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This Fairy Needs a Home

Many years ago, DIME Managing Editor Denise Holguin and I were enchanted by Sally Mavor’s Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects published by C&T Publishing in 2003. Salley’s latest book was released in March from C & T Publishing, Felt Wee Folk-New Adventures: 120 Enchanting Dolls.  This stellar event was under my radar but not Denise’s. It seems she caught the wee folk bug again.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a heap of peculiar supplies on her desk: bits of felt, a clothespin, embroidery floss and a silk flower.  I wondered what she was up to and in a matter of minutes, Denise spun these simple elements into an adorable, yet homeless, small fairy.  Since Denise never does anything once, she churned out multitudes of these charming creatures.

Violet appeared in her floral finery. VioletBL

And Harriet hung precariously from a plant on Denise’s desk. HarrietBL

I told her they need a home, they just can’t sit on her desk, dangle from the houseplant or perch on a shelf. Oh no, they need a real home.  I only know of one place that offers a choice selection of real estate for tiny folk. Stitch Soup.

Wouldn’t Violet just thrive in a cottage like this? Stitch2BL

And I can envision Harriet landing on the lily pad roof of this chalet. Stitch3BL

I think it’s high time Denise got to stitching one of Stitch Soup’s Fairy Houses.  Stitch1BL

Imagine the fun she’ll have selecting the fabrics and thread to coordinate with her wee folk.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. If I know her, the wee folk won’t have one residence. Oh no, they’ll have choices! They’ll travel from a lodge in the forest to an urban lean-to and ultimately find respite at a beach bungalow. Stay tuned for a future post on wee folk real estate.

If you’re interested in getting in to fairy real estate, now is a great time!  I have a strong inkling Denise would love to have her wee folk vacation to wonderful lands, visiting blog readers and their own cottage creations from Stitch Soup!

StitchSoup Blog Banner July 2015

Here’s your assignment this week:

Leave us a note and tell us what Stitch Soup fairy cottage is your favorite. We’ll pick five random winners to receive a $20 gift certificate from Stitch Soup!Stitch1BL

The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question:

What do the letters spell?  A A N D N I

Post your answer and one lucky recipient (with the right answer) will be selected to win a $25 gift card to use on the Designs in Machine Embroidery website!

The winners is:  

Pat Kimball: “Dianna”




  • jackie

    They are all too cute but I like the top left with the lily pad roof!

    • Barb

      What fairy wouldn’t want to live in a house with flowered windows and a roof made out of leaves with lovely yellow flower? It is a perfect home for these lovely creatures.

  • Dottie

    I like the toadstool. Everybody knows that fairies,frogs and toadstools go together.

  • Judith Marsh

    The one with all the flowers!

  • Ann Brackett

    The mushroom house – made for fairies!

  • Sally Galaske

    This is a hard one because I love them all, but if I had to choose I think it would be the leafed roof one with the lady bug on it. I made this set for my grand daughters birthday. Everybody thought they were amazing.

  • Lori Woodward

    Nothing says fairy like a ring of mushrooms, so the Toadstool is my favorite! How adorable they all are though!!

  • Ashley Roller

    My favorite would have to be the center one. Takes me back to when I was younger and watched Peter Pan. Also reminds me of Tinker Bell’s house.

  • Carolyn Wolf

    Bottom right with the pink and purple thatched roof. Although it is really hard to select just one.


    I think the one with the green petaled roof and floral windows, it just looks like a fairy’s home.

  • karen

    I love the one in the center with the leaf thatched room and flower walls, it is adorable!!!

  • Sherrie

    I like them all too but my favorite has the pink and red flowers and the pointed petal roof.

  • Susan Gray

    These houses belong in a village together. If I had to choose just one, it would be the one with the green canopy on top. Adorable!

  • Nancy Weber

    I love the center house with the daisies. They are my favorite flower.

  • Joyce W

    I like the center one with all the flowers.

  • Lela Abate

    The Mushroom is just to CUTE!!! I think a little fairy would love to call it home.

  • Chris

    I love ALL of these fairy houses!! I bought the stitch set the first day that StitchSoup released them and actually stitched them out last night–now to put them together. They also have a darling set of ‘fairy signs’ to complement this set. I think the pink/purple house is so cute, especially with the tealight shining through the windows. Just precious!!! I think I’ll have to look into purchasing Sally’s book to go with the houses and give them all to our granddaughter.

  • Lorena

    Hard to choose, but I really like the one on the bottom right. Just my colors!

  • Nancy L Owens

    I like the hut with the purple roof. It looks like something a cute little elf would live in.

  • Joy Teague

    Like them all, but like the one in the upper left corner best.
    Like the way the leaves are curled up at the bottom.

  • Terri Knetsch

    I think the center house is too cute.

  • Shirley Clark

    I love fairies, and I’ve been wanting to make a little fairy garden. I’ve always associated fairies with mushrooms so I’d have to pic the mushroom house. So cute!

  • Jeanne

    The one in the middle….very cute and “girlie”!

  • Karen Poole

    I LOVE these Fairy houses! They are so cute! My daughter is a big Fairy fan, these would be perfect for her!!! My favorite is the one in the middle of the picture with the leaves pitched roof and flowers!

  • Jacqueline Curtis

    My favorite is the one with the flowers on it. It has the whimsy of the leaves and flowers that would be hidden from the grownups but visible to the fairies and able to shed the morning dew.

  • Berenice

    My fairy wants the lily pad house! Her friends will be jealous!

  • Gail Beam

    The house with the yellow flowers and leaves roof is my favorite.

  • Angela B.

    The toadstool. If you look at it carefully, it’s smiling!

  • Martine

    I love them all, but the one in the center is my favourite.

  • Georgia

    I love the pink princess one in lower right corner.

  • Marietta

    Gotta say the top left is my favorite

  • Terri

    I really liked the middle one. I love leaf motifs so the roof thatched with leaves really caught my eye.

  • Melanie Leigh

    The floe re one in the center. I have all kinds of fairies living in my yard.

  • Melanie Leigh

    The flowered one in the center. I have all kinds of fairies living in my yard.

  • Martha

    Why? Why do we have to choose one? Oh, the restraints you place on us!
    Okay, I choose the Ladybug house, top left in the group.

  • Nancy

    Love the one in the center. I have made a number of the Wee Folk and delighted to see more from the authors.

  • Donna G.

    The one in the middle with all the flowers!

  • Jeannette Covan

    Top right love all of them but this is my favorite.

  • Betsy

    Oh I think if I put these in my grandkids bedroom they would fall asleep dreaming of the tiny fairies that would come and ply out while they slept .
    They would love them all ! Then I could make the little characters as special gifts each time we got together .

  • Marjorie Paul

    I like the one in the upper left corner. I was amused by it because it reminds me of an old outhouse that was on our farm 65 years ago. It’s sentimental!

  • Darlene

    Top left with the leaf roof. Looks like it belongs nestled in the woods here in the mountains.

  • LindaW

    They are all so cute! I love the cottage with the colorful flower roof.

  • Gwynn McKenzie

    I love them all but the one in the middle with the big pink flower is my favorite. My daughter wanted to be a fairy when and little and plays a fairy at Renaissance Fairs. She loves pink and I can imagine her living in this dear house.

  • della

    I love the house in the center 🙂 I have stitched some of these and they are beautiful.

  • Darlene Bares

    I love them all…But I think the pink and purple roofed one. Pink and stardust.

  • Sue

    Purple and Pink! What better place for a fairy!

  • Valerie

    I like the little lily pad house… Too cute

  • JudiC

    The pink & purple flower cotttage is my favorite. I have never heard of “stitchsoup” until today I hope I win so I can make them all

  • Lex Appel

    I love the one with the pink flower roof!

  • Lynda Case

    the one in the middle with the flowers

  • Diane Mettler

    I just love the one in the middle – with all the flowers on the roof and sides of the house. It reminds me of all the flowes blooming in my yard. We have a native gardening motif in our front and back yards here in Florida.

  • Barb Stickle

    i like the middle one but all are adorable,

  • Lilly M.

    I like the one in the middle! Colorful!

  • Hannah M.

    I like the middle one with yellow flowers on the roof.

  • Barb Grant

    I like the little mushroom cottage. The fairies touch my heart. My 2 little grand daughters, 7 and 9 and I made a fairy garden at their home in New Mexico on my last visit. They made little cottages, swings and benches out of colored clay we baked in the oven. Then we planted small flowering plants in the little garden we made. Next visit we’ll try making the fairies. I’m saving up scraps of this and that for them. Your fairy is beautiful! I’m sending a link to the picture to the girls for ideas. Thanks for making my day!

  • melissa c

    I really like the cute cottage in the center. I would like to put it in my terrarium, with a cute red-haired gnome!

  • Karen

    I would have to say the center one.

  • kathy

    I love the fairy garden house that is in the middle. Love the pointed roof!!

  • M Storms

    I’m going to choose the pink and purple cottage (bottom right corner). What wee little one and myself wouldn’t won’t to live there. Love pink, love purple and love wee little ones.

  • Marian Hoffman

    I like the one in the middle with the flowers all around.

  • Joyce fike

    I like the top left house. It reminds me of an old log house!

  • [email protected]

    Oh it’s so hard to pick just one when you want the whole village. But I think my favorite is the middle one; oh wait, maybe it’s the purple one.

  • Sarah

    I like the one in the center with the flowers on the roof. How can you go wrong living with flowers over your head and on your walls.

  • Alice Cornelson

    They are all adorable. If only one can be chosen, the pink and purple cottage.

  • Wendy Ryan

    They are all adorable! If I had to pick just one, I think it would be the pink and purple lily on the lower right.

  • Flora Bills

    The mushroom has to be my favorite. Mushrooms are created by fairies in the dim deep woods.

  • Sue Reifschneider

    I like the one in the middle.

  • Mary Nesemann

    I like the one in the middle with the flowers and the dimentional leaf roof. Cute!

  • Doreen

    They’re all adorable but the toadstool seems very fitting for wee people

  • Sara Redner

    I love the flowers on the one in the center.

  • Kitt

    I like the Lilly Pad chalet the best.

  • Danie

    i love the the top one on the right but they would all be suitable estate for fairies. My 9-year old daughter prefer the the top left. I beleive we would end up with a complete resort…

  • Enis

    Love them all — but I choose the top left with the leaves around the windows. So cute!

  • Rosalie sharps

    I like the fairy house that has the yellow flowers on the roof.

  • Gayle

    The one with the pink and purple petal roof.

  • Shawn Marie

    I just am in love with the House of Flowers!

  • Patty Sack

    I like the one with the flowers for windows! Too cute.

  • Nonie Johnson

    How do you pick a favorite when they are all lovely.? However, since I am an active RED HATTER I would like to chose the bottom Right one that has a red, then purple roof. It seems to be made just for Red Hatters and would make a lovely gift for any of my fellow Red Hatters.

  • Mary Ann

    I love the cottage in the middle of the picture. It has so much great detail in it. And the colors are so beautiful together. The pink stitched flower is an extra nice touch. Love the flowers on the roof, too!

  • Debe

    I like the floral bottom right, then the middle one next. Very cute!


    Middle one is the cutest

  • Cindy

    They are all sweet, but the center one just makes me smile!

  • Debra Allen

    I like the one bottom right. if I were a fairy that is the one I would live in.

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  • Karen Poole

    These little fairy houses are so cute! My favorite is the one with all the flowers and the pointy roof!