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Happy Holidays!

All of us at Designs in Machine Embroidery would like to say thank you to all our readers and customers who make our jobs possible! We enjoy sharing our love for machine embroidery with you through the magazine, products, videos and online. We learn so much from you—and it motivates us to work harder to serve you more! We look forward to sharing even more inspiration with you in the New Year.

If you find yourself needing a respite from the chaos of the holidays or perhaps it’s a little too quiet this Christmas—have no fear! Here’s a fun project that will bring a smile to your face as you remember warm family memories and your favorite family recipes. Written and created by my dear friend, Rita Farro, ( it’s a manageable project for all of us to tackle. So ask your family members for their favorite recipes and include them in the recipe book – a great way to preserve your family traditions.

It’s time to pull out your favorite fabric, gather your embroidery thread and warm up some cocoa! You have a Family Recipe book to make! And we want to see photos!  You can post on our Facebook!

Download the free project and free embroidery design now!

We’ll be back next Thursday to announce the winners of the DigiStitches shopping sprees!




  • Alice M

    Would be a great start to a Christmas present for next year for family members to have and cherish all those family recipes to hand down from generation to generation.
    Thanks so much for the project and embroidery design

    • Denise Holguin

      You are very welcome! We were so inspired by last week’s cookie discussion on the blog that we couldn’t resist offering this cookbook project to all our readers. Enjoy!


  • Lesley

    I love “happy holidays” thankyou.

  • Janice Murry

    Thanks for this project! I have thought of trying to gather my recipes for my children, but just haven’t done it. This will inspire me to get it done.

  • Betsy

    Coincidentally, I hauled out a box of unorganized recipes from the cupboard last week with the good intension of organizing them. Your idea is great and hopefully will inspire me to complete this project that I’ve been putting off for way too long. However, after reading your friend Rita’s story, I have 2 cookbooks to make..the one originally planned and now the childhood recipes. You see, my 5 siblings and I lost our dear mother 2 years ago this January. We still all gather Christmas Eve with our spouses, children and grandchildren just as we did with Mom and we cook the same foods as Mom always served. But what a great idea to dig up all the other recipes of foods we ate as kids and present cookbooks to my sibs. They’ll love it despite the tears it will bring. Thank you for a great idea. Merry Christmas to all !

    • eileen

      Merry Christmas, Betsy! Your mom would be so proud of all of you for continuing your Christmas Eve traditions. And how those cookbooks will delight your siblings!

  • Gail Beam

    What a wonderful project!! My mom passed away 3 yrs ago and there were always some favorite recipes that she made at Christmas time. Just recently one of my sisters called to see if I had the date nut candy recipe that mom always made. Luckily, I had it and was able to give it to her.
    Wishing everyone a Very Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays!

  • Raindrops

    Thank you for the cute project. This would be great for adding all my desert / snack recipes I’ve been collecting from various groups and blog sites this year.
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  • Wendy

    I’ve made several family recipe books for Wedding Gifts, but now you have inspired me to make this as a Holiday gift to share with the rest of the family so that those cherished memories and family traditions can be preserved across the generations and country as we spread near and far!