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Add Fabrics to MQE or MBP’s Fabric Library

Want to add new fabrics to your Fabric Library in My Quilt Embellisher or My Block Piecer? Let me show you how easy it is to that.

First, gather the digital images of the fabrics. Most fabric companies have all of their collections in a downloadable format on their websites. I popped over to Moda fabrics to download one of my favorite designers, Stephanie Ryan.

Go to and click on downloads at the bottom of the page. Select the design collection of your choice and click on the blue scissors to download a zip file of the digitial images of each fabric in the collection. Once the file is downloaded, unzip the folder.  Remember where you stored the folder.

Open a new file in My Quilt Embellisher. Select the Fabric icon. Left mouse click on the Moda folder.1


Select New Folder. 2

Type in the name of the new collection, Stephanie Ryan for this example.

3Right mouse click on the Stephanie Ryan folder and select Add.9

Go to your unzipped folder and select all of the images. Click Open.


Boom! All of the images are in your fabric library! Love that!6





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    I think my head would explode if I even tried this LOL
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