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Software Saturday – Text on a Path – Fast and Friendly!

One of my favorite things about using digitizing software is learning new shortcuts. For years, I’ve been creating text on a path in a rather laborious method. But now, thanks to Ashley Jones, Inspirations education consultant, I’ve learned a time-saving method and I think you’re going to love it.

Draw your shape. Select the Artwork tool, and Ellipse.  Path1

Left mouse click and drag to draw an oval.  Select the Shape tool and grab the handles on one node to turn the oval into a balloon.  Path2

Move the node on the right towards the center. Path3

Drag the handle on the node to make a paisley shape.  The paisley shape should measure approximately 3.25″ x 2.25″.Path4“.Select the Text tool and click on the screen. In the properties box, type the message on one line.  In the font selection window, scroll down to the mini-fonts and select Bauhaus.  Click Apply. Path5

Click on the Select tool. On the keyboard, hit CTRL and A to highlight the artwork and the text. Left mouse click to view your options and select Text on a Path. Path6

Boom! The software does all the work for you! Path7

If you have some open space, add a series of periods to fill the gap. Select the Text tool and type multiple periods at the end of the line of text. Click Apply.  Path8

Rotate the design, change the color and there and you have it! Path9

Thanks for sharing that trick Ashley!

If you missed Tuesday’s webinar on Template Tricks, click here to watch Katherine Artines fantastic insider tricks!





  • Carrie Wyskowski

    thank you I have been playing with my palette from baby lock I am always looking for new ideas

  • carol mozzetti

    will this work with any software?

  • Beth R

    Thank you! Love this.

  • Barbara J. Frangella


  • Carol Mattox

    Just got home from a Stitchin Sisters seminar. It was great! They are knowledgeable and fun and took time to answer other sewing questions. They didn’t hesitate to help you with the projects we were doing. All in all a fun 2 days in Columbia SC. If you ever get a chance to take any classes with Eileen or Marie you will enjoy and learn.

  • Bruce

    Just awesome. I love it!