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Tame Those Tees

Yesterday, I was prepping t-shirts from the Simple to Chic T-shirt Remakes collection that Nancy Zieman and I recently created.  I ruined one of them.  I stepped away from the machine for a second (that’s when danger sprints into the sewing room) and when I returned, the needle was pounding through several layers of t-shirt – of which only one was supposed to be stitched.  URGH!  I exhaled and carefully removed the stitches to release the excess fabric. It worked out okay – the t-shirt will be used for teaching purposes only so I can hide the damage. I moved on to other tasks.

Then last night, I was sleeping and dreaming about work (that’s a mix between a dream and a nightmare).  The dream/nightmare involved t-shirts. I was reliving the day’s activities (see how boring I am – I dream about this stuff!) and then I woke with a start. Use Press’n Seal to control the bulk around the sewing field.  Yes – Press’n Seal, sealable plastic wrap, that you find in your local grocery store. Brilliant!

I couldn’t wait to get to the office and try it out.  And lo and behold – it’s perfect!  I cut a 4” strip and then cut that in half for two 4” x 6” strips. I rolled the t-shirt up around the sewing field and stuck a strip of Press’n Seal on each side of the sewing field.Press1BL

Oh My Gosh – brilliant. Now all those folds and rolls are controlled out of harm’s way. That’s what I call taming a tee!Press2BL





  • Carolyn in AZ

    Great idea. I’m about to make one of those Chit T’s (my 5th one). Others are Christmas gifts. Next one is mine. Long sleeves.

    • Ruth

      Fantastic idea! Can’t wait to try it. I’ve been trying to figure out how to embrodetr on the main part of a knitted hat, but it really bunches up & I can’t get it all under the embroidery foot to set the hoop. Maybe this will! Work!

      • Mildred

        I love reading these articles because they’re short but intvrmafioe.

      • http://www./

        Great insight. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

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  • Ennis A

    Brilliant!! Simple ideas are usually the best!!

  • Colleen Bell

    Wahoo! I love it! Good thing for dream/nightmare! Keep them coming.

  • Dina Salsbery

    Brilliant! Something we already have anyway!

  • Dian

    Great idea. I’ll have to buy some Press N Seal

  • anne

    it’d be great ! I need to see it for myself, as I never saw Press and Seal stick to anything…will try it on my next t-shirt project. Always worth a try. Although I think that the best trick is to never leave your machine !

    • janet

      I agree. I can’t even try to read a book or magazine while it’s sewing. I will give the press and seal a try, though. But just so I can read…I’m chicken.

  • Marti Morgan

    Great idea and I can see me using it for a lot more of my unmanageable projects. Thanks!

  • Kelly Sas

    I wish I had your kind of dreams/nightmares! Mine are always about creepy spiders or run away lawn mowers!

  • maria elena blecha

    This is fantastic, I have a roll of it in my sewing room! That is one of the brightest idea, thanks to a dream/nightmare. Thanks

  • Fran

    I have loved Press n Seal ad a kitchen and misc. household product for years. This is an amazing embroidery technique and I can’t wait to try it!

  • Esther Bartels

    Sounds like the press ans seal can cure lots of problems in the hoop with tees. But what about the plastic guards that you promote and that I bought, but I feel don’t work? Hey didn’t you use them?? Why did I buy them???

    • Toria Campbell

      Good point, Esther – I have the same question! I bought DIME’s plastic guards too and now wish I hadn’t. 🙁 Painter’s tape doesn’t stick well enough either. I guess I’ll have to try Press n Seal.

  • Patty Young

    Press and Seal is on my shopping list! Thank you!

  • Pam

    What an awesome idea!!! Thank you!

  • Thurma Livingston-Morrison

    Genius! I love Press and Seal in the kitchen; never thought about it in the sewing room, but will definitely put a package there for times like this! Thanks for the hint.

  • Lisa Atwell

    When are the designs mentioned in the article for V101 going to be available for purchase? I notice the name is different from the previous T shirt remake DVD that is currently for purchase. Also have you ever considered instant download purchase. When I find designs I want I want to stitch, waiting on a CD/DVD is torture.

  • Dee

    On October 19, 2016 in Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog
    entitled “Ribbed Knits” she featured Urban Threads’ Anatomical Hand and how to embroider the design.
    At the end of her blog she mentioned that Urban Threads “is kind enough to offer $25 gift certificates to four random winners on this blog. Here’s how to win: jump over to Urban Threads and search for skeletons in their search box (found on the top left column of their home page). Leave a comment here telling us how skeletons designs turn up in your search. Four lucky winners will be randomly selected next week. Good luck!”
    54 people responded to be picked as one of the four random winners.
    There has been no follow-up on the blog naming any winners. I was just wondering how and when the winners of the Urban Threads gift certificate would be notified and if they would be named on the blog.

  • Sara Redner

    I’ve had this happen more than once, and sometimes I’m sitting right there watching and don’t notice it happening! Thanks for the tip.

  • Debra Christie

    I been using press N seal for sometime. Cheaper!!!!!!

  • Joan Shriver

    Great idea! I have learned the hard way never to leave my machine w/o stopping it first. I won’t give you the ugly details.

  • Nancy Sherr

    When that Press and Seal box is empty use it to hold a roll of stabilizer. The ends of the box have “rollers” that fit into the ends of the stabilizer and has a built in cutter that works really well. I use mostly Floriani stabilizers, but I’m guessing that other brands would work as well. I keep all my empty Press and Seal boxes now and fill them with any stabilizer that fits, you can reuse them over and over, just tape the ends of the box.

  • Bruce

    Great idea! Great post as always. Thanks for sharing!