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5 Biggest Mistakes Quilters Make

Finishing a quilt is quite rewarding.  After all, you decided on the pattern, hand-picked the fabrics, cut all the pieces, sewed every seam and then, if you’re like me, hesitated on the next step: how to quilt it.  What designs? What thread? Where do I start? How long will it take?

At 1:00 CST PM on April 3 on Facebook Live, I’ll point out the 5 biggest mistakes quilters make and how to avoid them.  If you have a quilt you want to finish (and who doesn’t have quilt tops begging to be finished?), then join me for 5 Biggest Mistakes Quilters Make.  Of course, by quilter, I mean embroiderers who quilt with their embroidery machines!

How do I know what the mistakes are?  Well, I’ve written four books on quilting with your embroidery machine and I can tell you I have made all 5 of those mistakes – and many more!  I’ve learned so much along the way that it would be selfish of me to keep that knowledge to myself.  So join me and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes quilters make when quilting with their embroidery machine. And then you can finish your quilts with confidence.

Why Facebook Live?  Well, you can ask questions and get answers.  It’s fun and spontaneous and I hope you’ll be a part of it.  Just go to and watch at 1:00 PM CST.  Hope to see you there!





  • Sue L

    Looking forward to hopefully being able to watch a recorded version of this discussion. I will be working and unable to watch it live.
    Thank you for your insight and continued attempts to educate us! Much appreciated.

    • Sue L

      Just finished watching the presentation. I bought an 8×8 snap hoop monster last weekend with plans to quilt one of the big digital flower prints. Perfect timing for your presentation of tips! Thanks so much.

  • Barbara

    Looking forward to watching a recorded version because I have a Doctors appt.
    at the time of the live broadcast.

  • Sharie Hoyle

    I am not signed up for Facebook by choice. I have been an avid sewist and embroiderer for decades, have multiple machines. I have followed and read your newsletter blog also for years.
    There are folks that enjoy learning, Facebook not being their choice or be-all.
    Please when you have such a learning opportunity available, could you expand availability to those of us who have enjoyed and valued the knowledge you have shared, in methods beyond Facebook?
    (Like your blog right here?)

    • eileenroche

      Hi Sharie, thank you for your comments. We are working through the technology to share the Facebook Live sessions here or on Youtube. Once we have the technology down, we’ll post where to view. I appreciate your patience as we become experts on live sessions and rebroadcasting. Although I’ve done tons of video, live streaming is new to my team here at DIME. Stay tuned.