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Multi-Needle Embroidery: Using Designs with 10+ Colors

Multi Needle Monday - Diane Kron

The Baby Lock Enterprise multi-needle machine has 10 needles.  Many embroidery designs have more than 10 color changes. To utilize these designs on this machine it will require just a few additional steps.

Created by: Diane Kron, Software and Embroidery Projects Manager for Designer’s Gallery

Enterprise Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines by Baby Lock®
Built- in design

At the Embroidery Machine:

  1. In the Properties field of the machine, set the Manual Color Sequence to Off. This will be on  page 5 of the Properties.blog1bl
  1. Select the 12th design listed under Exclusive Home Décor.
  2. On the embroidery screen, each of the 10 needle bars is assigned a color based on the colors in the design. There are 13 colors in this design.blog2bl


  1. The screen also tells you how much time before the machine will stop and a spool color change is needed. The time indicator will turn red as the last color is being sewn before it stops.blog3bl


  1. To see where a spool change is necessary, touch the Forward/Backward key on the screen. A new screen appears.blog4bl

Notice the red line and its placement. At this point, the machine will stop and allow you to change thread colors for the remaining color stops in the design.  You will see a message at the bottom of the screen (Change Threads and click start button).blog5bl

  1. The LED spool stand indicator will light up in white and then flash with the new color as shown in the following illustration. If black is the next color, the light will turn off. Touch Close to remove the message.
  2. Re-thread the machine on spools 1 and 2 as indicated above in the illustration or any other remaining spool that is flashing. When the machine stops and indicates a spool change, the thread information for the spool to be changed is outlined with a red outline.blog6bl

If some of the colors needed are already being used in another part of the design, the machine will make the adjustments recognizing the previously used needle bars and thread colors so no spool changes may be necessary even though the screen may indicate more than 10 thread colors in the design. The following image shows the finished design.blog7bl




  • beth daniels

    I would love to own a 10 needle embroidery machine. unfortunately, right now I cannot afford it.

  • LOVE my Babylock Enterprise – no regrets for the upgrade last June at the Everything Applique Conference in Atlanta from my 18 yr old Pacesetter8500 – which I do still use !!

  • Royce Zook

    I most often have a stitch out using more than 10 thread colors. Sometimes one or more of these may be repeated due to the layering. I plan my change out to new spools such that repeats are left on the machine while changing only the single stop colors. Your method is quick and easy and shows the capability of the machine. Great! The Enterprise is most often underused.

  • Carolyn

    I absolutely love my Babylock Enterprise! I also have an older model Brother PR600II 6-needle that was a great introduction to multi-needle machines. The advancement in mullti-needle machines is amazing!! Ladies talk to your dealer about Synchrony Bank’s special financing. My machine is paying for itself by what I’m selling!! The ladies at DIME can tell you how to start your business — but don’t be surprised if it starts itself by the beautiful things you will show off to your friends!

  • Linda Jordan

    I need to unsubscribe for now while I get some terrible computer problems fixed. My geek squad said I can re-submit request later. Thank you.

  • Sharon R

    I did an 11 color/12 thread changes design last weekend on my Brother PR-1000. It did not catch that thread 7 was also thread 12 and told me to load the color on spool 2.
    Did I do something wrong? When I use the same color twice should I reserve it so the machine recognizes it as already there?

  • Kitt

    I would like Information on the 6 needle machine that does not have the lights under the thread spools and how to do more than 6 color designs.

  • Bruce

    Great post, thanks for sharing.


  • suba suba

    informatii interesante si utile postate pe blogul dumneavoastra. dar ca si o paranteza , ce parere aveti de inchirierea apartamente vacanta ?.