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Why won’t my embroidery machine recognize my Snap Hoop Monster or Sticky Hoop?

Are you struggling with your embroidery machine recognizing the Snap Hoop Monster or Sticky Hoop you just purchased?  You thought you were going to be able to stitch out your embroidery design quickly on a thick towel or quilt and now it isn’t working.  Why?

Let’s look at some reasons.  First of all, most embroidery machines have multiple hoops that will work.  So how does the machine know what hoop is on or the best one anyway?  Each machine manufacturer creates a hoop with a specific way for the machine to read the size.  For example, on the Bernina embroidery hoop, there are a certain number of mountains or notches on each of the sizes.  If the wrong hoop size is on the machine, then the machine will not embroider keeping you from having a major problem by damaging the hoop and machine.  This can be frustrating; however, it is a safety feature.

Examples of notches on Snap Hoop Monsters, according to size and manufacturer.

Another reason is the correct hoop size needs to be selected in the embroidery machine hoop section.  If you are using the Snap Hoop Monster and Sticky Hoop, then use the correct size that corresponds with your regular hoop.

Examples of notches on Snap Hoop Monsters, according to size and manufacturer.

The Snap Hoop Monster and Sticky Hoops are made with the same notches, mountains or length of the slide according to the regular hoops for your embroidery machines.  And are the same sizes of your regular embroidery hoops.

Side by side – manufacturer hoop next to Snap Hoop Monster

The solution is to bring in your embroidery design and select the correct hoop size in your embroidery machine hoop section first.  Also, you may want to label your hoops or have a reference sheet with the size that matches in your embroidery machine as some of them are in metrics.  Refer to your owner’s manual or call your local dealer for verification.

Next, place the hoop on the embroidery machine arm correctly.  You may have to select the embroider/needle icon and let the machine tell you when to place the hoop on the machine.  Refer to your owner’s manual for specific order of the steps in placing your embroidery hoops on the machine.  The hoop, depending on the brand, will click in place or slide in place so you can latch it.  Another thing is to test the hoop by lifting up on the hoop just a bit to make sure it is secure.  These steps will ensure your embroidery hoop is recognized.

Once your hoop is recognized, then your embroidery machine will embroider!  Enjoy using the Snap Hoop Monster and Sticky Hoop!


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