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Meet the shortE


Until now, quilting a whole quilt on an embroidery machine was like pulling a 24 ft. fishing boat with a Volkswagen bug. It just didn’t make sense. Well that has changed. I’ve been working on a solution for over a year and I’m so excited to finally begin to share it with you.

Let me introduce you to the shortE – the Embroidery Short Arm with a Long Reach. The shortE holds the weight of the quilt while Snap Hoop Monster creates the tension on the quilt sandwich.  The shortE is a frame that sits under (and around) your machine so your machine can do its thing – stitch beautiful embroidery.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

The shortE works with any single needle embroidery machine that is compatible with a Snap Hoop Monster. Why? Snap Hoop Monster enables you to rehoop right under the needle. You don’t have to remove the quilt from the machine to rehoop – this is a huge issue when quilting with your embroidery machine!

Meet the shortE

I’ve been having a blast quilting with my machine. I started small – table runners, crib quilts and the like. Then I ramped up to 66” x 80” and then…at the suggestion of an experienced quilter, I moved to queen and king size quilts. And it works!  Oh my goodness, I haven’t had this much fun with my embroidery machine since I designed my first Stipple! Collection.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I’ve always loved quilting – love to play with the fabrics, piece them together but the actual quilting – left me in a lurch. I’ve never wanted to invest in a long arm – too expensive and WAY too large for my sewing space.  But now I can get the same experience and results with my embroidery machine! One very cool feature is the shortE sits on any sewing machine table or folding table.  It’s completely adjustable to accommodate different heights and machines.  Very versatile!

Quilting with the shorte is a bit like quilting with a long arm. You have to ‘work the quilt’.  Just like longarmers have to advance the fabric rolls, you will do that too on the shortE. And just like longarmers clamp the sides of the quilt to create tension, you will make sure the quilt sandwich is snug in the Snap Hoop Monster frame.   Take a look for yourself…


Meet the shortE!

shortE for Large Quilts!



Here’s your assignment this week:What size quilt do you typically make?  Post your comments and 2 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win a pack of the new Print & Stick Target Paper.
The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question…Is there something special you made for someone and loved it so much wanted to keep it for yourself? Tell us what it was and one random comment will be chosen to win a $25 gift certificate to use on the DIME website. Good Luck!The winner is… Ann S.  “I actually made a photo pieced applique for my daughter.  It was my grandchildren,twin girls.  I meant to give it to her but it looked so good on my wall.  I’ll just keep it for a little while.  She’ll get them at some point.”





  • Barb pointer

    i make either baby quilts or queen size

    • Sharyn

      I mostly do either lap and queen sized quilts.

  • Mary Lee

    I usually make crib quilts, but want to advance to larger sizes

  • Yvonne

    I purchased your snap hoop a couple of years ago and sadly I am very disappointed with it. It absolutely will Not hold my quilt sandwiches. It is for my bmp6. It is as though the magnetic strips just do not work at holding to the frame. Any suggestions….. A considerable expense for a basically useless hoop. I have purchased a number of your in quilting patterns and would love to use them if only the hoop worked properly. HELP please!

    • eileenroche

      Hello Yvonne, we can help you. I think a phone conversation would be in order because I think you are referring to Quick Snap and its ‘magnetic strips’. The magnetic strips that come with Quick Snap are used to temporarily hold stabilizer to the wrong side of the frame during hooping. Once the stabilizer, top frame and fabric are in place, they are removed. Eight very strong magnets are used to hold the fabric to the metal base. But to clear all of this up Yvonne, please call Jessica in our office, 1-888-739-0555.

  • Jean Chromey

    I like to make full size quilts…have not had the courage to machine quilt them…so will most definitely research this new invention of yours.

  • Susan Smith

    I make all size quilts. I have been drooling over long arm quilters, but I just don’t have the room. This looks like it might solve my problem!

  • Janette Walker

    I enjoy twin size the most. Did a queen size and the bulk and weight of it pulling threw my machine was too much work, never tried that big again.

  • Cathy Plomos


  • Rhoda Keegan

    our guild makes crib size photo quilts for children of deployed military. This would be a great way to turn these gifts around for children who miss their daddies or mommies.

  • Kathy

    I usually make table runners, but if it is a quilt then Queen Size

  • Bettie Papajohn

    I generally find myself doing lap/throw size quilts.

  • Cathy

    I like to make crib size, and twin size fits on my wall space.

  • Danie Duchesne

    I made 1 baby quilt and multiple placemat! I am afraid of the quilting process. However, I am taking class on Craftsy and hope to start quilting some bigger project soon!

  • shirley simmons

    I make queen size quilts.

  • Becca adams

    I make mostly lap size memory quilts

  • Laurie

    Nice job Eileen! But, when are going to make a frame that fits my six needle? Lol!

  • Debra A.

    I made a flannel quilt.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I have mad crib to king size quilts. Love the quilt in the hoop option.

  • Debra A.

    I have made queen and smaller

  • Susie Mackenberg

    I usually make baby quilts, but know that will one day change! I’m ready to move on, not that I’m tired of grandbabies, mind you, but think my kids are about done!

  • Sally Kane

    I generally make full or queen sized quilts. I do quilt them on my sewing machine and they are heavy, but I use a table top to hold them up.

  • Linda SK

    I qullt all sizes of quilts but have been soing more baby and lap quilts lately.

  • Maxine Mac Neill

    I love quilting and I challenge myself constantly. I do wallhangers, baby quilts, quilts of all sizes up to king. My God’s Promise Quilt took 1st. place at the Calgary Stampede and was my first time ever putting a quilt in to be judged. I was so very humble as any quilt I make is for the enjoyment and to see the finished result is so rewarding.

  • Barbara Leatherman

    I make mostly full and queen size quilts. I will be checking out your shortE.

  • Maxine Mac Neill

    I have the Jumbo Magnetic snap hoop and would be lost without it. It works like a charm. The fact that you don’t have to take the hoop off the machine is the best for advancing if your doing a repeat on a table runner, etc.

  • Denyse Rose

    I have just begun and made 3 quilts, large, extra large and twin. I had someone else quilt them but now that I have my new Dream Machine, I’d like to quilt my own. I am finishing one for my son and figured I should make that my first one that I personally quilt – mostly because if there are mistakes, he won’t see them or won’t mention them because he won’t want to hurt my feelings. Win-win for me – He’s such a great kid!! Your invention seems worth a try and I hope it is not too expensive. Maybe my ‘after-Christmas’ present since we wait until after Dec 25 to do our shopping when things go on sale. Happy Holidays!

  • Brenda L Pedersen

    Most of my quilts are lap-sized, but I also make baby and queen sized as well.

  • Charlotte B

    I make queen size quilts. That seems to be my family’s popular bed size. I also like to do crib size for my charity quilts. I quilt all my quilts on a domestic machine. I love the whole process.

  • Pat

    I’m dreaming of a long arm, but realistically have no room for one. This looks to be the best option for those whose space is far less than our aspirations. I’ve made everything from wall hangings to queen-sized, but quilting has been a challenge.

  • Pat Curtis

    I make mostly lap and baby quilts. I have done some queen sized ones, but quilting them on my domestic machine is NO fun. This may be the answer to my prayers. I!m excited to do some research on this.

  • Margaret E. Hartman

    I usually make queen and king size bed quilts, then I also make wall hangings and throw quilts which I machine quilt them myself on my Bernina Artista 640. I just ordered the Snap Hoop Monster, so maybe I can quilt with my embroidery machine now.

  • Ellen

    I usually make baby quilts and lap size quilts.

  • Lisa

    I’ve just finished my second queen size for the year. Need to get it quilted. I prefer making throw size but seems everyone wants one for their bed! Can’t wait to check into the shortE!

  • Kathie W

    I usually make lap size quilts and they can be so heavy at times! This new mechanism looks great!

  • Mary

    I have just pinned together my first quilt and will probably have it done. Curious to see the price on this as it could pay for itself with a few quilts

  • Sally Hudson

    I make baby quilts, mug rugs, and tote bags. Making Granddaughter a quillow for xmas.

  • Sally Hudson

    I make baby quilts, mug rugs, and tote bags. Making Granddaughter a quillow for xmas. They are hard to quilt with just the small machinr but well worth it when done.

  • Kathe pollard

    I make mostly baby, lap and wall hangings. But i have a couple queens coming up soon

  • Diana S.

    I’m just now making my first quilt and it is crib size.

  • Gail Beam

    Baby quilts only! I did a twin quilt once and it was a disaster!

  • joyce

    I am just staring to machine quilt have finished one lap quilt and want to use my embroidery features on my machine. Your new hooping process looks very interesting.

  • Anne K

    I make all sizes of quilts from baby to queen. I also like to make table runners,wall hangings, and a variety of other quilted items. I’m just learning to machine quilt. I Hope this new product will work with my embroidery machine.

  • Shelor

    I make mostly lap or queen size quilts. Have been afraid to do the actual quilting except for straight line with my walking foot. Would like to investigate this item. Seems like a winner!

  • Becky W

    What do you do about running out of bobbin while quilting?

    • eileenroche

      Becky, It’s a good idea to wind several bobbins for your project at the start. I make a mental note (or written when I’m really busy!) about when/where on the quilt I started the current bobbin. That gives me a good feel as to when the empty bobbin warning will appear and I try to avoid letting the bobbin go bone dry.

      Since the quilting is done horizontally, starting at the top right, across the top border, down to the next row in the center of the quilt and back across to the right side again. When I reach the right side – the edge of the quilt, I check the status of the bobbin. If it’s just about done I change it.

      If I get caught with an empty bobbin, it’s not the end of the world. I just unwind the fabric rails to create adequate slack and then remove the hoop (with quilt still sandwiched in between) off to the left of the pantograph. I change the bobbin, put the hoop back on and begin again. I’ve had success every time by handling the hoop carefully.

  • Linda

    Does this work with a Bernina 830? Linda

    • eileenroche

      Yes, it does.

  • Darlene

    I mostly make twin size and larger. I am working on several king and queen size quilts at the moment.

  • Kim

    I make king size table runners. I used the Monster Snap hoop on the last one and it was great! Like you say you it is nice to move the hoop without removing the quilt from the machine.

    • Kim

      That should be king size BED runners. Not sure what a king size table would be.

  • Karen

    I am working on finishing my second and third quilts, 60X72 was the smallest. I quilted 2 of them on my embroidery machine. This looks like it would be a great help. I am not sure it will work in my room, my sewing machine table is 4 foot by 8 foot with 6 machines of different kinds.

  • Darlene Gerber

    Lately I have been making baby quilts. Normally I make lap quilts.

  • Bonnie Gray

    Mpstof the time I do lap size or baby quilts. I do have a queen top that I have never backed, nor quilted. Maybe I need to take it out and try this!

  • Joyce West

    I make all size quilts from baby to queens. Usually I “stitch in the ditch” using my walking foot on the smaller items and have a commercial quilter do the larger ones on a long arm machine. I would very much like to use my embroidery machine for the quilting on the larger quilts. This Shorte would be a great help if it’s not too expensive and would fit my machine.


    I typically make 60 x 80 quilts and larger. Quilts of Valor are approximately that size. I’m working on a 108 x 108 right now. Having done a few quilts with my single needle embroidery machines, I agree with your comment “quilting a whole quilt on an embroidery machine was like pulling a 24 ft. fishing boat with a Volkswagen bug”, which is one reason I bought my beautiful longarm. What a great invention!

  • Casie Williams

    Baby/lab quilts and queen sized quilts are my most common sizes.

  • Paula Hendrickson

    I only quilt table runners up to baby quilts because anything else is way to unruly

  • Jennifer P

    I usually make at least a double, more often a queen, but l have lately been making a lot of crib quilts for new grandchildren! My very first quilt was a king that I quilted on my small domestic machine so anything to make that part easier is great!

  • Brenda Sutton

    I have only made table runners and crib sized quilts Want to advance to larger but am fearful.

  • Sandy P

    I am in the process of making a bed quilt for each of my 4 grandchildren nad 2 sons. I quilt them myself even tho they look like it but I hope they will love them just because I did it.

  • Sharon K

    I usually make a queen size, but have made a couple of kings and or course baby quilts. I love quilting on the embroidery machine and could see where that Print and Stick target paper would help with a lot of the placement. That is always a bit of a struggle.

  • Barb Grant

    The most common size I quilt is twin, but I do any size from crib to Queen. I’ve toyed with the idea of machine quilting a king size wuilt in 2 pieces the sewing them together.

  • Mary J Chevalier

    For at least 12 years I have made a queen-size quilt to be raffled for charities. In addition to these 12 I make comfort baby quilts as well as runners and placemats.

  • Valerie Jennings

    In the near future I plan on making every grandchild a quilt to put up for their wedding day. I’m guessing the best size for them will be Queen Size.

  • Lorraine

    Crib quilts and smaller. Even a crib quilt is a workout on a domestic machine! Have no interest in devoting the money or space to a longarm, so a shorte could be my answer

  • Susan Wilson

    I have not made a quilt yet, and I can see where your products would be a great help. Thanks sew much for your effort for us.

  • Sharon Johnson

    In the past I did queen size but quilted by hand. I love to do twin size for my granddaughters and this looks like it would work for both sizes…I would really like to have room for a longarm but that isn’t possible…

  • Nancy Weber

    I have mostly done lap quilts, but this looks wonderful so I am hoping to move on to larger quilts. Hugs.

  • Linda T.Beverly

    Trying to retire. Love quilting. Would love to make more lap quilts for the veterans, children, meals on wheels for people. But, tying these leaves my hands aching for days. I wish I could quilt like this. I have a older embroidery machine, but not mastered it yet. Thank you

  • Mary Jo

    Lap quilts and baby quilts are what I make the most of.

  • debe

    Made 1 queen size (which was the first embroidered mystery quilt in DIME quite a few yrs ago, it was fun), but mostly crib & twin size quilts.

  • Ann Brackett

    I make baby quilts mostly to donate to the NICU at the local hospitals

  • LeAnne L

    I usually make lap quilts. In fact, I have a stack of six quilts waiting to be quilted.

  • judy wentz

    I make all sizes of quilts, from wall hangings, baby to king sized. I quilt them myself at my domestic machine for wallhangings; larger quilts are finished on my HQ 16.

  • Ilana

    I make all different size quilts from postcards up to king size. My most recent was an xx-long queen for my son. That was the first quilt I quilted on my embroidery machine. It was a beast to wrestle with that quilt during all the rehoopings. About halfway through the quilting, my local dealer got in the Snap Hoop Monster. I promptly bought one and that really made wrestling the beast much easier. Once my dealer came back from the Babylock conference in St. Louis, she told me that a frame would be coming out to support quilts on the embroidery machine. I’m so excited to read about the shortE and can’t wait till my dealer gets it in.

  • jean moe

    I usually make baby quilts or strip quilts that are self quilting. wouMld love to do more.

  • jean

    Quilting for me indicates usable bed size quilt. Most of my quilts are full/queen size. I occasionally make baby quilts and pre-school nap quilts for grandbabies. I am working on small Frozen quilts for my 2 youngest grand daughters for Christmas gifts.

  • Donna Farley

    Hi Elaine, I make all sizes of quilts and love to use my embroidery machine to help with the quilting. I would love to be able to use the snap hoop monster with the bigger quilts and this frame looks like it could be the answer.

  • Donna Farley

    sorry Eileen and mispelling your name, I’m such a goof sometimes.

  • Judy

    I have been making a lot of baby quilts, and table runners lately. They are fast and easy!

  • Paula Hendrickson

    Table runners or bay quilts. I find even lap robes tobe difficult to maneuver.

  • Doreen

    I’ve only made one quilt so far and it was an extra long extra wide king size. Maybe that’s why I only made one! I gave it to my son & daughter-in-law. They have it displayed on their couch. I made it probably ten years ago so I feel pleased that she still has it out. If you knew how often she updates her rooms you’d understand how miraculous that is.

  • Patty Hoffman

    9 Summer Bluff drive

  • Patty Hoffman

    I usually stick to twin-size or smaller, because I I can quilt them on my embroidery machine. In the spring I want to begin a king-size quilt for our bed. Looks like this might be what I need to get it quilted!

  • Luann Frazier

    My goal is to make a queen size quilt, but wondered if I would ever be able to create it in my embroidery machine. The shortE appears
    to be a winner!!

  • beth daniels

    I usually make lap quilts and a few baby quilts, also table runners. I could sure use the shortE for embroidery machine quilting on these quilts.

  • Rosa Smith


  • Rosa Smith

    I like to do all size quilts especially baby quilts, I have a lot of tops that need to be quilted but that is my least favorite part. Its very hard work- at least it has been. I want the quilt short E.

  • Linda King

    So far, I have been making lap quilts. I have been wanting to make full & queen size quilts for my grandchildren. My grandson just got his own place & had asked me to make him a quilt, I am planning to make him one for his birthday. The shorty & the monster would really make it much easier for me. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  • Lynn Evans

    Mostly twin size a few smaller or larger

  • Paula Harrold

    Wondering if a Viking Designer SE can use the Monster Hooper or what size might be able to be used….then paired with the ShortE. What is the cost of the ShortE?

  • Dottie C

    I have an Innov-is 1500D machine. How would I know if the Jumbo magna hoop would fit on my machine? the throat is 8″. I notice you are using an Ellisamo.

  • Dottie C

    I forgot to ask, where do I get a Short E?

  • Pam

    I would like to see this in action before I purchase. Anyone in the Northeast giving demos. I have called many LQS and no one has it. What would you suggest.

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  • Karin Brown

    I typically make lap/crib quilts. At the moment I am making the “Wedding Ring Applique” by dime for my great-niece as a wedding present. It’s the largest quilt I have tackled. I’m really in need of the short-e frame!

  • Karin Brown

    How much space does the short-E need?

  • Erick Hubertus

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