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Designs in Machine Embroidery Lace

I’m so excited to reveal a unique collaboration with Angela Wolf of  Angela and I have been working on this for several months and finally – we can show you what we’ve been up to. If you don’t know Angela, you’re going to love her work.  A fashion designer at heart, Angela has created a new embroidery collection for dime – Angela Wolf’s A Touch of Lace Collection 1. She came to this task with a true designer’s eye and designed lace elements to fill hemlines, sleeve inserts, pant legs and more.  She told me she’s always been on the lookout for just the right lace to add to her garments. Instead of shopping, she starting drawing and the results are fantastic!

Whether you use a single-needle machine like Angela did here.

Designs in Machine Embroidery

Or a multi-needle machine, the results are beautiful!

Designs in Machine Embroidery


And who wouldn’t want to wear this?

Designs in Machine Embroidery

This week, Angela and I are giving you a chance to win her collection ($79.99) and a copy of My Lace Maker software ($499.99)!  Why both?  Well, the beauty of having both is you can use Angela’s pretty lace elements and design your own custom lace arrangements for your garments.Designs in Machine Embroidery


No digitizing skills needed! In My Lace Maker, design your own beautiful lace from over 1100 motifs. Plus, you’ll find all the tools you need to transform any embroidery design into free standing lace. Select from more than 280 shapes, fill them with motifs, add an airy grid and column connections.  You’ll learn more about My Lace Maker in Software Saturday blogs.Designs in Machine Embroidery


For now, jump into the contest. You will have three chances to win by tagging friends and commenting via our blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. Subscribe to our blog at and then leave a comment at the end of this blog.
  2. Follow/like the Designs in Machine Embroidery page on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Once you’ve finished steps 1 and 2 then tag a friend in the comments and say “Done!” (If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, complete step 1 then comment on the blog saying “Done!” If you are already a subscriber to the blog, make sure to do the bonus entry by subscribing to our Youtube channel and comment “Done”! on the blog after subscribing)

Bonus Entry: Repost/Share this giveaway with the hashtags #dimegiveaway #mylacemakersoftware and make sure to tag us! (If you do not have any social media, you can still join the bonus entry by subscribing to our Youtube channel at dzgns !)

For ONE more chance to win, click here and fill out a quick form from Angela Wolf!

Giveaway ends on Wednesday April 3 and the winner will be announced on April 4 at 4:00PM.





  • Sharon Fiegle

    I love this. I sure hope I win.

    • Barbara

      Done!the lace is gorgeous !

  • Suzie Lambert

    All signed up, hope I win! Done!

  • Tracy

    Beautiful! Great prize.

  • beth d

    Done lovely prize

  • Betsy Evans

    This is exciting!

  • Donna Wil

    Very pretty!

  • WillieMae Charles

    Wonderful designs, and beautifully done. What is even more wonderful is that you did not waste the gift that God gave you. You go girl!


    Wow!! I love making lace on my embroidery machine. These designs are beautiful!!

    • Michelle

      Love the lace.

  • judy Troyer

    Love Lace designs hope I win it. Done

  • Michelle


  • Kaiti Hasenberg


  • Theresa

    All signed up. Done!

  • Tamra

    Oh, that sweet finishing touch of lace! Done!

  • Jean Guenther

    I can’t wait to see this software. I saw the previews and it looks fantastic! Hope I’m a winner.

  • Michelle


  • Ennis A Weeks

    In love with lace especially created on embroidery machine!! Thanks.

  • Luci Slywka

    I can’t wait to see and win this pair of treasures.!! I love lace .

  • Luci Slywka


  • Bonnie Gray


  • Mindy

    Lovely lace!

  • Mindy


  • Brenda Barry

    Awesome give always! Done

  • Valerie

    This lace is going to be beautiful around the hem of a skirt, on a sleeve, or around a neckline.

  • Linda Severs

    Done. Lace is a big part of my life! I have several boxes of beautiful vintage lace I have collected and some antique lace garments. I would be so honored to win and be able to design my own lace, perhaps enabling me to create replicas in today’s sizes. Plus using the already-designed beauties by Angela Wolf would be a real treat.

  • Teresa Niwinska

    Done! Love the lace and hope to win!

  • Judy

    Done! Thank-you for this opportunity!

  • Karen Poole

    I LOVE lace, I would love to win this! DONE!

  • Tammy Wright

    Beautiful lace. Could get very creative with this software.

  • Karen

    More beautiful than store bought lace!!! Done.

  • Nancy Stansbury

    Already subscribed to the blog. Really want this software and designs

  • Cathy Landon

    Already subscribed to this blog! Would love to win this bundle!

  • Becky Thompson

    I’d love to add lace into my skillset!

  • Alice


  • Alice


  • Samantha Kauffman

    I love lace! Hope I win 😉

  • ERMA W


  • Cat

    Wouldn’t this be beautiful on christening gowns or even the slips that go underneath

  • Cat

    Wouldn’t this be beautiful on christening gowns or even the slips that go underneath…done

  • Liz ellis

    Done hope I win

  • Annette Canonica

    WOW These laces are AMAZING! Just when you thought you’d never use lace in a project you come up with this cool stuff. I’d love to win this great giveaway.

  • Patricia


  • Susan Spiers

    Love these oh so pretty designs! Done! @nancyhaggerty

  • Jadine

    DONE! I’m new to embroidery, and your YouTube videos are exactly what I need to explore new techniques and get inspired!

  • Betty


  • Louisa

    Would love to be the winner of this interesting new use for lace

  • Louisa


  • Marti Morgan

    Already a subscriber – thanks or the giveaway

  • Karin

    These are GORGEOUS accents, and my mind is already racing! Just beautiful!

  • Marti Morgan


  • Aurore Stubbs

    Done! I may not win, but I want to let you know that I have been following you for several years and I would like to Thank You for all the help you provide to all of us. It is nice and fun to follow your wonderful work. Thank you!

  • Patricia Gabhart


  • Martha Hubbard

    Done! Love Angela Wolf and DIME

  • Germaine


  • Tammy


    • Katie Harper

      Love Angela on ItsSewEasytv.The new software sounds great.Done!

  • Cheri Andrew

    I absolutely LOVE lace!!! Done!

  • Norma

    Love it! What an opportunity to learn something new !

  • Diane R Callahan

    Done, I think ! Would love to win this great contest!

  • Ann Eckert

    Done! I have made many shirts with the “Little Black Tee” designs and hope I’ll win your software to be able to more easily personalize and subtly embellish many more. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Sally Long

    Done! I shared and used the hashtags, too. I tried to tag Designs in Machine Embroidery on fb, but it didn’t work. Oh, well!

  • MaryJo Lang

    Love lace!

  • Janet Popa

    Done! Love the lace! I can envision using it on the christening gowns I make.

  • Joyce

    DONR Love the lace Wish it had been around long ago. It would have made life so much easier.

    • Jacqueline

      Fantastic way to do lace.

  • Jacqueline Curtis

    Fantastic way to do lace.

  • Nancy Nebeker

    That is just lovely!

  • Donna

    What a lovely surprise it would be to win! Thank you.

  • Susan T


  • Judy

    I have PEP, and would love a chance to win this. Love beautiful lace.

  • Becky Muns

    Beautiful!! What an amazing thing that would be to add custom lace where ever you want. Love it!!

  • Elaine Chapman

    Too beautiful for words. I was would be so happy to wear this lace as well give gifts to all my girly buds.

  • Maryann Williams

    Love the lace designs. Signed up for the pre-order, just in case I did not win any.
    I want to make a dress for my Mom’s 100the Birthday in June. I think she would be thrilled. She and my aunt are the ones who sent me to sewing classes when I was 10. Minimum age was 12, but they got me in, as I was tall for my age. I have always thanked them so much for this gift which I have used all my life

  • Cynthia Dooley

    Done. Love the lace!

  • Karen

    I would love to create my own lace.

  • Cherry Parker

    Done. Love lace!!!

  • Robin Farley

    I really adore this design, just wish we could have the “ who’s on 1st as well. But I bet we can get creative and do that one ourselves. I want to do my jeans and maybe a pocket on a t shirt with the stitches .its going to look awesome! Thanks so much!

  • Becky

    Great prize that would be wonderful to win!

  • Faviola Martinez

    What a great idea!

  • Mary Lou Perez

    I LOVE the lace and can’t wait to win win win

  • loralye winkes


  • Sharleen

    What a great prize

  • Sharleen


  • Connie Romans

    Love all the “new” elements available to sewers now! Would love to win to be able to use on Memory Hankies I give to friends who’ve lost loved ones

  • Sara Redner

    Beautiful! I love FSL.

  • Stella Plugge


  • Stella


  • Nancy Myers

    The lace is beautiful. I have yet to try making it.

  • Janet G Pess



    Would love to win!!!

  • colleen tait

    what a wonderful gift. done


    What a great opportunity!

  • Judy

    Done! These are lovely designs & the program will be exciting to have!

  • Beal

    Subscribed to blog, liked on FB, followed on Instagram, and subscribed on YouTube… done with everything I could do, but I don’t know how to tag someone in the comments.

  • Sheila Wagner

    These are some beautiful lace desiigns. I really enjoy all your work. Eileen, you must have a good head on those shoulders.

  • Sherrie Petersen

    Done. I am so impressed with lace it made.

  • Wanda Rohle

    Done, love the lace

  • sophia jane moffitt

    Love Lace & making myself DONE

  • Rebecca

    Done! I’m excited!

  • Gayle van Heerden


  • Jacke B

    @Joyce A Stiehler


  • Karen


  • Debbie

    The lace is beautiful!

  • Beverly Schulte

    Done! Can imagine many wonderful ways to use both the lace collection and the lace software!

  • Doree Shandera


  • Chris

    I have loved heirloom designs ever since I learned about Martha Pullen. How wonderful it now is to be able to make your own gorgeous laces! The black blouse with lace designs that you’ve pictured is exquisite! How i would love to make a Christening gown for our next grandchild with laces made from your software–what an heirloom for generations to come!


    love the lace.. DONE

  • beth d.

    done. hope I win

  • Patricia Barber

    Done! Was already following on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Crossing my fingers that I win!!!! @clblount38



  • Debby

    Done. Love the lace. Here another one for good luck done.

  • Velma Amundson

    this sounds wonderful!!!! DONE

  • Theresa A Freeman


  • Tiffany Sherman

    Very excited to try out the software! So many applications!

  • Lisa


  • Ann Hiler

    Done. I love lace.

  • Sue Yost

    These designs are BEAUTIFUL! I would love to win the software and Angela’s designs! I love to try new embroidery techniques, and lace is fascinating!

  • Colette

    The software and designs are amazing. I’d love to win.

  • Colette


  • Lisa Zubak

    I just love the lace embellishments. Can’t wait to try and upscale my clothing with lace.

  • Vicki

    Done!! It’s beautiful!

  • Pat

    Done! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kathy Hartwell

    Beautiful lace. What an opportunity, to win this package would be wonderful. Thank you.

  • Stacie Ward


  • Lois

    Done I love making lingerie with lace and would love to win this!

  • Kris Lescinsky

    Done. This looks like so much fun.

  • Jane

    Love lace in the hoop.

  • Joanne Lendaro

    Following on facebook!!

  • Joanne Lendaro

    Great post, can’t image quilting on my embroidery machine anything as large as a quilt, kudos to the gals who tackle the project!

  • Joanne Lendaro

    Signed up to follow the blog! Can’t wait for future post!

  • Nancie Feld

    How cool is this? You can change your entire wardrobe from last year by adding lace accents. I love it. Done!

  • Arleen

    Love DIME products, Angela Wolf and lace this is a perfect combination.

  • LindaofTX


  • Laurie B

    I LOVE this new lace look! I would love to be able to add the software and designs to my DIME software collection. It will pair perfectly with my Vintage stitch outs! I am a long time subscriber to all of your blog, newsletter, YouTube and IG feeds. I follow your Facebook page and will look forward to the FB live on Wednesday! I guess this means I’m all done! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

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