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In Honor of Father’s Day

They shape our lives, don’t they? Good or bad, young or old, they hold a special place in our hearts. My dad passed away over five years ago but still, it’s like he’s with me all the time. He was a character with character. I won’t go into the details but he was something else. He had a great sense of humor – mischievous even.  He was brilliant yet had a limited formal education. I think the term ‘street smart’ was coined with him in mind. An honorable man, a trustworthy man, a talented man with a bit (ok, maybe too much) daredevil in him. He was our world.  He not only ruled our home, he built it.  He served his country and he served his family.

When we gather – his daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews – we often recall many of his antics. He was a pilot, a saloon owner, a master carpenter, soldier, husband and father.  He lived a few months beyond his 80th birthday and filled all of his years with a gusto for life and love for his family. I miss him.

In honor of my father, I made this design for you to share with your father or any worthy father in your life. May they all know how much they mean to us and how their presence shaped our lives. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

This is a small design, a 1 ½” circle. The words are micro lettering and look best when stitched with 60 wt. embroidery thread. Truth be told, I’m working at home today and unfortunately, I don’t have a spool of 50 wt. here. So I settled for what was on hand – 40 wt. It doesn’t look too bad but believe me, the lettering would be much crisper in a finer thread.  Give it a try if you have a 60 wt. thread.

Since many men don’t like to wear embroidered clothing (unless they heading to a NASCAR race or NFL game), consider stitching this on a gift tag, a handkerchief, napkin, a jacket facing or on his boxer shorts. Somewhere that will bring a smile to his face and remind him just how much he means to you.Blogbl

Click here for the free Father’s Day design.

Here’s your assignment this week:

What’s one thing you learned from your dad that you use all the time?  Post your comments and FOUR random winners will be selected to win $25 gift cards to use on the Kreations by Kara website!



The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question:

I’d love to know if you have made a wedding dress – for yourself, your daughter or other family member. Post your comments and one lucky winner will receive a package of Print & Stick Target Template paper.

The winner is:  Viv Hansen:  “I made my daughters wedding gown. It took combining several patterns, as she had known what she wanted since she was a young girl. We lived in two different states, so we did our muslin fitting half way between the two, in a Cracker Barrel restroom!”




  • Jacque Lindsey

    My dad always told me to give more than 100% at work and to always make the boss look good. With that being said I have been at my job now for 37 years – I must have done something right for them to have kept me this many years. I guess it has paid off.

    • eileenroche

      37 years at the same job is almost unheard of today! You must be very valuable to your company- I’m sure you’re dad would be proud.

  • annette rady

    My dad’s been gone for 32 years but I will always remember how he worked up until a month before he passed away. He believed very strongly in giving life everything you’ve got and never be a quitter. I’m soon to be 70 and continue to work full time.

  • Kristi Dennis

    My dads humor is the greatest. He taught us all that everything is better with laughter involved.

  • MJ

    Thank you so much!! You are so kind to share this design with us! I am missing my Dad and Step-Dad so much, but will happily share this making a sweet surprise for my SO.

  • Ellen

    My dad taught me to take my time and do the job right. Don’t rush or you will probably mess up.

  • beth

    My father reminded me of Archie Bunker in the All in the family on tv years ago. I learned a lot from my dad especially how to behave in public. He was very particular in that.

  • beth

    My father always enjoyed life and he wanted all us kids to enjoy it as much as we can.

  • Nancy

    Whenever I would say that I didn’t know to do something, my
    dad would always tell me “well, you won’t learn any younger.

  • Nancy

    Whenever I complained because I did non know how to do something, Daddy would always say “well you’re not going to learn any younger.

  • Barb kleckner

    I have the worst navigational insight.. We live north part of the state of Ohio…my dad always told me if you get lost head north…you will either end up home or swimming in the lake…..still miss him and it’s been 23 years.

  • Gail Beam

    My Dad has been gone for almost a year now, but he always had a compliment for everyone and a thank you for anything done for him. He had a great smile and a wonderful laugh. This will be my first Father’s Day without him and I miss him a lot.

  • Barbara J. Frangella

    My Dad was paralyzed on his entire right for the last 20 years of his life from a stroke. He was a carpenter by trade and he learned how to do what he loved, building things, with his left hand. He made me a wooden sleeve board that I use all the time. He is gone now and I miss him greatly, which makes the sleeve board even more special. Happy Fathers Day Dad.

  • Judy O'Dell

    Pretty is as pretty does. He was killed when I was 14. His birthday was tomorrow, June 18. Still miss him.

  • Sandra Sanders

    My dad taught me to enjoy crossword puzzles. They teach one to think outside of the box. I try to work one crossword puzzle each day.

  • Sheryl J

    My dad always taught me to be honest, and if you made a mistake, own up to it. I don’t live as close as I would like, so I treasure the time I get to spend with him.

  • Bonnie Gray

    My dad taught me to love learning and travelling. He always did a lot of reading about the places we travelled so he could share that knowledge when we got to a destination. Our longest trip was 7 weeks travelling across the US and Canada. He has been gone 32 years now but lives on in our memories of all those family trips.

  • Susan

    My father’s slogan was “everything in moderation.” It has served me well.

  • Tricis

    My dad would always say to pay your bills on time nobody owes you anything. All you have is your name so keep it clean. My dad has been gone since I was 24 and I’m 64 now. Think of him often. Love you dad.

  • Karen Poole

    My Dad taught me that it was ok for a girl to know how to fix things and not have to depend on a man to always have to fix things for you. This was in the “Leave it to Beaver” era when women were helpless and men were the only ones tinkering in the garage with tools. He said never be afraid to learn how to do the “men” type things. This has helped me so much in life in many ways! In fact my best FREIND and I were in the very first ever “girls auto shop” class at our high school and we could disassemble and reassemble a carberator by the end of that class!!!!

  • Julie A

    My Dad taught me to listen to my mother, who taught me the greatest lesson for as successful marrive as they have…that I wasn’t welcome home after a fight with my husband…except if he was beating me….and I wasn’t allowed to go back. She never went home because he never beat her. And he taught me my faith in God. Pretty good parents, hunhm

  • Mama Kibb

    My dad taught me to be a good listener. He, at age 88, is still vitally interested in people…. Not just family members, but friends as well. He wants to know the interesting things everyone is doing…..he really listens to people! I have the best dad ever!!!!

  • Linda Hanner

    My dad always said, “Hard work never hurt anyone!” He was a farmer and since he didn’t have a son, I was out in the field working beside him. I will always treasure any praise that he gave me.

  • tammy wright

    I learned from my dad that no matter what, you keep driving on to succeed until your perfect. even if it takes tons of hours of trying with lots of mistakes, Then you become a master of your craft and you will succeed.

  • Dorina Green

    Besides being told kids should be seen and not heard, my dad taught me how to make soup. He would throw in leftover ingredients from the fridge and somehow it always came out great. I’m not quite as good as he was at making soup, but I think about him every time I make a big pot.

  • Pam K

    My Dad taught me to do my very best at every thing in life. I’m so very thankful and proud that he was my Dad.

  • Terri

    My dad was a strong, quiet man…a calming presence and a really good listener…his words were few, but always right on the mark. He taught me the value of listening and being present to the moment. He has been gone from this life for three years, but I feel him with me always.

  • Linda Epting

    My Dad taught me work ethics. He worked until he was 81 years old. Did a lot for our community and school.

  • karen

    my dad said, “measure twice, cut once”, this is important in sewing and many other areas of life.

  • Jean

    My dad taught me to leave early for wherever you need to go or need to do because. You never know what could happen.I still do this and I have never been late for work or appointments.

  • Cathy

    Our father gave all of us (5 children) a very strong work ethic. He would always say “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember it is all small stuff”. This was long before there was a book out by that title. We all had worked together ever since I can remember, and he also told us to make our work play. He was an amazing father, and is missed every day. Him along with our creative mom, made a perfect couple for our family.

  • Donna G.

    My dad died 8 years ago and I can still see and hear his sense of humor and patience. I try to practice both today.

  • Nancy Weber

    My dad taught me love and tolerance for others, no matter their race or other circumstances. This has stood me well during several moves throughout the southland. Hugs. Nan W

  • Belinda Germain

    My dad always told us to treat people as we would want to be treated, don’t listen to gossip and to decide for yourself what another person is like rather than to listen to someone else’s judgement of that person.

  • Judie

    My dad taught me (and the whole family) to fish. We have spent countless hours enjoying each other and the beauty of nature. Only my brother and i left but we still look forward to quiet time in the boat together. Thanks, Dad!

  • April Maselli

    To all you lovleypeople who no longer have your father I am so sorry. But I find comfort knowing you can still feel them in your lives. My dad didn’t give me life through blood, but he chose to be my dad! (I do not like Step parent tittle)
    He was such a stong, hard working respectful man. He was thorough and believed give a days hard work for a days pay. Never leave a place the way you found it always make it better. I still look to him for advice even though I think he doesnt realize it. I live in a state far from him right now but I just came home from the most wonderful trip to see him and my mom. One morning I asked him a question and he was sharing his life with me. It was about him and the most precious moment over coffee I have ever had! I love you dad with all my heart. To all the people in the world love your dads while you can in person, repect them, listen to them, and hopefully they will feel a small reward for all the sacrifices they made for us. I belive from the comments here that even fathers who have left this earth can feel the love for them I felt after reading each person comments here. Thank you Eileen for making such a wonderful question and gift for us to sew. Many Blessings April

    • eileenroche

      You’re welcome! I have enjoyed reading all of these comments. So touching to hear the personal stories of all who have posted here. Just goes to show you how special Dads are.

  • Brenda Melahn

    When fixing things around the house, my Dad taught me to “measure twice and cut once” — comes in handy in the sewing room 😉

  • Diane Mettler

    My Dad taught me to laugh at the world and myself. He gave me the courage to be an independent person….live a good life and look all your troubles and problems head on….give back to the community and your family…

  • Debbie

    My Dad taught me to never give up if you want it bad enough. He always pushed me to keep trying, especially after my leg surgery from my birth defect. Sympathy or feeling sorry was not allowed in his world. I think that is why as a female I pushed to be in science and math classes that were mainly male during my education years. Now, I push my students no matter what excuses they want to throw up in the course of the conversation. It is hard work, no excuses, and striving for more.

  • gina

    My dad idled in me a passion to create and work with my hands. He always had projects on the go and taught me the value of writing hard. Above all else he taught me that family comes first.

    • gina

      Darn phone. That should hand read:

      My dad instilled in me a passion to create and work with my hands. He always had projects on the go and taught me the value of working hard. Above all else he taught me that family comes first.

  • Debe

    My Dad had a hard life growing up, but has a tender heart for children & animals. He is a farmer who, at 81, still works hard on the farm & gets frustrated that he’s getting old & gets tired quicker! He taught his family that faith in Jesus Christ was most important, how to make do with less & a good work ethic from him & a person doesn’t have to have a lot in order to enjoy life & family.

  • courtney

    My dad taught me to never be afraid of getting lost, because eventually all roads lead home 🙂 He’d take me out for driving adventures and say; “I wonder where this road goes?” and we’d set off to explore. We’d enjoy the ride and we always made it home just fine. Now, at age 42, I can say that I never feel scared when I’m driving alone in an unfamiliar place, I just think of Dad and know I can handle whatever is around the bend!

  • Paule-Marie

    my dad taught me honesty. I think that was why he was a successful salesman. He became a realtor after he retired and was selling expensive houses in a market when the other people in the company had a hard time selling the ‘starter’ and midlevel houses. If someone asked him what was the downside of something he’d tell them.

  • Lynsey Reuber

    My step-father taught me and continues to teach me, that you don’t have to be a biological father in order to be a Dad. He adopted me at the age of five, when he married my Mother (Wow, a 2-fer!), and we have never looked back since. He will always be “Dad” to me.

  • Laurie Watkins

    My dad was a carpenter, he always measured twice and cut once, which I now use for sewing. I miss my Dad!!

  • donna

    11 years ago we lost him, after diabetes took his leg and his heart gave out from working too hard since he was 9 years old delivering ice to homes for their ice boxes in a truck he could barely see over the steering wheel. He was always looking for a way to make things better. With only a formal 8th grade education, he was an inventor and boss of his crews but he was not afraid to get in there and do the dirty work no one else would do. He went to California and just watched them erect a multistory building with a stiff leg Derick. He came back to Arizona, built one and constructed the firsts high rise building here in 1956. As I drive around the Phoenix area, I can past so many buildings he did the structural steel work on. He left his great grandchildren a trail of an Arizonian to be proud of.

  • Susan

    My Dad’s words come back to me all the time- “if you want something done right- do it yourself!”

  • Joyce Lockyer

    I am blessed to still have my wonderful Dad. My Dad taught me to treat others with respect and to be kind. He is now grandpop to his own grandchildren and all the neighborhood kids. They call him Pop. He still works four days a week. He spends his evenings teaching the kids how to play cards, watching them swim in his pool and taking them to their sports events. He is really the worlds best Pop! I am so blessed because he is my POP!

  • Mary

    Besides having a sense of humor and wearing a big smile my dad taught me how to pump my own gas, check my oil, and change my own tire. Dad passed when I was 16 and now at 61 I am still able to do all the above.

  • Alice

    My Father always greeted me with a hug that made me feel safe. Then he whispered to me how much he loves me. I am the oldest of ten children, many grandchildren and greats and he did the same with each and everyone. We knew and felt unconditional from my Father. Everyone was certain they were his favorite! It has been a great blessing to have the security of knowing no matter what my Dad loved me and saw the best in me.

  • judy

    Because of my dad, I am never late. I always get where I’m going early. He always said that you should start out early because you never knew when you might get into traffic or have car trouble. He passed away several years ago, and I still miss him.

  • Barbara Cummings

    I don’t have a really clear memory of my Dad. He died when I was 9 and I have some “bits” and “pieces ” of memories. I’d like to think he would have told me to have faith in God and trust Him always. My Dad has been gone 48 years and I still miss the times we shared and those that might have been.

  • Carolyn

    My Dad said “Never get mad at someone, only get ‘annoyed.’ It’s easier to get over being annoyed. Getting mad wastes too much energy for too long.” It was a hard lesson to follow, but it’s been rewarding in so many ways.

  • Saundra Romanus

    I miss my Dad everyday. Somehow you wish you could have spent more time with them in the last years. There is never enough time!

  • Teresa

    My Dad left me when I was 17 and there probably hasn’t been a day since that I don’t think of him and I will soon be 64. He owned a business movie theatre business, so he was away from home every afternoon and evening, seven days a week. No vacations and just not much time spent with him. But as I was becoming an adult, he started taking extra time to talk with me and I loved being recognized in that way. Leaving on a trip, his last day at home was not a good one as we had an argument over my use of the family vehicle. I felt that it was my turn to be able to take friends to the weekly ballgame, as they usually were the ones who had the family car. My father felt otherwise and we clashed. He didn’t give in, but as I saw him walk away, I felt badly that we had argued and I almost, almost made the attempt to tell him that I was sorry. I knew he didn’t like the confrontation, but I held back, thinking that I could tell him the following week, when he returned. At 42, he had a heart attack and didn’t return. So my father taught me that I should never put off telling someone that I was wrong, or that I love them. I should never take any life for granted. Some day, I will finish getting to know him.

  • Jenny Druding

    My father died when I was 10. My grandmother gave me the most preciouse advice. She told me to think of my father every day so I would not forget him. That was 39 years ago and I still think of him every day.

  • Jan

    MY dad – is simply the best – he is 79, loves his train trips, his holidays abroad, anything in nature and birdwatching in particular. He is an avid reader and his daily crossword and just loves life. Took him to see Les Miserables 2 weeks ago and since then he is forerver texting me with opening words – Bring him home! Love him to bits and if there’s one lesson he did teach me – always be true to yourself!

  • Donna

    My Dad is the sweetest man I have ever seen or met. Our whole family puts him in the category of strength with wisdom in a quiet disposition. I cherish every moment I have with my Dad. It is always like going home when I am with him. We may not be very verbal at times but the quietness of sitting next to him and holding his hand speaks louder than words could ever express. I have learned so much from him by watching him work in the fields, repairing farm machinery, building fences, barns, furniture. His work is amazing and by watching him and absorbing every move he made I learned how to do work with peace and contentment. Through all trials and heartbreak he remained strong and compassionate. I love you Dad!! I love your hugs!! I know this may be the last Fathers’ Day I will ever hear your voice again. I treasure this call today when I wish you Happy Father’s Day. My heart overfills with love and admiration for you. All the love you have given me through my years brings me to tears when I know you were hurting too.

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    • Diane Mettler

      My Dad taught me to be strong and go for what you want in life. Be respectful of others, treat all with love and caring and you will be a happy person.

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