nancy’s inspiration.

  • Susanna Hogan

    She was an inspiration to me. Always watched her shows.

  • Connie Jones

    I found Nancy on pbs in the mid 1980’s. She helped me polish my sewing and became my tv friend. I met her at a sewing convention in Denver. She was so warm and friendly. I miss her.

  • Lori Woodward

    I have her five in one tool and several 10 20 30 minutes to sew books. I learned many tips and tricks from her tv shows and enjoyed her guests. I have even been to seminars where you and Mary Mulari taught in Salisbury MD. What a pleasure!

  • Victoria Hensley

    I had the great joy of meeting Nancy at an American Sewing Guild Conference in Birmingham, AL many years ago. She had been my Saturday morning inspiration for years! We both sought a spot to rest while touring a publishing house. I tried not to gush, but to converse. She was as warm and friendly as could be. The next day, I found myself standing in a long line next to Nancy to purchase items from Diane Erickson’s booth. She thought of another item and asked if I would hold her place in line. As if any one of the hundreds of women in that hall wouldn’t have gladly let her get in front! I was overwhelmed by her demeanor. She seemed unaffected by the fact that we all knew and loved her. Nancy was a natural. That is my most treasured gift from Nancy – to share your knowledge and skills with humility.

  • Kelly Sas

    Nancy’s TV Show was the ultimate “tool”. Yes I have many books, patterns and tools Nancy designed or recommended but I still have her shows on my DVR that I can’t delet. She is a part of who I am!

  • Kim

    Thank you for your beautiful tribute. I can hardly see for crying. I have several vhs/book combos that I bought and devoured. It was so nice to have Nancy teaching me while I followed instructions in the booklet. My favorite is Landscape Quilts. I still watch it when making a landscape quilt to refresh my memory.

  • Katie Flanigan

    Nancy was an extraordinary individual and I am grateful she shared her many talents. My favorite book is Nancy’s 25 Favorite Sewing Techniques. May God bless and comfort her family.

  • Shari L.

    ,Nancy’s teaching style and clear explanations were always so helpful to me. I have many of her sewing tools and books and one of my favorites is Sewing with Nancy’s Favorite Hints.

  • Melanie Kennedy

    I liked her book, 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew. It helped me realize that I didn’t need a big chunk of time to get a little bit done, and all those little bits of time added up to finished projects! I miss her.

  • Donna Fecteau

    I use the 5 in 1 tool everyday sometimes on sewing projects, but its great for card making and drawing circles, hanging pictures, it’s just amazing. One of them might not be enough

  • Linda Marquis-Cate

    Nancy’s A to Z book of sewing hints has been a wealth of information for me (I have been known to take it to bed to read it at night). She is missed.

  • Mary Lee Massieon

    I’ve followed Nancy’s shows over the decades. She gave me inspiration and courage to try many things I would not have considered on my own. She was there to help with zippers, seams and everything in between. Through life I wasn’t able to watch all of her shows, life’s difficulties dictated other things to do. But when life’s drama’s were over, she was there. It her shows of learning, dedication that kept me coming back. I miss her, but through her shows and the skills she taught me by watching her, she will be with me always. Thank you.

  • Belinda

    I found Nancy late in life but bought many of her tools and a dvd and have watched many of her videos. Even though I have been sewing for 60 years, I am still learning!

  • Kathleen Pavin

    I am grateful to have had Nancy in my life. If not for her, I probably would have given up sewing… with so many unsuccessful starts to projects she’s always remind me to keep trying. I watched Nancy methodically and clearly explain sewing techniques for many years. I started taping & watching her PBS show in the 1980’s and even wrote to Illinois Public broadcasting to get her on the air in my state! Thank you Nancy and Rich for sharing such personal stories in both of your books.

  • Laura Smith

    I discovered Sewing with Nancy one afternoon on PBS, and watched every opportunity I could, usually while juggling after school kids and activities. The Nancy’s Notions catalog was, and still is, a treasured find in my mailbox.

  • Dortha Britton

    It is hard to pick one favorite. I have several of her books and love them all. I also watched her TV show for years and still do.

  • Julie Grogan

    I started watching Nancy on PBS in the 80s. I have learned so much from her. One year for my birthday my 3 children (they were young), put their money together to buy me a present. It was 10,20, 30 minutes to Quilt. I was so excited to receive it. I have made many of the projects, some many times. Although I did not know Nancy personally, I think she was a very caring and kind person. Prayers for her family.

  • Lisa Mayes

    I lost my mother to cancer 4 days after Nancy passed. My mother was a seamstress/quilter. She made everything I wore in the 60’s. We loved Nancy’s show and my 2 daughters also watched. Sewing is a beautiful legacy. Sew on in Heaven dear ladies.

  • Roberta Hudson

    Nancy was an amazing person and exposed so many of us to sewing projects and techniques that we may never have tried. I learned to have projects that challenged my skill level but I will ever be grateful for the exposure to service sewing groups. The day Nancy passed we were having a SewFest for Dress A Girl Around the World and took time to pray for her and loved what we had learned from her over the years. Nancy was loved and will be missed my so many but I am glad I had an opportunity to learn from such a wonderful person.

  • Barbara

    Nancy, what a special person she was. I have learned so much from her books and watching her shows. I so miss her and pleased that her memory is ongoing for she is loved by many. Hard to pick just one favorite tool or book
    But lately l have been using the Rectangles and Squares. Have made several
    gifts for family and friends.

  • Donna

    I have learned so much over the years from Sewing with Nancy. What a great lady and show. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • Diane S.

    My favorite group of books by Nancy currently, are her bag books. They are in constant use. Nancy really improved my sewing skills over her tv tenure. I also rented her videos and purchased her educational materials. I employed her techniques in my own classroom as a Consumer and Family Science teacher. She is missed.

  • Ruth

    Quilt With Confidence is my go-to reference book, and I love the super-sized tumbler template. I’ll keep watching Nancy for years to come.

  • Candice Crosetto

    My favorite “tool” is Nancy herself! I have so many of her books, tools, etc., but she herself, is the best treasure. I enjoyed getting to meet her, several times, at the Puyallup Sewing Expo. Her Friday evening shows, especially with Mary Mulari and Rita Faro, will never be forgotten. Her sense of humor was the best!

  • Jean Sherman

    I first met Nancy when she was traveling and doing classes on her pivot alteration technic. She came to our small town in Michigan for the Cooperative Extension workshop. Still like watching her shows on PBS.

  • Lynn

    It’s hard to pick which tool is the best, sewing gauge, dvds, bodkin for elastic, etc., but I think the best tool was Nancy herself. Her way of teaching was one based on respect, the joy of sharing information and her love of the subject.

  • Beth Neihof

    How wonderful to have that landscape work-in-progress by Nancy. My favorite episodes were her lessons on landscape quilts. I still plan to make one- so many projects!

  • Wanda

    I participated in one of her BOM’s. Loved reading her blog. She is missed.

  • norma stone

    I have every showed taped that Nancy did. Most of them are on the on vhs tapes. I also have several books and tools of hers. Most precious thing I have of hers is her book about her and her life, that I got at an American Sewing Guild conference that she was a speaker. She signed it and I had my picture taken with her. I would to have the book that her husband wrote.

  • Kaye M

    I have watched Sewing with Nancy since the 1980’s. I felt like she was my friend and mentor. I have a vest pattern that Nancy designed that I dearly loved. Her book 10-20-30 Minutes to sew was a great reference. She amazed me as to how much she accomplished I her life.

  • Ruth Gregg

    I always remember watching Sewing With Nancy, and seeing her so patiently explaining and showing the techniques and correct way to do the craft, while showing us how to correctly use the tools to achieve the best sewing we could! You could be ask for a more patient and informative instructor! And voracious with all of her guests! A wonderful woman who is sorely missed.

  • Amy Bevilockway

    Nancy’s show allowed, as a young mother in the 1980’s, a connection with a sewing community that taught me new ways to sew, encouraged me when I felt my skills lacking, & always completed my product orders in a timely fashion. Her devotion to her Saviour, even Jesus Christ, her love of family, & seeing community endeared her to all whose lives she touched.

  • Linda Adolphson

    I have loved the programs for many years and have many books and tools too. When we lived in northern Illinois and then in mid Wisconsin, I went to many “Sewing Weekends” in Beaver Dam. Wow! What an awesome time and event it was each year. Before leaving Beaver
    Dam from one year, I made motel reservations for the next year. Nancy was truly an inspiration, teacher, and so much more. May Our Lord bless her family abundantly.

  • Sheila

    I have learned so much from Nancy’s sewing program and her many books. She was an amazing teacher and I was always inspired to try what I learned. I read her book and lent it out and they just returned it. I will read it again! What a blessing she was to me and many others.

  • Catherine Albanese

    Hard to believe she has passes away. Her program was very special for me. I taped some of them. I don’t sew anymore. But i remember all she taught me.

  • Ennis A Weeks

    I became acquainted with Nancy’s Notions in the 80’s when I attended a webinar for Small Business Sewing Startups. Have kept in touch and ordered from then on. She was so gifted and her nice, quiet personality was so friendly and personable. Thankful that her legacy lives on!!!

  • Barb K.

    One of my favorite “Nancy” shows was an Anniversary special where she talked about her beginning and introduced her family–What a lovely lady who did so much to help others! I enjoyed her book “Seams Unlikely” and donated my copy to our local library for others to enjoy.

  • Cindi Bates

    I taught myself to sew by taping Sewing with Nancy. I so wanted a sewing machine in the 1980’s. I told my husband I wanted to buy one and he said no way I could spend that much on a machine I would get and just put in the closet. Well one June day I bought an inexpensive used Singer and that Christmas he bought me the brand new machine I wanted. So my favorite Nancy Zieman too would be her show Sewing with Nancy. I loved that she didn’t only do shows for clothing, but incorporated all the crafts I loved. My first project was a quilt that is still around today.

  • Karyl Jacobson

    I have found her 10-20-30 books to be very helpful. I also looked forward to her program every week.

  • Connie Jordan

    I watched Sewing with Nancy back when I was raising my family and did alot of sewing for them. I learned alot from watching her show. My favorite book is the 10-20-30- Minutes to Sew. She is missed by many.

  • Vivian

    I started watching her show on PBS when I was a teenager. Then when I became an adult I watch when I could but my favorite book was the serge book. It is a wonderful book full of additional information and techniques that I never imagined. Miss her so much.

  • Carrie Cunningham

    I miss seeing and hear this woman who greatly influenced and inspired SEW many of us!
    My favorite tool is the 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge. I own 2 of the original size and 1 of the larger size. I introduce them to many of my sewing students!
    As far as books, I have too many to count and they are all being used! Of course I have and have read Seams Likely!


    I have watched Sewing with Nancy since day one on KNME Channel 5 in New Mexico. I loved her knitting notions. I use my knitting cards every day. They were available quite a few years ago. They have definitions and techniques (like Kitchener stitch) on them and fit in my notions bag.

  • Sandra Payne

    Nancy made sewing fun! Loved her show and guests.

  • Ginger

    Like several of the comments here… Nancy’s show was SO inspirational to me. I’ve watched it since the late 80’s and I’ve made SO many things that she demonstrated and taught. Just this week I watched the rope sewing reinvented show and quickly made up some coasters and baskets.

    Losing Nancy was like losing my best sewing friend. Her teaching will live on through so many of us as we pass down our love of sewing we gained from her.

  • Karen Allen

    I watched Sewing with Nancy for many years. I was always amazed with her ideas and talents. My favorite book is 10-20-30 minutes to Sew

  • Carolyn Prentice

    I loved her shows and her books of tips, her seam guides, measuring guides and her 10-20-30 minutes to sew books. her templates and methods of how to do patterns for quilts make it so much more common sense. So what I enjoyed the best is the Seams unlikely book. It is amazing. So this second book I am sure will be amazing also. I will miss her so much. Sincerely Carolyn

  • Cynthia Greenwald

    I loved her books on Landscape quilting. It opened my eyes in how I look at the whole quilting experience.

  • Linda

    Nancy has been my mentor for many years and I had the great privilege of talking to her at the Beaver Dam Road Trip Sewing weekend, the last time in May of 2017. She was a very gracious, talented woman with a great sense of humor and will always be an inspiration to me, not just in sewing but in how to live as well. Nancy, you are missed but your legacy will live forever.

  • jo wray

    My sister introduced me to Nancy and her wonderful programs. I have learned so much from all that Nancy did to continue my sewing education. Her instructions were clear. I liked her books an booklets. I’m glad that she shared so many alternate ways to accomplish sewing projects. Early programs had common objects that could be used as tools. This was a great idea and encouraged another way to be creative. Thanks so much , Nancy.

  • Julee Kolman

    My favorite “tool” from Nancy are the many how-to tutorials on her website. Whenever I am struggling with a stitch or technique, I turn to those tutorials for advice. She was an amazing teacher and demonstrator.

  • Judy Theil

    My favorite tool is the sliding guage. Nancy taught me so much about sewing and quilting.

  • Judy Nelson

    I started watching “Sewing with Nancy” when it was taped at her home. I was making garment for myself when I was in my early teens and continued for my daughters as they were born. Her shows were always informative and seemed to be relevant to whatever project I was working on. Nancy also introduced many new techniques that I would not have tried otherwise. My favorite books are the sweatshirt make-over and upcycled jeans. I thoroughly enjoyed her book “Seams Unlikely”. I sorely miss her.

  • Leslie

    My mom and I found Nancy’s Notions and her PBS show many years ago. We never missed it. My favorite book of hers was Seams Unlikely. I share a long history of pain like Nancy, and found a great inspiration in her journey, and how she delt with this. I have a greater admiration for her than ever.

  • Patricia Hersl

    Like you I have a room full. Every how-to book. Had to have the tools she used only because she used them. I was in such awe when I saw her at an Expo that I couldn’t bring myself to speak to her. Aren’t you the lucky one to have been her friend?

  • Stella

    It’s to hard to choose because I like them all.

  • Becka

    I learned a lot by watching Nancy over the years and was encouraged to sew more and to try new techniques. I learned new techniques about tailoring with fusibles from one of her series. Looking forward to the new book.

  • Terry Dowdy

    Watching Nancy was one of the shows I looked forward to each week, if I missed it I would watch on line. She had a giving spirit and truly showed she loved what she did. God bless her family.she is missed by us all.

  • Christine Van Tassel

    I use the measuring gauge every day! I’m guilty of taking for granted much of what Nancy imparted to the sewing world. I grew up watching her when I was young and fascinated with sewing for fun. Now I use the internet to seek her out to fill in gaps in my knowledge and experience having started my 2nd career as a seamstress to be home with my kids. I enjoyed her book _Seams Unlikely_. I look forward to reading her husband’s book. I am a sewing and a spiritual disciple of what she still has to offer us. What a legacy she has left us.

  • Janeece

    I have a few of her books and tools. I enjoyed watching her on TV, she had so many good ideas. About 4 years ago we traveled to an air show up north from Kansas and I was able to visit her store. I was so excited looking at every thing that I missed Nancy when she came in the store. She was a special lady.

  • Suzan

    I have her landscape quilt book and loved watching segments on landscape quilting.

  • Mary Hutteman

    My mother introduced my to Nancy on Sewing with Nancy. When I could not watch the show I video taped it for viewing later. I learned so much from watching her show. It grew a love of sewing for me. When I got the opportunity to take my mother to Nancy’s Notions for the big sewing weekend we could not believe that she was standing before us. I am not exaggerating when I say my mother and I were star struck. Nancy was so graceful and wonderful to talk to. That was a special trip for us as my mother passed away a few short months later. My favorite “Nancy tool” is all that I learned from her over the years. I use it every time I sew.

  • Carol Tuntland

    My favorite Nancy Zieman tool isn’t a tool, but her autobiography, Seams Unlikely. Her faith and her values are so evident and such a witness to a loving, creative life with her family, friends and public. I’m humbled and inspired by Nancy Zieman.

  • Cherie Torson

    I found Nancy Zieman one day, several years ago on television. I was having a hard time with some family issues. Watching her and learning about her back story gave me the courage to put my issues behind me use my sewing as therapy. I love the 3 in 1 seeing but have many if her notions.

  • Heidi

    I too found Nancy in the early 80s – loves when the southern states PBS wound replay her shows but the notions and books are my favorites! I have always been inspired by her !

  • Helen K Stewart

    I, like everyone miss Nancy’s shows. I learned so much from her. I was fortunate enough to attend an “Afternoon Tea” at Paducah’s AQS show one year. She was so gracious. She went to every table, visited with us and allowed us to take photos with her. She did a landscape demo. I always loved her use of the “other right side of the fabric”. In 2015 I was challenged by my local quilt show to make a poster quilt as the theme for our show. I struggled. Then one day she was doing trees on a landscape quilt on her tv show. She showed how to use markers to shadow or highlight the limbs. It was perfect! I immediately went to work with both the right and the other right side of the fabrics and markers in hand. I loved the way it turned out. I think of her every time I pass by it!

  • Cherie Torson

    I found Nancy Zieman one day, several years ago on television. I was having a hard time with some family issues. Watching her and learning about her back story gave me the courage to put my issues behind me use my sewing as therapy. I love the 3 in 1 sewing gauge but have many of her notions.

  • Jacquie DeSchutter

    Many years ago Nancy shared her pattern for large mittens as Christmas bags instead of stockings. These mittens have become a Christmas tradition and I can’t wait until I can make for my Grandbabies. Have made over 2 dozen now!! Thank you Nancy!!

  • Judy

    To me her best tool was her television show. Whenever I was able to watch it I always found that I learned something new either from a guest she had on the show or from her.

  • Robin Tuckerman

    I really don’t remember not seeing Nancy on TV. She kept me interested in the craft of sewing in all mediums. I use my 5-in-1 tool and keep it close.

  • Mary Green

    For me Nancy’s greatest tool was her outreach to us thru her weekly PBS program. It was some of the happiest thirty minutes of my week.

  • Debby

    I have many oc Nancy’s tools, pattern books, and PBS freebies. She taught me how to sew as a new military wife living in Fairbanks, Alaska. She traveled with me and kept teaching me wherever the military moved us… as long as we had public tv.

  • Sheila

    I can’t pick a favorite Nancy book/pattern/notion or T.V. episode. I was thrilled to be able to visit Beaver Dam many years ago, and felt like I was meeting a VIP when I saw Nancy in person (she actually said hello to me, with a smile and eye contact). No one can replace her. So much of what I know about sewing can be credited to her. How funny that I still feel a void, even though I am not family or friend.

  • Lorri lively

    Loved her show, always wanted to meet her in person but never did. Love her books but I guess my favorite tool is the 5 in 1 tool

  • Carol Sc

    I took a class from Nancy, when she first started teaching, probably in the very early 70’s — I can’t remember the name of the company she was working for. She was just beginning and I have followed her ever since. I continue to watch her videos and have learned so much from them and her. I especially like her book on tips.

  • Jean Guenther

    Have gone to almost every Sewing weekend and loved every moment. Always loved Nancy’s classes as she showed a different part of herself off television.

  • Sylvia

    I love Nancy’s Notions and all of the tools and gadgets. Nancy TV episodes are some of my favorite sewing tutorials. I love the 5-in-1 tool.

  • Esther

    I have learned so much from Nancy. I faithfully did each block in the first block of the month at least twice. I’m still trying to finish the quilt. Thought I was going to finish it this year, but my sewing machine skips stitches when I try to free motion quilt! I’ve tried all kinds of needles and tension adjustments, had the machine in for work-still skips!
    But I’m determined to finish it.

  • Robin Harsh

    I love that every order I get from Nancy’s Notions included one fresh sewing machine needle. It’s like she’s doing that one little extra thing to make sure my project turns out well. I smile and think of her often when I’m working on a project but most especially when I am putting a new needle in my machine.

  • Celeste Burns

    I watched Nancy’s TV show whenever I could and was so happy when technical advances made it possible to record her programs and watch them later. I have three waiting on my list of recordings now and plan to use the information in them to make some scarves to sell for a local fundraiser in December. I finally was able to meet Nancy and attend her lecture at the Sewing Expo in Lakeland, FL few years ago. That was the beginning of my return to garment sewing and her helpful books of techniques and tips are my favorite go-to resources. She was an inspiration and a lovely lady who is missed by so many people.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Cindy Freeman

    I attended Nancy’s Sewing Retreat Week-end for many years. I looked forward to them each year. I went through Nancy’s catalog from cover to cover and created my shopping list. I loved them all but I have a favorite one. Nancy’s mother sat next to me that year. As Nancy talked about the landscape quilts she made, her mother told me who she made the quilt for, the occasion and where they hung. She was so very proud of Nancy and she was very excited to have the opportunity to attend that day. She told me she usually worked behind the scenes keeping the laundry done, meals prepared and taking care of Nancy’s family. I am reminded of that day every Saturday when I watch Sewing with Nancy. Nancy was and will always be an amazing person who shared so much with the world of sewing. Thank you for the opportunity to share a special time I had with Nancy (her landscaping class) and Nancy’s mother.

  • Betty Starkey

    I have a number of Nancy’s program taped and play them over and over. I am especially drawn to her sewing with children series. It is hard to watch them, knowing she is gone, but it is comforting to know her love for teaching lives on.

  • Tami McKay

    Eileen, you said it so eloquently. “Our work on earth is never complete in our eyes. Only God knows when our work is done.” Nancy was a beautiful angel that God placed here for a very short period of time to show how loving what we do and sharing with others, can break down all barriers. Her presence is still near each week watching “Sewing with Nancy”. I had the pleasure of seeing Nancy several times at our sewing expo held in Puyallup, Wa. She was a lady of grace.


    I love to watch Nancy’s PBS shows. I have learned many sewing tips over the
    years. That is a PBS must to watch on Saturday mornings. I have taped and saved her shows for future projects. I was sad to hear of her passing. My
    sympathy to her family, friends and all those who miss her as I do. i appreciate
    that her legacy follows on.

  • Deborah Poe

    Nancy was the best! She saw the need to encourage people to sew. I am grateful for her show and all she has taught me over the years. I pray they continue to air all her episodes on the PBS channels. I also love receiving the Nancy’s Notions catalog. Thank you Nancy…I love and miss you.

  • Karen Poole

    Oh my gosh, over the years I learned so much from Nancy Zieman, how do you pick just one favorite? She was such a blessing to so many people! I think the book I use most that she wrote is the one on altering patterns so they fit properly. Every single clothing item I make, that book is right with me on my cutting table and I reference it a lot! But her tip on how to make corners lay flat by folding over the fabric and stitching has made a huge difference as well! No more clipping corners! Plus I love all the templates she produced, the purse templates, the tote bag templates and so many more! I loved so much about her!

  • Cherie

    I loved all the sweatshirt makeover shows.

  • Kathryn Englebretsen

    Quick Stitch to Wear Again is a favorite because I needed to know how to replace a zipper. My husband is hard on jacket zippers and doesn’t like to give up favorite jackets. I’d love to win the final story.

  • Susan

    I made my first quilt in a class using her book Quilt with Confidence. I have purchased many tools and books since. I so miss her and her enthusiasm and love for sewing. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see and speak with her at an event in Tucson, Az about a year before her passing. Following her death I purchased her I Sew For Fun book and the tools for kids to teach my grandchildren the love of sewing. The first project my 6 year old grand daughter and 7 year old grandson made was sleeping bags for their tiny teddy bears. They were so proud of themselves with their accomplishment. I can’t wait for their next visit to town to pick their next project to sew!

  • Pam Rohlfs

    I loved having coffee Saturday mornings watching Nancy Zieman. She gave me courage to try new projects. I love her 5 in 1 gauge.

  • Elizabeth Messer

    Nancy didn’t have to be flashy or showier. She did what she did better then anybody in the business. She didn’t make a big deal about anything, she just let her work speak for itself. I loved when she had projects to do for others and when I learned that her faith was important to her, I wasn’t surprised because I saw her LIVE it rather then talk about it. She was truely a special lady!

  • Brenda Adams

    I have watched Sewing With Nancy every chance I get and when I couldn’t, I would record the show. I have quite a few of her books and DVD’s. I look forward each month to receive the catalog from Nancy’s Notions. I was so heartbroken to learn of her passing. She truly was a special lady. I am so thankful she was able to endure all the pain that she had. God truly had a hand on her life. I still watch her shows and miss her so much.

  • Sal Hudson

    She always made you feel like you were a friend and she was so excited to show you something new. Learned lots of fun things from her – mostly just keep trying – There are no mistakes just a little tick here or a little cut there.

  • Joanne

    I discovered Nancy way back when she was on TLC, before PBS. I’ve kept my old recordings for inspiration and because they’re like a dear friend I don’t want to lose.

  • Elizabeth J Will

    When I think of sewing shows, I always think of Nancy. She set the bar. I always admired her and learned lots from her advice. Nancy’s Notions was great also for finding what you wanted and looking for the newest items as well as the good old standbys. She will be missed, but looking forward to meeting her again. Thank you Rich and sons for sharing her with all of us.

  • Michelle Hall

    it is so hard to pick 1 favorite Nancy item but I think I have been most helped by her 10-20-30 minute sewing books. She helped me realize I could accomplish something even 10 minutes at a time

  • Clarice Brown

    I cried when i heard that Nancy had passed away. I knew she had good relationship with the Lord so i was able to cheer up. I stared watching her about 15 years ago when we had no cable and only got PBS station but i loved watching her then my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine and the rest is history i love to quilt.

  • Linda Severs

    Definitely 10-20-30 Minutes To Sew since it got me thinking I COULD sew, even as a busy mom. Everything “Nancy” I have purchased or received as a gift from my mom since then has been welcomed with love!

  • usairdoll

    I have several of Nancy’s sewing notions. One of them is the Sew for Fun Seam Guide. It’s a great tool for helping to have a 1/4” seam allowance.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Laura

    I can hardly remember a time that Sewing with Nancy wasn’t on. She was gifted at showing us how to make anything. Her instructions are easy to follow and I am still wondering how she fit so much into a 1/2 hour show. She introduced me to many other sewing enthusiasts in her chat section.
    My favorite thing (of many) I have is a well-loved and scribbled in copy of The Busy Women’s Sewing Book.

  • Mary Jane Schoendorf

    Nancy exuded peace and kindness. I watched for the sewing yes, but more importantly for the beautiful role model she was to me on how to live a better life.

  • Pam Marshall

    I turn to her Machine Embroidery book often when I’m needing a little help.
    I found her to be a awesome inspiration.
    She is greatly missed.

  • Becky Thompson

    I went to visit with my aunt & uncle in Janesville, WI back in 2016 and on the way from the airport, they took me to Beaver Dam to visit Nancy’s Notions. I blogged it and even got a groupie photo with her life-size cut out! She wasn’t there of course, but I shopped till I dropped and had a ball. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I never met her but I miss her too.


    I made a landscape quilt because I saw it on her show and had to make one. I loved her book, “Seams Unlikely”, and shared it with my sewing friend. You wrote a beautiful tribute to your friend.

  • Barbara Siverts

    Of course, God worked through Nancy to touch the lives of many. I am sure that many items made by fans of Nancy have been donated to those in need. Thank you for sharing the rest of her story.

  • maria elena blecha

    I first learned of Nancy when taking a sewing course at the Opportunity School in Denver, Co. Started watching her as soon as she was in Public Television, and learned almost all I know from her!! Saw her twice at Martha Pulling affairs, and my favorite book is the busy woman sewing book!

  • Kelly

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute to a spectacular woman whom I will always hold dear in my heart. I discovered her on PBS and still watch faithfully. Her show, for me, was the best tool as I was diagnosed with RA and she inspired me to get creative in a craft I taught myself at the age of 47. Through the years I watched every Saturday morning to learn and then pick up books and hit the sewing machine. I love her and miss her and know in my heart she is always with us guiding us forward. I look foreword to reading the new book.

  • Kathy B

    When our sons were small in the 1990’s I would watch Sewing With Nancy on Saturdays. They learned to appreciate sewing and I was able to teach them some basic sewing skills through it. Today they are young men teaching their families. Most of all I am grateful for her Christian testimony in the business world. She lived her life for Christ in everything she did.

  • Susan Milikas

    Nancy will always be missed by all of us, she was a large part of my quilting world! I still love all her videos on YouTube!

  • Mary Ehrhardt

    Even though I had a couple of other beginner Quilting books – Nancy’s Quilting with Confidence was the only one that I trusted and felt comfortable using. I couldn’t attend classes at the time, and of course that was the right book! It’s still my go to. I also adore her 25 Favorite or Best Sewing Tips or Techniques. I’m not home to see the title, and it’s no longer on her website. I feel honored to have a photo taken with her at an event that I went to only because she was going to be there.

  • Yvonne Davison

    This article has filled my heart with sadness, but mostly filled it with joy! I too like many, met her at one of her Babylock events. She never spoke of her faith publicly that I know of, but you could feel her peace and contentment. All of her books, articles and tools are, like her, helpful and life changing. I am thankful her shows are continuing so the next generation will profit from her as well. Thank you for this lovely post!

  • Lillian Roach

    I miss her dearly. I am retired and my husband always has Sewing with Nancy show ready to go every morning for me. She was and is still an inspiration. I enjoyed making the appliqued kids sweatshirts for my grandchildren. I have so many favorites from her that I can’t name a favorite. I hope we always have access to her shows and notions. Love her A-Z book.

  • Sheri Lesh

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful story about the landscape quilt! She was a special person for sure as can be seen in the outpouring of love, sorrow and gratefulness of having known her…..for some personally and for most through her tv shows and videos. She added to my sewing knowledge and life.

  • Barbara Lepech

    My 4 Sons know her well ~ while they played, Nancy was teaching Mom to sew via TV ~ Great Memories!

  • Paula Davis

    Nancy’s greatest gift to me was the realization that I could move one foot in front of the other no matter how I looked to others. My own mother did not allow me to see any beauty in myself. Nancy was my advocate. All of the women in my family were professional sewers but Nany was my teacher.

  • Rosalind Gutierrez

    Nancy’s Template called Trace’n Create Quilt Grandmother’s One Patch Collection is my favorite tool. I especially like the tumbler template & I have made a few child sized quilts. It works perfectly on 5″ charms.

  • Maureen McNamee

    I watched her for years, even though I had been sewing for years myself. The “notion” I treasure most was the Nancy’s Corner where I was introduced to so many ways to use my sewing to help others. What a gift she had, and was.

  • Carol Miller-Galarneau

    I have many of Nancy’s tools and books, but the one that have been the most helpful to me are her serger technique books. I’m very fortunate to have had a chance to meet Nancy while attending a Babylock seminar in Nashua, NH several years ago. I learned a lot while watching her TV show, when it was available in my area, with the most important lesson being “don’t be afraid to try new things/techniques”. THANK YOU NANCY ZIEMAN FOR YOUR TIME AND LIFE LESSONS!!

  • Donna G.

    I met Nancy a couple of times and she was always so gracious. Her 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew approach changed my sewing life forever. Eternal peace to you, Nancy.

  • Catherine Patience

    I first found Nancy on TV in the 80’s while lying in bed in a hotel room on a “layover”–I was a flight attendant. From that moment, I was hooked. I first saw her in person at an ASG Convention in Las Vegas and in more recent years in Denver. She published one of my hints on Page 123 of her Favorite Hints book. (My last name was Ruff at that time.) I felt like I had lost a close family member when she passed away.

  • Susan Brase

    I was shocked when I heard of Nancy’s passing, and blessed to hear of her undying unwavering Faith! She was always a blessing and an inspiration to watch.

  • Jennifer P

    It seems that everyone has Nancy story. Mine comes from the help she gave me over the phone once. I was working on “pep squad” uniforms for girls in middle school and we had a very large girl in the group. After making more than 30 skirts, this was my last one and there was not a pattern large enough. I had been watching Sewing with Nancy forever and got the bright idea to call the number at the end of the show. They put me in touch with the organization and after explaining my problem, Nancy herself got on the phone and walked me through the alterations needed for the skirt and it came out perfectly. I could not believe that some one as busy as she must have been would take the time and have the patience to talk to a mom in Texas for such a project. She truly was a beacon in our sewing universe and we are all so blessed to have been touched by her life.

  • Britton Lina

    I have so many of Nancy’s books, DVDs, and tools, I can’t pick just one. Watching “Sewing with Nancy” has always been one of my favorite things to do. We are so fortunate to have had her as a teacher right in our living rooms, being able to still watch and learn from her books and shows now is a treasured gift. I truly hope we will always have access to “Sewing with Nancy”.

  • MoeWest

    I have Nancy’s Seams Right tool beside my sewing machine and use it frequently. Her shows were a wonderful gift.


    I have watched Nancy’s shows that air every Saturday in my area. These shows are quality ideas and projects, and I have learned so much from her. Rest in peace Nancy, you have earned it.

  • My favorite book of Nancy’s is Seams Unlikely. I’m looking forward to reading Rich’s book now.

  • Pam Jackson

    My favorite Nancy’s Notions item is her book “Stabilizers The Foundation Guidebook.” At the time I was just starting out in machine embroidery, and it was most helpful to me. I still refer to it for guidance. She certainly was a very talented woman!

  • Fran Walton

    The first time I saw Nancy, my husband was snuffing on a Sat. afternoon and saw a lady sewing on a Pfaff 1472, the brown one. He called me to see and the rest as they say is history. I did get to meet Nancy one time and it is still a high light of my life.
    To me she was the Richard Petty of sewing. She did more for the sewing industry than anyone other person. \
    As for a favorite notion, I have so many, it is hard to say but I do love everyone of them.


    Years of enjoyment watching Nancy. the tool I use most is the binding tool for flanged bindings

  • Lynette Wilson

    It would be hard to pick out just one tool or book. I like her sliding ruler [both the small one and the large triangle cutting ruler]. I refer back to her 10-20-30 minute books frequently. I love her videos/DVDs because she has the absolute best teaching style. She definitely set the standard. Learning about her faith from her book and now The Rest of the Story was inspiring and an encouragement.

  • Karen

    I have many of Nancy’s sewing books and tools. I have one book she signed for me at Sewing Weekend 2017.

  • carol

    I don’t know the name of the book or the PBS show, but it was Nancy teaching her grandchildren the love of sewing. My granddaughter was wanting to sew and I was so nervous I would do it wrong and she would not want to sew again. I have watched this video three times. My granddaughter still loves to sew with me.

  • Sandra York

    I love watch Nancy’s programs. Have learnedso much from her.

  • Linda Cordonnier

    Nancy was a woman of grace and had a wonder and knowledge of sewing. I was not able to get her program in our area but in the few times I did see it, it was full of so much quality information on this lovely hobby. She was the queen of sewing!

  • Sandra Allenbaugh

    What a great lady! I used to watch her show on our local PBS station. The show was not on for awhile and now it is back again. I am recording every episode. She has taught a generation to sew and will continue to do so in the future. What a wonderful legacy!

  • Lynn Stovall

    Over the years, I have enjoyed Nancy’s books. Her notions catalog is my “wish list”. I fondly remember watching her shows and still enjoy reruns.

  • Cindy

    R.I.P. Nancy
    Thank you!

  • Deb

    I couldn’t get the show where I live, but back in the VHS days my sewing machine dealer sold or rented them out. I still have many of those & learned a lot from them. Also, the little books that accompanied them. I am so glad we now have the internet to re-watch her many shows.

  • Laurene Shewan

    Pick one you ask………that’s like trying to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas when I was 5 years old! Her books were so helpful in increasing my knowledge of sewing and quilting. Even her catalogs were an inspiration causing my creative juices to flow. Knowing that she is in Heaven and that we’ll someday meet again, gives me comfort.

  • Donita M

    I have watched Nancy for years on PBS and learned so much from her. I loved her enthusiasm and love for sewing. Her special guests were so inspiring as Nancy was herself. She was the Queen of all sewing!

  • Sharon Aurora

    I am somewhat new to quilting and am not familiar with her tools

  • Peggy Goddard

    Nancy gave me such insight and wisdom in sewing. I have seen for 51 years and every episode I watched of Nancy’s I always learnt something new. She was a very classy, beautiful, intelligent but down to earth lady.
    Her beautiful face and personality will truly be missed.
    RIP beautiful lady.

    • Peggy Goddard

      Sewn not seen

  • Linda

    After reading the comments, I must confess, I also watched every episode of SWN on our pbs station. Of course there were some I’d miss but I always had reruns in the spring. It was my 22 minutes of uninterrupted TV. Her show always inspired me to go sew something. Do that little turn of the seam or wrap it. So inspiring to keep up with what ever the project was. Like so many others 10,20,or 30 minutes was a good kick in the seat of or pants!

  • Cheryl Baker

    Picking a favorite tool from Nancy would be like choosing a favorite child! I love everything with Nancy’s name on it, including her books….but I have always treasured the time spent watching her PBS shows….I still have stacks of VHS tapes that I recorded when I couldn’t watch on Saturday mornings.

  • Bonnie Thiem

    I watched Nancy every Saturday morning for new and exiting patterns, projects and techniques. Will miss her greatly.

  • Edith Csokmay

    I watched Nancy every chance I got. She is greatly missed


    I absolutely love Nancy’s show. I autotune it to be sure not to miss it.

  • Helen

    Love watching all her shows. My favourite book was 10-20-30 minutes to sew. She was an inspiration to many new and old sewers.

  • Doreen Novak

    I considered Nancy a friend since I saw her on TV all the time and for 20 years I went to sewing weekend with my Mom and Aunt. It was our girls weekend! We always were sure to see her seminar and chat with her in her booth. Many times, she helped me find items for sale or would give me advice on sewing something. She is so missed and forever in my thoughts as I sew.

  • Paula

    I am very impressed by Seams Unlikely. Nancy is an inspiration. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Shirley Wiltshire

    Nancy was very inspiring. Spe t many Saturday ‘s watching her show and then used her books to teach pants alterations and serger techniques.

  • Brooke Warkentin

    What an amazing woman she was. She is the kind of role model this world needs more of. I’m sure she is quilting away and praising her Lord. To know that now her body is no longer in pain is a blessing. Wish I’d had the chance to meet to her.
    I have to agree with others that the gauge is awesome. Much better than the fiddly cheap bendy ones I was using before and replacing on a regular basis!

  • Patricia Phaiah

    My favorite book was 10-20-30 Minutes to sew. I always thought if I couldn’t sew for at least an hour I couldn’t sew. This book changed all that. Now I sew whenever I have a few minutes. I can’t tell you my favorite notion because I have been purchasing things from them for years. Nancy is truly missed by everyone. I even go online and watch her shows over and over.

  • Anita L Jackson

    I have one of Nancy’s stack and store bobbin holders. Love it. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing

  • Susan S

    My favorite thing about Nancy and her store, TV show and everything was that she was so gracious, even in pain or in the presence of the public. I met her as part of a sewing group tour. She did a demonstration, then sat and ate lunch with us! She was the best sewing teacher I ever had, and I wanted to be like her. She inspired me so much. My heart was nearly broken reading Richard’s book. Nancy has given so much and taught me both how to live and how to die through her faith. I cannot think of a better role model for today’s children (or adults!).

  • J Neff

    As a male sewer, I have learned many things from Nancy Zieman and have admired her for many years. I am sad that I never got to meet her but her legacy lives on in everything she has taught so many of us. I recently acquired the Serger Workshop DVD and it is one of my favorite learning tools.

  • Darlene B

    I love her shows and books about landscape quilting. I have admired Nancy for many years.

  • Brenda

    I always loved Nancy’s insights and shows. I learned something from her every time I saw her! What an inspiration she was and continues to be.

  • Cheryl Seal

    It would be impossible to name just one of the many notions I have purchased from Nancy’s Notions as my favorite. She was one of the most innovative in the field of sewing and quilting. I loved watching her sit at the machine and sew…when she made a mistake the same way I have so many times, it simply made her human. Her sewing program set the bar for all the others who have come after it and many fall way short. She is a true inspiration to me as a sewer and a person. She is truly missed.

  • Susan

    I love any of Nancy’s books on Landscape Quilting. She got me hooked on this form of art quilts and I still rewatch the episodes every so often. They are even more precious now that I know there will not be any more coming. I will truly miss her shows!

  • nancy seitz

    I still wrap corners on anything I make.

  • Anne Olson

    Memories of Nancy warm my heart because they bring to me memories of my Mom. I grew up with my Mom “sewing with Nancy”. I have some of her sewing books as well – by Nancy of course!

  • Sandra Geiger

    As a young mom myself in the early eighties, I started watching her program on Wednesday afternoons in my area, and Nancy opened a whole new world of sewing ideas and notions to me. She made it faster and easier for me to make clothing for my children, gifts for everyone on my list and decorate my home. This Wednesday afternoon habit of mine was not to the liking of my children who wanted to watch cartoons instead, but they persevered and my daughter and grand daughters now love to sew too. It all comes back around!
    Thank you, Nancy, until next time…

  • Susan Stanton

    The favorite tool of Nancy’s that I like is the 5 in 1 tool. It is sew handy to have near by my sewing machine. She was a lovely teacher.

  • Sara Redner

    I have tools and books plus some keepsakes I bought when I was able to go to Nancy’s Notions but I can’t pick a favorite. I still watch her on tv twice a week and I just re-watched a favorite episode – she is sewing with her granddaughters. I cried through the entire episode.

  • Nancy A

    Watching Nancy’s show was like having a teacher coming into my home to give me a private lesson. I also have a few of her books.

  • Shawna Eddy Kissell

    My favorite is two ringed binder of sewing patterns of all types from the 90s. I have used so many of them!

  • Karen

    I use the 5-in-1 tool and love her fitting book. She is greatly missed.

  • Ruth Clyde

    I have so many notions that have her name on them and her books take up a lot of shelf space. I couldn’t even begin to tell you my favorite. She has been an inspiration for many years. It’s so hard to believe she’s gone, but I intend to meet her someday during eternity — we’ll be worshipping Jesus together.

  • Michelle

    When my kids were very young, I watched Nancy Zieman and taped some of the episodes. I wasn’t able to continue watching her, but she was a great teacher. I have a few of her books and have been inspired by some of her story that I have heard so far that I didn’t know.

  • Nancy Hoeman

    I discovered Nancy’s program when I was on maternity leave after the birth of my first daughter 36 years ago – Nancy seemed like a long-time friend because we were the same age and shared our first name. have books, patterns, and notions that are too numerous to count, but my favorite is the seam guide that attaches to the sewing machine that I bought for my granddaughter after we attended a “sewing camp” when she was 10 years old. She took home a simple Baby Lock machine, and we have enjoyed sewing together for over three years

  • Rita Kanow

    Thank you for sharing what she meant to you. I wasn’t able to watch her often, but when I did she made things easy and enjoyable. Blessing

  • Rosie

    I have so many of Nancy’s things, it is hard to pick a favorite. Certainly the one I pick up the most often is the 6 in 1 measuring tool. But so many of her books have given me tips and techniques to use in better sewing. Her sewing from A to Z book, and her sewing and serginin with Confidence books are often used.

  • Leora

    I use the gauge ruler often, n have one of her landscaping books. Prayers to her family n friends

  • Margaret

    What a beautiful memory of Nancy. I watched her show every Saturday and loved it!

  • Denice Weys

    Nancy has always inspired and challenged me from the moment I stumbled across her show on PBS years ago.
    Sewing and crafting yes, but more importantly her social poise, tact and grace.
    Amen Nancy and Thankyou

  • Kathy M

    I loved watching Nancy’s sewing shows. She will forever remain a part of our sewing world.

  • Rosemary Kelley

    ive watched Nancy since i was a teenager.i have sewn every since then . i sleep late but i had my husband wake me so i could watch her.i will miss her VERY much. i fell for for family .GOD bless you all.

  • Pamela Hoelscher

    Nancy taught me, first of all, give back what you have learned to others. For that reason, I volunteer teach refugees to sew, and have a class for kids every month.
    She taught me that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Flaws usually go unnoticed, and give character to a project. This helped me to be more creative, instead of copying others’ vision of a project.
    And, last, she taught me that a gift made by me is special, because you put yourself into everything you make. This taught me that my creations are worthy of praise when someone’s eyes light up with joy from something I made just for them.

  • Linda Craig

    I think of Nancy every time I use her notions. You mentioned her appearance, I always thought she was a beautiful lady with the prettiest hair. So sad she is gone

  • Alice Gul

    Nancy touched my heart, even til this day I will not erase all her over flowing recordings, my favorite item I purchased I would say is the sewing machine guide that sticks on your machine for accurate sewing. I fill with tears when I realize she’s not here. I know she’s at peace. Thank you to her family for sharing her with the world, She taught me not only to see & quilt, she showed me how to be strong, giving me confidence, & grace. I love you Nancy God Bless you

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