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Work+Fun = A Good Life

I’ve always been a believer in enjoying work because it’s where we spend most of our time. This week was no different. We had the pleasure of hosting all of our Designs in Machine Embroidery/Inspirations educational consultants for two intense days of training. Our educators are a passionate, talented group and we covered lots of material like new software features and innovative embroidery techniques. Best of all, we brainstormed on how to share them in the classroom. It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by creative people for two amazing days. At the end, we captured a few highlighted moments to share with you.

Once everyone left, I couldn’t wait to get back in my sewing room – all that creative chat had me jazzed! But that had to be put on hold because the moving trucks were practically idling in the parking lot waiting to load.

You see, we moved offices right after training and are now settled (well, almost!) into our new digs. Like many changes in life, the move was bittersweet. We have fond memories of growing Designs in Machine Embroidery in our former location. Lots of creativity came to life in that building. Just like a home, our workplace saw growth, loss, good times and bad.

Our new space is more suited to our current needs and we look forward to a bright future in our new location. Next week, I’ll get back to a regular Software Saturday post. Look for some photos of our new space on Facebook and Instagram this week. But’s here a sneak peek at my office.




  • Sis

    Congratulations on your new premises! Hope you will soon settle in.

  • Cathy Hayden

    Wow that looks like a very snazzy office. Can’t wait to see what the sewing area is going to look like!!! Congratulations and have fun working.

  • Carol Anderson

    Beautiful desk area!

    • Louie Thorne

      Congratulations on your new Home, hope things go well………

  • Cyrill Long

    Moving up is a beautiful thing! Congrats!

  • Joanne Banko

    Nice digs Eileen! Congrats on the new space and new place! Couldn’t help but think how many stories those “old” walls could tell in your former location. Squeals of delight at the result of pretty stitches forming in front of your very eyes and perhaps a few wimpers when things went awry 🙂