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Upscale Bed Linens – Tips for stitching gorgeous machine embroidery designs on sheets

I love embroidered bed linens. They are such a treat to slide between as you end a long day. Here are some tips for stitching gorgeous machine embroidery designs on sheets.

Tips for Success

• Take the time to prepare the design and the sheets. It’s well worth the effort.

• Purchase an extra pillowcase to test the design before stitching on the sheets.

• Open the band before embroidering to hide the wrong side of the embroidery.

• My stabilizer of choice for sheets is fusible polymesh cut-away stabilizer with a layer of tear-away floating under the hoop. Fine linens are a tight weave and benefit from a strong foundation for the embroidery.

• Insert a new, sharp needle.

• Consider adding a single-letter monogram to the center of the band. Then stitch from the center to the edge on each side.

• Allow some space at each end of the border for some breathing room (aka – room for error).

Here’s a case for prewashing the sheets. Normally, I don’t prewash blanks but sheets really benefit from this prep step. It eliminates the unwanted puckers that often appear after laundering embroidered linens.

Measure the band – from folded edge to stitch line and from selvedge to selvedge. If the band measures 4” (a common size), select a design that is 3” in height so that there will be ½” open space on each side of the design. Once you select a machine embroidery design that is 3” tall, make a note of its length. My design is 3” x 5” and my queen top sheet measures 90” from selvedge to selvedge. I’ll divide 90” by 5”. I’ll need 18 repeats to fill the band.

Hmm…90” is perfectly divided by 5 into 18 repeats. Frankly, that scares me because I’ll have to be absolutely perfect on placement for each of the 18 designs. So I’ll take a little artistic license here and set myself up for success by planning on stitching only 17 repeats. Not only will this relieve some stress, it will probably look more pleasing because the center of a design will be dead center on the band and not the join of two designs. Definitely more desirable in my opinion.

Not that I know how many repeats I’ll need, I will take a seam ripper to the band and release the hem. I know, reverse sewing but it’s so worth it. Next, it’s time to carefully press the band but I will leave the crease of the fold in place because it’s a built-in guideline for squaring the band (sheet) in the hoop.

Cut the fusible polymesh stabilizer into 4” strips and press it to the wrong side of the band.

Fold the sheet in half, selvedge to selvedge to find the center and place a target sticker to mark the center.

Print two templates of the design. Place one template on the target sticker. Make sure the template’s crosshair is aligned with the target sticker’s crosshair. Use a ruler to verify the design is flanked by ½” on each side (from fold crease to hemline).

Select a hoop that will accommodate the design – one or two repeats. Hoop the band with tear-away stabilizer. Center the needle over the target sticker and embroider the design. Place the template on the band, connecting the image to the stitched design. Move the needle to the template’s crosshair. Remove the template and embroider the design.

When it’s time to rehoop, use the template and folded crease to square the sheet in the hoop and continue to fill the band with embroidery.

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The lucky winner is… (drum roll please!) “Love this tutorial, awesome for decor or gift. I love using the OESD stabilizers. I really like the Christmas designs best! anything for the holidays. ” – Sue

Congratulations Sue!




  • Sue Duisenberg

    headed to southern California for a wedding. arrived and unpacked–no makeup!! had to make a quick make-do shopping trip.

  • Dee

    On a trip from Portland to Seattle (about 3+ hrs) to take son and friend to see Mariners/Yankees game and going early so they could get autographs (in those days players gave autographs), got half way there and realized I had forgotten tickets. Game was sold out so buying new tickets was out. Called daughter and she went to our house, retrieved tickets and met us just over I5 bridge with tickets. Arrived at game just in time for first pitch. Needless to say, I was not very popular that day, however did stay after game for autographs so boys were OK.

  • Denise

    Left on an extended weekend with my family. After the 10 hour car ride we got to our destination, unpacked the car and everyone’s suitcase was there but mine!! When we got home it was right next to door, packed and ready to go.

  • Marilyn Weiss

    Going to a destination wedding at a resort with no shoe stores available for miles and miles, and I had left shoes behind for the outfit I was wearing. I only had beachy flipflops and sneakers with me. This was particularly funny because I’ve been known to pack only two or three outfits for a trip, but 6 or 7 pairs of shoes. Got through the ceremony without too many people noticing the flipflops and 10 minutes into the reception, everyone had their shoes off, so I fit right in–problem solved.

  • Sherrie

    On a cross country trip on the motorcycle. Got to our 1st stop, grabbed the camera only to discover that the battery was dead and the backup battery and charger was still plugged in the wall at home. Had to stop and buy new battery and charger.

  • Bernice Keller

    Similar to one already posted. Went to an out of town 10 day craft fair and got there with no make-up except the lipstick in my purse. It served double duty as color for both lips and cheeks and I got through without scaring too many customers away.

  • Susan Novak

    When I went to an embroidery retreat recently, I found I had forgotten my bar of soap and also my deodorant!!

  • Mary Catherine Black

    Went on weekend get-away with then boyfriend and had forgotten packed suitcase at my front door. Needless to say a shopping trip was in order for all thing. Still turned out to be a great weekend.

  • Lynn Rose

    My husband and I were going on a trip to Hawaii and we were very excited. My sister took us to the airport. We loaded up her car and made sure we had everything. When we got to the airport we made sure we unloaded all the bags. I was so excited and in a hurry that I left my purse in her car! A woman on a trip without her purse! This was before the days of cell phones. Luckily my sister noticed it and drove back around the airport and found me and gave it to me. Trip saved!

  • Marcie B.

    I’m hoping I can get these instructions to work for me on my 16 needle machine. Gonna give it a whirl and see how I do on an old sheet first. 🙂

    I have to snicker about packing. I take old clothes to use and throw them away AND keep what I take at a minimum. I purchase what I need when I get there and mail the bulk of it home. Usually it is my jewelry that I forget to pack.

  • Mattie M

    As a couple with two residences several states apart for a few years I was always traveling back and forth between the city apartment and the southern house. On one trip, after many flight delays I finally reached the apartment in the wee hours of the morning only to realize that I had left the apartment keys hanging on the wall hook back at the house. Had to wake up a locksmith to break the pickproof locks on the apartment door, that is after I finally woke up a neighbor too so they could verify who I was as my ID was in with my luggage that the airline had lost along the way. After that I made sure my neighor had a spare set of keys to the apartment.

  • Sue Winnie

    Went to a sewing seminar with my sewing sister. Had a great time. Lunch was set up by the pool. Yes you guessed it, one lady fell in. Never happened before. Was distracted by this unplanned swim. Got home and realized I’d left my diry laundry in our hotel room in a brand new laundry bag my sister had given me. Luckily, I could travel back to get it as I was only 45 minutes away from home!

  • Bonnie Gray

    I had been meaning to shop for a new camera for our trip to Alaska in September but had a lot of family stuff going on and completely slipped my mind until we were flying over Denali and had to use my cell phone to take pictures. At least I had that and the pictures were not too bad!

    • Peggy M

      I drove from South Carolina back to Anchorage, Alaska, taking eight rolls of film with my daughter’s camera. She couldn’t leave her job so I took pictures of all the state and national parks along the way, I even walked on the Oregan trail alone in the middle of no where to take pictures for her. Took the film in to be developed and not a single picture! I have the memories but she never got to see what she missed.

  • obimom

    When our sons were young we took the family to a cousin’s wedding, their first big dress-up event. As we were dressing one of the boys just before leaving the hotel for the ceremony we discoved that we had neglected to pack dress shoes. So dressed in suits, ties, vests and tennis shoes we stopped at a local mall for a quick pair of shoes.

    This does not match a story from my own childhood. We were taking a car trip to the Grand Canyon. When we stopped to eat at a picnic area my mom took out the bag with the food she had prepared only to find that inside was the garbage she had meant to take out before we left. So at home in the trash was our lunch and we were hungry until the next small town. Sometimes the best memories are the ones we laugh about.

  • Donna G.

    I travel a lot for work so I always have a bag packed with duplicate make-up, hair products, dryer, etc. One thing I didn’t have though was a spare set of eye glasses! Went on a trip wearing my prescription sunglasses but left my bifocals home! What a time I had. The sunglasses were too dark to wear indoors, so I either couldn’t see at all, or had to stand very close to whatever I was trying to see. And I couldn’t read much except newspaper headlines! Now I carry a spare pair of glasses in my “to go” bag!

  • Sheri in Iowa

    By far, our most stupid oversight was having my parents drop us off at the airport and going to the ticket counter and almost similtaneously we discovered we both had expired drivers license, mine by over 6 months and my husbands was just several weeks. We were horrified that they might not let us get on the plane….but they did. I won’t go in to the story about getting a rental car….too long for here. It turned out OK, but not without duress. In our defense, at the time I was working a stressful job, my husband was working full-time and going to school full-time to be an RN….so we were obviously barely functioning…..

  • Barb Vine

    i would have to say that the most memorable item would be when I was getting married.
    We had planned on being apart for the two days prior to our wedding and after arriving at my parents house, which is where I would be staying—I realized that I forgot my prescription.
    Guess what the prescription was for!!!! – You got it – birth control.

  • Debbie Wakelee

    The most memorable item left behind . . . . We were getting ready to make our annual Christmas trip back home to Oklahoma and Texas. As I finished packing each item, I set it by the front door. I believe we were taking the 3a.m. Airport Bus to LAX. Our neighbor, who was driving us to the bus station, came down and he and my husband loaded everything into the car. When we got to the bus station, the guys took all of the luggage inside. My husband yelled across the parking lot, “Where is your CPAP?” (breathing machine and medical necessity for me) Well, between my two heroes, the CPAP was still sitting by the front door. It cost a mere $240 to overnight it to me! (I’m guess it was because it was medical equipment??? At that point I didn’t question it and just mailed my neighbor a check and was duly thankful!) Now, after the car is loaded, I always check to ensure that each of my bags has been loaded!!! I won’t let that happen again!

  • le floch, anne

    So far I’ve only made some for babies, might be time to try the larger sizes…

  • Karen

    One morning leaving for the airport in the dark, everyone’s suitcase was put in the car except mine, still sitting on the step. Fortunately, we had enough time to return for it.

  • Leahrae Newell

    Going to my husband’s grandson’s graduation, left his suit in it’s hanging bag in the closet, didn’t miss it until we got there. Had to make a very quick trip to a men’s store and get a sports jacket and pants, made it to the wedding on time.

  • Leahrae Newell

    oops — graduation not wedding

  • maureen mcgraw

    Traveling to attend a family wedding. Packed hat, blouse, slip, jacket of suit but forgot the skirt. Went shopping but of course had to buy a whole new outfit to wear to the wedding.

  • Nancy Weber

    Thanks for the tips on embroidering bed linens. I have wanted to do some for a long time and just never took the plunge. My question, though, is why does fabric with such a tight weave need stabilizer? Hugs. Nan Weber

    • eileenroche

      Oh Nan, ALL fabric needs stabilizer when adding embroidery designs with satin and fill stitches. I would say the only you can skip stabilizer is when you are embroidering ONLY running stitches, like in a quilted block.

  • Barbara

    I think the worst thing I’ve forgotten to pack was the power adaptor for the computer I was using for a high-stakes series of sales presentations. Of course, it was the one time that I had to fly from my home in Houston to San Antonio (about 2-1/2 hours away by car). It necessitated a trip to the mall via hotel shuttle, where I assured the driver I would be less than 10 minutes. I left with the adaptor — and a Valentine’s Day tablet for my husband! All’s well that ends well — now I have a travel adaptor!

  • Fonda Baus

    I usally remember everything that I need. But my husband on the other hand,is a different story. He packed his own bag for a trip to the beach on the east coast of Florida.. We get to the hotel and unpack. He forgot to pack his underwear. So needless to say we made a quick trip to the store.. We are still laughing about that one..

  • patty sack

    Well, we were on a family vacation and coming home. Our flight got delayed in Washington DC but our suitcases went home. We had to stay overnight with nothing! Not even a toothbrush. We had to make a trip to WalMart to pick up some necessities.

  • LeAnne L

    Went away for a long weekend of “me” time with my new embroidery machine. I had my husband pack the car and didn’t check everything before I left. When I got there I found out he had forgotten to pack the embroidery module for my sewing machine. Tons of thread and designs but no way to use them. I was too far away to drive home and get it and still have the break I needed.

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    Husband and I went on a vacation about 6 hour drive away from home. When I unpacked I found out that I had forgotten to pack my medications. That meant several panic calls to my cardiologist and to my insurance company before new prescriptions were able to be sent to a local pharmacy. Since then, the medications are the first thing that I pack when I go away.

  • Ruby Ridgeway

    I remember a long time ago, They called me that my grandpa had died. I had two little girls. The oldest one helped me with her clothes. My youngest was two years old. We got to the airport and flew there. Next morning I discovered I had not packed not one item for my baby. No under wear or anything. My Mother and I had to go shopping. That was the worse experience i ever had.

  • judy williamson

    My husband and I camp with our horses. I plan out meals for each day before I go shopping. I planned hotdogs for one night and purchased the buns, but I already had the hotdogs and didn’t buy any more. In went the buns, but no hotdogs. Needless to say, we had to make do the hotdog night.

    • Peggy M

      Oh the things I didn’t pick up on… My future husband had said he would take us out to eat the next weekend. We went on a drive and passed every single place where food was served or could be bought and I was pretty disappointed. We stopped in a beautiful campground to walk a trail. We were in my car and I had not unloaded some groceries from the back seat. Well his solution was to rummage through the bags and make a sandwich from hamburger buns and granola bars! So much for him remembering to keep his word and for me not picking up on what that would mean in the long run.

  • Susan Burns

    We were going on a 2 week vacation and I set my underware aside till some was done in the dryer, that’s right, no undies that night at the first hotel! There went my extra hundred dollar bill tucked inside my wallet for emergency fabric buys!

  • Pam Jackson

    Luckily the only things I have forgotten to pack were a hairbrush and a toothbrush, both items easily replaceable!

  • Colleen Bell

    Keys must be a popular theme here, but this one is keys and a wedding. We had a small wedding. I decided to get changed at home after the reception to save buying a going-away dress. I had given my keys to my aunt because she was the most responsible in the family – never misses a thing. Well, I did leave without my keys, but no problem, my darling new husband crawled through my bedroom window to come and open the door for me. Imagine the neighbors seeing a bride standing on the front porch with the groom hanging out the window.

    Well, that would be funny if it was the end of the story, but I realized when I was getting ready to get dressed for our first night of our honeymoon, that I had also locked my suitcase to protect it from my pranky bridesmaids. Boy, did they get the last laugh. I didn’t want to go back home. Idea! We were going to stay in an RV in a campsite on Cape Cod that was to be delivered the next day – the keys could be put in the RV. So I called my mom with the plan. Wrong idea – she thought I was having regrets or that my sweet husband was a “beast!” You can imagine the conversation and that I finally just had to hang up. We did get those keys and had fun being creative without luggage for a day. That was 36 wonderful years ago.

  • Myrna King

    I was very excited about attending a Martha Pullen Licensing in Huntsville, Alabama and had lots of things to pack. After stopping to spend the night in Vicksburg, Miss., I realized that I had forgotten my makeup mirror — it has 5x magnification. Do you know how hard these things are to find — the 5x magnification? Couldn’t find one in the local stores, so I put my makeup on all week with just the bathroom mirror. I must have looked great!! I wouldn’t know because I can’t see that well without glasses and I didn’t dare look at myself after putting on my makeup without my 5x mag mirror. Couldn’t manage wearing glasses and putting makeup on at the same time. Oh well…just did the best I could with what I had. But I loved the Licensing. It was great!

  • Donna F

    I recently went to an embroidery retreat weekend. I was trying to be a more responsible packer and not take every thread, every hoop and ruler that I own. So I packed my fabrics and threads for the assigned projects, my machine, my stabilizers, my favorite two hoops, scissors, and even clothes for the weekend. When I unpacked at the sewing center, I realized I had left the embroidery arm for my sewing machine at home. Thank goodness the owner of the sewing center was willing to let me borrow the arm off her machine!

    • Donna F

      If you’re reading this, Thank you again Jackie!! You saved me from a 4 hour round trip to pick up mine. Or a late night frantic call to my husband back home.

  • MargaretAnnB

    The worst packing disaster I ever had was the time my carry-on was too big for the airline to allow on the plane (It was the first day of a crack down on carry-on luggage size so I was unprepared.) My carry-on was taken away from me to be stowed in the lower luggage compartment of the plane. I was assured that my luggage would make the connection and get to N.Y. when I did. Well, unfortunately, when all the luggage came in ours was not there. My husband and I boarded a plane to Nirobi, Africa for a safari without any luggage. I purchased an oversized t-shirt in N.Y. to use as a night shirt before boarding the plane and we were on our way. I decided that the if the delayed luggage was the worst thing that happened to me I was a lucky person and refused to let it ruin our trip. I did manage to purchase some tourist t-shirts and underwear to get by until our luggage caught up with us 7 days later!

  • Doree Shandera

    Went to Hawaii with most of my kids. Fortuneatly the oldest had to stay home because I realized I had forgotten my perscription sunglasses. She graciously rushed them to the overnight delivery, alas I could see in the sun!!

  • Katie H

    I am usually very good about packing for a trip, but once I went on a business trip, traveling on a sunday afternoon in jeans and a t-shirt. Got to the hotel and discovered I had forgotten to pack a blouse for the sales call the next day. Fortunately, there was a mall near the hotel that was still open, so I did not have to wear the t-shirt the next day.

  • Debbie

    I went on a business trip in place of my boss who just came back from flying 24 hours and did not want to get on another airplane. I was so nervous I picked up my luggage from the x-ray tray and walked down the hallway to the airplane when I realized I forgot my purse on the tray. When I got back to the tray the purse was still sitting there!

    Someone was watching over me from “above” I think?

  • Paule-Marie

    I was heading out to the Pacific International Quilt Show. I had made a list – rare for me – the sewing machine was on it twice. I checked everything off as I staged in the family room. Checked it off as I packed the car. hit a traffic slow down 20 miles from home, looked in the back of the car (no trunk no rear seats, just an open back that the T-tops would fit in). No sewing machine. Turned around and went back. On our honeymoon, I left the C-Pap at home. Those nasal strips work in an emergency.

    • Peggy M

      I went to a convention where hotel reservations were made for me by the organization presenting the program. I was exhausted from a long drive and anoyed that there was no handicapped parking near the door. After having to get out of the car in an icy parking lot and go in to find a consierge and finally parking my car in the only handicapped place I could find on an icy slope and falling, all I wanted to do was get in my room, take a relaxing bath and have a relaxing nap…well the concierge tried to unlock the door for me and with a stunned look on his face,he turned to me saying that there was already someone in the room. It turned out that they had booked two of us who were attending as singles together… my shock was having to sleep in a room with a stranger with my c-pap! It worked out but I will book my reservations for myself for a private room after that incident.

  • Michelle H

    When I was a fairly new wife we went on a trip to visit my husband’s family. the day after we got there, I discoverd that i had not packed any underwear! i quickly told my husband we had to make a trip to the mall so I could get some and so he went out and announced to his whole family what had happened! Needless to say, I turned several shades of pink and got quite a bit of teasing about it.

    • Peggy M

      I have been there. I was on vacation at spring break my first year teaching. My mother had flown out to California to visit, her first time flying alone and getting to a hotel from the air port by herself. At the end of the school day, I drove to San Francisco to meet her. She had done just fine. We drove to my apartment to visit before setting out to see everything we could. When we arrived in San Diego, we spent time seeing all of the sights. Well some men on a motorcycle ran into us. We were taken to the hospital ER to be checked out. I had on a white suit and had bled all over it. I ended up going back to the hotel in a cab wearing two hospital gowns. I got mom settled in and being practical, threw my bloody clothes in the bathtub full of cold water. Came morning and time to get dressed…the only bra I had brought was the one I had soaked in the tub. I don’t remember what I did then but now I pack many more changes of undies than I would ever need.

  • Kim H

    I used to travel on business, often going from one location to the next without getting a chance to go home in between. I had specialized computer equipment that I toted with me everywhere I went in a large, heavy, metal case (thank goodness it was on wheels). Once I was on one of the two-destination-trips-in-one and got to the client site, unpacked the equipment only to discover I left the power cord at home! I improvised for the afternoon session and slipped out on a break and called my husband and asked him to overnight the power cord to me. Had it the next day and no one knew the difference.

  • Deborah Snyder

    Went on a vacation down south, but I left my insulin in the refrigerator(wanted to pack it last, so it would stay cold. Unfortunatly there were no Rite Aid drug stores in the area. Went to CVS, they took care of it for me. Thanks CVS)

  • Cy Swendsen

    The one memory the comes to mind had to be the trip we took from Texas to California to go to Yosimite when I was about 10. Due to my being a VERY shy quiet middle child, I didn’t know that my Dad had bought me a nice little hat that I had admired and worn the whole time we were in the gift shop. When we got to our next stop, about 3 hrs. down the road my Dad ask me where the hat was…well when he realized that I didn’t know he had purchased it and I had put it back he could only shake his head, as I cried and cried. Unfortunately, since we were on a very tight budget I was the only one of the four children that returned home with no souvenier of that wonderful trip.
    You can bet that on all subsequent trips I asked about my souvenier!!

  • Karen

    I have forgotten to take socks.

  • Linda Machado

    We were getting ready to head out the door for our annual trip to Mexico last year and had to drive three hours to the airport. Before we walked out the door I went to retreive my passport out of the file cabinet and for an odd reason I opened it and to my horror it had expired the month before! Could not get a new one in time for our trip so we had to cancel the whole trip!

  • Bonita

    with all my travels I make a list a week before leaving and lay it where I can continue to add to the list of items to take. They are checked off as I pack, and then again check off as I load the vehicle. So far, have had no left behinds.

  • Rebecca Grace

    I once carefully packed an entire train case full of all of my makeup, all of my toiletries, my hair products, brush, flatiron, etc, and then my husband took everything to the car EXCEPT that bag. And of course this wasn’t just any trip — we were going to St. Lucia so I could be a BRIDESMAID in a WEDDING. Umm, with no makeup and towel head?! There were no shops on the island selling what I needed, either, so I had to mooch off other bridesmaids and guests. My face is VERY ORANGE in those wedding pics because I was wearing someone else’s foundation and bronzer!

    Thanks for the post about bed linens — I have tried this a few times in the past, but you had some good suggestions (prewashing, opening the band, etc) that make me want to give it another go.

    BTW, have you tried the “endless embroidery” feature on the new Bernina machines? Would that be a useful feature for a border embroidery like you did on your sheets?

  • Gail Beam

    I am one of those people who even pack a coat in the summer, because you never know when you are going to need My husband packs only what is needed, and slim at that! I can’t think of anything I have ever forgotten to pack, but my husband forgot to pack any shirts once, so needless to say we had to buy more!

  • Mattie M

    Some of these are really funny and are keeping me amused during a rough time in life, so thanks to all who answered the question!

  • Beth

    After driving 10+ hours to Colonial Williamsburg with 4 kids I found my suitcase never made it into the car. I only had the clothes on my back! I bought a package of underwear, one of sports bra’s, two pairs of jeans and 2 tee shirts. Thankfully the place we were staying at had a washer and dryer.

  • Berenice

    My daughter was a State Officer in her youth group and was to attend the state installation of the Masons in California. Our group of 7 drove 9+ hours to San Francisco and were getting ready to attend the event on the second day after a day of sight seeing. We wear matching formals and I had asked to girls to put mine in their dress bag so we could save some room. Less than an hour before we had to be there I took out my dress and found out the girls had packed my “adopted” daughter’s dress (a size 6, I wear a 20). Needless to say I did not wear my dress, and went to this very formal event in khaki pants and a polo shirt. At least I wasn’t wearing the shorts that were the only other clothes I had with me. I have also forgotten my jammies on trips a few times…

  • Brenda Howard

    I was going on a cruise alone and had been set up with a roommate that I didn’t know. I got to the ship and everything was fine until I went to get ready for bed. I had no gown and none of my blouses were really useful as night clothes. So that first night we laughed a lot and really got to know each other fast and the next morning I hit the gift shop for a double large long tshirt. Whew glad it was a female. LOL

  • Doreen

    What haven’t I forgot on some trip. I know on one trip I packed my dog’s food but forgot his bowls for eating and drinking. I think I’ve forgot deodorant, pj’s robe, you name it I’ve left it behind at some point. Forgot the power cord for my sewing machine at a retreat. That was not good.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    In my 76 years I have not done much traveling. When my children(the last 2) were young we did go to Disneyworld and I think I forgot something but I don’t remember what that was. My oldest daughter, her husband and stepdaughter and my 2nd oldest daughter also were with us. My son had joined the Air Force so he was in Texas. At least I remembered to bring as many of the family as I could.

  • Connie Jordan

    Went to Cincinatti to stay for a week to take care of my grandchildren-forgot my underware!! Luckily there are stores nearby and I was able to purchase. Haven’t lived that one down though as every trip I pack for since then my husband asks, “Did you pack your undies?”

  • Mitzi

    on our wedding day, I forgot to pack shoes for my “going away” outfit. In the process of changing out of my wedding attire, both heels and gown were spirited away by helpful friends,and I ended up wearing a pair of clunky harness leather barefoot sandals with my otherwise well-put-together ensemble for our wedding night dinner in San Francisco.

  • Karin

    Well, two occasions come to mind – one was my honeymoon. I left our wedding without my makeup/toiletries kit AND my purse, housing my only brush and all my IDs & cash. Dear husband left our wedding without shoes. (how?) At least he had HIS money, which I found spent just as easily as mine.

    Then, 10 years later, we traveled 5 hours and a few hundred miles to my mother’s funeral. I went to get dressed for the visitation and discovered I had only the clothes I was wearing (jeans & a sweater) and some underwear, since no one had picked up all the clothes I had hanging on the hook on the back of the door.

  • Judy Wentz

    I went on a five day quilt retreat and forgot to take my zig-zag needle plate for my sewing machine. My main project was a machine appliqué quilt so I just had to use a VERY NARROW zig-zag.

  • Wanda

    On a trip with my family, My daughter couldn’t leave home without her pillow. well you guessed it. The first hotel we stayed at she left it. We had already driven about two hours that day turned around to get the pillow back and the room had already been cleaned and no pillow. The pillow was just like the hotel ones with a white pillow case. Never again it will now always be embroidered with our name and address on it.

  • Mattie

    We went camping with friends at the Thousand Islands. We had a big rain storm, we all got wet and mud on our cloths. When we got to our tents to change my husband was trying to put on his jeans when he found out I made the mistake of packing a pair of my jeans in his suitcase (thinking they were his). I had my pair but he only had what he had on. Oh well he learned a very good lesson then and has followed it since. He packs his cloths and I pack mine. Then you can’t blame someone else if you don’t have it. It is your own fault

  • Dana Caffrey

    Last summer, my family went to my grandmas house in New Hampshire. To my surprise, my grandma invited some friends who do emobroidery. Her friends taught us to do embroidery and I must say we had a great time that summer.

  • Beth lawrence

    Drove to airport and flew out to visit son. End of the visit our son drove us to the airport, over an hour drive, to catch our flight home. Husband asked for the car keys so he would have them when our flight arrived at home airport. You guessed it, He had left them back at our sons apartment and the spare keys where in the glove compartment. We had to have someone pick us up at midnight and bring us home. Then we waited for two days for the keys to arrive so we could get the vehicle from the airport.

  • sue sendelbach

    Every year we head to Florida to avoid the Michigan winter. I always take my sewing machine so I can get lots done while I’m down there. So we get there, I open up my machne to set it up and discover that I have forgotten to bring the cord to the machine! I propmtly called my dealer in Michigan and she very sympathetically sent me another cord. Yea Sandy!

  • Etta Lehmann

    On a trip to Frankfurt, Germany, I got the passports out of the safe and put them into my purse. When we got to JFK, the agent checked them and sent us along our way. When we got to Germany, my husband was ahead of me in passport control, and called back that we had each others’ passports. Upon exchanging them, we found that I had packed my expired passport, along with the new one, leaving his behind. We had to stay in Frankfurt an extra day until the American Embassy could process a passport for him. I have never lived it down.

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