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Everyone’s a winner this week!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Everyone’s a winner this week!

Back to School!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh box of crayons, pointy tips, organized colors, completely unblemished coloring sticks? But we all know they don’t stay in that shape for too long. Nope, just a day to two later, the tips are a bit worn and the colors are not in a predictable order. Planet Applique captured that just-opened box feeling with an adorable embroidery appliqué design.  It’s the perfect little design for back-to-school embroidery projects.  Too cute on a backpack, t-shirt, book cover or art supply case.  Planet Applique wants to spread that feeling to 20 lucky winners this week. They have generously donated $10 gift certificates for 20 lucky winners!

But if back-to-school isn’t on your radar then maybe Halloween is. Here are two of my favorite Halloween designs, Franken Feet and Witch Feet. Either would make a great graphic t-shirt or placemat.  That’s the beauty of appliqué, you can add a ton of punch with colorful fabrics in no time at all. I’ve found kids prefer appliqué designs over regular embroidery because appliqué is so comfortable to wear.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

And since we’re always concerned about the comfort of wee ones we thought we’d share a tutorial on stitching for little ones making everyone a winner this week!

Click here to download free project!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Next week, we’ll explore some expert tips on stitching professional appliqué.

This week’s assignment:

This week, tell me what appliqué design you’d like to win for your fall stitching. Remember 20 of you are going to win $10 gift certificates to Planet Applique, so don’t be shy…tell us!

Planet Applique

The winners of last week’s assignment answered the following question:

Let me know what you think about Craftsy and you could win a $50.00 gift certificate to spend on the Designs in Machine Embroidery website.

The winner is… Kathy M.  “I’ve taken 1 Craftsy class and loved it. Am really looking forward to signing up for this one!!”

Congratulations Kathy!





  • Kris

    I need to build up my alphabet supply- I’m particularly looking at the Owl and Gator Alphas!

    • carole crafty

      The crayons are always special.

    • Mary Jo

      Love the E=MC2…..I work for the math department at IUE. Would love to make some T-shirts for the math geeks.

  • Linda Wall

    I an just getting started and have no Alphabet besides what’s on my machine. Really need Alphabet…any.

  • Linda

    I love those crayons! As a lifelong educator they are just in my blood.

  • LuAnne

    I absolutely love the crayon alpha.

  • Rebecca Mackey

    I love the Halloween designs–getting ideas together for a wall hanging and these would be perfect!

  • Lynn Lawrence

    I would love any fall design on the site. Love the way your designs stitch out.

  • Joan

    I like the leaf alpha. I would make a table runner ,monogrammed napkins and dish towels for the fall. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  • Deby

    Love the crayons! This just gives me Lots of ideas!

  • Kellieann A.

    The pumpkin pie applique is sweet. how cute to put on a towel for a hostess gift when you bring the pie for dessert

  • Suzanne D.

    I really like those applique crayons. I’ve been busy making quiet notpad covers with crayon pockets. This would look so nice on the covers

  • Carolyn Oglesby

    I love applique and am always looking for new cute designs!

  • Mary Furber

    I like the Christmas tree and a couple other retro looking Christmas designs.

  • P

    applique is the best for decorating clothes for little one. Just finished a skirt and shirt for my granddaughter.

  • Wendy

    With my first grand baby due just before Christmas, I would definitely want the Christmas Monkey and I need the half shark for when the baby visits me in FL!

  • Wanda White

    I love the crayons! They would make a great design for on a childs purse or clothes.

  • Pat Krausen

    I would absolutely get one of the alphabets, its hard to decide on my favorite one though. 🙂

  • Nina Cason

    I LoVe aPpLiQuE !!!!

  • Clem

    I love appliqué . I love the crayons, I am picturing a cute quilt with this, and the ornaments are terrific! Tree skirt, stockings, Christmas Jammies, ohhhhh my mind is spinning!!

  • Merilyn Buckman

    I love all you designs but would be thrilled with the crayons.

  • Teresa Wright

    I would like the Cowboy and Cowgirl. They would be so cute on t-shirts for my grandchildren.

  • Janet

    Love the crayons. So cute!

  • Laura Wiese

    I have been on an applique binge recently – mostly kids themes at the moment. You know you have an applique addiction when you have run out of recipients for your creations and have resorted to gifting strangers’ babies. “Oh you have a friend of a friend of a friend who just had a baby? How about a cute little onesie?” Of course local charity orgs are a neat “target” too. 🙂

  • Mary Bowser

    Love to add some boy applique to my stash. With only grandsons, what’s a grandma to do???

  • kim wilson

    I love anything halloween!

  • Sue

    I have 14 grand kids so all of the appliqués would work in my projects. I especially like the witch feet & the Frankenstein feet, also the Christmas monkey. I have a 4 year old granddaughter that it would fit her personality perfectly. Thank you for introducing this great site. Sue

  • Debi Farrell

    I love all of them!! I have new twin granddaughters that would look even cuter in any of the designs.

  • janice thompson

    I love Planet Appl and have 1/3 or more of her designs. Just the first thing I go to when I’m doing machine embroidery. One I would like is the balloon doggie appl. Reminds me of the clowns that do balloon characters.

  • Cecilia

    I would choose the Reverse Alphabet Curlz Alphabet. I don’t have very many alphabets and this one is very cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Anything Christmas … need to start making some ornaments as gifts or maybe a small design as I’ve wanted to make some of those key fobs. Thanks for the free ‘pattern’. Have to try it this week.

  • Susan Wilson

    I have enjoyed stitching many of Planet Applique’s designs so I already feel like a Winner. I would get to enjoy looking back through all of her designs to decide what I would get if I did win. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  • Lori Mehrer

    I’d really like to get the Super Hero Alpha. Very cute font that can be used for boys & girls alike. A cape for Halloween that would be used for play afterwards would be adorable.

  • Liz

    I think I need to make my daughter a “Pi” shirt. Maybe she would get extra credit from her math teacher! I also love the little red school house design, so cute.

  • I would love to win a few of the Halloween applique designs to make a few things for my grandsons! Such cute designs! I found you through Designs In Machine Embroidery on FB. Thank you for the entry!

  • Dee

    After trying applique recently I am becoming addicted. Love applique! They have sooo many great designs, but I love the Football helmet. And prices are so reasonable.

  • Kathy

    I love the crayon alphabet! I want to use it on some new shirts for my grandbabies. 🙂

  • Stacey Bible

    I love the alphabets but just have to have some of the animal appliques. There are just to many to choose from.

  • Dell

    I like the Halloween cupcakes to put on Halloween bags.

  • Anna

    I love everything about Fall and Halloween .
    Pumpkins with huge grins are my favourite. Right now I am trying to digitize a mug mat with Fall designs I think I have it, just the sew out now !

  • Kathy M.

    There are so many cute designs it’s hard to pick, but probably something holiday related. Their Hanukkah appliques are the cutest!

  • Christina

    Its hard to pick out just one favorite from planet applique. They are all so cute. I would like to try some of the Halloween designs on a long sleeve shirt for my son.

  • Jane Waite

    I would probably go for the turkey pocket alphabet or some of the leave appliques. I already own quite a few Planet Applique designs and they stitch out beautifully. I am currently stitching the football goal applique onto the back of a zip-fleece hooded jacket I am making my almost 10month old grandson. Next project will be a shirt and possibly another jacket for his first birthday with the racecar alphabet.

  • Patty Happel

    Really like the witches feet. I think my granddaughters would love it.

  • Anne Rita

    I would love some alphas and maybe start thinking about Christmas 🙂


  • Sharon Stoehr

    I love the Happy Camper. There is nothing better than sitting in front of an open campfire on a chilly fall night.

  • Catherine

    We all love to win…I love your designs:)

  • Linda Turner

    Thank you for the free download pattern! All of the items, including the little suitcase, will be fun to make for my little granddaughter who is now 10 months old.
    I love Planet Applique designs! The little Witch’s Feet would be cute on a onesie with ruffles at the top and I would add ruffles to the back of the onesie! This is a fun time of year and I love Halloween!
    Thanks again!

  • nancy drake

    Would love some fall (not Halloween) designs. Fall is just around the corner so I could use a jumpstart. thanks:)

  • Karen H

    I would LOVE the fall felt clippies and the three leaves just to start! If I could afford it, I’d buy it all!

  • Paule-Marie

    I like the candy cane appliques and I could use one of the patch appliques right now to fix the rip in the pocket of my new jeans. I think I backed up into the barbs on our fence.

  • Cy Swendsen

    I really like the Aimee Alpha and the Tiny Ornaments Alpha.

  • Jill Hicks

    I would love to win so I can by the witch legs.

  • Pamela Beeth

    I would like the witch’s feet for me and the crayons for my grandchildren. I’m getting too old for the embroider designs that take 1 to 5 hours to complete.

  • Melissa Jansen

    I am so new to this,I haven’t even looked at all the designs that came with the machine. But I would love the fall leaves alphabet designs!

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    I love the fall designs. The leaves and the owls are my favorite.

  • Vanessa B

    Luv those Frankin Feet and could easily make them for Boys 🙂 Thanks!!!

  • Lillian Moser

    The crayon applique would be wonderful to add to my collection. The designs stitch out beautifully! It is so much fun to put fabrics and colors together–just a little change and the look can be altogether different.

  • Terrie Underwood

    Love the crayon design. I see pastels, brights, and all sorts of colors!

  • Jean

    I love the Halloween applique….especially the ghost and pumpkin cupcakes as well as the owl on a broom! Planet Applique has such great designs…..they stitch out perfect every time!!

  • Agnes

    Anything dachshund related!!!!

  • Toni

    Would love to get the fresh box of crayons applique. I have lots of articles that would be adorable with those designs – grandchildren, neighbors’ kids, backpacks, and on and on and on! So very cute!

  • Donna G.

    I’d love to do some Halloween cupcakes on tea towels. There are so many cute designs!

  • Brenda Howard

    I am a racing fanatic and would love to have the Indycar and race tire appliques. Such a cool site thanks for telling me about it.

  • Gail Beam

    Love Planet Applique designs and would really like to have the Aimee alpha.

  • Sheila Wagner

    I especially liked the witch’s feet and Frankenstein’s feet. These are so Halloweenee! What a cute door hanging they would make for the holiday. I especially like applique; it washes and wears so much longer than just regular embroidery. Thanks.

  • Mary

    The fall hair felties are really cute, as are the crayons. Little girls would love those. A neat gift for an over sea box at Christmas.

  • Leann McClain

    Leaves, leaves, and more leaves!!!!

  • Rosemary O'Koren

    I like the Jack O Lantern Applique. It is so cute, it would work on clothes and a table runner.

  • Merrya

    I would really like to have the witch feet applique, would look good on towels and sweatshirts. The gift certificates are great prizes!

  • Susan Gray

    I would have to splurge on some of those halloween and Christmas cuties!

  • Rhonda W

    There are so many I love but I really would like the Aimee Alpha. It’s really cute and just changing the fabric and colors could make it work really well for all holidays and special occasions.

  • sue reiss

    with twin Granddaughters and being in education I love the crayons

  • sue reiss

    love the crayons!!!

  • T L

    I would penguins that did not look like beach balls or bowling pins

  • Kathy

    I l..o..v..e butterflies and making cot quilts! I think the ‘Valentine butterfly”applique design would look so cute on quilt squares with butterflis in different colours. Kathy

  • Pat Fritze

    A dress for my granddaughter would look really cute with the crayons around the bottom, for her first day of school.

  • Rita Corey

    I would definitely go for the Halloween appliques. There are so many cute ones, and I love Halloween.

  • Sheila Walton

    I love the Witch feet – makes me think of the Wizard of Oz!

  • Diane Cockman

    Love them all. Did the birthday cupcakes for 3 yrs. Granddaughter loved them. I think the crayons would be wonderful, as she just started PreK4.

  • Janet K

    I would love to have the crayons to embroider. They are wonderful.

  • Nancy N

    The crayons are super cute but I really like the flag star. Im a star nut and can see using it in all seasons even for adult clothes.

  • lisah

    I love all the appliques especially the owls and the witches feet

  • karen

    The crayons are adorable but I love halloween. I would love to do the witch shoes on a t-shirt or the legs of sweatpants for my grandchildren.

  • anne

    I want owls, that I transform into bookmarks/pencil toppers and other fun quick stitch gifts for Halloween!

  • patty sack

    I think I would choose something for baby’s or for Christmas. It’s hard to choose there are so many good ones.

  • Jan in SoDak

    Great designs on this site! I love the Halloween designs, especially the different cupcakes and bats!

  • Barbara Cummings

    I love the Halloween feet! I think it’s cute!!!

  • Melissa

    The Little Monster Face is SOOO cute! But I love the hand too. I think that would make a really neat quilt block for the grans.

  • Rosalee

    I would get fall and Christmas designs and be ready to celebrate in style!

  • Nancy

    Love the Halloween designs!

  • Bev Crabb

    The witches feet are just tooooo cute!

  • Mary

    I would like to use the Handwriting Alpha applique.

  • judy williamson

    I would love the Halloween designs. They really are soooo cute!!

  • Jan

    I would lovce to have the Supoer Hero Alpha.


  • Marlene C

    I love them all. So many applique, so little time, but the one that really caught my eye is the in the hoop bunny booties. Soooo cute. I”m expecting a new grandaughter in Oct. and these would be really cute for her.

  • Agnes B. Bullock

    Anything dachshund! Definitely pumpkins and leaves for fall!


    I LOVE applique designs,especially those with lots of pieces to add to the “3D dimension” to them. I like the Halloween designs.

  • Bev M

    I have a grandson turning one in month so I like the cute monkey. Just perfect for his party!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I really like the apple-heart but then those witchfeet and frankenfeet are hilarious. Love them!

  • Diane B

    I would love some applique animals as I have just got my first Great Grandchild and his nursery theme is animals. Thanks

  • Gena Allen

    Right now, I have so many baby orders, any baby applique is my favorite. Having so many different ones makes my job easier when people want so many different designs to choose from.

  • Nancy Owens

    I would love to have the crayon appliqes for my youngest g.daughter. Just starting first grade! Got to love those grand babies.

  • Debbie

    Such cute designs!! I am a big Halloween girl and you really can never have enough applique patterns, so of course I would love to win some of those awesome Halloween patterns 🙂

  • Linda Avolio

    I would LOVE to see more Birthday designs…monkey,lions,giraffe etc with Birthday candles …. or just the #1, 2, 3


    I would love to be able to save a larger pic of the finished stitchout from your webpage (like we used to be able to do)to show our customers what the finished product would look like.

  • Nancy Gross

    I love the alpha crayons, I can think of many uses for these. As our family is expanding quickly! Thanks

  • Lyn

    I couldn’t wait… I used the coupon code and purchased THREE applique alphabets and another “regular” alphabet. Jack’n Jill, Crayon, and Aimee, plus Abigail.
    But if I should win, my prize would be used to purchase something to use for two spring grandbabies. The “Twins” are currently expected on the same day in the April! The moms-to-be are my daughter and daughter-in-law.
    This is such FUN! 🙂

  • Patricia Castleberry

    I feel like a child in a candy shop when I go to Planet Applique…”I want one of these and one of these and one of these please….love it…and thanks to Eileen’s Blog “Everyone’s A Winner” for this opportunity.

  • Darlene Pino

    I like the Ghost Face applique. I would like to make ghosts with this for my front yard with lights underneath for our Halloween decoration. Friendly Ghost welcoming the little kiddies.

  • Michelle

    I lovw the crayon alphabet but the Xmas designs are so cute too!

  • LJ

    I love those witch’s shoes/legs; that’s a design I’d love to have.

  • Christy Sims

    I’d like to have something with a witches couldron. I love Jalloween and holiday appliqués ate the best:)

  • Paula Roney

    I love those witch feet! I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t want that on a Halloween shirt, towel or placemat. I love Planet Applique designs.

  • J. Freeman

    I love so many of these! So glad you pointed me to this site. Love, Love, Love it. For my first choice I think I would love to have the1/2 pumpkin applique with the “cutest pumpkin in the patch” saying. Perfect for my grand daughters fall sweatshirt!

  • Barbara Townsley

    Thank You for all your wonderful ideas, I need all the help I can get. Love, Love your magazine, I can’t wait for the next issue in my mailbox. Thank You also for the freebies in the magazine! I have been making pillow cases as gifts lately and the kids love to see their name on them. New set of alphabets would be wonderful and I know I’ll be using the crayons on my next gift project.
    Many, Many Thanks…………

  • Karen Rilstone

    Birthday designs, the crayons, cute Halloween designs for t-shirts and totes. The list is never-ending.

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    I like the owls and the leaves..just about everything lolol

    • Penny Kitzmiller

      please disreguard this comment….I forgot that I had already left one.

  • Chris Vick

    I love Planet Applique, I’ve used several of their designs on tops for my granddaughter and great nieces, the girls love them. I can always use more for the girls as they out grow their embellished clothes and a $10 gift certificate goes a long way at Planet Applique, they have great prices and things are always on sale.

  • Tricia Casey

    I love Planet Applique as well. Although it has been around a while, I thing the footbal alpha is great for fall. I also love the cute pumpkin appliques.

  • Terry Senko

    I think the ‘black cat cupcake’ design is the cutest! I am a gardener and a cook, so I can find many uses for the food appliques.

  • Angela M.

    I love Planet Appligue’s designs! I love the witch feet and the spider hat design to go along with it.

  • Judy Wentz

    I just love the Halloween feet. Especially the Witch’s feet. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

  • Lisa

    I LOVE Planet Applique designs!

    I love their alphabets and unique designs that they offer.
    I am happy with all most any of their designs.

    Looking forward to new Halloween and Christmas designs!

  • Dianne

    I love Planet Applique designs. They sew out so well and look great. I would love some new Christmas designs

  • Tris Thompson

    roses with more than one applique piece. ie seperate petals.
    Love those feet designs too.

  • Jo of So TX

    Currently planning 2 projects for church. Pew markers and a flag. The alphabets would be great for these.

  • Stella

    I would love the pumpkins, leaves, turkeys and Halloween designs to create items for my home as well as gifts for the fall. The crayons are the best!!!

  • Linda Avolio

    BOO-O-O-O-O-O ! !
    I LOVE HALLOWEEN…and can’t get enough of your CUTE halloween designs.


  • valarie

    I *Need* the black and white fire-dog. I have an English Pointer, and he has black ears and spots on his back. I even have fabric with little dogs to make my twin sons Christmas pajamas. The puppy would make them perfect!

  • Donna

    Not sure why my first post is not here! But I love the crayons and I love to do holiday gifts so anything Christmas would make me happy as well!

  • Berenice

    Loved the pirate’s feet, witch feet and the football alphas and appies…Have a few projects on the back burner!

  • Kathy Williams

    I love the witch shoes and the curly broom alphabet. They will be precious for my granddaughters!

  • Kathy

    I love fall appliques. They dress up a plain kitchen towel and look great when the family comes over for Thanksgiving. I love planet appiques designs. So cute!

  • Djuana

    I love the whimsical pumpkin and candy corn appliques. I have so many of PA designs that it is hard to choose from.

  • Leslie

    I just love them both but will have to pick the halloween appliques, to make things for my four grandchilden.

  • susanna

    I really like and need some owls, here in Finland they are just coming into fashion…

  • sue hull

    I love the frankenstein feet. They would look fabulous on the goodie bags I’m making for the grandkids!

  • Carolyn Goodworth Ford

    I attended the Stitching Sisters event in Salt Lake City. It was
    a delightful experience. I would love the crayon appliques. They are so cute! I am also planning to applique fall leaves on several tea towels.

  • Paula

    Love the halloween ones, especially the moonlight bat and ghost house. All of the appliques are so cute

  • Sharon Stoehr

    I love the football alpha.

  • Shelly C

    I love all the Christmas designs and would love the Christmas frame alpha!!!

  • A Lindsay

    I love September – those fresh pencils and crayons. October and Hallowe’en too! A great way to try all the colors in my drawer, and if I start now, I may get all of those designs stitched up into finished projects on time.

  • k durg

    Another newbie who needs suggestions, please! Would love to win a small lettering set to put the name of my sons new business on his shirt. Would love to know your favorite one!!!!!! Thanks