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A Timely Reminder

A week before we left for Janelle’s (my daughter) wedding in Hawaii, I realized she didn’t have a purse for her special day. So I quickly made one from leftover satin and Bemberg rayon lining.  I used my clutch purse pattern from Handbags 2, Designer Knockoffs.  I layered the satin with batting and quilted a small grid. Then I hooped the quilted satin and stitched the handbag lining pattern.  I used the lining design because I didn’t need any embellishment on the bag. I stitched two – one for the front and one for the back.  Then I hand sewed lace tidbits to the front panel. Purse5BL

I wanted to add a little something to the lining of the bag so I opened the lining design in Prefect Embroidery Pro. Purse1BL

I selected the Text tool and typed in the date: 8-21-2015. I knew these had to be delicate stitches in a rather small area, so I selected a mini font: Bauhaus Small. Purse2BL

Then I selected the Freehand font and typed in: “I Do!”  I thought that would put a smile on the bride’s face every time she opened the bag.Purse3BL

The final touch was to make sure the lines of text were centered in the lining and positioned below the top seam.  I used the Horizontal Center Align tool and with one click, it was set. Purse4BL

I hooped the rayon with stabilizer and stitched the newly-transformed lining design. Thank heavens I remembered to use the right needle and switched to a powder blue thread for the embroidery. These little clutch purses go together so quick, I was done in about an hour.

Even though she’ll only say “I do” once, I hope she uses this clutch for many special future occasions. And when she searches in her bag for keys, lipstick or a phone, she’ll look back on that date with joy in her heart.





  • Mary


  • Colleen Bell

    So lovely. I just love it.

  • susie

    So pretty and the personalized touch makes it always special!

  • Gail Beam

    An absolutely gorgeous wedding designer clutch!

  • lynda case

    What a beautiful thought and clutch

  • Jean

    You amaze me with all your talent.

  • Sharon R

    What a sweet, personalized gift.

  • Bonnie Gray

    Very nice, what a beautiful keepsake!

  • Linda Lee

    What a wonderful gift for a mon to dsughter…wish i had thought of it.

  • Kitt

    excellent choice, such a wonderful keepsake gift.

  • Nancy

    This is such a sweet idea. Love it!

  • Judy

    That is beautiful I am she she loved it .

  • Bev

    The bag I absolutely stunning. And it’s just so creative and personal! You get an A+!

  • Audrey Harrill

    Wonderful, thoughtful accessory that will be a keepsake.

  • Kati

    Fabulous! How creative you are…