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Stitching on Fur

It’s that time of year….surely someone has asked you to personalize a Christmas stocking. Did you agree? Do you wish you hadn’t? Afraid to tackle the long, furry fibers of faux fur? There’s still time to do the job correctly. Let’s take a look at the biggest challenge when stitching on fur. The fibers are long and tend to creep over the embroidery. So as a defense, there are a few things you can do.

Select a simple font – the less curly cues the better. The nap of the fur has a tendency to obscure small scroll letters with tiny openings so go for a bold look – easily achieved in plain block letters with wide satin columns. I have two designs for you, JOY in upper case block letters. Just hoop and stitch – you’ll have no trouble with long fibers of the fur.

If you must use a script font, tame the fur. You can do that by sculpting the fur after the embroidery is complete or stitching a fill shape before adding the beautiful lettering.

You can see how this message of peace is not coming across very clearly.

To sculpt the fur, use scissors or Peggy’s Stitch Eraser. Trim the fur along the embroidery – make sure you don’t snip the embroidery threads. Lift the fur away from the embroidery with the blades and slice the excess. Basically, you want to give it a bad haircut because a too-defined cut will be very visible.

Here you’ll notice I’ve trimmed the c and e but the fur is still covering the beginning of the word. 

Now, the entire word has been trimmed and looks pretty good!

If trimming the fur makes you a little nervous (I know – all that time invested in the project then yikes – one bad slice might ruin the whole thing!), then stitch the fill shape first.

The Peace design has some small openings (in the P, e and a) that will be obscured by the fur once the stitching is complete. I added a low-density fill area that is the same shape of the design. When stitched first in the same color thread as the fur, the stitches fade into the fur and become invisible BUT they hold down the nap and let the letters take center stage. Cool, eh? I learned that trick from our Ask the Expert columnist, Deborah Jones.

Here’s an image of the fill design stitched in pale gold (so you can see it). Of course, you’ll stitch it in the same color as the fur because you want it to blend with the background. Then just stitch the letters.

Hoop and Stitch
Hoop adhesive tear-away stabilizer. Finger press the cuff to the sticky surface. Keep the straight edge of the cuff parallel to the inside of the hoop. This will ensure your cuff is square in the hoop. Place a piece of regular weight, film-type, water soluble stabilizer over the design area if stitching JOY. This stabilizer adds lift to the embroidery design helping to raise it above the nap of the fur. It also tames the fur during the embroidery process and keeps the fibers straight. No need to add this step when stitching Peace. The low density fill background handles that job. Stitch the design.

Remove the cuff from the sticky stabilizer and gently tear away the excess water soluble stabilizer. No need to rinse it away (in fact, that may damage the faux fur), just tear.

Download the designs in a zip file by clicking here!

So tell us –how many handmade gifts are you creating this holiday season. And what are you creating? Are you pulling your hair out or enjoying the process of creating for someone special?

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a great stabilizer pack which includes 10 8″ x 10″ sheets of each:

Sulky Totally Stable – Iron-On, Tear-Away Stabilizer

Sulky Solvy – Water Soluble Stabilizer

and Sulky Sticky + – Self-Adhesive, Tear-Away Stabilizer

Last giveaway blog post (2 weeks ago!) we asked what you wanted for Christmas.  The winner of the The Denim Fashion Guide is…Carol Seavitt!  She said…

Thread….I LOVE THREAD….and if Santa would be so kind to give me a complete set of embroidery thread….what a blessing this would be.”

Congrats, Carol!




  • Rose

    We (my husband and I) are embroidery throws for the families. We are embroidering Mom and Dad’s name than below that, we are embroidering the names of their children. If they have no children, we are just embroidering their names. Haven’t decided yet on those if we are going to place a saying of some sort (ex: Love, Laugh, etc. or Always kiss goodnight)

    Thanks for your blog. Really enjoy learning something new all the time.


    • eileen

      You’re welcome, Rose. Lucky lady you are to enjoy this hobby with your husband!

  • Susan Spiers

    I am about to put names on fur, on the XMAS sockings I just bought! These directions are just what I needed! Thank you! I am planning on making pillow covers for my in-laws, should be fun!

  • Gail Beam

    Thank you for the great advice on stitching on fur. Stitching out a fill before hand would be handy for towels and other high pile fabrics. So far, I haven’t embroidered any presents yet, so I need to get busy!!

  • Kathy Meyers

    Wow! I am making lots of gifts! A monogrammed pashmina scarf, some monogrammed zipper bags, some luggage tags, bookmarks.
    I am SO running out of stabilizer!

    • eileen

      Hi Kathy,
      Patch the stabilizer – if possible – with spray adhesive. Just make sure to add the patch to the back of the hooped stabilizer otherwise it can come off – along with your fabric!
      Nancy Zieman taught me to leave the stabilizer on the roll and hoop the end of it. Once released from the hoop, just cut right next to the used area – you won’t waste as much.

  • Kandy

    I started doing personalized bath towels in August for family members so far I have done 10 towels for family. Most were donw with the tools from Eileen to measure which helped a lot. Plus I’m doing a stocking for my grandson and a pillow case for him as well. Neither of these will be embellished with machine work. I hope to get a monagrammed scarf done for our daughter in law as well. And for the stocking for my grandson I made a tag with him name on it as well.

    Busy time of year.

  • Donna Viar

    I am making linen trapunto pillows with stippling around the sides. They are a neutral color as to go with everyone’s decorating styles. I am also making luggage tags that are both cute (funny) and monogrammed ones for the men. Both gifts are turning out very nice. My only complaint is that family members need to leave me alone so I can finish what I have started.

  • Carol Anderson

    Thank you Eileen for the gift of Peace and Joy, but more importantly is the lesson you gave us! I’m sure you have just helped a lot of us! *Gee, thanks to you, we’ll have peace as we stitch on fur, and then surely joy because we will be so proud of our accomplishment!! *

    • eileen

      Oh how sweet!

  • Bev Passwaters

    Hi Eileen
    Thanks so much for your hint for embroidering on fur. Just did my very first microfleece blanket and the font that I chose and the gal I’m doing it for really liked it. However after it was all done there were a few little places that the fur sort of covered. Using your hint I was able to rectify my problem.
    This year I modified a Christmas card holder and with my quilt software modified it to smaller blocks and made an advent calendar. Took the original pattern and made a couple card holder quilts for friends.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Bev Passwaters

  • Karin

    I’ve been stitching up lots and lots of luggage handle wraps – they are so very versatile and can easily be given to office buddies, Secret Santas, teachers, etc! I use the Sulky sticky stabilizer for these, and because only a small area is removed after stitching, it’s easy to just stick another piece over the hole & keep on going – no rehooping needed, and every bit of stabilizer is utilized with hardly any waste.

    I also did a set of 3 TV Remote Control caddies, one for each family, in their own special fabric (deer, bear & wolf), according to their decor. I embroidered the names prior to sewing the two sides together, so all the stabilizer & backs of designs are hidden nicely.

    Oh, and towels, towels, towels. I found a froggy design that has just been a big hit. I embroider the design, then I attach a bit of 2 coordinating fabrics to the bottom of the towel, and it really sets of the design.

    I *always* use Solvy water soluble topping on fur, terry towels, even woven towels, fleece and anything with the least bit of fuzz…never have a problem with stitching getting lost.

    Oh, I’d soooo love to have some more stabilizer, and Sulky does make the very best!!

  • Debra Wilson

    Was good and did not plan any last minute gifts—however got a sweet deal to swap making 15 neck rolls for an hour massage. So once again I will be at my sewing machine sttiching away right up to the last minute

  • Alice M

    Am embroidering t towels with recipes for all the girls I work with, am almost done. Am also making christmas ornaments for everyone, the lace and felt ones.

    Could always use more stabilizer, the one thing you never have enough of.

  • Danyl

    This year I have made an apron and decorated it for my daughters December birthday. I have embroidered a shirt for another daughter and I am in the process of making Waldorf style dolls for 2 of my girls. I still have to embroider a scarf for another daughter and one for one of my boys. That just leaves one more shirt for my other son.

  • Melody♪♫

    ♥Love♥ faux fur stocking cuffs!

    I’m making all my Christmas gifts this year. Going into various crafting modes: embroidering aprons, towels, candle wraps & mats… sewing wallets for my boys… baking biscotti for the neighbors… and creating at least one (hopefully!) lighted glass block.

  • Shirley R

    I’m also adding my thanks for the great instructions for stitching on fur! These will go in my project instructions book. During this holiday season, so far, I have embroidered 2 kitchen towels with a Thanksgiving theme for a favorite waitress of ours who works at our local IHop as a birthday gift. It’s such a joy to give to those who are not expecting something. I’ve also stitched two designs that a dear friend in another State will use as a part of her wall hanging quilt labels for her grandchildren for Christmas, and a third label is currently is in the making. We collaborate long distance on choice of design, colors and size, and when the wallhanging is done, she sends me pictures of the finished work. This is so much fun for us both. Still to be done are a set of placemats embroidered on denim for a daughter, and a pair of pillowcases for one of my granddaughters. Another granddaughter is receiving a set of embroidered “Days of the Week” (Sunday-Saturday) flour sack kitchen towels. I used flour sack towels purposely because my dear departed Grandmother made me such a set many, many years ago, and along with these towels will go the family story of flour sack “dish towels”, as we called them then. Happy Holidays to all!

  • Melinda

    I’ve been embroidering plenty of Kitchen Towels for “last minute” gifts that I may need. I like to make pillow cases to put each family member’s gift in. I embroider their names on the “cuff” part of the pillow case, and tie ribbon or decorative cording around the top. I’ve made several embroidered door hanging pillows, as well as larger Christmas pillows. There are so many projects that I wanted to try throughout the year, for Christmas, but looks like I’ll have to start earlier next year…

  • Mary Dinkfeld

    Just wanted to pass on a technique that I started using with my stablizers. I purchased a stand-up paper-towel holders and put the stablizer that I’m currently using on that for an easy way to pull off and cut just the right amount that I need.

  • Enis

    This is the “Year of the Pillow” at my house for family and friends Christmas gifts. I’m making a number of envelope pillows in everyday fabric colors and embroidery designs and then adding a “wrap” in Christmas colors and designs. Then throughout the year, I’ve got a good backbone plan in place for making additional wraps for other holidays and special days for the recipients. I’m also making mini pillows from felted wool and ribbon hangers for door knobs, cabinet knobs, window decorations or wherever looks like a good place to hang them. And another project I’ll be taking on are embellished shirts for the guys. I’ll be purchasing used shirts from resale shops. Then I’m cutting out cool stencil designs to use with water/bleach spray and then topping that off with rad embroidery designs. I can’t wait to get to these projects. Its really going to be a great time to be creative. I’ve got other ideas floating around in my head too, but if I can accomplish these projects, I’ll feel like I’ve really done something this year. Move of the gifts will be made from recycle materials and scraps from my collection. Yeah – way to save and be creative.

    • eileen

      Love the shirt ideas for the men! Sounds like fun!
      hmmm…maybe, just maybe I could get my 20-year old in one of them!

  • Donna G.

    I’m making several handmade gifts this year by embroidering on ready made items. A stocking for my daughter’s cat, a sweatshirt and turtleneck tee shirt for my sister-in-law and bibs for my grandson. I’m glad you mentioned Debra Jones in this week’s blog; her book on embroidering on difficult fabrics has been invaluable!

    • eileen

      Oh Deborah’s the bomb! She’s my go-to-girl when I’m baffled on an embroidery dilemna!

      • Donna G.

        And I should have spelled her name correctily! So sorry, Deborah! And thanks Eileen for your blog. I enjoy reading each issue. So much to learn!

  • LeAnne

    I’m trying to finish up quilts for both my sisters. I’m doing embroidered dish towels for everyone else this year. I love to use redwork designs because they don’t interfere with using the towels to actually dry your dishes. I’m doing embroidered sweatshirts and T-shirts for the nieces and nephews.

  • Greta Kanegae

    I am making stockings this year for all the kids in the extended family, plus a few friends. I do the embroidery before I cut the stocking out to minimize push and pull issues. There are mostly boys and I had fun picking out the designs. Two are getting nutcracker hockey player designs, another is getting a skateboarding design, one train, one ninja, two of the girls are getting princesses, my youngest daughter wants a polar bear, and for my oldest daughter a horse. I have 10 to do so had better get cracking!!


  • Claudia Blakely

    Great tip — clear instructions with photos!

  • Claudia Blakely

    Making gifts for my family and friends is not for being frugal, as that the cost of materials can add up, but for giving a piece of my time and interest for the person who receives each gift. Additionally, I am doing my part in refraining from buying products made outside of the USA. My next trend in making gifts will be “upcycling” fabric items in an attempt to reduce the amount of “stuff” accumulated in my home. However, I do wish to make a grandmother’s trunk which will contain a quilt or two made of scraps from clothes sewn for my two granddaughters.

  • Susan Weber

    I am making FSL ornaments to include in Christmas cards. I am also doing embroidery on towels and it has been made so easy for me by using the Magna Hoop Jumbo and the Perfect Placement templates. I also made PJs for my youngest grandson and sleep masks for all of my daughter’s family who will be spending Christmas in Kenya.

  • Kim

    I am not giving any embroidered items this year for Christmas because I don’t have machine yet (although I am giving some items that I have sewn – bags and aprons – that would be perfect for embroidering). Instead, I am going to ask my husband to purchase an embroidery machine for me so that next year’s gifts can have that extra special touch.

    • eileen

      Yeah! Hope Santa brings you an embroidery machine!

  • Nancy

    My mother is 96 years old. She’ll be 97 in February. She lives with me and is still able to care for herself. She has 16 great grand children and 20 grand children. This year we embroidered christmas tree ornaments for all of the greats and grands. We streamline the process by making every ornament the same size but with a different design and added each child’s name above or below the design. We added some bling using beads and sequins. On the back side we attached a pocket with the following embroidered on the outside: Great Grandma Ellen, 2010 or Grandma Ellen. Inside the pocket we place a few little trinkets (candy cane, pencil, $5. All the children live out of state so we shipped them early for the parents to hang on their family christmas tree. Hopefully, when mom is no longer with us, the kids will look at the ornaments and remember their great grandma, or grandma Ellen. She is a very special lady.

    • eileen

      Oh Nancy,
      What treasures you are creating with your mom for your whole family. Oh they will cherish them for years to come…Merry Christmas, Nancy.

  • Cassie

    I have a full size quilt to make , along with stocking and baby’s first Christmas for the grand-baby ,some lace ornaments and window decorations for relatives. I don’t even want to start to count afraid I will realize just how far behind I am.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Oh my — I just love your blog and am so excited about winning ‘The Denim Fashion Guide’! Can’t wait to see the wonderful designs. Thank you so much Eileen.

    And yes I’m making gifts for friends, family and my care givers — luggage tags. I’m using your design from the gift tag contest.

  • Cathy

    I’m not sure how many handmade gifts I’m making yet…that’s how far behind I am!! I’m not stressed out yet, but check back on Dec 18 (the day before our first Christmas gathering). I definitely want to add my boys’ names to their stockings this year though.

  • Kathy Schmidt

    Loving my Diamond machine and I am planning to do embroidery gifts as most of my gifts this year……but do I have time enough to do all I want to do…..I think I’m not the only one with this problem.
    Happy Stitching To All And To All A Creative New Year!!!

  • edie

    I am making a bunch ( I don’t know how many, but it’s upwards of 50) of mixed media ornaments for gifts. I am ashamed to say my embroidery machine has gone unused and unloved for a year – I just can’t get the whole hooping thing down. Sigh. Maybe this year….


    • eileen

      Oh Edie,
      It makes me sad to hear you’re struggling with hooping. So many embroiderers have trouble in this area. And it’s the first step! Without hooping – you can’t stitch! Tell me what your problem is please and I’ll see if I can’t help you. Is it holding the hoop still? getting the fabric square in the hoop? puckered fabric? I’d love to see you jump past this hurdle and getting the machine moving!

  • Melissa

    So far I have created 4, but there are another 2 in the planning stages, plus a tree skirt for me!

  • Meadowlark

    How many? Honestly, I’d be happy if I could finish ONE. I just got a new Brother SE400 (haven’t sewn in 37 years, yikes) and the embroidery part scares me so I’ve attempted it once.

    In the “magic world” where I know what I’m doing, probably 6. Do I have time?


  • Peggy Schroeder

    You asked how many homemade gifts I will be giving–I guess the answer would be as many as I can get done by then!!! I have 5 wallhangings out being quilted, I am working on putting a design on a jacket, I hope to get finished some belts, and some of your purses from your Boatload of Bags collection. I am putting some names and flags on towel sets for my grandkids, I have finished some dishtowels and napkins, and I am starting to get tired! What I would really like for Christmas is someone to come and clean my house and get my tree up and all of my decorations out and put just where I want them. Not too big of a wish list, but just about impossible to get everything finished. I am trying to write a cookbook for my children of all the recipes that they used to like when they were growing up; I think that one just may not get finished. (May have to wait until next year) And of course, there is the cooking and baking—everyone likes something different, and they all want their favorites. I have 4 children, 13 grands, and 2 great-grands; that is quite a crew to sew and cook for. Anyway, I love the bustle of Christmas, and their happy looks when they open something special they know was made just for them.
    Peggy Schroeder

    • eileen

      Hi Peggy,
      it sure is a busy time of year but sounds like you have a handle on it! Wouldn’t a helper or two be delightful? Just four hours of someone’s time to do some grunge work and let you focus on your creative tasks. Maybe some dear, sweet family member will read your post and offer their services! One can only hope.

  • Rob

    I wondered if you could trim the fur back. Thanks for the answer!

  • Susan

    I’m about half done with my Christmas embroidery. So far, 7 sets of monogrammed towels, 3 fleece blankets, too many shirts to count (somewhere around 40), a jacket and couple baby items. That’s not counting the 7 hankies and 5 tote bags for a wedding last week. I still have 2 table runners, 2 fleece blankets, 10 sweatshirts, 4 onesies and 3 monogrammed tote bags. I think that covers it! Whew!! Sulky is my stabilizer of choice! 🙂

  • Mary Ann Coleman

    Unfortunately I am not making any this holiday. But next year watch out.

  • Karen

    Well, let’s see…I was going to embroider names on stockings, but can’t get the cuff to lay in my hoop. Are yours done with a free arm hoop? I will have to take the cuff off completely, embroider, then reattach. Just a lttle too much work. HoHum!!
    Also doing a little monkeys ABC quilt for my new little grandaughter whose initials are ABCD!!!!!
    Karen in GA

    • eileen

      I did not use a free-arm hoop but I was able lay the embroiderable area flat on the sticky stabilizer. I stayed with the machine as the needle traveled to the far end of the design area. If the design is long (almost the width of the cuff), you may have to remove it from the stocking. Good luck!

  • Patty Ojeda

    This year I haven’t made any gifts. I was planning to, but, I am trying to finish a quilt, I have the top completed and sandwiched together, but, now I need to quilt it together!

  • Gena Allen

    So far I have stitched 7 stockings (with our names and a snowflake) for our office staff, personalized 8 blankets with kids names, need to personalize and sew together a pillowcase and have to finish a rag quilt(including embroidering 12 snowflakes on the squares to hold together) for my father-in-laws friend. I don’t know how I will get it all done, but I know it will all be done by Christmas! I think I get as much from giving handmade gifts as the person receiving them.

    • Denise Holguin

      Wow Gena– you are busy!
      I am sure you’ll finish every last one of those projects with time to spare. Keep us posted on your progress. I’m sure it will be a lovely Christmas for you and the lucky recipients of your gifts.

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Kathy Myers

    I just finished a pair of flannel pillowcase with a wave edge. I also have been embroidering Christmas cards, ornaments, and bookmarks. I also have an Elmo Quilt to work on. Boy, I better get going…

  • Alice Owens

    I just joined the blog and really enjoy reading through the comments. With only eleven months of embroidery experience, I can use all the tips I can find. This is a great source of information. Thanks!

  • LisaAnn

    All hobbies were put on hold for a 5 unit Algebra class. After a quick bit of travel, I hope to be sitting in front of my machine nearly every day from the 15th through the 25th. Step 1: Crack open my Designs magazine collection to find some quick gifts. I’ll be lookng for “in the hoop” designs in particular. Mastering them is a satifying as the appreciation of those who receive them!

  • Kathy Huffman

    I go for the traditional red and green. Our kids are grown and there are items they expect to see that have been around for many Christmases.

    I make or give my daughter in law and my daughter each something for Christmas decorating each year and/or something I made. I made some machine lace ornaments this year.


  • camie

    I’ve already made and mailed “Joy” Banner from last year’s Design Machine Embroidery to all our children, door handle welcome signs to match, 16 candy cane holders; one has each of their our grand childrens’ names on them, 1 set of red ultra suede coaster with green felt backing using all colors of my metallic thread, 3 Santa hats made into purses for the older grand daughters. I must still get to embroider on toilet paper and make my snowman; top rolls has his face, middle roll has his buttons and bottom row has a pair of boots.
    Any color thread works, making each design sewed unique.

  • Irene

    This Christmas I made a keepsake quilt for my son and daughter-in-law. They had vacationed in the Dominican Republic a couple of times in the past few years so in Oct or Nov I asked them to give me 9 of their favorite pics. They had no idea why. I scanned them in my pc and put on photo fabric. I had purchased beautiful beach themed fabric and designed a quilt for them. It came out beautiful!
    I embroidered a block in script lettering with these words (Jason & Jenny in Dominican Republic). I also embroidered my quilt label with name and date and washing instructions. I truly enjoyed making this for them. They will cherish it forever and to see their reaction on Christmas morning was worth all the hours I put into it.

  • Linda Coletta

    I am working on an apron with an owl embroidered on a solid yellow bib section that will be attached to an owl print bottom. This is to be a surprise for a friend of my daughter who loves owls and needs some cheering up!

    • Carol

      My daughter-in-law will be having our second granddaughter in January. She also loves owls and I am starting on a quilt with appliquéd owls. I have never done appliqué before but I have high hopes.

  • margaret wynkoop

    Last year we renewed our wedding vows for our 20 year anniversary. I made my gown and added fsl butterflies to it. It turned out terrific. Now I’m working on crazy quilt tote bags and crazy quilt baby quilts.

  • Arlene

    I have been embroidering for only five years and have made numerous outfits for my grandchildren as well as monogramed baby quilts and personalized golf towels for friends. I just bought the new Janome 11000sp and could use any tips on using this machine

  • Mercedes Christiansen

    Thanks for the tips for working with fur. I just finished stockings for my family. They came out great! My next project is to do some makeover necklines. So excited!

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  • Alicia

    I bought my embroidery machine a year ago, and was too afraid to touch it. In November, I committed myself to learning it, and I have been addicted ever since. I made ALL my Christmas presents, including for my extended family, in-laws, co-workers, etc.
    I bought solid colored fleece lap blankets at a discount store for a song; bought pillowcases, bath towels and kitchen towels. I embroidered themed designs in the corners of the blankets, with the recipients name along the edge. Kitchen towels received many different designs, including Sun Bonnet Sue’s day of the week series. Pillowcases got the saying “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” (one of my favorites)
    The only person I know of that hasnt received an embroidered gift from me this Holiday season is: ME!
    Thanks for all the ideas, advice and fixes you provide here. It has helped me immensely.
    Signed, a New Machine Embroidery Addict!

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