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Volume 97

For the first time in American retail history, 2015 saw more dollars spent on athleisure than denim classics. Athleisure is defined as a fashion trend in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, is worn outside of the gym; to the office or shopping or other social occasions. In other words, we’re wearing it every day, no matter where we go.  Since we strive to bring you relevant embroidery projects in every issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery, our March/April 2016 issue focuses on stitching on knits. Since we’re wearing it everywhere, we might as well embroider it!

You’ll find star-studded embroidery on Nancy Zieman’s oh-so-soft fleece jacket . A matching t-shirt transforms the entire ensemble.Vol97PromoBL

Tari Intardonato worked a little of her own magic on an oversized sweatshirt by adding a fun feline design.  We couldn’t resist including an adorable kitty in the photo shoot.CatBL

You’ll also find instructions on double applique, curved text and multi-hooping on a zippered hoodie cardigan.  I was inspired by the cardigans we’ve seen for years at The Gap.  In fact, I wanted to applique NAP across the hoodie but my staff encouraged me to change it to LOVE.  I like this too!LoveBL

Knits don’t have to stay in the gym – they’re just as wearable in other fashions. Joanne Banko stitched a gorgeous wrap dress with asymmetrical embroidery.  You’re going to love her easy-peasy approach to decorating this neckline.  Look for your March/April issue now.  Or jump over to our website to order your copy.DressBL

Your assignment for this week:
Since this issue is the first time we welcomed a cat into our studio I’m wondering if you prefer cats or dogs as pets in your home.  Leave a comment and we’ll select a random winner to receive our new Hoop Clip.


Thank you, everyone for taking the time to comment.  The information you shared is very helpful as we continue to come up with fresh content you’ll enjoy!




  • Linda stanley

    A dog of course. Ours is our four legged person. So loving and fun

    • lbpadgett

      I love to sleep with my dog and the teddybear, I’m just a big kid still, love to sew and embroider animals.

    • Mary

      Dogs are my choice but cats are enjoyable too. My Schnauzer warms my heart. He’s the most lovable animal in the world.

    • Vicki

      A dog is a great companion. He makes us laugh all the time. In fact he acts like a cat sometimes. So we have a dog and cat roled up as a little terrier we call Ozzie.

    • Sherry Huff

      Love my Aussies but it’s the two cats that spend time with me in the sewing room!

  • Cindy Amend

    Definitely a dog! I love cats, but some of my grandkids are extremely allergic. (sad face)

  • Nancy Glisson

    I love them both. We have one of each and they are best friends and even sleep together!

  • Judy Hiam

    Cats. I have 2 and they keep me company no matter what I am doing. The sewing machine fascinates them when it is running by itself.

  • Desiree

    I’m a Leo, so maybe that’s why I love felines!

  • cheryl

    We have two little dogs

  • Lou Ann Brach

    I love them both! Right now I have a 13 year old Yorkie with so much energy that you would take him for much younger. I got my cat from the pound, and since my last name is Brach, his was Johann Sebastian Brach and called Joey. Unfortunately he had feline leukemia and was only expected to live for a couple of months. He lived for 5 years and he and Cricket (the Yorkie) were the best friends. Cricket still looks down the steps for him and it has been 10 years.

  • Belinda Germain

    I love both cats and dogs. I have two pups currently. They are rescues and they are great companions and cuddle bugs!

  • Karen

    We have two fur-babies, both are doggies!

  • Sue Cubberley

    A dog is the best. Who else will go with you on your morning walks.

  • beth daniels

    I prefer dogs. I have always had a dog, mostly big dogs and now a medium size dog. I love them.

  • Sandy

    I love dogs and cats. Unfortunately, I am allergic to both. Though I have niece and nephew dogs that visit from time to time.

  • Kate

    Rottweilers! Big sweet lazy lovebugs. And cats, at least 2.

  • Cynthia S

    Our cat, Fuzzy, is part of our Family. In fact we just spent about 800.00 at the Emergency Vet over the weekend to find out why he has been sick. Luckily after xrays, they said he just needed some antibiotics! We were so worried about him!

  • Sandra Sanders

    I love beagles, but I also love cats. We adopted a five year-old cat from a local no kill shelter about eight years ago. He has been such a blessing to my husband and me. I was a little concerned when we asked my 94 year-old dad to live with us. Our cat Toby has accepted my dad as one of the family! My dad just lights up when Toby jumps on his lap!!!!

  • Terry Madison

    I have always had cats since I can remember, I have probably taken in at least 40 feral cats over the years and presently have 6 cats , all rescues. They all have their own personalities and are so smart, I love them all and happy to have rescued so many so far. Getting close to 80 years old now so will not take any more , would not want to have to leave them ,once I am gone. Eldest is 14 youngest is 5.

  • Frances Powell

    Dogs are my favorite. I like cats, but to me a dog is more a member of the family. A cat owns you and only wants you on his terms. A dog is eager to love you and participate in family activities at any time.

  • Jo Ann Queen

    My baby is a dog, and usually lays close to me at machines or computer.
    Fortunately he sheds very little, hair instead of dog fur. This is good for me
    and my customers. I like cats, however, usually shed more.

  • Debbie

    Only dogs; we had Shih-tzu’s: 2 males and 4 females—not all at once. Then, we decided that when the last one was having health issues, it was time to decide what was next. We now have 2 lovable, affectionate but mischievous Maltese-shih-tzu mix females, called Mal-shi. They are very attentive, attention demanding and entertaining.

  • Paula Hendrickson

    Well I love both. But as a sewing buddy My cat Abby is the best

  • Beverly

    I love dogs.

  • maxine mac neill

    How can one decide when either is a precious as the other. All God’s creations

  • Jean Lowenberger

    We have one of each. One to keep my lap warm, the other to keep my feet warm. They are both great pals!

  • Linda

    Forget the pets! Too many allergies in this house!

  • Birdie

    We own an adorable kitty, but I fell in love with the neighbor’s Cockapoo 3 years ago so I love dogs, too. The latest Subaru ads with the Golden Retrievers would make anyone a dog lover; too cute!

  • becky 3580

    Dogs first since I have a 7 month old mini-weiner dog who is precious and a wee bit spoiled!! Second cats since I have 4 peach colored barn cats. I love all animals!

  • Kathy Meyer

    A little Yorker dog! Sweet disposition!

  • Beal

    Dogs. 🙂 We like cats, too, but we’re a house of dogs.

  • Ellen

    Dogs. I am allergic to cats.

  • Robyn

    BOTH are favorites and I have owned many of each species. Then found myself allergic to cats. Sad time when that happened. Now I enjoy them from afar

  • Hope

    Have had allergies to animals for years but finally found a dog breed I could have in the house so guess I vote for dogs.

  • Lynda

    I love cats and we have a sweet and beautiful fellow who thinks he is a dog. He followa my husband around our place and “helps” him a lot.

  • Gail Beam

    Definitely dogs. We had 3 and although they have all passed away, they were a part of the family.

  • Lola Gerhard

    I love dogs. We have 4 right now. A male and a female boxer, A maltipoo, and a Shih Tzu. They are brother and sisters to our two sons.

  • Linda C

    Large dogs are my favorites.

  • Brenda Rhinehart

    I love cats and dogs equally — as long as they belong to someone else. We had many pets when our children were young. However, now that I am retired, I want to be “footloose and fancy free”. I don’t want to hurry home to feed the pet !!!

  • Susan

    My husband and I have only had dogs for the forty-three years we have been married, and we have loved everyone of them.

  • Barbara

    Love dogs ONLY! Not a cat fan and I’m allergic to them anyway.

  • Ellen Perry

    Dogs,I am allergic to cats but my first pets were CATS
    Ellen Perry

  • JD

    Love them both but haven’t any. I too like to have my freedom and when you love them properly they take a lot of time. Maybe someday again when I am older and more settled but not just yet.

  • Pat Sherman

    I have always had dogs or cats. Right now I have 1 golden/chow dog and 3 rescue cats from NOAH animal rescue. 2 cats since they were a few weeks old and a 1 yr. old female my grandson picked out. My children and grandchildren also believe in pet rescue vs. breeders of dogs or cats.

  • Pat Sherman

    I have 1 dog golden/chow and 3 cats. Foster care from NOAH, 2 cats were from taking care of a mommy cat and 8 kittens which we kept 2 of. 6 mos. later we got a 1yr. female from NOAH also. We believe in rescue vs. breeding animals. My daughters and grandchildren also do the same thing where they live.

  • Barbara McKenzie

    I’m a cat person forever! I like dogs, but I LOVE cats, including my sweet, elderly, one-eyed tuxedo boy.

  • Lynn

    You can cuddle with both cats and dogs. Dogs think you are their friend, while cats know people are their personal staff.

  • Barbara

    Dog! I recently lost my Rocky , who was my service dog when I lost my hearing due to chemo for stage 4 throat cancer. Miss him terribly.

  • Delores Angus

    Hubby and I were rescued by a BullyPit male and a female English Bulldog when we were missing our last dog who had passed away a while back. They make us laugh every day. They understand us so well we spell many things because they get so excited by what we say. Big, snugly, compassionate, bouncy dogs for these senior citizens!

  • Thurma Livingston-Morrison

    Dogs, and Freddie my bichon/poodle mix is why. He’s my buddy, bed mate, and makes me laugh every single day. Don’t know what I’d do without him.

  • Sharon Scholtes

    Well let’s see, I have 3 Chihuahuas, QT (cutie) is the oldest she is 14, can’t see & losing her hearing, sleeps most of the day. Howls when she thinks she alone! Sometimes I’m in the same room. My 2nd, he’s turned 13 on Valentine’s, now with heart issues. Then my youngest she is 2 years old, she looks like she got sprayed with mud! Then my husband has his Poodle Pointer. Which has had 2 sets of puppies. Thank goodness that they were at the breeders house, till they were 8 weeks old. Then Amber was back with us and the puppy’s were sold by the breaded. Then we have 2 cats that live with us now, that our daughter had in North Carolina, which we drove from there to Oregon (she moved back). So you could say they are my grandcats! Also, when I’m working on embroidery in my sewing room Cesar & Chloe the middle & youngest of the Chihuahua are in there small beds on the counter, one by the sewing machine and the other on the cutting table in her bed. Then of course the cats come in, too. On my lap, the counter or the ironing board. I think they all love me, as much as I love them!

  • Jeanne R

    I love dogs….unconditional love. And if Boo needs a sitter….I’m there for him!

  • Rebecca

    Dog only because they stay off the kitchen counter. I like cats also!

  • Francine Meyer-Drasutis

    Benny is my buddy. He loves to lay down and watch me sew or embroidery. He believes he is human and not a dog.

  • Judy G

    Too many allergies in this household to have cats or dogs so definitely my preference is neither. Pet hair/dander on handcrafted items is an issue for those of us with pet allergies.

  • Sharon Lien

    Absolutely a dog person. Could not be happy without atleast one dog.

  • Karen Poole

    I’ve always been more of a dog person myself but grew up with both cat’s and dogs and when I had kids, my daughter turned out to totally be a cat person so as an adult I’ve always had both as well! In fact my husband and I have recently adopted an adorable new little dog, a miniature pinscher, from a local shelter after losing our much loved lab mix at the age of 15. She was also a rescue-from the middle of a busy intersection, and gave us many years of love and companionship.

  • Linda

    I’m a dog lover ever since I was little. Great companions!

  • Betty Burart

    Definitely dogs. I have never had a cat so don’t know how I would feel owning one.. They just seem too independent for me…and I don’t like that they can jump on counters, etc. But I am sure I would get over all that and fall in love with it if I ever had one. I have 2 dogs now that help run the family…they are so spoiled.

  • Debbie Vance

    I have always been a dog person! I do love cats and have thought about adopting one. They can have such interesting personalities!

  • Patty

    I have always had dogs in our house. Our first dog was a mute and so sweetest and my brother named him Chainsaw.. Did no look mean nor was it an aggressive bread. Now I have a Lab and a Bichion named Mr Man.

  • Jan

    Dogs, all the way! Maiz,i my lab, is our little girl. She loves to sleep listening to the sweet hum of my Babylock!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Love them both! But cats are my favorite!

  • Suzanne in TX

    Dogs, please! Yes, we rank among those families who prefer dogs. My father, a veteran of WWII and now deceased, smuggled his dog (Jitterbug) on board the ship that took him to Europe. I can not remember a time that our family did not own at least one dog.

  • Mary

    Love my dogs. Big ol’ “happy to see me” dogs.

  • Judy

    I love them both, but since my husband is allergic to cats, once we retired we rescued our two dog “kids” from the local animal shelter, and couldn’t be happier. Although born 18 months apart, and different breeds, they are as bonded together as Siamese twins.

  • Barbara

    Cats!!! Always cats!!! I have 2 that are my babies. They sleep with me, sew with me,cuddle with me on the couch during project Runway, My husband worked with many cat rescue groups and I continue to support his favorite groups since his passing.

  • Ennis A

    Dogs!!! We have a new puppy litter! So cute!! BTW, love the embroidery projects!!!

  • Marylee

    I am a true DOG lover at heart. I have become allergic to cats and mine now resides with friends and is well loved. I adore the feel of fur on my cheeks and doggie kids are so affectionate. Mine are both rescues so not real sure of breed or age. Neither matters at all. Pure LOVE from them to me and back!

  • Bonnie Gray

    Dog, great companions and my son was very allergic to cats.

  • Alicia Key

    DOGS! they go outside to potty!

  • Jeannette Covan

    Dogs I’ve had them all my life.

  • Nancy Stansbury

    Love them both. Looking for a new puppy as we had to put our 15 year old Border Collie/Aussie to sleep last year. And our neighbors cat still comes through both of our dog doors for visits.

  • Donna G.

    I’m definitely a dog person. Right now I’m pet mom to a little 13# Chiweenie who loves to “help” me when I sew.

  • Suzanne

    We started and run a rescue for cats. Our city does not have a shelter so we started an ORG in the city to rescue cats. I have been doing this for 5 years now. Lots of work lots of rewards. I find great homes for them. We also do trap neuter and release in the city to cut down the population. I have saved s many from a terrible life on the streets. A little love goes a long way and they become love bugs. We get everything from hurt, abandoned, sick, pregnant abused etc… Never know what is going to come in the door. We work hand and hand with the animal control in the city. So CATS it is!!!

  • Cindy

    Dogs! :-). I have 3 dogs that make my life so fulfilled- 1 is a bulldog mix shelter rescue and 2 are Potcakes from the Turks & Caicos Islands. Love love love my four legged fur babies!

  • Nancy Weber

    While I love dogs, I prefer cats for pets. They are so much easier to deal with and can be left alone for a few days. They are my constant companions.

  • Cindi

    Our cat is my best buddy, he is constantly trying to be a lap cat while I’m creating. However the last few weeks I’ve been online searching for a little dog to keep him company.

  • Judie

    Hands down for Canine!! Make mine a Shih Tzu every time.

  • Darlene Bares

    i have had both. Cats are my fav, plus less maintenance. Siamese and Calico cats are my favorite kind. They love you and sometimes they don’t want to have anything to do with you. I have had 2 red miniature toy poodles, love them. Just to hard with our busy schedule and i feel guilty leaving them.

  • Karen

    For sure dogs! Nobody greets you at the door like your dog when you come home from a long day at the office! Unconditional Love

  • Melanie

    Love dogs. They love you more than most humans and would take a bullet for you any day.

  • Meghan M.

    Cats have stolen my heart. They’re quiet and gentle, and they don’t lick 😉

  • Tari Intardonato

    Hi Eileen! I loved how you got the kitten to pose just “pur-fectly”. My son’s bestfriend is a golden named Wilbur! Thank you for including my project in your post, it made my day! 🙂

  • Saundra Romanus

    Dogs of course! I have two dachshunds and they lay in my sewing room when I sew.

  • Judi C

    I love both cats & dogs Our kids Sparkle & Jesse are 2 rescue cats: Sparkle is just 10 months old & Jesse is 12 years. They are spoiled rotten but only allowed in my craft/sewing room when I am in there because they get into too much trouble on their own Sparkle has brought poor old Jesse back to life in oh sew many ways

  • Betty Ludwig

    I have my cats and the dog in my sewing room. My cats love to lay behind the sewing machine while I sew/embroider. The dog has to try to find a place in the floor to lie down. Love the white kitty in the picture, I have a solid white kitty also.

  • Celeste B

    Neither. Highly allergic to cats and no time for a dog.

  • Jackie

    Dogs for sure, I’m afraid of cats always have been.

  • Theresa

    Dogs for sure. We are currently dog-less, but looking to adopt a new family member as soon as we can find the right one.

  • Jean

    I have 3 rescue dogs to 1 rescue cat!!

  • Wende

    I personally love kittens, but as luck would have it I’m very allergic to four footed creatures…………cats and dogs..

  • Marti Morgan

    We are a dog house – know cats are easier or so they say, but cleaning a cat litter box just doesn’t do as much for me, he he, as my husband doing poop duty in the yard.

  • Kris Jacobson

    Neither. I am allergic to cats and I just don’t want the responsibility of a dog. I want to be free to go to a quilting event when ever I want. But we live on a ranch so we have plenty of outside animals.

  • Debra Girrens

    Always Dogs, four of them running around here!

  • Susan Taylor

    Dogs! I have two rescue dogs. Dogs are the best for service dogs. I hope to get a Diabetic Detection dog.

  • Pat Black

    Our border collie is the most intelligent pet we have ever had. She won’t start eating her meal until the supper has been Blessed, and we begin eating!

  • jillan

    dogs, please. i have three dogs. two labradoors and one small dog. all dogs are saved dogs. My first labradoor dog, Bundy, came to us as no longer able to live in the city after coming in from the bush in Australia. My second labradoor dog – Bella, could no longer live with his owner, as having just got married and his wife was allergic to the dog. So home came Bella. More recently my best friends dog became uncontrollable in a unit. he was about to be evicted, so we tried to retain him, but although fairly good for us returned to his old ways the moment he went back to his home for just one day. so Scooter now lives with us. Happy home.

  • Sandi Whitaker

    We have both. Two female dogs that each has a bed in my sewing room and two cats who leisurely sleep on the cutting table or ironing table nearest the sun. the cats like to watch the embroidery machine.

  • Becky M

    I love dogs. My boxer, Ernie, is always by my side.

  • Terri

    I had always been a “dog person”, but when my beloved Sheltie died and I went back to work full time I didn’t think I could juggle a job and a new dog, so I opted to try two kittens. They are wonderful pals…I enjoy them so much. That was 8 years ago and while I miss having a dog, these two cats are great companions and they love to sew!

  • Danie

    Dogs evethough cats are less work. T

  • Karen S

    We have allergies and can not have any pets in the house.

  • Claudia Blakely

    My cat is always with me no matter what I am doing.

  • Sheryl

    Definitely dogs – we’re allergic to cats!

  • Shirley Clark

    We prefer dogs, but we don’t currently have one. Our Missy we had for 16 years died in 2010. Then a few months later we got a Yorkie whose owner passed away. She was sweet, and I loved her so much, but she stayed under my feet. I had to have knee surgery, and I couldn’t take a chance on falling so I gave her to a lady who was all alone. She did well in the transition.

  • Chris Lyon

    Has to be a dog. Cats are more independent and a lot easier to care for, but there just is something about a dog.

  • Pam Rohrkemper

    Love love love my schnoodle, Jack.

  • Sharon R

    I love both dogs and cats. Had at least one of each in our house while growing up and into adulthood. Learned I was allergic to cat dander about 8 years ago, so after Sassy passed, I didn’t find a replacement. Labs are our favorite, but we are currently owned by Willie, an 8 year-old Shih Tzu/Dachshund mix.

    • Karen W

      Just in case you didn’t know, there are some cat breeds that are non-allergenic! (Really! – and not just the hairless ones.)

  • Carolyn

    Definitely a dog, since we own 3 poodles.

  • Daryla J. Greene

    I love my two little dogs, I love cats too, but my dogs don’t.

  • Karen W

    My husband & I are worshippers at the Cat Temple & are certified slaves to the Feline Order! We have 2 again — recently adopted a kitten, after waiting over a year for mama cat to return to her no-longer-young princess. They aren’t allowed in the sewing room now, as it’s a black hole to disappear into — maybe after it gets reorganized!!

  • Elaine

    As I am owned by cats, I am definily a cat lover.

  • Connie

    Slightly more partial to cats but love them both.

  • Sara Redner

    We always had both cats and dogs but couldn’t take them when we were stationed overseas. When we returned to the States we lived in a place that didn’t allow dogs so we only had cats. We often talk about getting a dog, but after so long without, we’ve kind of gotten used to being just a cat family.

  • Cynthia

    Hummmm! I love my Schnauzer’s and they are very annoyed that they are rarely featured. They love cats but only to chase. Other dogs are OK in their book. Would love to see more Schnauzerish embroidery.

  • Bonnie

    We’ve always had dogs and often birds too. Now we have a great big 110 lb lap dog in the form of and Irish wolf hound mix. whenever I sit on the floor to read to the grandchildren she moves right into my lap and the kids sit on her

  • Kai'

    I gladly walk both sides of the street having been raised with/by both.

  • Teresa

    Rainy day under a blanket reading your bog post with my trusty Spanish Water DOG at my feet.

  • Cheryl Guthrie

    We have 4 dogs and 3 cats. It makes for a full bed. yes, they get along very well together. The dogs range in size from a doberman pup 4 months old to a 5 year old Yellow Lab.

  • JoanMilitscher

    My 2 cats think they’re dogs! They follow me around wherever I go, beg for food, would play non-stop if I could keep up and generally give comfort at every turn. They’re almost 8 years old, but still act like kittens (puppies?). What a treasure!

  • BarbaraDiMino

    Both, but cats rule the house. Is that an American curl in the picture?? With two American curls and one Scottish fold I always have a helper when I am at one of my machines, even if they are on the bench next to me sleeping. Our curls are very loving and vocal, our fold is a lay next to you cat but does not hesitate to also talk when she wants a treat. I am looking for embroidery designs of American Curls and Scottish Folds.

  • Mary

    I love my dog, he is a little Havanes rescue. He is always soo excited when I return home.

  • Vi Larimore

    Dogs, definitely!!

  • Rosalie Sharps

    Have three cats and one dog. My dog Emma is in my sewing room when I am in there, but my cat Patches takes her job as inspector quite seriously, making sure my seams are straight and accurate and by testing my quilt squares making sure they are soft enough and up to her standards!

  • Sue Reifschneider

    I have one of each. Unconditional Love is all I can say.

  • Ginger

    I guess I’m more of a dog person than cat… I had 6 cats and a dog at one time but now, I’m down to 2 dogs. And a fish. And a hamster! 🙂

  • Celeste Hemby

    Definitely a dog; I am not a cat person. However, my children have both cats and dogs. Our pets are very important to us.

  • Debra

    I have cat that like to help me sew and embroidery. She is my life. Can always count on her to be on my cutting table to help she like a paper weight to hold down the pieces to cut.

  • Carol Livengood

    My furbaby doggies are my best buddies, my bed buddies, etc. I love cats but hate the shedding.

  • Arleen

    We have 3 cats and a dog in our household. They all like to “sew” and “embroider” with me in my room.

  • Debe

    I like dogs over cats, but as long as they live at someone elses house. lol I have looked after my grown children s dogs. Fun for a while but ready to send them home.

  • Kati

    I’m more of a cat person, currently without any pets.
    I also loved the hamster we had for a few years when the kids were young.

  • Tami

    I am definitely a dog person. I can’t imagine my life without a dog or two(or three).

  • Donna Fecteau

    I currently have one of each. However, I think I’m more a dog person.


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  • Bruce

    I love both! I have fun reading some comments. Thanks for sharing.


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