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Best Update Ever!

There’s a new update available for Inspiration software and it will put a smile on your face. The newest version puts all of your Inspiration software programs in one platform. Instead of having to open each software individually, you’ll open Embroidery Tool Shed, where you’ll find all of your Inspiration software programs.  The Embroidery Tool Shed has the same familiar screen that you’re familiar with a couple of small changes.  You’ll notice there is now a cart at the bottom right under the properties box. Click on the cart to view all software.


You’ll see a yellow check mark next to each software program you have registered.  If there is no check mark, then you can try each program. Just left click on the ellipse and select Try.  When you’re in demo mode, you can explore the program’s features but will not be able to save a design.  It’s a fun way to play before you purchasing.

There are more improvements to specific software programs in this update. My Lace Maker:  Select multiple lace designs from the Lace library – a huge time saver!

In Perfect Embroidery Pro, it’s now possible to print a crosshair on individual designs on one sheet of paper.  Yeah!  Personally, I’m thrilled to have this feature because I use Print & Stick Target Template paper and I despise wasting a sheet with just one small design.  Open several designs in one file.  Select a design, right click and select Utility/Add Crosshair.

Repeat for the remaining designs.  Now when you print, the designs will print on one sheet (if they on a standard piece of paper) and each will have a crosshair.  Love that!

You can now rate a design.  A great way to keep track of your favorite designs – just click 5 stars for your favs. Create your own rating system to make searching for designs easier in the future.


In Perfect Embroidery Pro and Word Art in stitches, you can now map purchased design fonts. Go to Tools “Font Editor”. A window will appear with an alphabet.  As you select each of the individual letters (of your purchased digitized alphabet), strike the corresponding key on the keyboard to ‘map’ the letter to the keyboard.

I’ll post a more in-depth how-to on this new feature in the near feature.  It’s best to subscribe to this blog to be notified with a new post, video or live discussion is going to happen.

If you have Perfect Stitch Viewer, the new update includes a better view of your embroidery designs in Explorer. In Explorer, select Details Pane.

A properties box will appear in the folder providing details of the design along with the image.

Oh boy, so many fun features to explore! I think the saved the best for last because all future updates will be done with just one click. Imagine just one update!  Instead of updating every piece of Inspiration software, you’ll be able to do it in a flash!

I did preview of the update on Facebook Live on Thursday, Feb. 27, you can still watch it.  Just head over to Faebook or YouTube and watch.

Subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss any details on how to use and enjoy the new features. See you on Thursday at 1:00 PM CST on Facebook Live and YouTube!




  • Chrystina Power

    The update is awesome! My desktop is now so uncluttered! Love the Tool Shed!

  • Alice Noles

    I did the update but one of my programs does not show up – My Quilt Embellisher. What do I do to get it to show up in the Tool shed?

  • Cynthia Dooley

    Very frustrated by this update! I would like the ability to open multiple programs at the same time. Cannot find a way to do so. It’s a multiple step process just to change from one program to another in ETS. My Perfect Stitch Viewer is no longer recognized as activated. Are the monthly design downloads that were available for several of the programs no longer a feature? Hope there will be an improvement soon!

  • Sandra Palmatary

    I have just discovered this site and Love the Door Designs….Is it possible to get the January Door. I have February and March but would love to eventually have the whole 12 months (as they are posted and if you will be continuing with a set of monthly doors). Thanks

  • Sandra Palmatary

    Not sure if my previous comment went thru as it disappeared from my screen. Is it possible to get the January Door design. I love the 2 doors I was able to get today and would really like to start the set off with January. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply.