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Generally, I fall in love with a fabric and an appliqué design and uh, kind of, force them together. After watching Deborah Jones’ Learn from Expert DVD Applique FUNdamentals, I now know why I haven’t always been successful.

For instance, I should have considered important criteria for both the appliqué and host fabric such as colorfastness and heat tolerance. Thankfully, Deborah’s recommendations don’t limit my choices; rather they are guidelines for success. She embraces the use of all types of fabrics from plush faux fur to holographic to natural bamboo fabrics.

Deborah’s tips on selecting patterned fabrics are spot-on!  She even takes a specially prepared template to the fabric store for appliqué auditions! Talk about setting yourself up for success. I love that tip.

If the only reason you ever consider stitching an appliqué is to repair a garment, then you’ll appreciate her technique for complete coverage – inside and out. I coaxed Deborah into sharing her tip for garment repair – click here and enjoy!

You’ll reap the benefits of her in-depth exploration into cut-as-you-go and pre-cut appliqué techniques. I learned there’s more to it than just saving time. And for those of you who use software to make your own appliqués, you’re going to love Deborah’s clear and concise explanation of where to position the placement, cut and tackdown lines.

I feel so enlightened now; I can’t wait to stitch an appliqué that I know will last through repeated washings and lots of wear and tear!

This week’s assignment:

I’d love to hear how you use appliqué – is it for beauty or function? Leave a comment and you could win a copy of Applique FUNdamentals.

The 20 winners of last week’s assignment answered the following question:

Tell me what appliqué design you’d like to win for your fall stitching. Remember 20 of you are going to win $10 gift certificates to Planet Applique, so don’t be shy…tell us!

Barbara Cummings
I love the Halloween feet!  I think it’s cute!!!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Brenda Howard
I am a racing fanatic and would love to have the Indycar and race tire appliques. Such a cool site thanks for telling me about it.

Carolyn Oglesby
I love applique and am always looking for new cute designs!

We all love to win…I love your designs:)

Darlene Pino
I like the Ghost Face applique.  I would like to make ghosts with this for my front yard with lights underneath for our Halloween decoration.  Friendly Ghost welcoming the little kiddies.

Diane Cockman
Love them all. Did the birthday cupcakes for 3 yrs. Granddaughter loved them. I think the crayons would be wonderful, as she just started PreK4.

Donna G.
I’d love to do some Halloween cupcakes on tea towels. There are so many cute designs!

Karen Rilstone
Birthday designs, the crayons, cute Halloween designs for t-shirts and totes. The list is never-ending.

I love the crayon alphabet! I want to use it on some new shirts for my grandbabies. 🙂

I need to build up my alphabet supply- I’m particularly looking at the Owl and Gator Alphas!

Kim Wilson
I love anything Halloween!

Kelly Lamb aka Sew Lambitious LLC
I would love to win a few of the Halloween applique designs to make a few things for my grandsons! Such cute designs! I found you through Designs In Machine Embroidery on FB. Thank you for the entry!

I couldn’t wait… I used the coupon code and purchased THREE applique alphabets and another “regular” alphabet.  Jack’n Jill, Crayon, and Aimee, plus Abigail.

But if I should win, my prize would be used to purchase something to use for two spring grandbabies.  The “Twins” are currently expected on the same day in the April!   The moms-to-be are my daughter and daughter-in-law.

This is such FUN!   🙂

Marlene C
I love them all. So many applique, so little time, but the one that really caught my eye is the in the hoop bunny booties.  Soooo cute.  I”m expecting a new grandaughter in Oct. and these would be really cute for her.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Pat Fritze
A dress for my granddaughter would look really cute with the crayons around the bottom, for her first day of school.

Patty Sack
I think I would choose something for baby’s or for Christmas.  It’s hard to choose there are so many good ones.

Sheila Walton
I love the Witch feet – makes me think of the Wizard of Oz!

I really like and need some owls, here in Finland they are just coming into fashion…

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Susan Wilson
I have enjoyed stitching many of Planet Applique’s designs so I already feel like a Winner. I would get to enjoy looking back through all of her designs to decide what I would get if I did win.  Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

Sue Reiss
With twin Granddaughters and being in education I love the crayons


Congratulations everyone and thank you Planet Applique!





  • Judy Wentz

    I love to use appliqué in quilts, but I am so slow doing it by hand. I am hoping the appliqué by machine and have much more of it in my quilts.

  • Katrina Whelan

    I love sewing appliqué designs for the school that my children go to. Great spirit wear for teachers, parents and students!!

  • Donna

    I use applique for quilts, burp cloths, bibs, onesies, tee shirts, dresses. It makes the garment lighter than a dense filled design.

  • margaret

    I LOVE doing appliques – they are so versitle, cute and easy to do. Really goes well with monogramming also.

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    So far, I have just used it for repair. But I was thinking of using it for a fleece baby blanket

  • Becky

    I generally use applique for beauty. I love using applique alphabets on burp cloths for baby showers.

  • Diane Crane

    I use applique for both beauty and function. I especially love making baby items that are both beautiful and useful, such as burp cloths, baptismal blankets, and sweet onesies.

  • Rhonda W

    I love using appliques on children’s clothing. My biggest problem is choosing which design I want to use. I spend more time planning than actually creating a finished garment.

  • Carol Bartlem

    my friends call me the applique queen as I have it n everything but wow how good was this Just loved the fact that you gave ita raised affect so easily will have to try this and the fact that I could watch it was a big plus

  • Kathy

    I love applique for the beauty of them and that it is so easy. Designs spring to life with endless possibilities-just change the fabric

  • judy Williamson

    I have never used applique very much because I have been afraid of it. This book would be a great help to me.

  • Jane OLeary

    I am fairly new to applique, but with 5 grandsons and another new grandbaby on the way, I am finding that applique is fun and quick to add some adorable designs to clothing, blankets, bibs etc. I can’t wait to get better doing this.

  • Patty Seevers

    I love applique I use it on dish towels and things for my grand kids. It lets you be very creative and is fast to do also with one design you can have many different looks.

  • Chris

    I love the shortcut applique offers me versus a filled design. Plus appliques are much gentlier on children’s clothes

  • Carolyn Goodworth Ford

    I have done a few appliques. They turned out great. I did some printed fabrics on children’s bath towels. I am still learning though!

  • Gail Beam

    I love to do machine applique embroidery. It is fun, fast, and always looks cute on anything. Varied fabrics can change the look of any applique from fancy to plain to 3 D. I have used a variety of different fabrics including glitter, sequin, fur, leather, vinyl, jean, netting, faux leather in doing machine embroidery applique. I like the new raggy applique look too, and it is so popular with my grandchildren.

  • Jean

    I use applique on kitchen towels to create ‘toppers’ with a button tab. They add design to the towel while keeping the towel functional for drying.

  • Christy Sims

    I appliqué on shirts mostly, I have a 1 year old that can rock some appliqué;)

  • Linda S

    I love to do applique on aprons, cushions and t-shirts!

  • Leslie

    I just started quilting this year and have done some applique on some quilts, but would love to do some on more of my 4 grandbabies things.

  • Shirley R

    I’ve used it both for repairing children’s clothing and in quilting.

  • Carol

    I love doing applique both by machine and hand and am always keen to learn how to improve my skills – so to win this book would be great!

  • Joan Davidson

    I love to applique – I use it on anything – quilts, clothing, etc. I like the crispness and sharpness of the applique designs. I never thought to use it to repair, that is a great idea.

  • Michelle Haag

    I am working on a crazy quilt which uses beautiful stitches on blocks of applique!

  • Janet K

    I have used applique on sets of curtains for a child’s bedroom. They turned out beautiful and this was a quick way to make them special.

  • Dale Fedor

    I’ve done applique when I just LOVE an embroidery design but it is just too heavy/thick for a t-shirt. I’ve also use them when I do a test sew & it comes out just so perfect that I have to use it. And then there are the baby quilts I’ve made. They are so colorful that both baby & Mom love them.

  • Benie Webre

    My applique experience has been in decorative items. I think Debra Jones is great and would love to have her DVD to improve my technique and learn more.

  • Katie H

    Applique is great for adding larger, softer design elements to quilts, home dec and fashion. I love using mylar as applique to add the sparkle in a more durable form than metallic thread.

  • jean c

    i use applique for quilts. t shirts. repairs and sometimes, i will add a small applique to a quilt just for fun or to cover an opportunity (mistake).

  • Rosalee

    I typically use applique for beauty and one of a kind look but also for repairs–love applique!

  • Donna F

    For many years I used applique only on gift items or to decorate plain sweatshirts or clothing. One day however, I was machine embroidering a hoodie for my granddaughter and left the machine unattended and it had an issue and the embroidery design was ruined. I was very unhappy at the idea of having to throw the jacket away but it had a hole in the center back. Then my hubby said “why don’t you just put one of those pretty patch thingies you do over it?” It was like a lightbulb going off in the darkness! So I put a “Pretty Patch Thingie” over it and the jacket was saved. I didn’t think to put one on the inside though. What a great idea that is.

  • Rosalyn

    I’ve just started to do applique and love it. I have been making burb clothes for my twin grandchildren. They turned out really cute. Can’t wait to do more.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I use applique on quilts, table runners, placemats, garment repair, purses, everything that isn’t nailed down. I love all appliques. I can always find a use for them.

  • patty sack

    I use applique for beauty and for fun!

  • Susanna

    As a mother of four kids, the applique as repair is often used. I use it also often on items for sale, because they look good and are fast to do.

  • Irma

    I love applique for the way it makes an embroidery come to life,I even use it on facewashers

  • Kathy

    I just want to learn how to applique. I guess I don’t have the confidence. I simply love the dimension it gives to your projects.

  • Sandra Sanders

    My first applique was applied with a traditional sewing machine. I had a mustard stain on a sweatshirt. Now I like to use applique with my embroidery machine, because it allows almost endless personalization with any fabric!

  • Lillian Moser

    Applique makes everything “pop”! I love it!

  • Doris Nordbye

    I love applique. I have used in placemats, tableclothes, wall hangings. My favorite was the animal bids I would make for my children. The bid was the shape of an animal and I appliqued all the details that made them special. I’m now in the process of learning how to created applique with my embroidery software.

  • Berenice

    I just starting doing applique this year. Have done a few baby items for friends and a couple of shirts for my girls. Don’t know why I put it off all these years!

  • le floch, anne

    I plan on adding applique flowers to a simple dress I bought for my daughter, it will spice it up a bit. Maybe leaves, something to fit the fall season.

  • Tricia Casey

    I use them for fun and beauty on burp cloths,t-shirts, and baby clothes.

  • Suellen DiMassimo

    I have limited time for sewing. I love to use appliqué on ready made clothing for my three granddaughters. I can make a quick jumper or skirt and add an appliqué to make unique clothing also. I also make quick baby blankets using appliqués blocks for baby presents. I do love to appliqué!

  • Linda Burwick

    Several years ago I did some easy seasonal applique on sweatshirts that I wore for school. I am now retired and hope to renew my skills and make some appliqued things for my grandchildren and my granddaughter to be born next month. I love the idea of two sided applique on a blanket. One of my granddaughters likes to create her own look. I hope to teach her and her sister how to use applique to achieve this the next time I visit them.

  • Gene Black

    I have mostly used applique to add decorative effects. However recently I made a quilt block with way less than perfect points. So I used some applique circles to cover the points and punch up the design a bit too.

  • Sue Winnie

    I have not done much machine appliqué. I am still on a learning curve with this technique. It would be great to have Deborah Jones CD, since I have not formed any bad habits yet. This would how me the right way to do things from the start.

  • Pam

    My granddaughter loves all the outfits I make for her. Using appliques makes the process faster and the outfits individualized for her taste is at the time of construction. I’m always looking for ways to improve the applique process and this sounds like what I need.

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I usually use applique for decorative purposes. I have use die-cut kits on a t-shirt, minky puppies on a baby blanket, applique towel toppers and also designed my own in software. I would love to win Deborah’s DVD!

  • Jane Anderson

    I use applique for decoration, mainly in quilts. It is one of my favorite tasks.
    Jane in KS

  • Kathy

    I have always been afraid to applique, because I simply do not know how and have never been instructed. I want to learn how to applique correctly.

    • Denise Holguin

      A few years ago I too was afraid to try applique. But one day I just dove in and tried. Once I did, I couldn’t remember my exact reasoning for thinking applique was complicated or difficult. 🙂

      I dug up some free applique designs courtesy of Planet Applique that you need to download. To download visit our Designs Plus Newsletter from May 2010– click the link below:

      The frame design is oh-so-cute and very addicting to stitch once you start. To make it easy on yourself just stitch on a scrap piece of fabric– this way you can focus on learning and having fun– rather than messing up a garment. 😉

      Happy Stitching!
      Denise Holguin / Managing Editor

  • Marnita Parry

    Right now, it’s all about the grandson; bibs, t-shirts, burbs, jon-jons, you name it. I’m an appliqueing Nina. 🙂

    • Denise Holguin

      Dear “Appliquing Nina”,
      My reply to the comment right before yours will also be of interest to you! I dug up some designs Planet Applique donated in our Designs Plus Newsletter– there’s a cute little appliqued dog that your grandson may like! Here’s the link again:

      Happy Stitching!
      Denise Holguin / Managing Editor

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    In my many years I have never really gotten in to applique. I keep putting it off because I don’t know that much about it. I bought the scissors but have never used them. I am edging my way into quilting and I do believe that applique would also go with quilt making. I do need this book!

    • Mary Haggenmaker

      I mean I really need this DVD!

  • Karen

    I do very little applique, I don’t do very well trimming them. May be the book would help.

  • LJ

    Applique is generally a beauty thing though I have done it for repair. Quite a few years ago I ended up with some splashes of wood stain on a new dust ruffle – how in the world did that happen!!! I used portions of lace on top and zig zagged around them. That was my first real attempt at repair applique and it worked beautifully.

  • Leandam

    I love to use applique on garments I make. It just finishes them off professionally and they are of course, one of a kind 🙂

  • Jacquelyn Morris-Smith

    I am an avid fan of the machine embroidery process, and applique is one of the most rewarding parts of the whole thing. You can take a simple design and make it 3 dimensional with the use of applique. I know there is more I need to learn so keep the tips coming. And thanks for sharing everyone.

  • Susan Wilson

    I enjoy doing applique with my embroidery machine for my great nephews and great neices – tshirts, aline dresses, shower wraps, aprons, etc. I also have dreamed of making quilt blocks because there are so many cute designs available.

  • Carlie Amadi

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  • lynn

    What is the best stabilizer tear away that doesn’t leave hairy fuzz on the project? Thanks a million..

  • Judy Henderson

    I can’t find how to order Volume 2 – Applique DVD.
    Please advise.
    Thank You

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  • Ann Brackett

    I appliqué on baby quilts I make to donate to the NIC Units of local hospitals

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