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It’s Time to Rally Behind New Experiences!

I don’t know about you but I love routine!  When forced to embrace change I’ll grumble a bit but will eventually rally behind the new experience.  If you’ve stopped by our new website you’ll notice a cleaner, more organized place to hangout.  The website is more robust—yet still has the same content you have grown accustomed to—like Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog, Free Designs, the Designs Plus Newsletters, and our Shopping Cart.  And we are especially excited about being able to offer you the ability to manage your subscription online!

If you’re on our mailing list then you are familiar with our weekly specials.  (If you aren’t, go ahead and sign up by clicking here.)  We’re known for offering great bundle offers like bonus projects and bonus designs with the purchase of hoops, embroidery books and more.  We also love to share Free Shipping offers with our customers.  The money saved in shipping costs can be spent on more important things… like more embroidery supplies!

Our new Shopping Cart makes redeeming special offers a pain-free experience. Here’s why:

  1. When we offer Bonus Projects + Designs with the purchase of products, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to download the Bonus gifts.  Talk about convenient!

  2. When we offer free Shipping Offers and Discounts—all you have to do is enter a coupon code upon checking out.  The shipping or discount that is applicable will be deducted before you buy the product.  Just remember to enter that coupon code!  If you forget the code refer to the handy email you received with the coupon code.

Speaking of special offers, have you taken advantage of these nifty offers?

  1. Free Shipping on All Products!  Use coupon code:  savebig
    Hurry!  Offer expires on July 12, 2013.  Available for US orders only.  For more details, click here.
  2. Free embroidery design when you create an account on the Designs in Machine Embroidery shopping cart page.  (You don’t have to buy anything, just create an account!)  Click here to create an account.

Free Design for signing up @ Dime


Here’s your assignment this week:

In the spirit of makeovers – one reader comment will be chosen to receive Designer Necklines One Step T-Shirt Makeovers. Just leave us a comment below about why you want to win, it’s that easy!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Can you find the hidden hearts in this image? Tell us how many hidden hearts you see and one lucky winner will be chosen randomly to receive $25 off at the DIME website. Happy heart hunting!

And the answer is…7 hearts. Our winner is Mary Ann – “I see 7 hearts. I’d love to see where all of them are at the end.”




  • Marilyn Weiss

    It’s the one thing that I wanted at the Stitching Sisters event that I attended and didn’t buy (had to stop buying at some point)and now I regret it!

    • Colleen Gnehm

      I would love to win the designs and do some tee shirt updates.

  • Gwen Breece

    I would like to receive the neckline designs because it might draw more attention to that area and keep my waist rolls from being noticed. Gravity is not my friend these days. Ha!

  • Joyce Stiehler

    I would love to win the neckline designs because Nancy always makes things that look impossible sew easy!

  • Cheryl

    This is one area of embroidery I have been wanting to try. I love wearing t-shirts and would like to dress them up! Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Cynthia Wentworth

    I would love to win the neckline designs. Eileen and Nancy have inspired me so much. I have learned so much from them in the past year. I am currently working on the Lady Liberty Quilt from Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique. I have only embroidered two t-shirts. I think the neckline designs would be beneficial for going “beyond” the basics.

  • Jo of So TX

    I difinitely saw more than 7 hearts, and checked again on he pic you outlined on and sure enough their are 3 more that just jump out without looking and even more when you look.

  • Janet Payne

    I would love to win because I have been wanting to get the neckline designs for a long time.

  • Donna N.

    Because I have a billion tee shirts that desperately need making over!

  • Donna

    I would like to win this set because its on my wish list and I have a lot of shirts that I would like to makeover so I can wear them to work and feel like I have something new on.

  • Susan

    Love Gwen’s comment above about rolls and gravity! I would love to win this book as I AM IN A RUT with my clothes and definitely need to make some tees over. This would surely perk up my wardrobe. (Can’t afford to buy all new these days). Thanks for chance.

  • Jill

    I love these designs and would love to be able to repurpose my T-shirts.

  • Bonnie G

    I have so many t-shirts tucked away because they are so plain. I would love to be able to make changes to them to make them more attractive.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    Great designs and great instructions. AS you might guess I already have this one so if you pull my name I don’t need it so pull another. I just wanted to comment on the product so others would get even more excited.

  • Valarie Black

    I have taken your craftsy class, the Machine Embroidered T-Shirt and loved it. Now I want to do more shirts and could sure use this book and designs!

  • Charlotte Silber

    Would love a copy of this. Have tried it on my own. The shirt did not turn out as well as I thought it would. LOL

  • Chris W

    I love to try new techniques! I would love to win this.

  • Nancy Owens

    I would love to win Nancy & Eileen’s newest collaboration. The main reason is that I have recently lost around 60 pounds and NOTHING I own fits anymore, I have managed to get a couple pair of jeans but I would love to remake some of my favorite t-shirts into something I can still wear! Plus it is always fun to go shopping on dime!

  • Gail Beam

    I would love to win to try out this new technique!

  • Linda

    i love machine embroidery and look at each t-shirt as a blank canvas just waiting for a creative moment to becme a unique garment! These designs will be spectacular!

  • Mary Thiessen

    This book would come in handy, as I would like to learn how to dress up my blouses and t shirts. I love watching Nancy and Eileen and their demonstrations and lessons have helped me to be a better seamstress in my sewing and machine embroidery.

  • Greta Kanegae

    I would like to win because I hate tight necklines on shirts and would love to be able to alter them in an easier fashion 😀

  • Donna G.

    I love t-shirts and this would let me add just the right touches to them! It’s a great concept in embroidery.

  • Jackie Ames

    Am always trying to think of new ideas for t-shirts, and this would really help me. I love to machine embroider.

  • CY

    I have a problem with most t-shirt necklines feeling as if they are choking me. Having the “Designer Necklines” would allow me to make adjustments to my nicer T-shirts so I can wear them more comfortably.

  • Barb Torrey

    I would love to win the neckline kit! I teach high school textiles classes in a lower income area. We are blessed to have an embroidery machine in our department which the students love to use. This kit would be well used and inspirational for my students as well as helping them to personalize their wardrobes.

  • Nancy Weber

    I love soft knit shirts, but will not wear unisex T-shirts. I am always looking for new ways to dress up plain shirts and make them look more feminine!

  • Pat Baker

    Really interested in the T-shirt DVD. Thanks for the chance to win. I like the new website design!

  • Kim Fisher

    I think this would be a great way to personalize plain t-shirts.

  • Patty

    I love tshirts but hate the necklines. Every time this is on special I consider it just out of price range.

  • Linda W

    I’d love to win Designer Necklines! Nancy and Eileen are wonderful teachers. I’m sure their easy to follow instructions would give me the confidence I need to redesign a t-shirt neckline.

  • Patty Sack

    I love T-shirts and wear them all of the time. I love the idea of changing them up with different necklines and would like more ideas!

  • Betsy

    For years I’ve wanted to try to make over a t-shirt…long before I saw you and Nancy on TV. I attempted it once but the results were not to my liking. I could use your expert guidance!

  • Jan R Shaw

    I need to learn to be more creative and T-shirts are a large staple of my wardrobe. Designer Necklines One Step T-Shirt Makeovers would be just the ticket to get me started

  • Denise Jesse

    I would love to win so my t-shirts would look more lady like.

    Thank you

  • Jennifer P

    I wear t-shirts to work most every day. I am really tired of the same old crew neck shirts and would love to make some more attractive ones. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Marsha Nelson

    I buy my clothing on a tight budget and wear a lot of plain t-shirts. It would be so great to make them look like more than a plain t.

  • Cande Gordon

    I work in a medical office so I wear Scrubs. We can wear any color we like as long as it is not a crazy print. I believe that I can use these designs to dress up my scrubs and make them pretty. I work at the front desk and therefore I am the first and last person our patients see. It would be nice to greet them and send them on their way in a happy mood.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Barbhekyll

    Nancy and Eileen together – what could be better? Would love to try the new designer necklines. Although designed for T-Shirts, I believe I could use them on scrubs. boring to wear the same color scrubs every shift at the hospital, this would add a nice change.

  • Calla Ferguson

    I not only want to win but I need to win the designer necklines to repurpose the t-shirts my mom gave me. I love hand me downs, even at 52, but all the t-shirts have scooped necks that aren’t very flattering on me. With the Designer Necklines I won’t ruin them trying to do it myself!

  • Cathy

    Would like to be able to add something special to my plain t-shirts. Thanks so much for your great blog, and website.

  • Cande Gordon

    Would love to dress up my scrubs for the office. As in my earlier post I think it is nice to greet our patients with a happy note. I work for a specialist and most of our patients are elderly and on Medicare. They love when i wear Scrub Tops that I have embroidered a flower etc on. I Think the Designer Necklines would be GREAT!

    I attended the Stitching Sisters Event last month in Pomona California hosted by Moore’s Sewing. We had so much fun and learned so much. I purchased the Designer Handbags and the directions are wonderful. Have already made two of them and LOVE them!

  • Patty Schrock

    Hi, I would LOVE to win. Most of my sewing projects are gifts so I could “spread it around”! Thanks Love the newsletter too!

  • judy

    I would love to win this because T-shirts are frightening to me. I will try just about any sewing/embroidery project, but T-shirts. When I first got my embroidery machine I embroidered a design on a T-shirt for my husband. I got it in the wrong place – he laughed and said he would have to raise his arm to see the design! I have tried other Tees since and never seem to get them right!

    • Denise Holguin

      Don’t give up! I encourage you to keep trying!

      If you’re interested in doing left-chest embroidery for your husband, you might want to check out the Embroiderer’s Helper. There’s no measuring or guesswork involved to determine where to place the embroidery design on the garment. Stop by our website to see the product in action.

      And whatever you do… don’t give up on stitching t-shirts. Each try is a stepping stone towards success. 🙂

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Barbara

    I’d like to win this set so that my neckline makeovers look professional instead of like, “Gee, you made that. It’s . . . so interesting.”

  • Gwynn McKenzie

    I’m retiring soon and want to spend time learning and practicing my newest passion – machine embroidery. My wardrobe is rather boring and plain so it is now time to make it a little more snazzy. The Designer Necklines are perfect for my plain Jane t-shirts. I can just see them now with little crystals in the centers of the flowers. Pick me, please!

  • Corene Burns

    I would love to try your neckline ideas and designs. I do a LOT of embroidery for others as gifts; now I would like to make something pretty for myself.

  • Jacqueline Curtis

    I take t-shirts and try new things on them all the time. It is sometimes imagination and other times out of necessity. When you put a hole in something and have to cover it it up it forces you to be creative. So any time I can find another way to do something is a boon for me.

  • Colleen Gnehm

    I would love to win the designs. I know of several tee shirts that could be updated.

  • Karen

    It would be great to up date some t-shirts.

  • Kathy Costello

    I would like to win because I need to overcome my fear of doing embroidery on a finished garment. I do quilt squares mostly and stay away from T-shirts after having problems many years before.

  • JJ

    I enjoy your blog and the magazine. They are inspiring and it gives me incentive to try to do more with my machine. I tried to embroider a design on a tee this past week and it is a good thing I used an old one because it didn’t end up where I wanted it. Will have to try again. Good thing I have a lot of old tees!

    Thanks for all you put out there for the rest of us.

    • Mary Haggenmaker

      There is a note above about a toll called “Embroider’s Helper”. It can be used for placement. I have one that I use all the time and it is wonderful. They are possibly the same thing. Mine is called “Embroider’s Buddy”. It has markings for both men and women’s sizes. They also make one from children’s sizes. Hope this is helpful to you.

      • Mary Haggenmaker

        should be tool not toll and should be for not from and should be Embroiderer’s not Embroider’s. Sorry.

  • Phyllis

    I would love to win these fabulous designs. There is no doubt that a t-shirt with a fresh shape at the neck is much more intresting than a boring none de script, run of the mill t-shirt that can be bought in any clothing store. Add machine embroidery to that new designed neck area, and you have a shirt that everyone would love to have. Once your friends find out that “you” made that gorgeous shirt, you are in business! I would love to be that woman! Thank you Eileen for such an opportunity.

  • Diane Cockmaan

    I wear T-shirts all the time. Would love to follow your advise and do all my shirts with different necklines and designs. If I don’t win I’ll just have to order it. Thanks to you Eileen.

  • Pam

    Have yet to “update” the neckline of a T-shirt because I’m not sure where to start. This looks like the best advise available.

  • Connie

    T-shirts are a garment essential in my wardrobe because I am a full busted woman and being able to “dress up” these would be so nice. I have not attempted this yet but am super excited about the idea. This seems to be the best way to learn this embellishment. I am ready to win it, try it, model it, and succeed at it!

  • Mary

    Neckline redesigns would be very useful.

  • Cindy Jordan

    I have a number of T-Shirts that I have on hand at all times to embellish for other people, especially children; but I haven’t made any for myself because of the round neck. I have a very short neck and I feel like a t-shirt is choking me. I sometime take my scissors and cut a slit straight down from the top of the collar for comfort sake. I would love an embroidery solution for a cut out neckline that would be suitable for my comfort.

  • Frances Leiter

    Nancy an Eileen inspire and motivate one to try interesting new projects which broaden and deepen one’s skills and interest.
    I’d like to win the Designer Necklines Tee Makeovers to expand my array of donations to non-profit fund-raising efforts. I’m always on the lookout for quick, easy, appealing, and practical projects to donate.

  • Connie W.

    I have had my eye on the “Designer Necklines” for quite a while. Any project that Nancy and Eileen team up for is always a winner! The shirts would make wonderful gifts that everyone I know would love to receive!

  • debe

    I like doing T-shirt makeovers & this would make it that much easier! It looks easy to use.

  • cindy s

    Would love to win neckline designs. I would sew shifts years ago for my grandmother who would only wear a lower neckline.

  • Vicky Isliefson

    It seems like it’s all about t-shirt right now. ASG is talking about them, and our local Wichita Chapter is sponsoring a prize at the Kansas state fair for a fashion t-shirt. This book would be a great help.

  • Judy Wentz

    I have a lot of old thirts that I just can’t seem to get rid of. They could use a face lift.

  • Barbara Giamportone

    I would love to win Your & Nancy’s book “Designer Necklines” also. I make my own t-shirts & would love to learn how to jazz them up with embroidery so they don’t look so plain. If I don ‘t win I know I’ll have to buy this book. Even if I don’t win I’d say congratulations to the winner. Good luck everyone.

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