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It’s Sew Expo time!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Are you heading to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo? I hope to see you there. I’m packing my last suitcase and heading up to the great Northwest today. The Expo is one of my favorite shows and I haven’t been able to attend this show in quite a few years. Last year at this time, I vowed to make time in my schedule for Expo so I’m excited I’m teaching three hands-on classes and one lecture-demo.

I have so many fond memories of Expo. I celebrated the fifth anniversary of Designs there in 2004.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I’ve met countless sewing celebrities in the aisles, in the seats and at the food stands (okay, just at the strawberry scone stand).

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I’ve walked in the misty rain, ran in downpours and drudged through a little snow.

I’ve stood in awe at the sight of Mt. Rainier and basked in the green landscape of the region. I have fond memories of Pike Place Market.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I’ve carried boxes, bags, suitcases, trunks and coat racks of embroidered creations through the fairgrounds and into the display areas. I’ve emceed fashion shows, counseled challenged embroiderers and offered a seat to weary shoppers. Expo holds a lot of memories for me. But most of all, it stands for all that sewing means to me. An explosion of creativity shared by the most giving community – embroiderers, quilters, sewing fashionistas and fiber-artists – all under one roof.

So many of us (teachers and vendors) grumble about the preparation involved for a show of this magnitude. And rightly so, it can be exhausting. But it is just that preparation that makes Expo the industry’s best show. Everyone – right down to the volunteers – puts their heart and soul into this show. If you haven’t been in a while, come on back – it’s bigger and better than ever. And they still sell the strawberry scones!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Visit the Sewing & Stitchery Expo website for more information:

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Eileen’s Class Schedule
Quilting With An Embroidery MachineLearn revolutionized quilting techniques that turn traditional quilting upside down. You’ll quilt, then appliqué and finally piece instead of piece, appliqué and quilt. The secret to successful machine embroidered quilting and appliqué lies in four key factors. Embroidery expert Eileen Roche demonstrates how to select the right fabrics, hoop a quilt sandwich, stitch continuous borders and piece with reversible piecing.
Friday: 8:30 am – 10:00 amEileen's Machine Embroidery Blog
In-the-Hoop Posh Pincushions
Worse than potato chips – you can’t make just one of these addictive, charming in the hoop pincushions. You’ll learn easy editing right at the machine and then “sew” with an embroidery machine. Finish by adding a trio of one-of-a-kind trims and learn how to ‘tuft’ with two shank buttons. This Posh Pincushion will be your new go-to gift for 2012.
Thursday: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Friday:  11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Saturday:  2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog


Here’s your assignment this week:

Do you remember the day you bought your first embroidery machine?  Tell us about that big event.  One comment will be randomly drawn to win a $25 shopping spree on the Designs in Machine Embroidery website.

The TWO winners from last week’s assignment answered the following question:

Tell me about an embroidery project you are most proud of accomplishing. TWO lucky individuals will win the Crazy Quilt Series 1 (in 4 sizes!) courtesy of Molly Mine.

This is a series of 20 blocks in 4” x 4”, 5” x 5”, 6” x 6” and 8” x 8” sizes. All blocks and sizes are included and all blocks are completely embellished! Simple applique designs that need no turning or ironing!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

The TWO lucky winners are:

Pam J:
“I am most proud of my latest project, I embroidered two baby bibs and a blankie toy for a friends baby. I am new at learning how to do machine embroidery, so I was so happy everything turned out fine! Everything straight and centered!”

Jane Waite:
“I am most proud of the quilt I embroidered for my new grandson. I am waiting for the right time to make a crazy quilt using material from prom dresses and bridesmaids dresses that my 3 daughters have worn. Molly Mine is where I will be purchasing those designs when I am ready. I love all of her crazy quilt designs.”

Congratulations to both winners!





  • Charleen

    I bought my first embroidery machine on our anniversary! We went out for lunch and then took a trip to Brubaker’s in New Holland. That was two years ago and I have been having so much fun learning all about machine embroidery!!

    • Virginia Frazier

      Yes I do remember. I was on vacation and watching a home shopping network and it was craft day. There was an embroidery/ sewing machine on the special of the day. It only embroidered a 4×4 design and it came with a customizer program to read my designs. Oh yes how I remember it to this day. I was so excited. Had that machine for almost 5 years.

  • Peggy Schroeder

    Yes, I absolutely remember the day I bought my first embroidery machine. My friend had one and I loved it. That day, she took me to the surgery center in Santa Rosa for a spinal block ( I have a really bad back, rods, screws, etc.) I signed all the paperwork, you know the ones that read you should not drive, or make any important decisions for 48 hours. So when I woke up, and they let me leave, I asked her if we had time to go to the Sew and Vacuum Shop, (remember you did a Stitching Sisters seminar with them last year) she said sure, so we went and I bought a new Babylock sewing and embroidery machine. I used it for several months, decided it was not quite big enough, and took it back, and traded it in on a new Elleago. Which by the way, I still have, along with a Brother Ult. She still laughs, and tells me that was not the kind of decisions I was supposed to be making at that time. I am NOT sorry I did it, I love the embroidery.

    • eileenroche

      Peggy – what a story! I remember meeting you in Santa Rosa – and enjoying the chocolates you made Marie & I. Hope you’re well, thanks for sharing your story.

      • Peggy Schroeder

        Eileen, thanks for the reply, I enjoyed my time with you in Santa Rosa, and the year before in Sacramento…..Now when you come back, I hope you will have changed your program just a little so I can take it again. After all, the 3rd time should be the charm, right? Both of the friends I brought with me want to go again. I am glad you girls liked the chocolates, it was fun doing them for you. Now, I am doing so much embroidery, and managing to sell some, I am considering getting either a six or nine needle machine. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on this? I seem to keep both of my machines going at the same time; if I can find the time to work on one, it just seems I usually end up with both of them running.
        I purchased the Posh Pincushions, but have not made any yet, it is on the stack with the Little Black Tee designs!

        I hope you enjoy the Sewing Expo, my friend Sharon left today to go to it.

  • Connie W

    After daydreaming for months about owning an embroidery machine and doing my research on the different brands and models, I chose the Janome 11000. I considered it a special reward for dragging myself out of bed and to my job every morning for the last 30 years. I was so excited because I couldn’t wait to personalize gifts. Six years later, I am now the owner of a Babylock Ellisimo and am more thrilled and motivated each day. I love both of my embroidery machines and my favorite projects are still the gifts I make for others. I take a picture of every project when it is completed, so that I can always go back and look at them, for enjoyment as well as seeing the progress I make. I have been retired for three years and I realize that my purchase of an embroidery machine was the beginning of the dream I am living every day.

    • eileenroche

      Connie – what a wonderful journey you’re taking. May you have many more years of stitching enjoyment!

  • karin

    We were at a craft show in Greensboro, NC, when our collective eyes were caught by a Babylock in motion. I saw all the beautiful towels they were putting out, then they offered to let ME sit down and run it. Oh, my GAWD!! I was sold, right then and there. I am now on my THIRD Babylock, and it’s almost 15 years later! I’m still amazed by the things these machines (and their crafty owners) can turn out!!!

  • Tonya R.

    I remember buying my embroidery machine at the local quilt shop. I was in the process of getting ready to make my daughters wedding dress and the bridal parties too (a total of 7 dresses,including mine). Told hubby that I wasn’t sure that the old (1980 & 1993 models) machines would do what I wanted so he said “go check out a new one”. I did!!! Don’t need to be told twice. :0) Bought my Viking SE and she still is going today.

  • Carol Seavitt

    It was Christmas Day and mom told me she had a surprise for me. We walked over to her sewing room and she told me to lift off the towel covering the machine. Oh my — was I ever surprised. And now I am just so hooked. She is a wonderful mom. Love both!!!

    • eileenroche

      She is a wonderful mom! Say hello to her for me!

  • Margaret Pepper

    I bought my first embroidery machine in 2003. My Mother had passed away in January and in June I received a check in the mail with a note from her (my mother) telling me to go buy something that would make me happy. So, I went over to the sewing machine store and had a demo and fell in love with the Brother ULT2003D, so I bought it. It was the best purchase of my life!

    • eileenroche

      What a wonderful gift from your mother!

  • Sharyn

    I had a friend that was selling Viking machines at her quilt shop. I had stopped in to get some material. She was getting ready to move up to the SE and sold me her Designer I. I had seen these machines 20-25 years before and had a VCR tape of them back then. I came home thought it over, called her and she brought the machine to my house, set it up, gave me some basic lessons and I was hooked. I went to classes and in less than a year I moved up to the SE. I love doing things for people and myself. I even designed a patch for the family hunting camp and they love it. I started getting the DME magazine and now have even more things to make. My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and getting ready to set up an even nicer sewing room so I can stick close to him.

  • Karla Fowler

    I bought my first embroidery machine at a Martha Pullen School in Huntsville, Alabama. I won a door prize of a roll of solvy stabilizer for the machine. I think this was fate and I needed a machine so I could use the stablizer. I haven’t looked back since.

  • Patty Happel

    Finally convinced mu husband I needed one when we found out we were expecting our first Grandchild. Both very exciting events and both still a big part of my life!

  • Phyllis F

    I went to buy a new sewing machine after sewing the computerized versions on Sewing with Nancy. I wound up with a sewing/embroidery machine and funny, I found I used the embroidery more than the sewing machine because I could finish a project in 1 or 2 hours instead of days!

  • Kathy

    My first embroidery machine I bought was a Bernina Deco. I bought it and on my way home I felt overwhemed with the decison that I called the store when I got home and asked if I could bring it back. They said sure, but maybe i should try it first. I did end up returning it later that day, but 3 years later I took the plunge and got a Bernina 180E nad have never looked back. Sew much fun!

  • Beth S

    I remember – my mother and sister had the same sewing machine. My mother wanted me to have one so bad that she took me to her dealer and we agreed if she made the down payment, I would pay the balance. That day, one embroidery machine went into layaway with great expectations. However, it was only a few months later that I had open heart surgery for birth defect. After two years of healing physically and financially, the big day finally came when the dealer carried it to my car. I not only remember the day, the machine, but the generosity that was extended to me.

  • Gerry Barrett

    When my daughter was expecting our first grand child, I said I was going to get a new fancy machine if it was a girl! It was & that was 14 yrs. ago next week! I got a Viking Rose, then a D-1, then an SE & now have a Diamond. Have a new 6 mo. old grand daughter & still sewing for those girls!!! I have been able to make dedication dresses, Easter dresses, Halloween outfits, summer shorts..on & on. AND the girls now sit at my computer & compose their own emb. designs to put on shirts, pillows, etc. Never regretted that first emb. machine!

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    35 years ago I bought a Viking machine, the kind with cams, and it was a great machine except for the fancy stitches which never came out the way I envisioned. I had wanted an embroidery machine for several years and when I retired I came into some money and knew right away what I was going to do with it. I bought a Designer 1 which I still have and love. My old machine went to my daughter who is very happy with it and uses it to sew her costumes for live action role playing as well as gifts for family and friends.

  • Linda

    Of course I remember! I searched on the internet for ideas and could not find out much. Our fabulous fabric store closed, so I went to a store in town that had a terrible reputation for having a mean and nasty owner. Imagine my surprise to find wonderful new owners, and ownership had just change on my birthday! I was so overwhelmed by the prices, and I had a kid to meet getting of the bus soon, so I had to leave after a few minutes. The very next morning I went right back and bought a great machine, software, and lots of supplies. I was in shock! But I have never regretted it for a minute!!!

  • Kandy Lewis

    Hubby had taken me out to lunch and said we were going someplace else after lunch. I totally forgot my purse at the resturant and then he drove up to the sewing shop and I looked down and no purse. So we had to make a trip back with my heart in my hand hoping someone had not taken it. They hadn’t!!! Then we returned to the sewing shop and he bought me my machine. I just traded that machine in for a new Ellisimo and am so excited about it. I can’t stand it. I have never regreted getting the machine and have enjoyed the hours of fun of creating the wonderful things I have given to many family and friends that I wouldn’t have been able to do without it.

  • Mary

    1996 was my first taste of an embroidery machine. It didn’t have hoops to use. It was the top of the line at that time. I was really excited about having a machine that embroidered a few designs, but alas, those that were programmed in did not all embroider out very well. How disappointing! And I didn’t have the necessary funds to buy a cable to change any designs either. With the passing of my brother and a gift of money (in 2007) I was able to purchase a Creative Vision which I new he would want me to have because he was always interested in the projects I was making. Thanks Mike.

  • Janet L.

    Two years ago, I purchased a new Brother sewing/embroidery machine from Costco (I began sewing as a teenager-45 years ago-yikes!) My main interest was getting a new sewing machine, but thought the embroidery function might be nice. Well, after embroidering out my first design I fell in love with machine embroidery. I began embroidery just about anything I could think of. Soon I wanted a bigger, faster machine. This past October, I purchased a used 6 needle Brother embroidery machine. Oh am I having fun. At the moment I am attempting to make my first quilt ever and using the embroidery machine. Probably the hardest part was deciding on a design to use- there are sooooo many beautiful designs available. Looks like I have a new passion developing for machine embroidery quilting.

  • Bonnie Gray

    I bought a used Bernina Deco for my first embroidery machine, soon after that bought the Bernina software so I could do more with designs. Then I decided I wanted to be able to do bigger designs so I bought a used artista 165. I kept wanting to do more than that machine could do so went on to an Auror 440, but took it back because it did not work like I thought it would and then got my present machine the Artista 630. It has everything I need and I’m really enjoying using it.

  • Beth Hatlestad

    I remember that Christmas so very well. My husband and four year old daughter had purchased the machine two weeks before Christmas and my daughter had never said a word. I had known they had gone shopping, but I could not find any boxes the size of the machine. I still haven’t found his hiding place. Every time I use my embroidery machine I tell DH how much I love him and the machine. My daughter had also remained silent about the gifts we had purchased for him. Husband and daughter have provided much inspiration for sewing as well as keeping secrets!

  • Rita Dougherty

    I brought the Esente home and my first project was to monogram my first initial on my terry cloth robe. I had it all sized perfectly but decided to do the embroidery later and turned off the machine. Didn’t know about default. I was shocked to see the letter sewing out so much larger then I planned. Yes, it’s 10 years and I finally scrapped my robe with the large R monogram. Always reminded me of Laverne on the Laverene and Shirley TV show.

  • Beverly belaska

    I bought my first embroidery machine in 1996. It was a PE design with a 4×4 hoop. Then I moved up to the Brother 8500 because it had a5x7 hoop. Now I own aBrother Quattro 600D with lastest upgrades

  • Dawn Johnson

    I remember it well – I had a Pfaff 7550 and they came out with the 7570. I had to have it and the new PCD-Win software, such a new concept. Have had all the new TOL Pfaff’s since and still love them.

    Have now got my sister hooked on machine embroidery too.

  • Linda Coleman

    I remember the day well, I had been so excited at trying the machine out. I really only had a choice of one manufacturer here in Ireland at that time (Brother) so it was a case of which machine to choose. My hubby had some savings and he gave it to me so I could get the top of the range model. That was 8 years ago now and my machine does not have a lot of what the newer machines has but it is still my baby and I am amazed at what designs I can produce with it.

  • Terri

    I bought my first embroidery machine in order to do “professionally embroidered” sport shirts for my employees. That machine stitched beautifully but was limited to stitching out the designs built into the machine, and my company name wasn’t one of those designs. I upgraded to a more advanced machine and embroidery software, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  • Cindy

    Oh I remember that day so well…My mom and I had visited a sewing and quilting show and noticed the machines that our neighborhood store was demonstrating. We both walked out with new machines and have since purchased newer machines. We still get together and try new projects and ideas. Hopefully I can pass my love of embroidery and sewing to my daughters as my mom did to me.

  • Elaine T

    I’ve always liked to sew and was in awe of what an embroidery machine could do. One day I went into the local dealer shop to “look around”. I saw the Husqvarna Viking and was immediately hooked. This was back in the 80’s and since then have bought and traded most of the name brand machines. Now I’m a proud owner of the Brother Quattro 6000D.
    Embroidery is my passion.

  • Chris

    I bought my Designer l embroidery machine at a local quilt shop after my husband bought his second motorcycle. Not tit-for-tat, I just couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to spend that much money. Would I use it enough? Gosh, have I used it. We have been through much together and we have much to do. I love my machine. My husband now has 4 motorcycles and I have another sewing/quilting machine that I love just as much as the Designer l. The best sounds in the world (other than my grand babies voices) are the sounds of both sewing machines going at once! My sewing room is just a little slice of heaven!

  • Beth R

    I bought my first embroidery machine in March 2008 – a Designer SE. I had stopped in the store several times to look over the machines, and when they had a special on the SE, I decided to jump in. Several months later I went ahead and traded the SE for a Diamond, and have enjoyed learning machine embroidery through clubs, classes, and trial-and-error! My mom has a Pfaff that she has been using for about 15 years, so it has been a blast to share info with her and see the changes that have come about in the machines over the years. I look forward to many more years of sewing/embroidery, and who knows – maybe I’ll invest in another machine in the future!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    Back around 2000 I bought this little Brother that only did 4×4. After I brought it home it didn’t really do all that much because the designs were all built in. Found a Designer 1 on Ebay but warranties don’t convey and husband wasn’t happy about buying “used”. He took me to the local Viking store and there was a brand new one that the store owner gave me a good deal for machine and software. Ten years later my Viking 1100 went to my daughter and I got a Designer Diamond and the latest software. Have done many projects and also go to craft shows. Still have both machines with the newest one designated for embroidery and the other one has been relegated to sewing.

  • Sue Duisenberg

    My very very first was a pfaff 1475 sewing machine that one could digitize on a graph, spot by spot. I was able to advance to a brother when the embroidery cards were available. that was excitement and it hasn’t stopped. I am now in the middle of a northwoods animal quilt a grandson due in May. They have already painted forest trees on the nursery wall.

  • Glenda

    We were on vacation and I went into a quilt shop that had a Bernina Artista 185, and I feel in “love” with it. This was a long time ago. I couldn’t wait to get home and trade in my Bernina for the embroidery model. Have never looked back, just kept on playing more and more. I now have a Bernina Artista 200/730 and am looking forward to the new 700 series that is coming out.

  • Cheryl

    Yes, I will never forget. My dear husband bought it for me. Along with the embroidery module, he bought me the Bernina Artista 630. I am still happy with it, and I will never forget that my husband wanted to give me a really nice machine…………..Cheryl in San Diego

  • Mary Coonts

    I surely remember! My good friend and sewing buddy, Bill, had a Janome and it was the first embroidery machine I’d ever used. I so wanted one and after I’d saved for a year, I started to do research. I decided on the Viking Designer 1. This was in 2000 and it was so new I had to wait for them to get one in. Bill and I went one night after work to pick up my new baby. It was such an advanced machine with a large hoop and the ability to put designs on a floppy disk rather than buy individual embroidery cards. On the way home we came up with a name, “Pricey”. When I got her home I realized I was alone and had to get her upstairs on my own. I managed and was up till 2 AM playing. I still have Pricey and in some ways she is my preferred machine.

  • Patricia Timson

    The day I bought my first embroidery machine, a Brother with a 4″ hoop was the beginning of a long-standing love affair with machine embroidery. My husband thought I was crazy to spend money on such an item and yet I did it anyway. It opened up a whole new world for me. My friend had been doing it for some time and I was fascinated by the whole process. I didn’t think I would ever be able to create anything like that and yet I walked into the store with such anticipation and delight, I can’t describe. It was wonderful and I walked out with all the trepidation and excitement that I could hold for learning a new hobby. I have never regretted that first purchase and went on to buy another machine that takes up to 12″ patterns. It has brought me nothing but joy!!!

  • Colleen Bell

    My husband is the best husband in the whole world!! He just bought me the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold this past December. We started our marriage 36 years ago and our first purchase, even before a bed, was a Janome that only sewed straight and zigzag stitches, but I was the happiest bride. It served me faithfully through nine children. Then this fall it needed a new cord for the foot pedal and it began skipping stitches, so we needed to decide whether to put money into it or a new machine. I never imagined that he would go for the gold! Thank you Honey!

  • Margaret B

    I had a Viking #1 sewing machine and thought I had the best. It had beautiful decorative stitches. Then Viking came out with the #1+ which did embroidery designs. My sister bought this machine and I was so jealous. When I retired from work I finally bought an embroidery machine, a Viking Designer 1. I have been embroiderying ever since on both Vikings and Babylocks.

  • Karen

    My first was a Viking Rose traded that for Viking D-1 traded that for a Pfaff Creative Vision. Just don’t have as much time to embroider as much as I would like.

  • Clem

    I bought a singer 1000 in 75 and made my girls their prom dresses, semi formals, and a few shirts for my son in the years that followed. I had always drooled over an embroidery machine, but never figured I could do something like that. then one day I went into Quality Sewing and looked for a machine that could sew leather as well as other things. I had a new granddaughter by this time. My DH said to get one of those embroidery things and of course I bought the Brother 2500D. I was hooked. I then bought a PR 600II then traded my Brother for a Quattro… Never regretted it. I have used it for a miriad of projects and of course all my UFOs…. oh well, we are retired now and hope those UFOs will get finished. >0-<

  • Nancy Carr

    I was at a serger class and saw this embroidery machine (Babylock Elegante) with a bundle and price that really caught my eye. Of course, there was only two left and they would not last long. I called my husband and told him of my super find and his response was ‘well, I did just buy a boat, didn’t I. The machine came home with me and I discovered a whole new world!

  • Claudine

    I remember very well the day I bought my first embroidery machine. It was a Janome New Home 8000. I barely knew how to thread it the night I took it home, but I used every feature on that machine, just pushed the buttons with no fear. Only problem I was mad that the foot controller did not have a cord, didn’t matter I just pushed the go/stop button and next morning I went back to the shop ready to be mad only to find out the cord was retractable. I felt very foolish. Today I own the 11K, just traced up along the time. I love the Janome machines very much.

  • Darlene Jacolik

    I received my first machine as a gift from my Mom. It was a machine with just a 4 x 4 field and she thought it was a hobby I would enjoy. Over the next couple of years I worked on the machine, struggling at times but found it just so enjoyable. Mom and I completed a number of projects together on her Husqvarna that had a larger field and she helped my daugher make stockings and a tree skirt with embroidered snowflakes for her first Christmas after she was married. Mom paased away in 2005 and shortly after I retired unexpectedly due to a job elimination. As I struggled to fill my time, I decied to move into machine embroidery and purchased a Pfaff machine. I love this hobby of mine and enjoy completing projects with various techniques – quilt in the hoop, lace etc.

  • Myrna King

    I purchased my first embroidery machine, a Janome 8000, in about 1988, I believe. To me it was magical. I also bought the little scanning device, made by Janome also, so that I could make designs that I wanted to stitch out. While I do not still own that wonderful machine with its giant 4×4 field, I remember it well. It was a wonderful new experience and adventure for me. I have since owned many embroidery machines and currently own three. Little did I know at the time what fun was ahead for me.

  • Rose-Marie

    its been a few years since I first learned to use an embroidery machine 🙂 I fumbled along … not really knowing what i was doing and it took quite a few times before i realized i was hooping the material incorrectly :/ I felt silly but live and learn 😀 the pure joy and satisfaction of my completed projects and successful digitizing keeps me going 😀 i cant wait till i can get a multi needle machine :):):)

  • Judith Carlon

    Yes, I remember well the day I bought my first embroidery machine. It was the day after I retired from the working world. I went to our local sewing center intending to just look and get information on the many brands they were selling. I came home with a BabyLock machine. I signed up for the one-on-one hands-on instructional class for a week later. Got the machine home and was literally afraid to turn it on. It was so foreign to me (especially since I hadn’t done any sewing other than mending since I was in grade school). I couldn’t wait for the class. I then joined an embroidery class to learn how to do the many things it was capable of doing. Five years later I am still learning and still excited about embroidering.

  • eileen costello

    I remember when not i but my husband bought me my first embroidery machine. it was to repay me for taking such good care of him after he had emergency bipass surgery. he wanted to buy me the top of the line brother embroidery/sewing machine but i was afraid i would not like machine embroidery so i convinced him to buy me a brother D270 which only had a 4×4 hoop. after 7 months i gave the small 270d to my daughter who loves it and my husband bought me an ellisimo since the brother dealer near us had closed.

  • Chris

    For ten years, I had been looking at the newest and greatest embroidery machines at our local JoAnn;s Fabric Store. The gentleman that own the dealership for the Babylock was so nice to me and would spend a lot of time talking with me when ever I was in the store. I promised him that if I ever got the money I would buy from him. Fast forward ten yrs. I now have a job with a little extra money and I kept my promise and purchased a Babylock BL60. I truly love it. I recently purchased a PfaffCreative 2144 because it was a 5×7 instead of a 4×4. A big mistake wish I had waited and saved my pennies for another Babylock. Oh well, lesson learned. Anyone want a Pfaff embroidery machine???

  • Lise-Lotte

    My Husqvarna Orchidea 1250 bought in 1996 was my first embroidery machine. I had never thought that I would even consider buying one, but the minute I saw it I had to have it and of course I had to have the software too. I would never have been able to buy it if my dad hadn´t left my some money when he past away a half year before. So in a matter of speaking my father is the reason why I today has machine embroidery as my main hobby. And my goodness it has been an expensive but a very rewarding hobby. Today I have 3 different embroidery machines and I love them all. I also have matching software to each brand so it keeps my on my toes.

  • Paule-Marie

    I bought my first embroidery machine right after a Jenny Haskins hands on seminar in Santa Rosa right before Y2K. I still have that machine – it lives in my Red Wrangler Rubicon (say that fast 5 times) as my go-to-class machine. My home machine is now the Babylock Ellisimo with all the upgrades. Love that machine.

  • Barbara E

    I remember buying my first embroidery enabled machine. My husband and I went to the quilt/sewing machine store. I had decided to buy a Bernina 730. As the salesperson was figuring out what to include, asked me if I liked to machine embroider. I said that I didn’t know but that I wouldn’t find out if I didn’t have a machine capable of it. She was pretty leery about selling me that component but it got me started on machine embroidery. I’ve moved on to a machine with more memory and more space Janome 1100 SE and I love it!

  • Anna Cameron

    I had put an embroidery machine onto my Christmas list for many years but Santa did not deliver. Then about five years ago my husband gave me a Christmas card saying that I could use it to purchase one. I dragged my daughter out on boxing day and found one just for me, the Janome Memory Craft 9700. My favourtie Christmas gift!

  • Donna G.

    I definitely remember the day! My mom and dad bought me my first embroidery machine in 1997, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I spent many hours watching it work its “magic”. I’ve upgraded since then, but still have that little machine sitting proudly in my sewing room.

  • Cy Swendsen

    I was intorduced to machine embroidery by my Aunt, who just happened to work for a sewing machine dealer. I was facinated by the machine, but a bit concerned over the price. After all I had been sewing on the Singer my husband bought me our 1st Christmas as a married couple and it was, thanks to regular maintenance, still going strong after 25 yrs! But as I spent a few days with her she mentioned that she was ready to trade up to the Brother ULT and would be glad to sell me her 8200 upgraded machine for the price she would get for a trade. I have been hooked ever since. I have since sold the 8200, purchased my Aunt’s ULT as she upgraded again, then sold that to another gal and now have the 4000D with uupgrades. Since the 1st machine, I have shared my love of MEmb. with many people, “retired” from dental hygiene and am working for a sewing machine dealer part time. My wonderful husband surprised me by buying me the Quattro II (6700D)as a 36th anniversary gift so now I have 2 emb. machines. He really likes it when I have them both “humming”. After all He can’t use 2 golf clubs at once, but I can have three machines (2 emb. and 1 sewing/serging)working at once!

  • Pam J.

    The day I got my machine, my husband and I were on a tour of the Center for Courageous Kids in KY that cares for seriously Ill children. They had an event sponsored by Baby Lock, where we got to sew a quilt block, and also embroider a towel to take home with us. Well while we were having fun doing this they told us if we made a donation (of a certain amount) to the kids center, that we could have one of the machines! Not only were we helping the center, it allowed me to get a machine I had only ever dreamed of! That’s how got my machine, and I have been having fun with it ever since!

  • Judy Wentz

    I got my first embroidery machine last year for my 60th birthday. It had to be ordered so I had to wait for it. While waiting, I absorbed everything I could fine online and in magazines about machine embroidery. still doing that and loving every minute of it. It’s like having a new toy.

  • Margo Walrath

    I was making an authentic reproduction of a victorian dress, corset, pantalones, everything on my very first sewing machine I ever got, a Singer. It died, took it to my local sewing/vac repair shop, which happened to be a Viking store. Cost of repair was about the same as buying a new Singer, and repair time estimate was 3 weeks! Needed to finish my outfit for an event, couldn’t wait 3 weeks. Walked out of the Store with a Husquvarna Rose … finished my dress (now embellished with embroidery) … bought an SE after they came out and I saw how large of a hoop I could use … have never looked back!

  • Patty Sack

    My first embroidery machine was a used Janome 8000! I was so excited. Before I learned everything I needed to know on that machine I bought a 9000! I have never owned less than 2 machines since.

  • suzan maxwell

    I remember my First machine! I watched my Last child amber off to College, I decided to start a MOnogramming Business, so after researching for a year…I bought Big Momma,, my Babylock EMP6..
    I had never even sewn much less turned on a Large piece of machinery..Oh yeah, nor did I know a thing about computers,,I looked at her for one week before I even turned her switch to on. That has been 7 1/2 years ago..Monogram Madness was born along with a thriving business.I now have Big Daddy a Brother PR650. I love love love my MACHINES!!!

  • Janet K

    My how we all remember our first embroidery machines! Mine was a Viking 1+. My friend had talked me into taking a quilting class with her. My response to her was that I don’t even own a sewing machine! Well, I went right out and bought that sewing/embroidery machine that month. I dearly loved doing hand embroidery work and I knew that I would love doing it on a machine. That was in 1992 and I have been loving doing any kind of embroidery ever since.

  • Jacque

    My first embroidery machine was a Babylock Ellure. I had been wanting one for a long time and with my Christmas bonus I treated myself. We brought it home and I told my husband I did not want to open it until Christmas was over and all things put away. Low and Behold I came home from work one day and he had it all set up and was embriodering on any and everything he could get his hands on. I didn’t even get to touch it unless he was not at home! We laugh about it now.

  • Doreen

    Yes, I remember the day I bought my first embroidery machine. I decided to get back into sewing and stopped into the local sewing store to get a new machine. My Kenmore had seized up quite a few years ago. I thought I’d be spending a couple hundred dollars but then I saw one that had an embroidery attachment. I bought a used machine for $2500.00. It was a Babylock Ellageo. I had never spent that much money on myself before but boy am I glad I did. I did have to tell the owner I’d think about it but needless to say I called her back and told her I’d take it. Of course now I have traded that up for the Babylock Ellegante and the EMP6.

  • Jolan

    I’d been thinking about it for a while, as many coworkers were having babies, and I thought it would be great to have to do gifts. First machine was Brother PE 150, from Walmart! I had no idea what I was getting into that day-still have the machine, but also upgraded, and wishing I had more money to go bigger than Innovis 2500D. Love it…

  • Joyce

    I sure do remember my first embroidery machine. My husband said I could get a lot of clothes already embroidered for the cost of the machine ($4000 in 2001) so he wasn’t about to agree to it. So I bought the machine and kept it in the trunk of my car for 3 weeks while I wore him down by telling him repeatedly how I could personalize all the gifts for our grandchildren. Finally he relented and the next morning I got it out of the trunk and when he came home from work I told him that I had just gone to the dealer to pick it up. Never looked back and now I own 3 other machines.

  • Barbara

    How could I forget!?! I had a terrible sewing machine (the kind that makes you stop sewing to avoid the frustration), and had started looking at machines. I comparison shopped, asked what seemed like a thousand questions and finally told my husband what a new machine would cost. Two months later, when I finally wore him down, I bought my dream machine — which now belongs to my sister — have learned to do SO MUCH more than I thought was possible, and am having dreams about what I could do if I had the latest machine. Maybe I’ll get a paper route to pay for it. . .

  • Shelly J.

    Last year, there was a sale on the entry level Brother embroidery machine at the shop where I buy all things sewing. I went in with all the intentions of just buying that machine with a 4×4″ sewing field. Of course, I didn’t do it. I bought a 780D instead with at 5×7″ field, and have not regretted that decision at all. And I just saw Eileen at Sew Expo, where she was kind enough to sign a copy of her new book for me. And in that book all the projects are designed fot a 5×7″ hoop. Yay!

  • Robin

    “OH HONEY, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SEW!! Those were the infamous words from a sales clerk inside Joanne Fabrics kiosk store. I saw a machine flying on a design without the sales person driving.. I commented on, how does a sewing machine sew something so beautiful without you sitting in front of it?? It took me 5 long years to convinence my husband I wanted to learn how to sew and embroider. He thought if we spent big money on a machine, chances are, it would end up in the basement like my treadmill! WRONG!! There was a newspaper ad shouwing a truckload sale @ one of our local shops, and the starting cost was $999. He says, do you wanna go look? BRRRRRINNNGGG+UGGG=YEAAA, I’ll get my purse, lets go now!! Well, since I knew he now would let me spend money, I wanted to shop around all the local shops to be sure I would be getting a good deal. Two weeks later, on Mother’s day, I became the proud owner of brother 6500 and PE 4. I still have the little machine, but also have the brother 6needle and PE design 8. Awesome fun, and I consider my therapy. This hobby brings me peace, joy, and satisfaction. The best feeling is to make gifts for any ocassion, and seasonal house deco.

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