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Happy Campers!

One of the fun aspects of working for Designs in Machine Embroidery is the ability to create and present new ideas.  We gather inspiration from what’s trending, from our own likes and interests, from friends and associates, museums and countless seemingly unrelated fields.  These ideas come to life in Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, but also through this blog and our products.  It makes the work more interesting for us but more importantly, we hope it keeps us relevant and timely for you, our readers!

When Eileen and I were brainstorming about a new design idea, I had been admiring vintage campers.  I see them as I travel to my favorite hiking and adventure destinations.  There’s something wonderfully nostalgic and charming about them – and they need to be expressed with stitches!

Eileen gave me the green light to design this vintage camper embroidery design.  I considered how I’d like to decorate the camper and who I’d want to include in my camping adventures.  Four-legged friends, of course!  That’s why I included a dog and cat looking through the windows.

The embroidery design is fun to stitch as is—and we’ve created a step-by-step instruction guide to use the design to make a cosmetic bag (or use it for gadgets or other items that need to be tucked away in a cute bag).  Use the design to stitch a sweet pillow or decorate a quilt block.

If you’re like me, you enjoy tweaking the design to add that unique touch.  You can do that with this design.  Add ribbon as embellishment to the camper.  Or use tiny pom pom fringe for a more whimsical look.

Don’t have a cat?  Remove the cat design and add a second dog.  Or remove the pets altogether.  You get the idea.  Have fun and make this vintage camper design your own.  Embellish with beads, crystals or rhinestones.  Add lettering to customize the design further.  Use software to add a square “Welcome” mat.

Most of all, embrace your creativity with enthusiasm!

This camper design along with the cosmetic bag instructions, are included as a free gift when you subscribe to Designs in Machine Embroidery.  You can subscribe for 1 or more years and the offer works with renewals.  Live abroad?  We’ll ship the magazine wherever you live!  The camper and cosmetic bag instructions are an automatic download you’ll receive upon paid subscription.  You can start stitching now!  Click the image below for the subscription page or give us a call:  888-739-0555 / 8 am – 5 pm CDT.







  • Joanne Banko

    Very, very cute Denise! I love the animal faces peering out from the camper as if to say . . . “are we there yet?” The little teeny weeny doormat is the icing on the cake!!! Lots of fun ideas here, thanks for sharing them all.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Joanne,
      Thank you, as always! That doormat was a bit over the top but I had to give it a try! Fortunately, deadlines force me to pull back on ALL my crazy ideas. Otherwise, I’d never get anything published! (I had several other ideas I wanted to try but that clock was ticking!)



    I have a 2-year subscription ongoing now & would love to use this cute design of vintage camper. Will it be available to current subscribers, please?

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Bev,
      Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and reader on the blog. We will consider your suggestion.

      Thank you,


  • Donna

    Sure hope this cute design is also available to your “Loyal Subscribers “.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you, this is something we will consider! We try to give freebies to everyone through the magazine. I often save some of my favorites for the magazine.


  • Alicia

    very cute!

    • Denise Holguin

      Thank you, Alicia!