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Lettering – Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!


I have to admit, I’m gushing with pride over the newest addition to our family of software programs. I’ve been hankering for an easy-to-use, everything-in-one-place, robust lettering program.  Why lettering?  Because machine embroiderers need to express themselves in stitches!   You know what it’s like—someone asks if you can add lettering to a bag—or t-shirt—or maybe a baby blanket.  You scramble to find something appropriate that also gives you creative freedom.  Well, my fellow stitchers, the answer is Word Art in Stitches!

Here’s what I asked for with you in mind. 

Bubble Text – I thought it would be cool to select from simple shapes (circles, diamonds, squares) and with a simple click of a button, fill the shape with words. Word Art in Stitches has simple shapes… and more!  The software has over 550 shapes—everything from animals to the state of Texas (all 50 states are included). texasbl

Don’t see what you want?  You can even import artwork!

Applique Font – I wanted an applique font – a ‘go-to’ that everyone can depend on.  Word Art in Stitches has 10 applique fonts that stitch beautifully in an efficient manner. The placement outline of the second letter stitches at the same time of the first letter’s satin outline. A real time-saver! App1bl

Puffy Font – I thought a puffy font would be fun.  Word Art in Stitches has 13 puffy fonts to enable your creative whims.  Puff2bl

Micro Fonts – Ever need tiny fonts?  As in, super tiny fonts—that are still legible?

Word Art in Stitches has six fonts at 3mm; 10 fonts at 4mm and 6mm. That’s an embroidery miracle! Microbl

Add the look of old time postmarks to your creations.  Word Art in Stitches includes over 55 marks.
Turn TrueType fonts already installed on your computer into stitches with a click of a button!morebl

Now you can add a fairy tale look with calligraphy scripts!  Give more emphasis to the first letter in a word with a simple click of a button.

I’ve been having a blast playing with Word Art in Stitches and now you can too. We shipped it to your local Inspirations dealer. Stop in and take a look.

Click here for more information.
Click here to find a dealer near you.




  • Nancy Carr

    Is this a stand alone software program?

    • eileenroche

      Yes, it’s a stand alone program.

  • mary grace

    Stand alone?

    • eileenroche


      • mary

        How much $

  • Sally

    How do I find a local dealer? I tried to click on the link on the bottom on your article but it doesn’t seem to work.

  • eileenroche

    If you click on Click here on the line that says “Click here to find a dealer near you” you will head over to the correct page. Or you can copy and paste this link into your browser:

  • Brenda Melahn

    My Destiny has a few “built in” word designs (kitchen designs) — awesome!!

  • Susan Taylor

    There isn’t a dealer within 300-400 miles. Any idea where I can get it in Nebraska?

    • Dori

      Check the dealer locator tool on the site.

      or you can go to the helpdesk and ask for assistance.

      • Char Schwedland

        Dori, I was at your seminar at Leabu’s Sewing on Saturday, September 12. 2015 and I would like to download the Blanket stitch alphabet please. Thank you for your fun presentation, and your help with my lettering above my IU and Purdue emblems. Blessings. Char

  • Pamela Snider

    There are no inspiration dealers near me in Chesapeake, VA. so where can look at and possibly purchase this lettering software?

  • Jean

    Do I need this if I have PEP software?I can do so much in that great software already.

    • eileenroche

      You’re right, PEP is an outstanding software program. You can do many things in PEP that you do in Word Art in Stitches. Word Art in Stitches just simplifies the tasks.

  • Mary Irion

    On the text within a shape feature, is it possible to have the words of a sentence wrap within the shape? The pictures seem to indicate that words are input in a scrambled fashion. Words in a sentence would need to follow a logical order and fill the shape. For example have a boot shape with the words “Feet on the ground”

    • eileenroche

      Hi Mary,
      You can set text on the perimeter of artwork. That sounds like a idea for next Saturday’s blog!

  • Saundra Romanus

    What is the cost?

  • Cathie

    Would someone please let me know how to post responses to the blog? I cannot find a place to respond or post a reply to this week’s quiz. Also, I am unable to sign on as it does not seem to recognize my name or password. What am I doing wrong?

    Cathie [email protected]

    • eileenroche


      It seems like you’re doing the right thing. You comment is posted here. To participate in the weekly quiz, post your comment on Wednesday’s blog. That’s the only day of the week we have a quiz. Thank you for participating!

  • Judy McDaniel

    would love this but can’t afford the price of it.

    • Carol Anderson

      Judy, what is the price you were given? I know each dealer might have a different price but a lot of us want an approximate price. Thanks!

  • Cindy Freeman

    The software was demonstrated recently during a program that a local Sew and Vac held. At the time I wasn’t able to purchase it. Now I am trying to local a shop in my area that has it in stock so that I can purchase it.

  • Chris

    Can this word art software be used on a MAC computer?

    Love all you designs!