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Saturday Blog

It’s update time!  On Monday, May 2, 2016, you’ll be prompted to update your Inspirations software programs when you open one.  Once you go through that simple exercise, you’ll find several new features that make the software even easier to use than it’s always been. I’m going to hit the high points in this blog post but there are more updates than featured here.  In Perfect Embroidery Pro, you’ll find three versions of the most-requested motif – candlewicking. Look for them in the Properties Box, Run tab, Type: Motif.May1May2

New shapes are added to the drawing tools: heart, rounded rectangle and star.May3

New Fabric Fill settings (in the Properties Box) include changing the scale and focal point of the fabric.  You’ll also find the ability to change the color, thickness and type of the stroke (outline).  The image on the left shows a heart filled with a chevron fabric and a copy with the fabric scaled increased and a blue outline added. May4BL

If you’d like to keep two words linked together when creating bubble text in Word Art in Stitches, now it’s easy to do. Add the tilde symbol (found on many keyboards just left of the #1 key) between the two words.   Example: New~York May5BL

You’ll find a Name Drop feature in Perfect Embroidery Pro (PEP) and Word Art in Stitches (WAS). Create a text object, add optional decorations and select them all. Then go to Tools, Name Drops and type the list of names.May6BL

Now you can automatically save text in a vertical line in PEP and WAS.May7BL

In all software programs, the placement lines can now be set at a specific angle and color.May8BL

My Quilt Planner has some helpful updates, I’ll cover them next Saturday.




  • Nancy Stansbury

    The updates will be well received and appreciated by all of us. Thank You!

  • Wende

    I missed updates. Are they still available?