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Happy Thanksgiving!

Holidays can make many people sad, especially, if they’re spending the holiday alone.  If you don’t have big plans – or if you do have big plans – remember, it’s not about the fuss. It’s about being grateful for all our blessings: good health, family, friends,  faith and our talents.  If you’re alone on Thanksgiving Day, reading this blog and not feeling so happy, go to your machine and find some joy by using your creative talents.   Today is a gift – a gift of time – don’t squander it, enjoy it!

On Thanksgiving Day, I’ll be cooking and hosting family but I will take some time in the morning to reflect on the past year.  As I look back over the last 12 months, I know I’ll find hundreds of moments to be thankful for.  Moments with loved ones, moments with new friends, moments of renewed and strengthened faith.  And my heart will fill with gratitude.  I wish you the same.

Thank you for reading, watching and making my life full! Happy Thanksgiving!




  • Karen

    Happy Thanksgiving Thank you for giving so much to the embroidery area of life.

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