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How One Embroidery Company Stays in Tune with You

Wonder where some of the best design companies come up with ideas for new embroidery designs?  Often, ideas spring from customers’ requests.  One company has found that working closely with their customer results in inspiring new ideas. Embroidery Library has a ‘Request of the Week’ page on their site. There you’ll find a new design that was requested by a customer and released as a new design. This week is a subway art design.


It’s really fun to browse that page because you’ll find such a variety of subjects, styles and seasons.  It’s like having your own personal digitizer.  Last week was kayaking Mr. and Mrs. Clause.blog2

Now I don’t know what the criteria is for making the cut but I imagine if your idea is a sound one, you have a good chance of seeing it in stitches.

Embroidery Library has a long history of building a community of embroiderers who stop by their website to check out what new designs are available; learn new techniques in the Projects tab and see what other embroiderers are stitching in Stitchers Showcase.  They even have a calendar in the Showcase so you can see what people were stitching ten years ago!blog3blog4

If you’re wondering what’s popular right now, then visit the Best Sellers page. This page lists the top 100 design packs and top 100 individual designs. You can even click on a previous year to see what was trending one year ago, two years ago and more.  Of course, this week, most designs are focused on the holiday season. If you visit in the off season, you’ll find a more unpredictable offering.  Very helpful information if you want to know if your taste is in tune with the industry.

Cataloging all this information keeps Embroidery Library informed and in tune with their customers.  They seem to know exactly what you want when you want it. Of course, their real success is not just in their product offering but in their product quality.  I believe stitchers have confidence in Embroidery Library’s designs because they stitch beautifully, again and again.  As a special holiday treat, Embroidery Library is giving away four $25.00 gift certificates to a random commenter on this blog.  Just tell us what holiday projects you’re working on right now and you could win one of four $25.00 gift certificates from Embroidery Library.





  • Clem

    I love embroidery library. love their projects page. I go there and get ideas I have not even thought of, or ideas of things that I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

  • Barbara Chace

    Embroidery Library is my go to website when I’m looking for a specific design. Every week I look forward to Tuesday afternoon to see the new designs. They are quality designs that are expertly digitized and at a reasonable price.

  • Terri

    Love embroidery library designs!

    Currently stitching personalized doggie bandanas with appliquéd holiday designs for service dogs.

  • Kathy E.

    Embroidery Library was the first (and most frequented) site for me to buy embroidery designs! It was highly recommended by a friend and I can always count on them for gorgeous, perfect stitch-outs. I am currently working on a Scrappy Picnic Plaid quilt for my son’s Christmas gift. I will be using my Viking Ruby to embroider a label!

  • Belinda Germain

    I bought many of their designs and have been very happy with them. Love their tutorials too!

  • Cathy Black

    I am a long time fan and purchaser of EmbLibrary. They are the best and the designs stitch out beautifully.

  • Karen

    Making monogrammed crossed body bags for gifts.

  • karin callander

    Emblibrary was my first digitizer, 15 yrs ago, and they still are my go-to site! Live their designs, and you’re absolutely correct…their designs stitch out flawlessly. I also like the request opportunites, as well as the stitchers showcase (where I was once featured!!) and you just can’t beat their coupons and freebies!!! Like most people, I’ve got Christmas towels, totes and blankets going on right now. Oh yeah, and a quilt on my new Destiny, using IQ Designer. And, every couple of days, I have to sneak in a couple of hours of sleep!

  • Sandra

    Embroidery library has beautiful designs and I feel so confident in their design that very often I don’t do a sample stitch out. I am making and embroidering aprons, pillows, beach towels, and children’s tops,and embroidering on lap quilts. Thanks for hosting the contest. Embroidery library rocks!

  • Gail

    I shop often at Embroidery library, and go there first when I am in need of a design. Just finish a mug rug with a beautiful framed snowflake for my Secret Shoe-box, and internet group I belong to.

  • Heather Westley

    I am new to machine embroidery and living so far away in South Africa its wonderful to have access to downloadable up-to-the-minute designs. The site also gives inspiration for different projects I can do. We have a hot, sunny Christmas but Santa still visits here. Thanks for the ideas and internationally available designs. Heather

  • Sharon R

    I was introduced to Embroidery Library because of their monthly freebies, but it quickly became my favorite place to but designs.
    Right now I am working on two sets of the Santa and Mrs. Claus designs on pillow covers. They are stitch intensive, but the detail is amazing!

  • Deborah Martin

    I do like Embroidery Library. Many of their designs are high stitch count but always get a good stitch out from their designs.

  • J

    I love embroidery library! Up to date designs that stitch out beautifully!
    I’m working on baby bibs and burp cloths along with Christmas gifts.

  • Sandi Cunningham

    Absolutely LOVE Embroidery Library! I have an entire file FULL of their designs, freebies and VIP files. Love their Christmas Club and Sales SALES SALES! They are totally awesome designs that stitch out beautifully!
    Their sister site, Urban Threads, is also wonderful and quirky.

  • Cathy Piland

    I love a embroidery Library! It is my go-to website for great designs!

  • Stella

    I’m working on a fleece jacket that needs a flower embroidery on the front, a Frozen blanket that needs a monogram, sewing caddies as gifts that need personalized, grandchildren pajamas for Christmas that will need Christmas embroideries, and kitchen towels to embroider and give as gifts. I’m also searching for embroidery designs to sew roses on a western shirt for my mom. I need more time! I too love Embroidery Library for their huge variety.

  • Elise

    Love Embroidery Library and all the free designs they give us. Currently I am working on embroidering on toilet paper as quick Christmas gag gifts.

  • kate

    Customer Service was the most kind and helpful when ordering my very first time ordering over the internet just recently. Just want to give them all a shout out. Currently, place mats are in the final process along with matching napkins and napkin rings which are going to be gifted for the Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Embroidery Library once again and thank you for your blog.

  • Lynn

    Christmas gifts for the grands.

  • Desiree

    I am embroidering on throw blankets for each of my 6 kids, and then a dish towel here or there for other friends and relatives. I look forward to the new designs that come out from Embroidery Library.

  • Denise Vollmer

    I’m a fan of Embroidery Library, too! I was excited to see you feature it! I am working on personalized robes for Christmas.

  • Vicky

    Love seeing Embroidery Library’s new designs each week. They always stitch out beautifully!

  • Diane Cockman

    I get their newsletter. Love the projects they post when people send them in. So inspiring. Keeps me embroidering.
    Working on gifts for family. T-shirts mainly. Love your site also.

  • Collern

    Embroidery Library is my first place to go to when I’m thinking of a project. Always quality with such diversity. That said, my favorite Christmas project that I do every year and am doing now is a gorgeous set of Martha Pullen free standing lace nativity ornaments that are available through her club. Even my college daughter asked me to send her a set.

    • Colleen

      Haha. I can’t even spell my own name right on this iPhone – Colleen!

  • Mitzi Barnhart

    I absolutely love There designs always stitch out beautifully. I stitched out a Palm Tree which was gorgeous. I am probably one of their top customers because I go to them first when I need a great embroidery design. Getting ready to do 2 sweat shirts for Christmas and of course I am using their designs. Love their tutorials.

  • Doris

    This is my go to web site for designs. I love their weekend specials for frequent shoppers. The Christmas club is unique. They have gorgeous florals. I have recommended them to many of my friends. I’m a big fan of Embroidery Library.

  • Joanne Dillon

    Embroidery Library is tops in the machine embroidery field. I can always find just what I am needing when I turn to their site. Thank you for showcasing their fine offerings.

  • Karen S

    I have lots of there designs. I have been buying there designs for as long as I have had an embroidery machine. I want to embroider Christmas Cards.

  • Nancy Weber

    Embroidery Library is my number one go to site when looking for a design or inspiration. Right now I am making hooded bath towels for the grands using Els animal towel designs.

  • Lilia

    EMB is totally the BEST site for designs, value, ideas, tips and tutorials!!! Right now I’m working on a tree skirt with some of the Christmas designs they have. Oh, and can’t beat the sales and the generosity of their beautiful freebies!!! Thanks EMB!!!

  • Charlotte Brincat

    Embroidery Library was my original site when I first started. I still love it and look forward to my weekly emails. I go there for inspiration as well.

    Currently I am working on placemats for my Christmas gifts

  • Christine Voss

    I love Embroidery Library! It is my “go to” whenever I need a design for something specific! Right now I am working on embroidering toilet paper with snowman faces and hats with embroidered names for the snowmen. I am making them for girlfriends some whom I have known since kindergarten (we are all in our 70’s). Now, back to work!

  • Marcia Stewart

    Embroidery Library is awesome. I Love their videos and when Window’s Media Player was not working for me, they gave me a link so that I could get it to come up and watch. They are so helpful. I love that they have free designs you can download and stitch and their prices are affordable on all their embroidery items. Their page on stabilizers and how to use them are useful to all of us embroidery fans. I go there 2 to 3 times a week just to see what us new and what others are doing on their projects.

    Also if you have not attended one of the DIME workshops that is being held all over the US, do so. I learned so much when Maggie’s SewNVac in Ft Collins CO had their’s. Love the demo on how to quilt a large quilt on their new quilt frame they have out. Great demonstration.

  • Ginny Williams

    I have been a faithful Embroidery Library customer ever since I purchased my first embroidery/sewing machine, and I can’t even remember how long ago that was. Now I teach my favorite brand machine for our local sewing store and I always recommend Embroidery Library as a place to get designs, project info, and general embroidery advice.

  • Sue

    Working on a quilt, and then sewing machine covers – with the bike and the sewing machine design on i them.

  • Kathy Reilly

    I love embroidery library–has been one of my best go-to sites whenever I need a design! Working on a baby quilt right now–so cute!

  • Joan

    My go to site. I even send my customers there when they are looking for inspiration. Just finished 4 GD dresses for Christmas wear. Three live out of town so have to have them finished by the time they come for Thanksgiving. Next will be gifts for red Hatter friends.

  • Judi

    Embroidery Library has been my go to place for unique and appropriate designs for my various projects. Now I am working on creating holiday gift bags.

  • Kathy

    My daughter has requested that I make an embroidered tablecloth for each season. I have finished the fall tablecloth and had already made a birthday tablecloth for them (which my little grandsons enjoy). I use Embroidery Library designs along both sides of the tablecloths. The designs are pretty solid, so I use 2 layers of cutaway stabilizer. I love Embroidery Library for their high quality designs, their vast selection, and their instructions for embroidery basics: needles and stabilizer for various fabrics. The designs are also the best to download – you get the nice color picture automatically in the pdf file.

  • Angela

    I look forward to receiving their notices about new designs and deciding which designs I want to purchase and stitch out.

  • Kathy

    Embroidery Library is one of my favorite sites they not only have a wonderful selection of designs, but also have great projects.
    At the moment I’m working on embroidered Christmas cards

  • Barbara Grant

    I love Embroidery Library! I’ll be doing several Christmasy t shirts for the grandkids, tea towels and various monogram projects. My family enjoys receiving these gifts as much as I enjoy the creating.

  • Susan

    Love, love, love Embroidery Library. It has been my inspiration since I got my first embroidery machine. It always comes through for me with the just design for whatever next project I’m dreaming about. The designs are reliable and the how to videos help me out of those jams I often get myself into. I can’t wait to check out the new designs and oh those wonderful sales.

  • Kathy Smigen

    Great selection of creative designs! I’m working on embroidered personalized Chromebook covers for 3 teaching colleagues, padded wine bottle bag, and embellishing a denim shirt dress.

  • Linda thompson

    It looks like shaving bags…must be a better term for little boys travel bags…with just a monogram.

  • Carolyn in AZ

    Emblibrary is the site I go to first when looking for a particular design. I just finished embroidering several T-shirts as Christmas gifts.

  • Patricia Phaiah

    I am working on cone holders to hang on the tree and fill with treats for everyone in the family. I love the designs offered from Embroidery Library. I also sign up for the Christmas Club every year.

  • susan james

    love love love their designs. every stitch out has been excellent. such a great selection.

  • Sharon K. Lamontagne

    Embroidery Library is awesome. I’m working on a lace letter garland right now from their site, that spells out “love” for my daughter’s wedding next summer. It’s turning out beautiful! I know things will get really crazy around here after Christmas, so I’m trying to get ahead of what I can now.

  • Kim Fisher

    I have been keeping Embroidery Library in business for years. I love their designs and always check them when looking for a new design.

  • Donna Fecteau

    Love their designs. I’m currently stitching holiday guest towels.

  • Nancy Johnson

    Just got a new machine and getting back into embroidery.
    Love the site for tips and seeing others projects.

  • Janet Kirby

    I have used their designs for a very long time. I get many ideas from the designer showcase. I’m working on a table runner for my niece’s cabin.

  • Denise M. Ellison

    EmbLib has always been my go to place to get ideas for projects. I can start with a general idea and then build from there. When my daughter wants me to do a tee shirt for the babies or a wall hanging or table runner I send her to EmbLib to start her design and let me know what she comes up with. The problem is that I go to them for 1 design and checkout with 4 or 5.

  • Leanne Becker

    I have been using embroidery library designs for at least ten years. They are quality designs and stitch out easily and beautifully!

  • Mary Jo

    I want to make a small purse for my granddaughter and would love to make one in the hoop!

  • Barb

    Right now I am working on a shoe bag and travel tie holder for my son-in-law. I just finished a wall hanging for a beauty parlor, I used one of Embroidery Library’s designs on that project! Their designs always stitch our flawlessly.

  • Nancy

    My embroidery machine is working overtime right now! I’m working on shirts with crafty theme embroidery stitched on them for my stitching friends as well as embroidered bath towel sets and in-the-hoop Christmas tags.

  • Elise M

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Embroidery Library its where I bought my first on line design some years ago. I will be stitching bottle aprons(from Embroidery library) for xmas presents

  • Paula

    I am working on InTheHoop gift card holders and gift bags. Those I give these to just love them.

  • karen vipond

    Love, love, love their designs. I buy weekly in their sales and make use of their VIP weekend every month. Most of my designs are from emblibrary (I have hundreds if not thousands -I dont want to count how many as I would be shocked at how much I have spent!!). I make embroidered gifts evey year and have been making tote bags, purses, tea towels, coasters and key rings. I no longer wrap presents but give them in an embroidered drawstring bag with instructions to pass the bag on to someone different next year.

  • Kati

    I love all their designs! I started buying their designs in 2010 when I got my 1st embroidery machine! They have frequent specials and you can buy singles without having to purchase a whole pack….

  • Sharon

    I love their designs. Right now I am working on kitchen towels with a cowboy Christmas theme.

  • Dia

    Love the blog and use Emblibrary often.

  • Bruce

    Embroidery Library is also my go to website when I’m looking for a specific design and ideas.