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DiME Inspiration Software Update


As announced on August 9, 2014, Designs in Machine Embroidery (DIME) has been chosen by G7 Solutions as the new face for its popular line of quilting and embroidery software. Current owners of G7 Solutions software modules will receive a link to download the corresponding versions of DIME’s Inspiration Software free of charge from their Inspirations Dealer. This is a time of transition and we appreciate your patience as our new dealer network is established. The link will be emailed to you from your Inspirations dealer within the next 30 days. This link will not erase, remove or replace your current modules. The links will contain full versions of the Inspiration modules. You can enjoy both the old and new versions. In order to activate the new versions, all you will is need the serial number from your existing program. Simply enter the number when prompted and enjoy the new software. In the meantime, you can follow along on the progress of the new features of Inspiration Software programs here on Software Saturday. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

September 25, 2014
Thank you for your interest in the new Inspirations software line. I appreciate your patience in waiting for the link to download your new – and free – Inspirations software. I’m sure you can just imagine how monumental this task has been for Dime and the dealers. Although we would love to send everyone their link we have to respect the fabulous network of sewing machine retailers that keep this industry alive. They are your conduit to the exciting world of embroidery and without their support this industry wouldn’t exist.
In the meantime, you can receive specific assistance on the Help Desk. When you click on the link, you’ll be taken to the home page. You can open a new ticket or check the status of an existing ticket. If you have already filled out a ticket, please check your SPAM folder for the Help Desk response email.
If you’d like to talk directly with other Inspiration users, join the forum! You can do that here:*/*/11453

One more thing, if you’re new to my blog, you’ll find tons of embroidery information here, all searchable. I post at least twice a week and often, three times a week. Once a new posting is live, it moves to the front of the home blog page. Although previous blog posts are available to view, new comments are usually posted on the current posting. And the blog is a friendly place – you’ll find free information on everything from applique to underlay. We give away prizes once a week and readers have fun sharing their ideas. I’ll hope you’ll stop back and share the fun.




  • Katie Harper

    If my current dealer chooses not to become a DIME Inspiration dealer, will you have a process in place for me to find another dealer from whom I can get the link?

    • eileenroche

      We will have a process for you at the end of the 30 days.

      • Sandy P

        Thank you because my dealer said they are not signing up and will stay with the Floriani.

        • Wende

          HI Eileen,
          My dealer said she, also, is staying with Floriani. How will we know when and what to do when the new DIME Inspiration software is available? As I understand it, all we will have to do is type in our serial # from the Floriani Total Control Professional Embroidery Software. Will you supply us with new dealer names and addresses? So sorry this took so long. Thanks or your help. Will this info be put on the website or emailed to those of us without a DIME dealer?

          • Joyce

            I have the same question as Wende (August 26). I did not see an answer to her question, but would very much like to know who the local dealers are for your software or how I might download it.

    • Terry

      Is the criteria for being a dealer one or the other: Floriani or Dime? Can we be dealers for both products?

      • Tamara Evans

        DIME does not preclude you from carrying both products.

  • Chris

    Just thinking out of the box… since you have to provide your serial number any way to upgrade, wouldn’t it be easier to put the link on your website so those who need it can get it easily. I’m sure there will be dealers in the beginning that won’t be able to offer the Inspiration Software to customers and finding another dealer close by could be difficult. Just a suggestion.

  • eileenroche

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    • donna

      Yes please make it possible for those of us who will not have a dealer to be able to get the software link from the site. We could download a sample program that only becomes functional when we add our serial number. I know that our dealer will be staying with floriani, but many of us want to switch.

      • Lyle Denise Green

        Why would you want to change? I love Floriani and I think Mr. Floriani is a very fair software maker. How many give us free updates? And it is easy to use. I don’t understand.

  • Jan R Shaw

    Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to your webinairs

  • Jaycee

    Thanks for the clarification. I called my current dealer and they had no idea what I was referring to so I’m guessing that means they will not be a DIME Inspiration dealer. I look forward to seeing the new Inspiration software.


    I have Floriani software. Did you say I can also get DIME software? How?

  • eileenroche

    Yes, Kathleen, the steps are outlined above and more information will be coming during the next 30 days.

    • Alice Coyl

      Eileen, as I understand from a friend who clicked on the page that comes up when we open Floriani Total Pro that DIME took over all of her Floriani programs and now she cannot use her Floriani software. DIME has her serial number now and she can do nothing about it. She is very angry that the link didn’t tell her that this would happen.

      • Tamara Evans

        We understand your concern; however, that is simply not possible. The only change was on the “My Today” page that appears when the software opens and the user has an active internet connection. Her software is completely functional and intact. The user license for the software is with G7 Solutions, the maker of the software and they have all serial numbers. Please encourage her to access her software beyond the “My Today” page. I’m sure she will be thankful for your assistance.

  • Adrian Brown

    I am a current Floriani Software owner and after receiving your email on the 9th it said to contact my local dealer to receive a link to download Inspiration Software/Perfect Embroidery Pro. They had no clue about a link or what I was talking about.
    After reading your blog am I to understand that you (dime) will be providing the link in the next 30 days? Can’t wait to continue the fun with this amazing software

  • eileenroche

    That’s correct. As stated above, we are getting our dealer network established and a dealer will provide you with a link for the download. We appreciate your patience!

  • Nancy Howard

    I am confused by the emails I have received from both DIME & Floriani. what are the advantages of going with DIME instead of Floriani?
    I do not understand…..

    • eileenroche

      Frankly Nancy, as a consumer you do not have to choose. You are free to receive updates from both companies and enjoy the THREE versions of the software, your original version and the two new versions.

      • Maureen Forehan

        You say I can have all 3 programs but if I get FTC-U free will I also be able to get your software and updates free too?

        • Dori


  • Carol Biles

    I have the Floriani software on 2 different machines, which Floriani allows. Will this option be available thru DIME Inspiration?

    • eileenroche


  • Maureen

    Will I be able to receive both updates for free? The way you answered Nancy Howard, I have another question. You say that I can have all 3 programs. However you are calling yours an update and Floriani is saying theirs is a complete new program. Is yours an update or a complete new program. If it is just an update it will be update and replace the current program.

    • eileenroche

      Yes, you will be able to receive the updates for free. As I stated above, the new DIME Inspiration programs WILL NOT DELETE, REMOVE, UPDATE OR ALTER your existing programs. Although it will be a new installation, a completely new program, it is referred to as an ‘update’ because you did not actually purchase the new DiME Inspiration software programs.

  • Nancy Rau

    Does this change in programs affect Floriani’s “My Decorative Quilter”

    • eileenroche


  • Lynda

    In what way will it affect My Decorative Quilter. I own that program.

  • Barbara Grounds

    I purchased my Floriani software directly from RNK while in Knoxville. I have not received anything from them about receiving my new software and am wondering if I will receive a link form you because of this.

    • Jill Turner

      You need to go to the dealer where you purchased your Total Control Pro and have a new disc with Total Control Pro F waiting for you. It is my understanding that downloading the DIME Inspiration does effect your Total Control Pro program. You will lose your Save to Sew. As someone said above Inspiration took over her Total Control Pro. I love my Floriani Program and I’m excited about their new TCPF. There are some great up grades and changes. These changes have cost Floriani millions of $ and they are NOT passing this cost to their customers. There has to be a reason my dealers that I trust are not going with the DIME program. I’m disappointed in the changes with DIME. So I will unsubscribe.

      • Tamara Evans

        Save2Sew is still functional under the original software name Click2Stitch. There have been many updates to the function including generic stabilizers and hooping options. Any change in measurements are between 1/10 and 1/100 of a millimeter.

  • Debbie

    Will we also receive a new Piecemaker and Image Maker software? My dealer has also said he is not an Inspirations dealer so I am waiting for information on how to get the new software. I also have Total Control and MDQ.

  • Diane Gregory

    I am totally confused. I received the Floriani as a gift so how am i suppose to proceed?

    • Jill Turner

      Ask the person who gave you the program where they bought it.

      • Tamara Evans

        You will also be able to select a dealer from the dealer list when it is posted.

  • Cindy

    This is so frustrating! I finally got my Floriani U from my dealer but I think I want to go to Inspiration. I’m scared to install anything new regarding these 2 programs because I just know one of them is going to mess up the other one and all it will be is problems, problems, problems. Is there another digitizing software I can go to and just forget these two? It’s bad enough they make us have to use Microsoft operating systems, it seems like they want to drive away current customers by not having software available, dealers who know anything about the changes, and all the waiting and confusion.

    • Jill Turner

      I went to class on the new Total Control Pro F. The screen looks a little different but the changes in the program are POSITIVE and making it easier to use. Don’t give up on it. It’s a Total New Download and it is separate from the Old Total Control Pro

    • Tamara Evans

      You can absolutely run both software platforms and still retain your original software! There is no reason for you to have to chose one over the other.

  • Wende

    I am interested in the Floriani “MY Decorative Quilter”. Will Dime also have a version of this program?

    • Tamara Evans

      Yes! It is called “My Quilt Embellisher”.

  • Wende

    I also am very frustrated……… are we supposed to get this free software from DiME Inspire? In other words HELP.

  • Pattrish

    I’m relieved to know I can install the DIME software as a totally separate program and can run all 3 separately. Currently, Floriani’s “new” software has far too many glitches…and these glitches needed to be incorporated into the software “before” even sending it to their dealers. Arrgghhh!!!

    Now, to the dealer problem. I’m another who has a dealer who will only handle Floriani. I want to make sure I understand…this will be provided in 30 days for us to download. BUT, my question is this…how will you know “me” and how will I get notified of this download.


  • George Crawford

    I see no phone # to contact Dime

  • Rebecca Hunt

    I talked with my dealer today and they do not have any information on the Inspiration update/ upgrade. I currently own Floriani Total Control Pro. I did not receive a link although i did have an email in my junk folder a few weeks ago. I suppose it was emptied. Could you please send a link or address where I might follow up on this new software. Thank you. Rebecca Hunt

  • Wiliam

    I went through your process and was given emails stating that I would receive a email link to down load the new version of the embroidery software. That has been a couple of weeks ago and have not heard from you since. Please notify me of your intended release of this free upgrade. I have FTC


  • Terry

    I am a dealer who would like to carry the Inspirations software in my store with events and have not been able to get any information as to whether I am accepted.

    • Tamara Evans

      Please send an email to [email protected] with your contact information and store location. It will be forwarded to someone who would be happy to assist you. Thank you!

  • Pamela Snider

    I have Floriani Total Control Professional and My Decorative Quilter and have not rec’d any e-mail with a download links to the new corresponding Inspiration software versions. My local dealers will not be carrying the Inspirations software as they are carrying the new Floriani software. So I need to get an e-mail with the downlod infomation. The 1st webinar for your software is tonight and I have no software.

  • Gloria Mraz

    My dealer is not going to carry the DIME software. I, too, would love a link to download it and then add my serial number to activate it. Soooo much easier!

  • Gloria Mraz

    Where do we sign up for Webinar??

  • Virginia

    I have the following questions:

    If I access the Inspiration link, will I lose access to and use of the version of Floriani Total Control Pro I presently have and use?

    How long is the free update to Inspiration available? When do I have to decide if I want to take advantage of this offer?

    Will updates to Inspiration be free?

    The emails I have received have been a bit confusing. Thank you for answering these questions.

    • Tamara Evans

      You will NOT lose anything you currently have! At this time there is no expiration date for choosing to install the Inspiration software. G7 Solutions, the software developer, will continue to provide free updates forever as they have in the past.

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  • tina barry

    How do I get my free software ?

  • Debora Nipper

    Eileen will you confirm the following. There’s been a lot stated here and I’m not sure if/how this impacts anything I already have.

    1. We will be able to upgrade to Floriani Total Control U as a previous owner of Total Control Software. That update comes from the dealer.

    2. Will we also be able to upgrade to Perfect Embroidery free of charge without impacting our ability to use any of the previously loaded Floriani or the new version FTC-U?

    3. We can choose to do both?

    4. How long do we have? I haven’t gotten anything from my dealer who also knows nothing about this, but I want to have the option as well. When will we be getting that option if we don’t have an email from our dealers?

    • Tamara Evans

      You can absolutely do both! Perfect Embroidery Pro will not, in any way, impact your ability to use any other software. As the dealer base is being built, you will be updated on new dealers and your options for updating to the Inspiration brand.

  • christina herring

    My dealer has no idea what I’m talking about as far as the dime link for download can you please help me

  • denise

    I am interested in teaching this software for Inspiration dealers in the Colorado area. I have been teaching the G7 solutions software for as long as it has been around and have extensive knowledge about the software and the projects. Since the ‘split’ I would like to offer Inspiration dealers a ‘heads-up’ in an instructor who has the knowledge and experience. Please email me if something can be worked out.

    • Deb and Mike

      Denise–HELP! We are new to machine embroidery. We recently purchased a Brother PR1000e and the DIME Inspiration software. I have extensive experience with computers and technical design software programs and thought the transition would be rather seamless. No so. We are becoming very comfortable, but are very frustrated with aspects of the program that do not seem user friendly, especially to someone who is new to embroidery. We have used it to digitize several logos, but found the experience time-consuming and frustrating. We have been watching a lot of videos (You-Tube in particular). We have also been searching for quick start classes to no avail. I would be interested in visiting with you if you are offering start-up classes or one-on-one (two?) training on the Inspiration software.

      • Deb and Mike

        That should have said “we are becoming very comfortable with the Brother PR1000e,” but not with the Inspiration software. Also, we are located in Colorado which is why your post caught our attention.

  • Ida K Boyce

    I watched the Webinar tonight and enjoyed it very much although it cut off 15 minutes early without warning. I have the Floriani Total Control U software which I have had for several years and still do not feel comfortable using it. I am interested in trying the new DIME software as it offers a number of great additional features that I feel will make it easier to use. Anxious to download the software and give it a try. The 30 days is almost up so am anxious to get notification to download. Thanks.

  • Monica Miller

    Please email me with the information on how I can obtain the D.I.M.E. Inspirations softwear. I have Floriani Embroidery Suite, FTC Pro and the newest
    FTC U. I have a friend who has already received a link, downloaded and installed DIME Inspirations on her computer with no conflicts or problems.

  • Nancy

    Please send me the dealer information for those of us where the dealer they bought their original FTCP from are choosing to not offer the D.I.M.E. Inspirations software.
    Thank you

  • NancyR

    They are nearing completion of the DIME/Inspiration dealer list. For further information about your download link, please contact the support desk at and include your name, address and the dealer where you purchased the original software on the support ticket.

    If you are a first time customer and wish to purchase the Dime/Inspiration embroidery or quilting software packages, you may also use this link to request the name of the dealer closest to you.

  • Nancy Z

    Tried to open a ticket and where it asks for the software I am currently using, it doesn’t have the Floriani Pro. I am really really interested in continuing with the Inspiration format and am eager to download the new version. I liked the format the Floriani had and the new one is just not there.

    • NancyR

      Select the Inspiration equivalent, Perfect Embroidery Pro or Upgrade, and explain you are inquiring about the Dealer Network and download link.

      • Ida K Boyce

        Nancy, I am inquiring about the Dealer Network and download link. I have not been able to locate a dealer in the Atlanta Area that is handling the Dime Software. I had hoped by now that you would have the Dealer Network completed. I have seen that the dealer (can’t remember their name at the moment) in Martinez, Ga. is going to carry your software but it is about 140 miles from me. Should I call them to try and get the link? Is there anyone in the Metro Atlanta Area that is going to handle your software?

        • NancyR

          Ida, thank you again for your interest. I do not have access to the dealer network list as I am a volunteer on the Inspiration forum and respond to the Blog when possible. Please contact the Support desk at they are all of the current information available and will be able to assist you.

          • Ida K Boyce

            Thanks for your response Nancy. I received a response from the Support Desk giving me the name of two dealers that I can contact to request the link. I will contact the closest one tomorrow. Thank you very much. Looking forward to getting the softward and working with it.

  • judith stone

    i have My Decorative Quilter software. Any difference between Inspiration Quilt Embellisher and decorative quilter? different patterns, different fonts,
    I am concerned if I download inspiration software that I will give up my free updates with Floriani. Can you clarify?

    • Tamara Evans

      Yes, there are already some updates with My Quilt Embellisher. Adding it to your computer will not in any way effect the My Decorative Quilter software. It should not prevent you from getting any update from Floriani.

  • Debora Nipper

    Has anyone received the download yet from Dime ?

    • Dori

      Yes maam. Hop onto the helpdesk and give me your location and where you purchased your software so that I can get your free download link for your Inspiration Software.
      Why choose when you can have it all?

      Join the forum and chat with others who are at the Inspired Level!!
      Forum: http://www.inspirationsupport/forum
      Dori – Tech Support for

      • Dori

        BTW: We do not give you the links….we put you on the list so that you can get the link. Inspiration Software is not on a CD. There is no cost to the update to your original Floriani. Nothing happens to any of the original programs when you download the new Inspiration Software. The Inspiration Software is install with new icons on your desktop. WOW….so easy!

        • Debora Nipper

          I’ve put in ticket but I have yet to hear anything! What’s going on and why can’t I get the link yet?

          • Dori

            Hi Deborah,
            Yup…I see you did put in ticket and I did reply back. Please make sure that you check your spam box because I get trashed sometimes .

          • Debora Nipper

            what email address would you have sent it under? I have checked all my areas and cannot find an email with a download in it.

  • Debora Nipper

    Thanks Dori for your help…found the reply. Look forward to getting the download from dealer.

  • Gloria Mraz

    Sent in a ticket. Have heard nothing.

    • Dori

      I am so sorry….my answer to your tickets must have dropped into spam again. Please leave me a ticket or respond to the tickets that are still open.

      Submit a ticket on HelpDesk:

      Join the forum and chat with others who are at the Inspired Level!!
      Forum: http://www.inspirationsupport/forum
      Dori – Tech Support for

      • Pat mchale

        I did this and never heard from them

    • NancyR

      If you submitted a ticket and have not received a response, check your Spam folder first, sometimes unfamiliar email addresses land in that folder. If it’s not there, please resubmit a second ticket, and let the help desk know that this is a second request.

  • Pat mchale

    My dealer has gone to dime. I was told by them that there was an update to dime but I could not update at the sight. I opened a ticket and never heard from Dime. Not very good service.

    • NancyR

      Pat, please check your Spam folder, many times an unfamiliar email address ends up in the Spam or Junk folder. If a reply is not there, please open another ticket to the Support Desk,

  • Ida K Boyce

    Yesterday I was given the names of two dealers to contact to obtain the link to download the Perfect Embroidery Pro Update. I have tried contacting both of them today and received a recording that neither of the phone numbers were in order at this time. Any idea why their phone numbers are not working? Both were dealers in Georgia.

    • NancyR

      Please reply to your last ticket and let the Support Desk know of the issues you have encountered; dealer information is available through the Support Desk

  • Lou Bush

    I have not received any emails from my dealer for DIME to update the old Floriani to the new PEP program. From webinars and “help” sections on the Floriani U site, it sure looks to me like DIME may be pulling away (in a positive way) in innovation and ease of use. So, how do I go about updating the old Floriani to Perfect Embroidery Pro software? Thanks.

  • Lou Bush

    I ‘Googled” Perfect Embroidery Pro Dealers” and this is the site that was suggested by Google. Am I going in circles?

    • NancyR

      Thank you for your interest,
      please contact the Support Desk at http://www/ to receive your download link. Include your name, address and where you purchased your original software.

  • Wanda Pessatore

    I have the Floriani Total Control U and was wondering how I can get the DiME free download. I was out of town when Sewing Studio had their presentation.

    Thank you,


  • Richard Davis

    I have had no luck getting support from Dime for the new link or software. Can someone please advise how and when this will be available? I’ve contacted my local dealer and they told me they have had no luck getting Reps from Dime to respond to their questions. May of their Customers are in a holding pattern waiting on instructions from Dime. Is Dime going to provide the same high lever of Customer Service we are used to getting with FTC? So far I have my doubts because we cannot get anyone from Dime to respond.

    • Dori

      I am sorry that I missed you on the HelpDesk.
      Please send me an email to
      and give me your current zipcode and I will locate the closest dealer to you.
      Just takes minutes.
      Tech Support

      • Richard Davis

        Hi Dori,
        The email link you provided actually was a link back to your website. My zip code is 80109 but as I had mentioned, I contacted my local dealer and they have no information to provide me. They mentioned that they have submitted several requests and have not heard back from you guys. Please advise how I get the new software that is equivalent to the Florian Total Control Pro.

        Thank you,

  • Lou Bush

    I tried to download PEP when the split from Floriani was first made aware to current owners of Floriani embroidery software. I was unsuccessful, being told my serial number was no good. A Floriani rep told me that basically that was a bunch of “hooey” and my dealer got a bit snippy with me when I explained how unhappy I was with the new Floriani U version with all it’s glitches, especially after viewing a few DIME webinars that looked absolutely wonderful and user friendly. I feel like I’ve been hung out to dry by all parties and to say that I’m aggravated is putting it mildly!

    • Dori

      Dear Lou,
      Because you own the Floriani Commercial version of the Floriani software, the DIME software will not work with your commercial version to update it.

      We are not able to transition your software and we apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing you.


      • Richard Davis

        Hi Stitch,
        It was really nice meeting you and I can’t think you enough of your quick response to my questions regarding my new Dime software. You got me up and running! You guys are great and I’m looking forward to working with you in the further.


  • Kathleen Lamb

    I live in the Minneapolis (MN) area and have the DIME PEP software, which is working fine. I am also enjoying the webinars. So far, “my” dealer is located in Fargo, North Dakota. The dealer is very nice and helpful by phone, but I will not be able to participate in any DIME events with them due to the distance. Have any dealers been added in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area?

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  • Rosalyn James

    need to download inspirations software. I have floriani total control U.

    • Dori

      You are welcome to download your software directly from the site. Click Software, Click Redeem Purchases. Download the corresponding software to the ORIGINAL Floriani software that you have. You will find that your Inspiration software will automatically install and activate if you have the ORIGINAL Floriani software installed on your computer.
      Any questions, please go to: Hereto and create a ticket and ask for help.


  • Christina L. Rainey

    Can we be dealers for both products?

  • Dori

    Absolutely. Please contact the Inspiration Team and we will answer all of your questions. [email protected]

  • Tamekia Bush

    I need a little help. My screen icon says PEP but when I open the software it say Perfect Embroidery Suite which isn’t Perfect Embroidery Pro so which version am I supposed to have because PES has significantly less features than PEP.

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    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Sandra,
      Our team will be happy to assist. Please go through the Help Desk:

      Thank you,

  • c knapp

    None of the support for DIME works, it all ends in either a blank screen or a Page not found/File or Directory error. I spent several hundred dollars for software that doesn’t work and has no support. InspirationSupport is the WORST, no support at all.