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Hey there, embroidery enthusiasts with jumbo hoops! Are you ready to embark on a stitching adventure like no other? Get ready to elevate your craft with the Farm-to-Table Project Kit, designed specifically for those who think big and dream even bigger in the world of machine embroidery.

Product Includes:

  • (6) six 23″ x 18″ printed100% cotton fabric panels
  • (6) quilting designs for Jumbo Snap Hoop Monster*
  • (1) Sew Any Shape Foam, 36″ x 58″
  • (1) Print & Stick Target Paper, 25 sheets
  • Step-by-step instructions for making placemats
  • BONUS (1) free 9″ x 12″ tote (assorted colors)

*Snap Hoop Monster Jumbo Hoop Owners: Baby Lock/Brother 9.5″ x 14″, Bernina 260x400mm, and Janome 11″ x 18.1″ hoops

Note: Do not resize the designs as they are digitized specifically for the artwork on the fabric panels.


Maximize Your Canvas

When it comes to embroidery, size matters. That’s why the Farm-to-Table Project Kit features six 23″ x 18″ printed cotton fabric panels—perfectly sized for hooping in jumbo hoops. Finally, you can unleash your creativity on a canvas that matches the scale of your ambitions, without any limitations holding you back.

Precision Meets Beauty

Embroidery is all about precision, but it’s also about creating something beautiful. With the Farm-to-Table Project Kit, you can achieve both effortlessly. The included embroidery designs are custom-digitized to enhance each panel seamlessly, ensuring that every stitch is as precise as it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Ready to Stitch Your Dreams into Reality?

The Farm-to-Table Project Kit is waiting, ready to help you unleash your creativity and turn your embroidery dreams into stunning works of art. Don’t let anything hold you back—get your kit today and start stitching your way to greatness.

Watch the full showcase of the Farm-to-Table Project Kit on our Facebook Live.


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