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Multi-Needle Monday – Tackling Hard to Hoop Items

My favorite solution for hard-to-hoop items is Quick Snap Frames. There are many uses for the Quick Snap Hooping System such as stitching backpacks and small cosmetic cases. The Quick Snap System comes with a variety of metal base frames that are inserted into a bracket attached in the center back of the embroidery machine.


The top clear frames are held in place with super strong magnets that slide into the grooves. Seven metal frames and 15 coordinating top frames are included with Quick Snap.


Sometimes a particular accessory has many obstacles such as zippers, rivets, tiny inside pockets of bags and thick bulky seams. If the clear top acrylic frames do not lay properly or easily because of bulky seams, my solution is to use only the magnets.

Here’s how I use them. Measure the design, measure the opening of the accessory and select the correct size Quick Snap metal base frame. Attach the metal base frame to the machine and use the trace feature to make sure the design is centered and fits in the selected frame.

Mark your item to be embroidered with a target sticker and place a piece of stabilizer on top of the metal frame. Slide the item onto the frame, centering the target sticker under the needle. Add the magnets.


The magnets will hold the item on the metal frame during the stitching process. This technique made easy work of monogramming nine cosmetic cases for wedding attendant gifts.

zippered case1

Follow the same instructions for embroidery a larger item such as a backpack. The monogram for the backpack measures 5” tall and the zipper area was a bit restrictive for the top clear frame. So I measured and centered the design before the pocket of the backpack was inserted on the frame.


The magnets easily held the bulky (and expensive) backpack on the hoop. Of course this was for my 17 year old daughter and she wanted metallic thread! It turned out great, just as she envisioned.


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  • nancy

    I have fast frames…do you think I could use a set of powerful magnets with my fast frames instead of investing in a whole new set that look very similar in size and shape?

    • marie zinno

      The magnets do not have a strong hold on the fast frames. The Quick Snap metal frames are made of very heavy metal.

  • Sharon R

    Did you use the machine table to hold the heavy backpack while you stitched out the design? I’m always taking my table off as it seems to get in the way of hooping and changing the bobbin, but I’ve never attempted something like the backpack.

  • Sandra

    Do you plan to make the fast frames for the Bernina E-16? I had them with my Happy Voyager and they were wonderful.

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  • Bruce

    The metalic design on the bag looks great!