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Pick One!

Mary Mulari’s travel designs are fun and fast to stitch and just right for jazzing up some travel accessories.  I think my favorite is Shampoo Girl. Of the six designs shown below, tell us which one is your favorite and you could win a copy of Mary’s book and embroidery collection.  We’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday.

Recently I had the chance to chat with Mary Mulari about her new book and embroidery collection, Travel Gear Made Easy. Here’s what she had to say.

Why have you focused on creating travel accessories? I think that EVERYONE travels; whether it’s a trip to the library or an around-the-world cruise, it involves leaving home. The items we sew help to make those trips more comfortable, convenient, and pleasurable. In addition, travel accessories make great gifts and when we personalize them with monograms and embroideries, they become even more special and awesome.

How did I get inspired to write TRAVEL GEAR MADE EASY and create the companion embroidery CD?  This seems to be one of my favorite sewing topics! Two previous books are out of print so this is the third time I’ve written about travel accessories. The projects are new, of course, and they’ve been featured on two recent programs of Sewing with Nancy. I want embroiderers, quilters, and others who haven’t considered sewing for travel before to try these quick and easy-to-sew projects. Adding travel theme embroideries from the TRAVEL GEAR MADE EASY CD is a terrific way to include style, identification, and personalization on the projects from the book. I really enjoyed creating the designs for this CD, and also incorporating the monogram alphabet. 

Describe how I enjoy being well-prepared for travel. Leaving home can be stressful due to a rush of preparation and a shortage of time to pack and organize life at home and on the road. A collection of labeled and filled bags set aside specifically for travel makes it easier to begin filling a suitcase with needed supplies. For example, the embroidery design of various cords and the USB symbol are ideal for a small bag set aside for recharging cords and USB sticks. It will also be obvious what’s in the bag embroidered with the makeup tools. Colorful fabrics make cheerful accessories to enjoy using in your “home away from home.” I’ve discovered that the more I travel, the better I know what is convenient, what makes me happy when I open my luggage to find a specific item I’ve packed in a TRAVEL GEAR MADE EASY accessory.

What did I forget to pack on one of my trips? It was a Caribbean cruise in the 1980’s. I thought I had carefully and thoughtfully packed my large suitcase for the week-long adventure but on the first morning I discovered that I had packed no underpants! Fortunately the first stop on the itinerary was in the Bahamas and I was able to stock up for the rest of the trip. I learned something from the experience:  Most things we forget to pack can be purchased at our destination. On a winter trip to New York City when my luggage was delayed, I bought two turtlenecks to wear with the wool jacket I wore on the plane. Just this morning I put on one of those turtlenecks and recalled the pleasures of that trip. The same thing happened after the cruise with my new underwear! These are examples of practical, reusable souvenirs.

Mary tells me she’s often asked if the TRAVEL GEAR MADE EASY book and CD contain the same information/designs. The answer to that question is no. They are excellent companions and the design CD includes three distinct projects to sew that are not in the book:  Spectacles Eyeglass Holder, Bright Lights, Big City Luggage Tag, and the Fat Quarter Hanger Cover. Each of these is spectacular with embroidered accents.


Here’s your assignment this week:

Mary Mulari’s travel designs are fun and fast to stitch and just right for jazzing up some travel accessories. Of the six designs shown at the top of the page, tell us which one is your favorite and you could win a copy of Mary’s book and embroidery collection. We’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday.

So don’t forget to post your comment – let us know what your favorite design is and you could be a winner!



The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Leave a comment below about what topic you’d like to see covered on the blog. One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique.

And the winner is…“Hi Nancy. I am starting to sew and quilt after a long absence from the machine. I would love to see anything on the blog that shows new methods so I don’t get caught up in ‘old’ techniques when I sew for my new Granddaughter (my first and my inspiration to create again with fabric :) I am Canadian and devour your catalogue. I have purchased and will continue as your products are not always available to us. Thank you for all that you do :)” – Darylene




  • Martie Dutro

    I absolutely love the washing and ironing symbols!! Not just for the vacation clothes, but for all my gifts to others. What a great idea. The shampoo girl is adorable.

    • Karen

      I really like the kitty in the suitcase as it reminds us of the loved ones at home waiting for us to return from our travels,


    • Cathy Plomos

      My daughter is a hairstylist so I love the Shampoo girl! The make up set is next in line.

    • Rita

      I love the kitty in the suitcase. My kitties always want to help me pack or try to “stow away”!

      • Sandra

        I like the kitty in the suitcase because my kiiies love resting in a suitcase

      • Leslie

        The kitty is my favorite! Mine just has to see what I am up to when the bags come out!

    • collette youse

      I think that the sewing and ironing symbles are unique! I like all of the designs. great for travel items

    • Becky Z

      I hate picking one – I have 2 favorites! The shampoo girl because I love to have my hair shampooed by someone else – so relaxing! The kitty in the suitcase because I think of my dog when I travel. Sometimes I have to leave her behind – so sad!

    • gloriawr

      I find the sewing / ironing symbol icons are not only cute but practical for adding to gifts one makes for friends and family.
      I can think of numerous ways they could be used.

      Of course, all are nice but you said choose ONE.

      And having a chance to win the book is an added bonus.

  • charlotte S.

    I love them all, but the camisole and pantie is so cute. It would be great for bath towels instead of using his and hers on them. Also the shampoo if darling as they all are.

  • Lori W

    The shampoo girl is definitely cute, but my favorite is the kitty in the suitcase. When the suitcase comes out and is being packed, my dog watches carefully….it seems like he is waiting to go in the suitcase next!

  • Martha

    I love the camisole and panties to make a tag for such if they are in a separate bag in my luggage. The same for the cute shampoo girl on a cosmetic bag. The cat in the luggage is exactly what my cat does and is so cute.

  • Carolyn Hutchinson

    I love the suitcase cat but the rest are great too!

  • Jill

    They are all so cute. I’m kinda a Girly Girl so I really like the camisole and panties.

  • Peggy Schroeder

    Hi Eileen,
    I, too, like the “Shampoo Girl”. I got to thinking about what Mary said about traveling, and I have decided to really think the next time I go somewhere, about what I really need to take, and the big shampoo and conditioner bottles we pack, do we really need them? Can’t we get by with what the hotel supplies? It is normaly just for a couple of days, and besides they take a lot of room that could be used for more necessary things, like fabric and thread!

  • Lois Gilstorff

    Cat in suitcase – love it!

  • Dawn D

    Hi Eileen Seems like the laundry icons, and the shampoo girl are getting the most votes, and I have to agree. Both will be most handy for travel later this year.

  • beth daniels

    I like the iron and a few other little appliances. they make me think of when I go to a quilting retreat for a week. I have to have an iron and a few of the necessities for my traveling to the retreat.

  • diana

    I love all if them and think I would make them all.

  • Chris

    The cat in the suitcase is my favorite, it reminds me of our dog when we pack our suitcases, she tries to pack herself.

  • Jackie

    I really like the kitty in the suitcase, it is my favorite. Mary has such cute but practical designs and ideas.

  • Susan

    Each is adorable and I can think of lots I would put them on. After being a “road warrior as a teaching nurse specialist, now I have time to make some of these. I love the make up and the camisole best.

  • Jane Scott

    I am a hairstylist, so the shampoo girl is my fav. It would be so cute on a zipper pouch for travel.

  • Judy

    I love the camisole and panties its so cute and would be so cute on alot of travel things for a girls weekend away…love it

  • Joyce Violette

    The cat in the suitcase is my favorite. My “pound kitty” Charlie is forever sleeping in my suitcase when I put it in my spare bedroom and add items as I need them for my trip. Joyce

  • Barbara McKenzie

    For pure usefulness, I love the fabric care symbols – not just for travel but for any garment construction. But my “giggle” favorite is the cat in the suitcase – I have several photos of my daughter’s cats in exactly the same position!

  • Susan N

    Definitely the cat in the suitcase. Happens to me everytime I open my case to pack.

  • Sandra Rockwell

    I love all of them, but I love the lady with the hair in curls..sort of looked like me when I was in high school…Many, many years ago.

  • Barbara

    It HAS to be the cat in the suitcase — I find our Samantha in my suitcase every time I have to travel, and this design is the perfect reminder of home when I’m far away.

  • Patti Hokanson

    I love the shampoo girl too. Would love to win Mary’s book!!

  • Sandy Smith

    All the designs are adorable, and I especially like the variety, ranging from whimsical to utilitarian. I think my favorite of the six choices has to be the cat in the suitcase…it’s surprising, yet so like how cats behave!

  • Sylvia K.

    I like the kitty in the suitcase – hope I win the book!

  • Jean

    The designs are all great, but the cat in suitcase is my favorite!

  • Benie Webre

    I don’t have a favorite. I like them all! But I think the laundry icons are the most useful.

  • Maureen Bickham

    Shampoo Girl for sure. She looks so happy with her freshly washed & styled hair. Great way to embroider her hair styliing toolbag.

  • Diane willey

    I love all of the designs but my favorite is shampoo girl!

  • Gail Laub

    I like the cat in the suitcase. My cats just love to get inside my suitcase whenever it’s out. Makes packing a challenge.

  • Kathy Meyer

    I love them all! My dog acts like the cat when I pull out my suitcases, so I do relate to it.

  • Sheri in Iowa

    I like the stack of suitcases…..I love to travel, but don’t get to as much as I would like! Mary’s ideas are always great!

  • Lynda Ward

    They’re all very cute, but I’m most partial to the cat in the suitcase.

  • Gail Beam

    My favorite is the shampoo girl, but I think all of the designs are cute! Thanks for giving us a chance to win Mary’s great book on making travel accessories and the travel design CD.

  • Ginger

    I like the 3 suitcases the best! You could even make some tags for them!

  • M Kirby

    I definitely like the cat the best–it would remind us of our stay-at-home cat while we’re gone. The make-up accessories would be helpful, too. I just wish I could fit into camisole and panties that looked like that!

  • Carolyn H

    I like the camisole and panties. Cute!

  • Jackie Ames

    I think they are all so cute. Tho, I do like the shampoo girl the would be so cute on a towel. Mary always does a wonderful job.

  • E Stephenson

    I like the brushes. I have manage to leave my hairbrush at home more than once.

  • Mary

    I, too, like the shampoo girl. Seems I always have to either wet my hair or shampoo it each day to get it to look right.
    The cat some in second.

  • Diana Cleary

    I like the laundry care symbols. When previously traveling, have accidentally machine washed hand wash items that were mixed up in the laundry basket.. Would use to make up bags to put special wash items in as they are dirtied.

  • julie drake

    They’re all great, but my favorite is the stack of suitcases. I think that design would make a terrific luggage tag. The suitcases look like they’re smiling. Just makes me want to travel & smile myself!

  • Jeanne

    What a fun collection. I especially like the suitcases but must say that the washing and ironing symbols would be a great way to sort items on the trip. I think it is just fun to plan for travel and have a cute tote to brighten your way.

  • Patty

    I can see the shampoo girl (my favorite) on several items. A cosmetic bag, a toiletry bag even towels. So many possibilities with this cute girl.

  • Kristi D.

    I like the shampoo girl best, although I can see my Smokie cat sitting in the open suitcase. Love them all.

  • Jodie Hickman

    I love the shampoo girl! I am making head covers as a charity right now for a DAR convention.

  • Robin F

    the corsette is really adorable, But I love Shampoo Girl the most!

  • Susie Mackenberg

    The kitty in the suitcase gets my vote! Cats know something is up when the luggage comes out, and it usually means they are going to be left behind for a day or two; but it is sure fun to get inside and play for a bit!

  • Lola Gerhard

    I like the camisole and panties. It reminds me of my senior prom and I looked for weeks trying to find a merrywidow to wear under my dress. I did find one and suffered with it jabbing in my hip every time I danced.


    What a hard choice to make….but I really like the shampoo girl.

  • Rosemary O'Koren

    I like the girl washing her hair, it’s so cute. I just saw Mary at Puyalup, she and Nancy Zieman were so funny. I would love Mary’s book.

  • Linda Ladd

    I really like the suitcases. I could use them on items for trips. The trip could be just to spent the night or long distance. But I could mark my travel items with this design and keep them seperated from my everyday items!!!

  • Sandra Sanders

    It has to be the cat in the suitcase! Our cats past and present have always liked to explore. I have a photo of one inside a small flight bag with her head sticking out! Packing for a trip can bring some surprises!

  • Cathy Van Daalwyk

    I really love the shampoo girl and the book would a wonderful as well. Looking forward to seeing Mary in Beaver Dam in a few months!

  • Lynn Zukowski

    I love the pussycat in the suitcase-brings back lots of fond memories.

  • Bea Yuill

    absolutely love the cat in the suitcase

  • Kathy A

    I like the cat in the suitcase, as I have two that try to get in my sewing machine travel case and go to class with me.

  • Barbara Rowlan Wong

    The designs are all perfect for traveling; it would be hard to choose only one. I really like shampoo girl but I think the make- up brushes would be so neat on a cosmetic bag with a monogram in the middle. So many great ideas she’s presented I would use them all.

  • Eileen

    I like the luggage. On one trip with my family I neglected to bring my suitcase. My daughter kept telling me I had hers. I didn’t believe her until it was opened and I realized my error.

  • Carolyn Cohen

    My fav is the shampoo girl. Love the bubbles!

  • JudiC

    The cat in the suitcase is my favorite, my cat does that every time .

  • Suz Mobley

    My favorite is the shampoo girl. I’m leaving on a two week trip to South Africa and Europe in April. I’d love to win the book so I can travel with these stylist accessories.

  • Carol

    I love all the designs but the shampoo girl is my favourite!

  • Kathy Schmidt

    Love them all…my favorite is the 1 with all the fabric care symbols…would come in very handy 4 the stuff i sew from scratch then embroide.

  • Carol Bartlem

    I love them all but if I had to pick one it is the cami My husband and I are going travelling shortly and if I had that embroidered out on my delicates wash bag then maybe he would get the hint that that is the bag for my delicates to be washed by themselves

  • Linda Coleman

    my favourite design is the suitcase, I can see this done in different colours for every one in the family

  • Mattie M

    I love the kitty in the suitcase because everytime I pack my suitcase our cat jumps right into it and makes herself comfortable on my clothes as if to say “don’t forget to take me too!”

  • Cassandra Floyd

    My favorite is the Shampoo Girl, it is so cute. I also like the underware design that would look good on a lingerie bag. Mary is so creative.

  • maureen hicks

    I love the cat in a suitcase best of all the delightful designs. My cat likes to sit on the suitcase to delay my packing and thus stay at home, so I’d never be surprised to open the suitcase at my destination and find him inside!!!

  • usairdoll

    All the designs are great and I’d use them all. The shampoo girl is very cute!

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  • Renata

    If I had to pick one, it would be kitty in the suitcase because I always miss my little one when I travel but I can also imagine the stacked up suitcases as great for a label inside a bag. Wonderful ideas for staying organized, love it!… 🙂

  • Edie

    My fav is the kitty, but I sure wish it was a pup since I am a Dog Person. I always pack more dog fur than I need… LOL!

  • Gaila C

    I think the brushes would be cute with a monogram letter in the middle.

  • Colleen Bell

    Personally, I love the luggage design. I envision this on several pieces in the book for a gift set for a family member that travels regularly.

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful give-aways. I don’t know how you do it.

  • Nancy Weber

    I love the cat in the suitcase. My cats have to check everything out as well-you never know where you will find them! Hugs. Nan W

  • Diane Cockmaan

    I like the shampoo girl but it is a toss up between that and cat in the bag. Everytime my husband and I go on a trip, she gets in the suitcase and looks at you, as to say I’m ready.

  • Linda

    Love the camisole and pantie — great for a lingerie bag.

  • Pat DiPietro

    They are all so cute it is hard to choose which one I like best. But I think that the shampoo girl is the one. It would be fun to have this book, so I guess I will be on the look out for it.

    Thanks for all you do and for getting me started on my embroidery life back in Drexel Hill.


  • Deborah

    I love them all…but if I had to pick it would be the cat in the suitcase. This is so my cat into what ever you are doing…lol.

  • Joy Welsh

    Well – I love them all! I just love designs that make me smile – & these sure did! Everyone of them makes you think of something. To pick one – very hard – but I do think the lady with the bubbles on her hair is just so whimsical & makes me giggle.
    Job well done Mary!

  • Dottie Kirkwood

    The kitty in the suitcase reminds me of our cats when I was young. They would jump in the suitcase as soon as my Mom would get it out! Happy memories for sure. VBG

  • Nita

    I love them all too. But my favorite is the laundry care symbols, they are a perfect match to the care labels inside my sweaters and other clothes. So cute.

  • Kaye Windmiller

    The cat in the suitcase is my favorite although they are all great!

  • Dolores

    My favorite is shampoo girl….but they are all delightful! This really is a cute idea. Thanks Mary.

  • Anne

    I love the suitcases stacked up, I’m ready pack my dreams and head off on an adventure!
    Thanks for all your advice!

  • maria elena

    they are all adorable but since I have really curly hair, the shampoo girl is my favorite, she kind of looks like me!!

  • wendy

    Love the cat in the suitcase! Will have fun with all the designs!

  • Ann

    Hard to pick a favorite but the laundry symbols get my vote. I hate those the rough edges of the labelson purchased garments A book to help organize for travel would be very useful.

  • Donna Klug

    My favorite is the cat in the suitcase. Shampoo girl is a close second.

  • Lois

    I love the shampoo girl. Although the make-up brushes are cute, too — and the “unmentionables.” So difficult to choose just one!

  • Vicki L

    I adore the kitty in a suitcase because it brings back a great memory! When I was in the Army I spent some time in the hospital. My boyfriend, who was Special Forces, was being sent on a mission and was taking my cat to a friend’s house to be babysat. On the way there they stopped at the hospital and he smuggled the cat in to see me by putting her in a small suitcase. It was hilarious, and just what I needed at that moment.

  • Sharon

    My favorite is the cords/USB design. We usually remember to pack them but sometimes forget to retrieve them when packing to go home.

  • Laura Sexton

    “Shampoo girl” definitely! I have Travel Made Easy – now out of print – and have made many items both for myself and as gifts for friends. They’re always a big hit!

  • Lorri

    I LOVE the kitty in the suitcase! Having 3 cats, they know when we pull out the luggage we are going somewhere and what better way to stop us than to jump in the suitcase!

  • Rose Pierson

    I love the suitcases, put them on things that stay in your travel bags

  • Marilyn

    Oh..they are all good. If I have to select a favorite, it would be the “shampoo lady”.

  • Sharon

    Oops! I was so focused on the thought of having a bag specifically for cords, I missed the instruction to choose from the designs shown. Of those, I like the cosmetic brushes best. I agree with another response suggesting using it as a monogram frame.

  • Rose Pierson

    I like the suitcases, this could be used on items that permantly stay in yoy travel bags

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I don’t have a cat and my dog hides when she sees the suitcases come out, so I don’t relate to that one. I am going to pick the make-up tools, because I am thinking of designing and sewing a custom rollup tool caddy to hold my brushes and eye make up.

  • Terri

    I love the cat in the suitcase. When I am preparing to travel, my cats always seem to understand that something’s up and they are going to get left behind…so they park themselves in my suitcase just in case I can’t see them and they will get to go along as inconspicuous travelers!

  • Agnes B. Bullock

    Love the laundry symbols! Can use these in my laundry room!

  • judy williamson

    I’m like you – love the shampoo girl!!

  • Carol Schoenig

    I like the cat in the suitcase if it were a dog in a suitcase!

  • Patty Sack

    I like the suitcase with the cat inside (however I would prefer a dog)! I always take my golden retriever on my road trip in the fall back to Ohio and Indiana. He is the perfect travel companion – he doesn’t ever tell me how to drive!

  • Debbie Anderson

    Oh my gosh…what a great set of designs! Lately I’ve been a bag-making freak…there are so many great patterns out there, not to mention the variety of cute fabrics! These designs are perfect for being more organized ! My favorite…….HAS to be “Design Girl” !

  • Deb Frey

    I adore all of the designs, but my favorite is the shampoo girl. I went back to school after I married and had 2 children and was a beautician for 25 years. So that one design is very dear to my heart. I now teach sewing which is another of my loves. I love to see the lightbulb moments when my students finally get it.

  • Glenda

    I really like the shampoo girl, but a close runnerup is the cami & panties.

  • Rosalee

    The cat in the suitcase is my favorite–cats love to get into suitcases! All great, thanks!

  • Donna F

    They are all darling and I can see me using them all. My favorite though is the camisole and panties.

  • Marybeth

    I love the luggage tag. When you are looking at the same black bag circling around on the luggage carousel at the airport it would be nice to see a bright interesting color pop out!

  • Joan D

    I like the cat in the suitcase. Can you imagine your surprise when you get to your destination and Miss Kitty tagged along for the ride?

  • Barbara Worley

    Big animal lover here, so I like the Suitcase Cat best. The “care” symbols are great, too!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    The kitty cat is precious. I just hope nobody decides to actually put their cat in a suitcase even if they will miss it while they are gone.

  • Susan

    I LOVE the cat in the suitcase! This is what my suitcase looks like when I’m going away. Buffy is right there hoping if she takes up enough room there will be no room for my stuff and I won’t be leaving her! The simplicity of the design is wonderful. I would use them all but this is my favorite!

  • Joni Weed

    I like the cat in the suitcase. I don’t have cats, but I have small dogs. As soon as the luggage comes out, there they are on the bed, and as quick as my back is turned, they are in the suitcase! I’ll bet cats are the same, lol.

  • Susan Novak

    I love the cat in the suitcase. Actually happened to a friend…the cat was in her duffle bag that she was packing for a trip.

  • Beverly

    I love all the designs. The cat in the suitcase is my favorite. It reminds me of the time my dog was found sleeping in my daughter’s suitcase. She was packing to return to college after Christmas break. We took a picture and called it, “someone doesn’t want to see Lauren leave”.

  • Liz Dicrescenzo

    I had to laugh when I saw the cat in the suitcase because that is exactly what our cat does. After seeing us pack many times, I think she knows now that we’re leaving her and is trying to leave her scent (and some of her fur) on our clothes so we don’t forget her.

  • Carol Asman

    My favorite is the cat in the suitcase. I had a cat that would get in my suitcase as soon as I got it open.

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    I love them all and can uses for all of them. But my favorite is shampoo girl.

  • Rachel D

    I think they are all adorable but have to say the makeup brush frame would come in the most handy for me as I have two daughters very close in age & we usually purchase two of everything for less arguing but still need to be able to tell who’s is who’s. I could use this little frame with their inital in it on towels, hair wraps, bag tags, everything!

  • Karen Rilstone

    My favorite design is the cat in the suitcase. Every time I pack a suitcase, my 5 cats (a long story) take turns sitting in the suitcase. They definitely do not like me to leave!


  • Brenda Melahn

    These are adorable!! I think the undies are my favorite 😉

  • Sandra Bassett

    I like the kittie in the suitcase. Reminds me of a little dog we once had that did the same thing when we were packing.

  • Pat Baker

    Well, I have to say I like them all – but just a tad partial to the cat/suitcase one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kim Fisher

    I like the stack of suitcases. It makes me think of going on a trip which I really want to do.

  • Debby

    I love “Kitty in the Suitcase.” Anyone knows, who has a kitty, that as soon as the suitcase comes out Kitty wants to go too!

  • Holly Andersen

    My favorite is the cat in the suitcase. We bought new Harley’s last year and our pom-chi dog rides in a kennel on my husbands back seat.

  • Susan Kutyba

    Kitty in the suitcase. Every time I travel, it’s pack clothes, throw cat out, shake off cat hair, pack clothes, throw cat out, shake off cat hair, repeat……

  • LP Starr

    I definitely like the fabric care symbols the best. Next is the cat in the suitcase, and next is the staked suitcases.

  • Sydnie

    Oh my goodness, those are so cute!! Hard to pick a favorite, but I have to go with the kitty in the suitcase. I travel frequently for work, and I have more than one picture of my dogs/cat making themselves at home in my half packed (or unpacked) suitcases…

  • Wanda Keller

    I love the lady shampooing her hair.

  • Enis

    I really into the “cat in the suitcase” because just like the design shows, my cat goes with me everywhere! His hair is on everything I own! LOL

  • Melody Goggin

    I like the makeup brushes, they would look cute on a zipper cosmetic travelbag.

  • Karen W

    I love that Ms Mulari has tackled the traveling accessories. She’s so imaginative! I look forward to reading her book. It’s so true that we could all use better tools for staying organized – whether short or longer stays. My favorite design is the cat in the luggage, because my 2 cats think the luggage comes out just for them to sleep/play in — first thing to pack: a lint roller!! The stacked suitcases would make a great matching tag set, to help identify yours!

  • Phyllis Hiles

    They are all cute. I am partial to the camisole and pantys

  • Rose O

    I like the shampoo girl as well but the cami/panty is TOO CUTE!

  • Liz

    I love them all and can see many travel accessories emblessed with them. I think I would use the frame with hairbrush, comb ect. for pesonnalizing each gift with a thoughtful remarks.

  • Karen McDonner

    Love love love the shampoo girl. What absolutely darling designs.

  • Robin

    I LOVE the fabric care designs! They would be so practical to put on as a care label to all the things I make and give as gifts! There would be no question then as to how to take care of the item and maybe then people wouldn’t be afraid to use and wear them ! I love for my gifts to be used, not just sit in a closet.

  • Terry Senko

    My favorite is definitely the kitty in the suitcase! Any time I open my suitcase to pack, one of my two cats is sure to hop in.

  • Patti Jones

    Has to be the kitty. That’s, what ours do when we get the suitcases out. Would love to put that on my bags.

  • Antoinette Taylor

    The laundry icons have to e my favorite. Can’t tell you how many times I have embroidered a gift and received questions about the care of the items. I know there are labels, but these icons make the items all the more personal! Love, love, love them!

  • Carol Gregg

    My favorite is the cat in the suitcase. I don’t have cats anymore, but if I’m traveling that means I’ve left my 4 Shih Tzu at home, and I always miss them! A little piece of home reminder!

  • Bev

    No doubt – shampoo girl. What a cute expression!

  • Shirley Marshall

    I just love the cat in the suit case it reminds of my grandaughter she loves cats (she 3 ) She can’t have one were they live but always would like to take one home.
    I have several of Mary Mulari books and loved her with Nancy on Kick it up a stitch.

  • Anne Rita

    The shampoo girl is my favourite, too!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cathy

    My favorite would have to be the lingerie. That would make a cute lingerie bag to pack in my luggage. Thanks for everything!

  • Lorel Maple

    That camisole is going on a slew of lingerie bags that head into the washing machine each week full of ‘delicates’. My girlfriends will love it!

  • Karen

    I like them all but I think I like the suitcases the best

  • Patty Schrock

    I like the camisol and panties except I was thinking swimsuit cause I usually forget mine!!

  • Lorraine Slavkovksy

    They are all adorable–I can think of gifts to make using every one of them. BUT the kitty in the suitcase is especially fun. Reminds me of packing to leave my friend’s house–her kitten hopped right in and made herslf comfy. Not sure if she wanted me to take her with me or stay a few more days!

  • Becky

    I really like the camisole & panty…very girly.

  • Natalie Brudi

    I agree with all who said the cat in the suitcase. Anyone who has a cat knows they would be right there getting in it.

  • Rosemary

    The kitty in the suitcase is my favorite, just reminds us of the special “who” we left behind,

  • Jean

    I agree that shampoo girl is cute, but I have seen my cats in the suitcase many times. So, that one is my favorite.

  • Joaniez

    I Love the kitty in the suitcase. That’s exactly what my kitty’s do when I bring out my suitcases. I love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Bonnie

    Great ideas. I would say the makeup symbol is my favorite. I keep a bag packed of all my toiletries, that I can throw in my suitcase and I know I’ll have everything I need.

  • Paula Roney

    All of the designs are adorable but I think the Cat is my favorite. Cats love suitcases!!!!

  • Mary Thornton

    I like the kitty in the suitcase!

  • Cy

    I too, like the Shampoo Girl, but the Bra and Panties are a close second.

  • Berenice

    I like the undies. I would do a bag, and take it to put dirty clothes in while we are traveling. The kitty in the suitcase is cute too. When we drove back east last summer, we had to keep removing our cat from the back of the car while we were packing.

  • Linda

    I love the cat in the suitcase. My cat, Miss Molly, ends up in my suitcases all the time. By the way, I store fabric in antique suitcases so they are out when I’m choosing fabric from my stash! Wish they were out because I was packing to go somewhere warm!

  • Karen

    I like them all, fav would be camisole and panties.

  • maureen mcgraw

    Without a doubt- “Cat in the Suitcase.” When I get out my suitcase my cat puts his favorite toy in the suitcase and then getsin. I have to keep removinghim while trying to pack it. He seems to be telling me that He has toy and he is ready ti travel also. Love it. I have all Mary’s other books. She is great. Maureen

  • Brenda Howard

    I think I like the set of suitcases. I always wanted to have a house with room to stack up a set like that and have a travel theme with all my travel stuff in the area. Plus easy storage of the stuff not currently on display.

  • Susan Slovinsky

    Love the shampoo girl. My Daughter in-law is a hair stylist and this would be so cute for her. Want to do the Curling Iron holder for her too.

  • Sharlene

    I like them all! The shampoo girl is awfully cute!

  • Sandi Hagen

    Love the curly haired girl!

  • Gail sabramsky

    Shampoo girl for sure. I have a daughter and three daughter-in-laws that travel together and it would be cute to make them a set of travel accessories from this book.

  • gayle hill

    I really love the shampoo girl. My daughter is a hairdresser and I could see that design being used quite a bit on all sorts of things, gorgeous.

  • Susan J

    The kitty in the suitcase, hands down. My sweet cat used to do this every time I took a trip and started to pack although he hated to travel himself. He is no longer with me, but my memories of him, like this one, make me smile.

  • Deborah Snyder

    I like the clothing label designs. I can see it as a chart with the discriptions of each one for my laundry room (I never know what the symbols mean). I think it would be a great gift for my friends also.

  • Pat Bailey

    Love the cat in the suitcase. We have 3 cats and that is what they do whenever the suitcase comes out. Think they are all cute.

  • Julie Berry

    I love them all but my favorite is the kitty in the suitcase. My kitty always hides in my suitcase when I’m packing.

  • Dell

    They are all cute, but I do really like the shampoo girl.

  • Linda

    I really like the shampoo lady as I once forgot to bring shampoo on a trip once and had to stop at a small drug store to purchase some.

  • Kathy

    I loved looking at the deigns and thinking wha tI could put them on. But I especially love the shampoo girl So cute!

  • Mary

    Shampoo gal is my favorite. I would like to use it and place crystals in the bubbles!

  • eileenroche

    Great idea!

  • Joann

    I love them all, but my favorite would have to be the shampoo girl.

  • Donna G.

    How can I choose just one! They’re all so cute, but since one choice is the “assignment” I’d say the washing/ironing symbols are my favorite.

  • Maggi

    My favorite is the kitty in the suitcase. It is exactly what I see when I put any suitcase on my bed to pack and the pitiful cries from her when I have to remove her are heartbreaking but she jumps right back in…determined not to be left behind. And the game goes on….

  • Carolyn Penna

    It’s the cat in the suitcase for me! Reminds me of any time we pack – the cats always invite themselves along.

  • Kim F

    I love the Shampoo lady too! I think there should be a suitcase with my dachshund in it. She travels light and likes to sleep in my suitcase when I take her on vacations!

  • Estelle Torpy

    The cat in the suitcase reminds me of my now departed Smoky, a great grey cat from the local shelter. He one time jumped into a salesman’s briefcase and sat just like the cat in Mary’s design. The salesman wasn’t too happy but my husband and I were delighted. All of the designs are fun and lightweight so I would imagine that they would stitch out well on any fabric.

  • Nancy Harris

    I love the shampoo girl. The others are great as well.

  • carole crafty

    Love the shampoo girl. Hope to win the CD. I have several of Mary’s books and CD’s.

  • LeAnne L

    My favorite is the cat in the suitcase. Wish I had a cat.

  • Barb Miller

    I love the suitcase and the cat. I have two cats that hate when the suitcase comes out. They refuse any affection.

  • Voni Weidner

    I love the kitty in the suitcase. MyYorkie always curls up immune when I am packing

  • Elizabeth Tagen

    I love the washing and ironing symbols. Those would be great on all sorts of projects, especially when they are gifts.

  • karen berube

    I love them all, if I have to choose, I would say I love the kitty in the suitcase. That design reminds me of how much kitties love to get into things like paper bags, boxes, and of course your suitcase, they love to get into all kinds of small spaces. I would love to win because, when it comes to embroidery, I need all the help I can get.

    Thank you for having these contests, so much fun

  • susan carmean

    Love them all…what embroidery design do we not like ! But must pick Shampoo Girl…. I love styling hair.

  • Vicky Morrow

    I love the cat sitting in the suitcase….except for me, it would be my dog. She always knows when I’m getting ready to leave – even before I get the suitcase out.

  • Donnalee Jackson

    I love the shampoo girl

  • Cynthia Porter

    All of the designs are great, but I have to pick the kitty in the suitcase because our kitties always get into the suitcases when I am packing. Also, our grandson loves cats.

  • Linda Norman

    I love the kitty in the suitcase. I can never put my suitcase on the bed without the kitty jumping in! My newest purrball is the same way – in she goes!!

  • Lois Daubney

    I love them all, but my favorite is the kitty in the suitcase. Every time I visit my daughter, her cats always get in my suitcase coming and going! Lois

  • Madeline Lester

    Where should I begin? The hole package is absolutely
    FABULOUS! I really thought the shampoo girl
    Is just adorable with all those bubbles and so
    Creative. Thank you Mary for more great
    embroidery ideas!

  • Laura Koss

    The shampoo girl is adorable. Would be great for my granddaughter who is graduating this year.

  • Anne-Marie mcCoy

    The cat in the suitcase without a doubt !

  • Lynn

    I rescue cats and have 12 right now, they all live in the house and don’t go out until it warms up and than they can only be out until about 6 pm. So I guess you know which one I pick….Yes the cat in the suitcase. I truly hope I win because I am going to embroider that design on lots of items I wear…Thanks A bunch, Lynn
    P.S. i have babies that were just tossed in a dumpster left to die just after they were born… Breaks my heart!

  • Desiree Kumpf

    Shampoo girl is super cute, but being a lifetime cat lover makes my favorite the kitty in the suitcase. It’s just the thing my Felicity would do, that is if the suitcase is big enough for a fat cat!

  • Ann Amoroso

    Nancy, what wonderful ideas… I have embroidery luggage tags that need replacing and any of these would be such fun… But MY FAVORITE is the “cat in the Suitcase”. Zeke always has to sit inside the suitcase when ever we pack and with his white hair, I always have to pack a sticky roller! So how perfect for a cat in a suitcase to be on my next luggage tags. Thanks for wonderful products!

  • Karan Jinks

    The kitty in tbe suitcase is so adorable. That is just like what cats do. Make something ordinary a comfortable place to curl. Up. So cute . All of the designs are very cute and wohld make wonderful. Gift. Items. It might be.a hard choice.

  • Carol Tuntland

    I love the camisole and panties. I can see it on a bag for lingerie. And, yes, a lingerie bag would make a great gift for some of my traveling friends.

  • Mitzi

    I like the fabric care symbol set. Would break apart and use to attach to garments, quilts, and other hand-made items as well as a few purchased ones to make it really visually clear how they should be cared for.

  • Lori

    I like the shampoo Girl!!! Many years ago I was a hairdresser.

  • Doreen

    My first thought was the cat in the case but then I thought the accessories and cords could have so many uses not just for travel but after you’ve sewn something you could use the the symbols for wash and care instructions. I don’t know about you but I’ve often wished for care instructions on something hand sewn.

  • Deb Bremer

    My fave is the gal with curlers I think she could me used on so many different things. I can just see her on a towel or on a bag for rollers!

  • karen

    I love the little kitty in the suitcase

  • Mary

    My favorite is the kitty in the suitcase. My cat would jump right in if I left the suitcase open.

  • Karol

    I love the shampoo girl! The kitty in the suitcase is #2


  • Thready

    The stacked suitcases are for me. Ready to take a trip and have some fun.

  • Pat

    I think the laundry and sewing symbols are so useful. What a great idea!

  • Anne Stidiford

    I love shampoo girl. She would be perfect sewn on my hair towel wrap!

  • Judi Haines

    I like the kitty in the suitcase, because Ii always have to leave my three cats at home!

  • Cathy Martin

    Shampoo girl! They are all cute tho!

  • Charlotte

    I really like the kitty in the suitcase

  • May Chevalier

    I like the suitcases – could addd monogram and use for tags.

  • Carol

    I love the Shampoo Girl. It is so cute!
    The wash and dry symbols will be great to add to garments.

  • annette Rady

    The Shampoo Girl is sooooo cute. But I love the stacked suitcases as well. Guess it’s going to be a tie. There are tons of uses that I could think of for each.

  • Jan Loibl

    I love the shampoo girl because that is what I used to be and I loved that job. Jan

  • Susan

    I like the cat in the suitcase. It reminds of the cat that I once had. Very Nice Designs Mary!

  • Janice Beitz

    I love the kitty in the suitcase. My cat always helps me pack thereby insuring that I can always take her with me in the form of cat fur.

  • Rose D.

    Like them ALL…but I choose the make-up design, so I can add an initial or monogram inside. A personalized make-up bag would be a great gift for the bridesmaids in my son’s wedding. And nice as gifts for special friends around the holidays. 🙂

  • Charlene C

    I love the cat in the suitcase, every time I visit my mother her cat allways ends up sleeping in my bags.

  • Chris W

    I love the stacked suitcases.

  • Dale Fedor

    There are two that I REALLY like: the laundry care symbols (I would use them on things I make for other people), & the cat in the suitcase – it just makes me smile

  • Lynn Nowakowski

    I love the kitty in the suitcase because it reminds me of my cat’s choice to curl up in my luggage as I am packing for my trip. Her fav!!

  • judi m.

    I like the make-up tools design. I can see it as a label for a cosmetic bag.
    All the designs are cute and useful.

  • Denise

    I love the kitty in the suitcase. I would love to take my kitty with me everywhere I go! All of the designs are really cute. I’d have embroider them all on something!

  • Mary Silbaugh

    I love the cat in the suitcase. When I get my luggage out, the cat is in there immediately. He knows I’m going somewhere and he’s going too.

  • Cyndi

    I love the cat in the suit case. Reminds me of my cat when I go on trips..can I go.

  • Dianne Grimm

    I like the 3 suite cases. Simple and says its about travel. I can see these done with Names and Color thanks for puttting them out there for us.

  • Barb Vine

    I like the washing instructions.
    I think this would be great stitched out and added as a label to all my hand made projects.

  • Gwen

    I like them all but my favorite is the washing instructions. It will make doing your care label so much easier.

  • Carol

    I like the movement of the shampoo girl and can see it with some crystal or pearl bling added; the fabric care symbols are chic &
    useful; but if you’ve ever been “owned” by a cat…that’s my
    pick…they always have to check out the suitcase when it comes
    out of the closet…not to mention paper bags !

  • Mary Jane Fields

    Choosing just one of Mary’s designs is difficult, so the stack of suitcases or kitty in the suitcase would be my starting point! Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to win Mary’s book.

  • Karen

    They are all cute, but the kitty in the suitcase is my favorite. This is exactly what happens at our house when we get the suitcases out to pack, and it happens again when we leave our sons house to come home! Different cats in different houses, but the same desire to sit in the suitcase!

  • Pam J.

    Definitely the kitty in the suitcase! So adorable! It’s exactly what my kitty does when I pack for a trip!

  • Dorothy Reitsma

    I love the lingerie girl. It would be great on a lingerie bag in my suitcase and reminding me of the fun I had making it. Also great gifts for my granddaughters as they start their own travels in life.

  • Stella Manion

    I realy like the washing instructions,

  • Gail S.

    Kitty in suitcase …… Would like to see it with a puppy as well!

  • Deb Rosol

    I like the Shampoo Girl…it would make me smile every time I see it embroidered on whatever!

  • MJ

    I like the shampoo girl best. I think she would look great on my gym bag.


    The ironing & washing symbols caught my eye right away. Not too long ago I was wanting a washing symbol for a project and here it is. Thank you Mary. Have many of your books and the applique designs of yours are the best!

  • Jeane

    All o Mary’s designs are really cute and different, but my favorite is the cat in the suitcase, as it reminds me of m daughter’s cat.

  • Christina

    I enjoy the six designs and my favorite is the cat in the suitcase. Reminds me of how my pets help me pack or unpack, just depends on how you see it.

  • Christine Laffan

    Hi all, I love the shampoo girl the best , i would be happy to have any of them
    Thank you for all your information

  • Elaine Kapalin

    My favorite is the shampoo girl. Would look cute on the towels that we use just for our hair as well as other things.

  • Karen

    My favorite is the kitty in the suitcase. As soon as our cases come out, at least one kitty is sitting inside. I’m not sure if it is because they don’t want us to leave or because they want to come with!

  • Dee

    Love the camisole & panties but the suitcase stack is close second.

  • Wendy Ryan

    The kitty is too cute!

  • Linda Boerner

    Absolutly love the shampoo head lady, just adorable! All designs are wonderful, but that one makes me smile.


    The laundry symbols are cute & practical!

  • Anne Pilewski

    Love them all, but especially the tools and cami/panties. I’ve chaired a Santa’s Workshop at my children’s elementary school for 12 years and have done many projects like napkins, bread cloths & aprons. I’ve been thinking that travel accessories should be my next endeavor (now that I have one in college and others to follow.) I want to do hair iron holders and cosmetic bags and the likes….can’t wait to get my new machine going!

  • Ardis Hall

    I like the cat in the suitcase best because I am a crazy cat lady.

  • Mary G.

    I love the Kitty in the Suitcase – that is definitely a description in our household. “You aren’t going anywhere without me!”

  • Judy

    The cat in the suitcase remind me of my sister in laws.
    They both travel and love cats

  • ricki deWerdt

    I just love all of them, but the shampoo girl gets my top vote for cute and useful. I use a special shampoo that is not just anywhere to buy, and yes, it doesn’t mean I dont forget it, I would definetly use this one and it would be the first one I would sew out. Also, by putting it in its own bag I dont have to worry about ooks on everything else, AND at a glance I can see where It is in the suitcase so I dont have to worry about mashing it or putting something on or under it only to get ruined.

  • Peggy Lowery

    I love the laundry symbols. Great for gift towels, table runners, placemats etc. Many times it is hard to leave the attached labels attached when you need to wash the item after embroidery.

  • Birgit Dahlberg

    Ilike the cat in the suitcase best,but it was hard to pick just one.They are all nice and usefull

  • UJ Prewit

    The Make-up Brushes are one of my favorites. Myself, 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter are beauticians. It was a toss up between the brushes and the Shampoo girl.

  • Claire

    the one I prefer is the shampoo girl

  • Barbara Myhre

    i like the cat in suitcase thanks Barb

  • Barbara Myhre

    i like the cat in the suitcase

  • Barbara Stickle

    Cat in suitcase is my favorite.

  • Claudia Blakely

    I like the kitty in the suitcase.

  • Cindy

    My favorite is the cat in the suitcase.

  • jan bohn

    My favorite is the 3 suitcases – I always pack too much even though I try to adhere to Erma Bombeck’s maxim – take twice as much money and half as many clothes as you think you’ll need.

  • Joyce Botha

    Hi Nancy, 13 March is my birthday, turning 60. I have started as a newbie, hoping to earn some pocket money. I live in South Africa, and do not have the lovely opportunety to get all the lovely designs available. I love the corset and pantie, it would look good on a towel, a frequent request for embroidery. The shampoo girl would be nice to stitch out, as men freqently take your cosmetic bag and use YOUR shampoo, insstead of their own. The suitcases is definately a warning that you pack to much, only using half of the items, and carrying the suitcases makes you wish you were back at home. That is the order of my choice. Thank you.

  • Tresa Turner

    The cat in suitcase, have three granddaughters that loves cats.We are always going to thier’s uncle house, so when we pack they would ask if the cat was coming to.

  • Cathy

    I like the usefulness of the laundry symbols best. A close second would be the cat in the suitcase. Reminds me of a cat I know who would do just that!

  • Ruth Peterson

    While shampoo girl is cute, the kitty in the suitcase reminds me of our cat BooBoo who always knew something was up when we put suitcases on the bed and started packing! Of course he would jump in whenever you turned your back to get more clothes. I love Mary’s work and enjoy her on Sewing with Nancy as well as classes I have taken from her at SewExpo.

  • Carrie Burzan

    Kitty in the suitcase is my favorite

  • Jo

    Anything “Mary Mulari” is great by me. I LOVE her stuff! I am torn between cute (shampoo girl) and functional(cords, sewing tools, electronics, etc.) which are always in my bag. So…I choose the design with the CD and the iron. I can already see all of my tool toys and technology in one place and not having to dig for them in my bag.

  • Cynthia Lents

    We have three lovely ladies that sew in this house. Two teenagers, one MOM. We have two outstanding votes for the Shampoo Girl and one for the Lovely lingerie. Since 2 out of 3 wins, I guess we’ll have to go with Shampoo Girl!! 😀 <3

  • Terri

    I love the stacked suitcases best, but theI can see many possible uses with the other designs!

  • Sarah

    The undies are darling, great on a bag!

  • Gail

    Hi Eileen,
    I love the care symbols. I can see myself making some labels with these applicable symbols for the garment in question. Especially knitted garments I give as gifts.

  • Sue

    I love the stack of suitcases. Would be a wonderful design to put your name on and use it as a suitcase identifier

  • Myra Williams

    Shampoo girl also.

  • susan gardner

    The kitty in the suitcase is my fav! I miss my kitty when I travel & I hate the boarding bill almost as much. If I could just take him with me both problems would be solved.

  • Kathie

    Love the kitty in the suitcase…just fits so close to home with my cats doing the same helping me pack my suitcase.

  • Jolan Dallatore

    The cat in the suitcase hands down my favorite! I had THE MOST helpful cat making sure my suitcase didn’t run away prior to our trip; and equally helpful making sure the case didn’t get refilled after our return. Guess she didn’t like her kennel vacation?

  • R. Budy

    That kitty in the suitcase is my favorite& would be delightful to add to various travel items.Cats are always so curious about preparing to travel too.

  • [email protected]

    Love the Shampoo girl

  • Gwen

    I think all the designs are cute, but my favorite is the cat in the bag – because I can relate. Whenever I’m packing a bag our cats get into the bags hoping to be stow aways.

  • Elina Rodriguez

    I like the brush set because thats one of the things I forget the most (always have to buy it where I am at) I can embroder a banner and keep it with my bags.

  • Marjorie Paul

    The kitty in the suitcase is my favorite because it reminds me of every kitty I’ve had – they always got in my suitcase while preparing to pack. Funny furries! The entire set is really cute and unique.

  • Blanche Jacobsen

    I love the cat in the suitcase. I have friends with cats and that is what do. They know something is up.

  • Claudia Blakely

    I really like the kitty in the suitcase. I am a cats lover and have a herd of them in my home! Yes, cats will jump into suitcases, boxes, paper bags, etc. Exploring is their “fun.”

  • ME Pendleton

    My favorite is shampoo girl!! It’s whimsical & fun something’s you always need when traveling. These designs & Mary’s book look like such fun !
    Thanks to you both

  • Mary Parker

    My Cat is helping me respond…she loves to sit on the computer! I am trying to figure out how to make the BOM blocks into a quilt as you go to make it easier for me to quilt. Would love for you to explain how to do it as I don’t know where or how to start!

  • Meg

    Hi, I love the cat too. If my suitcase is being packed, or unpacked, my cat, Cali, is sitting in the middle enjoying herself. I guess being close to us is one of their “highs”.

  • Linda Horton

    I love the shampoo girl!! Going on a trip in June and would love to do some of these.

  • Jeanne Knudsen

    I love the kitty in the suitcase as it really relates to me. I babysit a lot at my daughter’s house and I have to spend nights there, they have a kitty named Joey, he is the sweetest cat I have ever known. He always sits in my suitcase everytime I visit. I took care of him as a young kitten (while their house was getting built) and he and I are heavily bonded. lol Oh did I mention he is as beautiful as he is sweet? he is a long haired black and gray stripped cat?

  • Dolores Robbins

    I really like the cat in the suitcase, because that is what cats do.

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  • claudine

    I have to say the shampoo girl. I love to make girlie things and wet hair towels are one of the things that are neat in a spa basket. Of course I love all of Mary’s books and have met her several times in person and would love to add her book to my collection.

  • Terry Jones

    I really like the laundry labels. When you would buy fabric years ago (when I worked at TG&Y fabric department) We had to make sure we gave the labels to you not anymore. I guess that is old school.

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