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Mistake Cover Up!

On Thursday’s Facebook Live session, I revealed not only my top gift to make for the 2019 Holiday season but also how I goofed on one of the PJs.  I selected a font that sunk into the lightweight knit pajama top – yikes.  I should have known the stitches would be too small for that flimsy knit. From previous experience (ugh!), I knew there was no way to remove those stitches from a lightweight knit.  So, I had two choices: throw the garment away or cover it up.  I went with option 2.  I selected a fun cotton print and made a new pocket – right in the hoop.  Here’s how you can do it in Inspiration’s Perfect Embroidery Pro:

Take a photo of the pajama top – I masked the pocket painter’s tape so that I could see it more clearly in the photograph.

Since I neglected to put a ruler in the photo, I measured the actual pocket and sent the image to my computer.  In Perfect Embroidery Pro, I selected the Backdrop tool and located the image.  The image loads on the screen.  Since I neglected to include a ruler in the photograph, I measured the pocket on the garment (4” wide) and then inserted that number into the Define Scale tool.  The image (backdrop) is now in actual size. Select the run tool and trace around the pocket and above the monogram. 

Select the outline, right click, Utility, Create Outline.

Place .25 in the settings window for seam allowance.

Select the Font tool and choose Classic Monogram.  Type the letters and click Apply.  Save the design and send it to your machine in the appropriate format.

Apply No Show fusible cutaway stabilizer to the wrong side of the cotton fabric.  Hoop the fabric and stitch the design.  Remove from the hoop.  Trim the pocket on the outer stitched line.  Place the pocket wrong side down on a pressing surface.  Fold back the seam allowance on all edges and press.  Use starch or sizing spray to form crisp edges.

Looks like I need to straighten those edges! Once that’s done, pin the new pocket over the old, covering the monogram.  Stitch the pocket to the top. Not a bad fix!

You learn more about handling other tricky fabrics by watching Facebook Live.  Just click here.  

I’ll hope you’ll join me on this Thursday Dec. 19th at 1:00 CST for more embroidery tips and techniques!

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  • Myrna King

    Love the step by step instructions for making a new pocket.