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Alignment and Placement

Nail It!

Nail It! Mark and hoop with confidence using all sizes of the Embroiderer’s Helper.  What is the Embroiderer’s Helper you ask?  The Embroiderer’s Helper is an easy solution for positioning left and right chest embroidery designs on tees, sweatshirts, and placket shirts.  No more guesswork or misaligned designs! Compatible for shirt sizes from Small to Extra Large.  Also, is the Embroiderer’s Big Helper for shirt sizes XL – XXXL  and the Lil Helper, a pocket tool for placing embroidery above a pocket.


Here are some common mistakes when embroidering a design on the left or right chest.

*Mistake #1 – Placing embroidery too low especially for women’s clothing.  You don’t want it in the wrong place so move it up if you have questions.


*Mistake #2 – Embroidery is too close to the armhole.  Many halve the distance between center front and armhole, which will make the embroidery be partially in the armhole.  You want to see all the design, including those wide designs so move it closer to the center front!


*Mistake #3 – Embroidery is too close to the pocket.  It looks crowded too close to the pocket.  Rule of thumb is about ¾” from top of pocket to bottom of embroidery, especially for a long line of words.  It will look much better and not crooked!


So how do you use the Embroiderer’s Helper?  Let’s look at how to use the Lil Helper first.

Place the ‘Lil Helper’s zero mark on the center top of the pocket. The pocket’s outside edges will hit the ruler in equal increments on both sides.  Align a target sticker with the correct height marking for the center of the design.  Determine the design’s center by adding half the design’s height plus the distance from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the design.

Now, let’s look at the Embroiderer’s Helper and the Embroiderer’s Big Helper.  They are both great for shirts with plackets and t-shirts.  Remember the difference in the two template aids are the sizes printed on them.


Ideal for Placket Shirts 

Place the top left or right corner in the middle of the top button.  Place a target sticker or mark the upper and lower placement notches to make it easy to keep the design straight in the hoop.


Ideal for T’s and Sweatshirts 

Fold the shirt in half.  Align the template’s curved neckline at the bottom of the shirt’s neck ribbing.

To mark the center of the design, place a target sticker or other marking device in the upper notch that corresponds with the shirt size.


If desired, place a second target sticker or other marking device in the next set of notches. Placing a target sticker in both notches ensures the garment stays square while hooping.

Or use the straight edge of the template and draw a line with marking pen.

Here is a quick video with Deborah Jones sharing a great tip for placing a target sticker when using the Embroiderer’s Helper.

The Embroiderer’s Helper is a great tool for marking the correct size and placement!

For more information on how to use all sizes of the Embroiderer’s Helper watch Deborah Jones on Facebook Live from August 12, 2021.  Enjoy!