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Micro Lettering Isn’t Just Small

Micro lettering isn’t just smaller than standard embroidery fonts, it’s digitized completely different.  If you want professional results in small embroidered text, then you have to start with professionally digitized micro fonts.

You most certainly can create a text phrase in a standard embroidery font and shrink it.  But the results will not be pleasant.  The stitches will pile up at the column intersections, small openings will collapse and the lettering will be illegible.  So why waste your time, energy and materials?  Start with a true micro font and you’ll be pleased with the results. Let’s take a closer look.

At a quick glance, the two letters look very similar except for size.

But if you look at the framework, you’ll notice the areas where the columns meet are treated differently.  On the large letter, at the top of the A, the columns actually overlap.  That’s important on standard size letters to avoid gaps between the columns.

It’s not just the peak of the A,  overlapping is also visible where the horizontal column connects with the vertical columns as shown in the highlighted areas below.

On the Micro A, the top of the A is a wider satin, rather than two angled and overlapped satin columns.  The horizontal column stops at the edge of the vertical columns. This digitizing technique allows the tiny lettering to stitch with crisp edges making it legible.

The underlay is also different as the columns are narrower and the stitch count is smaller in micro fonts. You can purchase 11 Micro Fonts with full editing abilities in Inspiration’s Embroidery Tool Shed.  Just click on the shopping cart at the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down to Micro Fonts.

Click on the ellipse to purchase.  This week, the Micro Font Pack of 11 fonts is on sale for $179.99, a savings of $20.00.  That’s only $16.37 per font and each font includes upper and lower case along with numbers and punctuation.  You’ll use these fonts on every quilt label, recipe, logo, bible verse, birth announcement and more.  You can learn more here. 

The Micro Font Collection works only in Inspiration’s Embroidery Tool Shed.  If you already own Inspiration’s Word Art in Stitches, you already own the 11 Micro fonts.




  • Rita

    I have PEP, and have downloaded tool shed, but the puffy fonts are not activated. Where can I purchase the fonts and do you have a ballpark cost of these fonts.

    • eileenroche

      In Embroidery Tool Shed, click on the shopping cart under the Properties Box (lower left corner). Scroll down to Font Pack 04 – that’s the collection of Puffy fonts. Once you click on the Buy icon, you’ll find all details for purchasing.

      • Rita

        Thank you so very much that was so easy to do

  • Ingeborg Hook

    I have P-E design 10. If I use micro letters, do you know if they are digitized in the way you describe here?

    • eileenroche

      No, I do not know how your letters are digitized in PE Design.

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