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A Clutter-Free Digital Workspace

It’s common to feel the urge to get organized in January– purge closets, cabinets and drawers. Many sewers feel the same way. We want a fresh start in the New Year, often pledging to finish projects, clear the cutting table, and tame our stashes – fabrics, stabilizers and threads. The goal is to follow that urge all year and really get our environments under control. I don’t know about you but it’s an annual event for me. It helps me get organized for the next 12 months; forgive myself for the projects that didn’t get completed and make a decision on whether or not I’ll ever finish them. And then toss them, if I know I won’t finish them. It’s a tough decision but I find once I make up my mind, it’s very cleansing to move on with a clean slate. I even like to create a clean space in my digital workspace when I work on a design.

In Perfect Embroidery Pro, My Block Piecer and My Quilt Embellisher, I clean up my thread chips. Sounds silly, right? Well, removing the excess thread chips at the bottom of the screen helps me focus. Let me show you what I mean.

I dragged one of December’s free designs onto the workspace. Notice the 11 color chips in the thread tray. The design is only three colors so I find all of those excess chips to be distracting, unnecessary clutter.Thread1

First, I clicked on the minus sign to remove all excess chips.Thread2

Now, only three chips remain in the tray.Thread3

I’m going to change the colors to reflect a warm, tropical climate (like the one Stitching Sisters are going to enjoy on our February 2016 cruise – join us!) First, click on a chip to see the thread palette.Thread4

At the top of the thread palette click on the brand to access the thread you have in your sewing room.   Thread5


Once you set this brand, the palette will always default to that brand although you can reset it anytime you’d like.

Simplifying the thread tray makes it easy to see what threads I need to collect from stash of thread. I love the new plastic drawer inserts that keep my stash under control.  It’s the fine-tuning of organizing that helps me keep my year-long goal of staying on top of clutter!

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  • Bonnie Gray

    I saw your thread inserts and those look interesting for organizing thread. I am also looking at the Closet Maid Inspira line, the furniture has unique storage modules for sewists and crafters – and the table is height adjustable, which I have been looking for. I like to stand and use my serger, I feel it gives me more control. January is definitely a good to get a clean start.

  • Jackie Ames

    I like the way you mentioned to clean up the extra colors on designs. I hadn’t thought of that before, so will surely use it this year. The thread inserts do sound interesting and I may try using them. My sewing room really needs a makeover this next year, so that will be my goal for 2015, at least until I am ready to mess it up again for Christmas presents!!

  • Peggy Schroeder

    Hi Eileen,
    I believe I have told you I am revamping my sewing rooms, having cabinets and a work center built, etc. Now you come out with thread trays!! Will any of them work with Madeira polyneon 1100 yard spools? I have thread cabinets, but have lots of extra thread, so need a way to keep them neat and organized. I have both the old and new type of 1100 yd. spools. My new work center is “U” shaped, so I can put all of the embroidery machines on it.
    Thank you for all of your help, I hope to be able to go on the cruise with you; and wish you and yours Happy Holidays!

  • Bruce

    Great post as always! Thanks for sharing.