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Apollo 11 Embroidered Patches

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Patches on the moon?  Not only did they go to the moon on Apollo 11 but they were made in Dallas, Texas!  Not only made in Dallas, Texas but made in the factory owned by the father (Marvin Gardner) of my business partner (of 21 years) Gary Gardner. We have the patches to prove it along with a personally signed letter from President Richard Nixon. How cool is that?

Don’t believe me?  Click on the video below to hear the whole story, see the history of making patches and learn just how many men have walked on the moon.

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If you were alive in 1969, leave a comment telling us about your experience watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Hard to believe it was 50 years ago!




  • Ginger

    I was 4 years old but still remember watching the news on our black and white TV. May be one of my earliest memories. It was unbelievable.

  • Diana Hensley

    I can still remember laying on the floor with my eyes glued to the tv watching everything they showed from start, landing on the moon, and return to earth. I have always been very fond of the space program.

  • Ann Eckert

    I was 11, and soooo interested in science! I remember getting goosebumps all over as I watched Neil Armstrong climb down the ladder, then I cried at the beauty of his words, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  • Michelle Hall

    I was 14 and I remember getting to stay up late to watch them walk on the moon. I remember my Mom was hand hemming a dress she had made. She got so excited when Armstrong steeped down on the moon she dropped her cigarette and burned a hole in the dress. My clever Mom was able to cover the hole with some trim that made the dress even more attractive!

  • Robin

    I was 9 and I remember watching it all unfold in black and white. My sisters and I had goosebumps too! Watching them land on true moon, taking the first steps, we were so excited! Who knew they could go into space and walk on another planet!

  • Mary Jo

    I was 14 and was at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, TN when the first man walked on the moon. It came a pretty good earthquake at just about the exact moment that Armstrong set foot on the moon! It was pretty scary at the time, and for awhile, everyone thought that man walking no on the moon had upset the universe!! That was certainly a memorable day for me!!!

  • Debbie

    My family was camping in Traverse City, Michigan and I was 9 years old. Most people there didn’t have TV’s so a bunch of people were gathered around someone’s TV so we could watch it. Very exciting!

  • Adeline Brill

    I was 19 watching it with my boyfriend (now my husband) in his parent’s apartment. I can remember it like yesterday- he has no recollection! LOL

  • Susan Spiers

    I was 17 & working at Dairy Queen in Raleigh, NC. The boss brought in a small TV so we could watch it live! I will never forget!

  • Pat Howell

    Stayed up all night to see him actually walk on the moon. It was the most impressive event I ever watched. Interesting to know that at Mission Control flashed a picture of John Kennedy on all screens when Armstrong stepped off the lander. For those of us who idolized Kennedy this was a very emotional moment.

  • Deborah Watford

    I was 17 years old and watched it on a TV in my mom’s hospital room. She had gall bladder surgery the day of the launch, and went home the day after the moon walk.

  • Aine McCarthy

    My mom delayed our family vacation by 3-4 days so we could all watch the entire launch and the landing on the moon. SO very glad she did. It was late at night and the black and white pictures were so grainy…but I could not believe these were pictures from the moon.

  • Kathleen De Verville

    This will be so nice not to half to chase the hoop around the table to get it tight and inline.

    • Kathleen De Verville

      My comment is for the hoop mat.

  • Agnes

    My father worked for Grumman, the company that made the Lunar Module. As such, he met all of the astronauts and he was given the patches from each mission- which were given to my brothers