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Top 5 Tips For Continuous Borders Video!

Designs in Machine Embroidery

Hello Embroidery Friends!

On Wednesday, Eileen filmed a LIVE video giving her Top 5 Tips on Continuous Borders. She also gave an awesome demonstration on how helpful the perfect alignment laser (PAL) is!

Watch below.

Note: Please excuse the graininess in the beginning, still working out the kinks and the video clears up after a few minutes.

Designs in Machine Embroidery

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Happy Stitching!




  • Gayle van Heerden

    I Missed the webinar. Is there a replay please?

    • Kayla Gilchrist

      Hi Gayle!

      The replay is the video link above. Click on it and it will allow you to watch!

      Thank you,


      • Gayle van Heerden

        Hi Kayla thank you for the link but there is no sound at all and no loudspeaker button to try and get sound.
        I would really love to watch and hear as I am sure what she has to say is important and interesting.

        • Kayla Gilchrist

          Hmm…there is a little speaker button on the right side of the video next to the Facebook logo. Sometimes it has a little “x” next to it indicating that the sound is off. Try clicking on it to turn the sound on (it’s shaped like a speaker).

  • Joanne

    I love your videos and I hear them very well but they are very blurry. Thank you.

    • Kayla Gilchrist

      Thank you Joanne, we are currently working that out! Hopefully the next time will be much better (:

  • Sue L

    Good information. I didn’t realize I had the capability to put the alignment marks within the software. That should help me when I’m auditioning different designs and repeats. Thank you.

    • Kayla Gilchrist

      Glad you enjoyed the video Sue! Thanks for watching (:

  • Joanne

    I have PAL , is there a way to weight it down so that it is more stable and steady. Thank you