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Embroiderers Always Get This Request

Stitching a name on a stocking cuff is something almost every embroiderer is called upon to do during the holiday season. Most cuffs are faux fur with long fibers that can creep over embroidery obstructing the beautiful stitches.  On Saturday, I showed how to use Perfect Embroidery Pro digitizing software to create a light complex fill to hold down long fibers of faux fur.

Now let’s take a look at how to stitch it.  On a single needle machine, you’ll have to open the side seam of the cuff to flatten it (and possibly a portion of the stocking).  Find the horizontal center of the cuff and place a target sticker in that position.  Point the arrow towards the top of the cuff (where it meets the stocking) so that the word will stitch in the correct orientation.

Hoop adhesive tear-away stabilizer and remove the protective paper.   Place the cuff on the hooped stabilizer, keeping the straight edge parallel to the hoop. I like to rest the body of the stocking over the pantograph as it has less chance of falling into the sewing field.  If there’s a hanging loop, pin it to the stocking.

Stitch color 1, the light complex fill, in a thread color that matches the cuff.  

This color’s only function is to hold down the nap of the fur. It should virtually disappear after the decorative embroidery is applied.  If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice I changed threads in the center section.  The outside sections are stitched in a 40 wt. polyester thread – with the traditional sheen of an embroidery thread. The center section was stitched in our Retro Vintage thread – 40 wt., a matte finish.  I think it disappears quite nicely. In fact, I can’t wait to try it on towels. Anyway, back to the task at hand.

Stitch the next color in traditional thread and you’re done! 

No topper to remove, just tear it away from the hooped stabilizer and it’s ready to hang. How many stockings have you stitched this holiday season?




  • Angie Fynn

    This tip came just in time. My daughter is having a house full this Christmas and wants stockings for everyone. I will have an easier time with this tip. Thanks

  • JD

    Thanks for this time saving tip. Your stocking looks very “classy”.

    • eileenroche

      Thank you, sometimes simple is the way to go.

  • erin

    any work around for those of us who could only afford and splurged on Word Art in Stitches for a “fill” type resolution?

    • Emily

      I’ve seen on a different pin to use tule on top and embroider your name and then tear the tule off.

      • eileenroche

        Emily, that technique does work on faux fur with short fibers with limitations. Since the tulle is torn away, fur fibers surrounding the designs are not held down and will creep or obstruct the embroidery.

  • Ann Mrozek

    Which software would I need to lay the foundation for embroidering on fuzzy material like a Christmas stocking? I read your suggestion, but there was no mention of which software to use. How do I get the foundation in the correct shape of the name that I want to embroider?
    Help, soon? Christmas is so close
    Thank you,

  • Caroline Kalokerinos

    Hi Eileen
    Thank you for helping me get xmas stockings ready.
    I have cut them out but not embroidered them out yet.
    They are going to the children’s hospital.By the way I have just received my
    Perfect Replacement Kit from Amazons.It is a perfect kit for anyone who is starting out.Thank you Eleen for making embroidery so easy.
    Hope you&your staff Have A Very Merry Christmas&a Happy New Year.

  • Karen

    I have done only 6 this year, and none of them had fur. Thanks for the tip.

  • customized patches

    I have to agree that long fibers cuffs are creep over embroidery obstructing the stitches that look amazing, you stitching is quite a pro, you see undoubtedly have years of experience in embroidery and stitching.