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Manipulating Designs in Perfect Embroidery Pro

Even if you don’t digitize, you can most certainly manipulate designs to get the look you need. All you need are building blocks. What are building blocks? Building blocks are designs – designs that are stashed in Perfect Embroidery Pro.

Let’s take a look at a design from the Monogram catalog. 2

Click on the Monogram catalog icon and select Mon10683.3

Select and Ungroup the design (right mouse click or use the Ungroup icon on the tool bar). Select the branch on the right. 4

Copy and paste the branch. Move it to the upper right, connecting the bottom scroll to the original branch. 5

Let’s close the space at the top between the original branch and the new one. Zoom in to get a magnified view. Select the Shape Tool and move the last two black dots to expose the blue squares underneath (the points). 6

Select and pull the blue squares down to the original branch. 7

Position the black dots back on top of the blue squares, this sets the direction of the satin stitches. 8

Hit Enter on the keyboard to extend the satin stitches. 9

Select the new branch, copy, paste and mirror image the section. Move it to the opposite side. 10

Voila! A perfectly shaped design for a child’s neckline.11










  • Karen

    Thanks for the details on how to do this.

  • Vicky Isliefson

    Do you sell this software on your website? Who publishes it?
    What format does it work in?

    • NancyR

      To locate a dealer nearest you please contact the Inspiration Support Desk at Select the program you are interested in from the drop list and on the serial number line type NEW.

      You may save your work in your machine embroidery format.

  • alida jones

    I tried to follow the instructions from the blog at Oct 18. . everything went fine except i can not get the blue points when i use the shape tool.The points stay black. I tried to go to the forum but they can not see what the issue is. Please help.

    • Deborah Jones

      You can get the blue dots in this way. With the object selected with shape tool, right click and select Edit, and then select “Outlines” from the fly-out menu. Then you will see only the blue dots, not the black dots for the angle lines or the or the start and stop points.

  • Jo Joiner

    I was watching a video on how to use the auto digitizer, and in paint it would clear up the art where the design was auto digitized perfectly. Can you tell me how to do this in perfect embroidery pro?
    Thank you

  • NancyR

    Select the Auto Digitizing Wizard, advance thru the wizard steps. On the Color Reduction page select Edit on Image editing, this displays the graphic in the Paint program. The amount of editing necessary is dependent on the amount of background noise in the graphic. Save your work often, with a different name each time, until you are satisfied with your work. All auto digitizing programs work best with clean, clear and concise graphics.