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Multi-needle Monday: Custom Sandals in Capri

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Italy with my husband to join one of my oldest friends on the Isle of Capri. My girl friend of 35 years planned a birthday extravaganza for her 50th birthday and invited 15 others to join her. She planned some of the outings and dinners to the last detail, each location more spectacular than the next. Dinner under the lemon trees, another location was a sunset view of Mount Vesuvius and of course a boat cruise around the famous island and the Blue Grottos. The group was an eclectic blend of old friends and fairly new but all wonderful people that shared an amazing few days together with our mutual friend.  Walking along the streets of Capri is a sensory overload! All of your senses are in tune and you enjoy every little experience. It is a magical place. capri1BL

We toured the cobblestone streets all lined with beautiful shops and small restaurants each store front utilizes every inch of space to grow flowers or fruit. In Capri there are a few “must have” souvenirs; perfume (you can create your own specific sent), limoncello (a liquor created from the fresh and abundant lemons growing everywhere on the island) and custom sandals (one of my favorite). The women in our group decided to take advantage of the custom sandal option as the men went taste-testing the limoncello. Yes this is a lemon I am holding! lemon1BL

As exciting as it sounds to design your own sandals, it is kind of overwhelming. So many choices! sandal1BLsandal2BL The tiny shop is full of leather strapping, tassels, braided trim and fancy jewels to embellish your sandals. Did I mention the sandals are completed all on site and available in a few hours?  You have the option of choosing the style, color and trims and they construct the sandal. The expert cobblers are so sweet and talented as they work in a space as big as my closet at home. As shown in the photo I selected a basic navy blue sandal (I know it’s kind of boring) but I am not into jewels and I wanted something timeless.

My husband and I went to pick up my sandals the next day and he was shocked at the choices and the quality. I tried the sandals on for a final fit and the clerk asked me in Italian(I eventually figured out what he was asking) if I wanted to have a monogram. sandal6BLsandal7BLMe a monogram??  Of course. I was the only one in my group who was offered the monogram apparently. He stamped the leather sole with my two initials.sandal8BLsandal9BL

Pictured below are the tools and work space in the sandal shop.sandal3BLsandal4BL

I hope you enjoyed my blog although we are a bit off subject. Enjoy the link to my Craftsy class “How to Start a Machine Embroidery Business”.




  • Colleen Bell

    Marie, I am so glad you shared this. I immediately sent it to my sister for our bucket list. It is amazing. Thank you so much and congratulations on such a wonderful time. By the way, I love your dress and hat too.

    • marie zinno

      Thank you , definitely plan your trip!

  • Liz


  • Marylee

    This beings back fond memories of my trip to Capri while living on the Naval Base in Naples! I would love to return some day, and yes, go to the sandal shop. I don’t remember it being there back in the 70s. Your sandals are lovely.

    • marie zinno

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Cathy Thomas

    I lived in Naples for three years, Capri is a most magical place and you described it beautifully.

  • Cindy

    Thank you for Sharing! So excited, we are leaving in 2weeks for Italy and Capri is one of our destinations. Definately putting this on the to do list!!

    • marie zinno

      enjoy every minute I wish I could have stayed longer.

  • Carolyn

    Awesome! I have one of those wooden feet. Believe it or not I inherited it from someone. Don’t think I’ll be making any sandals, but I enjoyed your story. What a wonderful way to celebrate with your friend of 35 years. Old friends are the best best-friends! Thanks for sharing!!

  • maria elena blecha

    love love it, it will be on my list of places I need to go. your story put a happy smile on a day when I feel terrible with upper respiratory infection!! I need one of those lemons!

    • marie zinno

      I hope you feel better, thank you so much for writing.

  • Susan Shamekh

    What fun! Are your sandals comfortable?

    • marie zinno

      not the most comfortable sandals but I smile every time I wear them.haha

  • Kelly Sas

    I’ve been blessed to travel to many places in Italy, but not the Isle of Capri. Now I really want to go! I love Italy! Thanks for sharing a great travel experience.

    • marie zinno

      Plan a trip, you will not regret it.Thanks for reading and commenting.