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Multi-needle Monday: On the Edge Baby Blanket Embroidery

I would like to share with you one of my favorite gift items to embroider; on the edge baby blanket embroidery. The purchased minky dot baby blanket is personalized on the top and bottom satin trim borders with the baby’s name and birth date. The quick, easy and practical way to embroider the edges is to hoop the blanket in a large hoop along with soft tear away stabilizer. The hoop is scanned and the text is stitched right on the satin. I do not rip out the seam to “hide” the thread. The blanket may have stretch to it, but the satin trim does not, therefore a soft tear away stabilizer is used. The stabilizer will easily tear away from the back of the embroidery without pulling on delicate text.

Using the scanning feature is a fool proof way to precisely place the text. Before I purchased the multi-needle machine with the scanner, I had the use the “trace” feature. The trace technique worked well enough but this so much faster.

Find the exact center of the top of the satin trim border by folding the blanket in half and place a target sticker on the fold. edge blankie1BLedge blankie2BLHoop the top edge as shown in the hoop with the stabilizer. Place a piece of blue painter’s tape along the stitched seam of the satin and fleece.edge blankie3BL Attach the hoop to the machine and open the text for the blanket “scan” the blanket. edge blankie4BLedge blankie5BLedge blankie6BL The blue tape gives you a straight reference line to precisely place the text. Remove the tape when pleased with the layout.

Stitch the text and remove the blanket from the hoop.edge blankie7BLedge blankie8BLedge blankie9BL Follow the same steps for the bottom of blanket and make sure the text is in the proper orientation.

edge blankie10BLedge blankie11BL

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