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October Door Reveal

Can you believe October is just around corner?  Of course, that means the October Dime Door is now available. Yesterday, I revealed the latest in my year-long series of Dime Doors, they are a-DOOR-able and they are free! October’s version is sure to please with its creepy creatures, witch’s broom and fabulous spider webs.  You can watch the step-by-step process the Facebook or YouTube  rebroadcast.

Plus you can check out DIME’s latest new product – the Totally Tubular Pressing Station (TTPS).  The back story on the TTPS began in 2010 when Nancy Zieman and I wrote Designer Handbags.  During the construction of the bags, I felt frustrated by the lack of tools for adding structure and form to the bags.  Oh we had interfacing and foam, but it was impossible to get a good crease and shape to the finished bags with the available pressing tools.

Fast forward nine years, and well, now there’s a solution!  (I know, what took me so long?) I just love my TTPS and the Wool Mats.  Frankly, I’m so thrilled with it, I’m back to making bags, totes and more.  But TTPS accommodates more than bags, it’s great for pressing small tubular items like sleeves, pant legs and children’s garments.   The TTPS is an interlocking modular system that snaps together and stores practically flat.  It’s a must-have for all makers.  You can learn more about here.





  • Jeanette Gillespie

    I just love your “dime doors” and would like to get the patterns. How do I go about doing this? Please help…

    • janet

      took me awhile, too, but I figured it out; after you click on the picture of the Dime door, scroll down to the 4th paragraph (this is the October door – the others will be similar, I’m sure) it says “Here’s a direct link…” click on the words ‘direct link’
      Good luck. I have done them all

  • Lori

    This may take you directly to Nov. It took me several clicks and searching .