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Multi-Needle Monday: Month by Month Onsie Gift Set (Part 2 of 3)


Last Monday I shared the first portion of planning the process for the “Month by Month Onsie” gift set and now we continue with the embroidery steps.

  1. Position the labeled squares of fabric on your work surface near the embroidery machine. Place crisp tear away in your largest hoop, make sure it is taut like a drum.onsie4BL Crisp tear away will tear clean when removed from an appliqué design.
  1. This design was created in my embroidery software in the appliqué drop down menu. The size measures 3 inch in diameter. Insert the text “Months” into the circle design. The font used was “freehand” from my Perfect Embroidery Pro software. Adjust the text to fit inside the circle in the bottom area. Each month number will be added into the circle at the machine using the lettering at my embroidery screen. designscreenshotBL Send or save the embroidery appliqué design to your machine.
  2. Do not stitch the satin stitches while creating the appliqué circle designs. Stitch color 1-placement, color 2- tack down and last color -text. The satin stitch will be embroidered when all appliqué designs are attached to the onsies.
  3. Adjust the circle appliqué design to fit as many designs in one hoop as possible (you will need twelve total). For the first month onsie the text should read “1 Month” not “Months”. This project does take some time and I suggest working on the appliqués first, remove from hoop and trim excess fabric and then attaching the circle appliqué designs to each onsie.onsie5BLonsie6BL
  4. Notice how I only trimmed the fabric from the circle design that will built up to for the remaining designs? If you have a digital cutting machine (Brother Scan and Cut or Silhouette) you could easily cut the circle designs ahead of time.onsie8BLonsie10BL


Next week I will share the remaining steps!


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