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Hacked Fan Wear for the World Series


Yeah! It’s October which means World Series time. As you might recall I live in Ohio. If you follow baseball, you should know which two teams are in the World Series: Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. Both cities are extremely passionate and thoroughly excited to be in the World Series to say the least. As you can imagine getting to the World Series is a huge accomplishment and the process is very stressful for the fans as well.

Our Cleveland Indians had to beat the Boston Red Sox in order to win the American League Pennant, which they proceeded to do last week. Just before they clinched the title we had a family birthday celebration in Florida to attend. My brother in law is an avid, passionate Red Sox fan and life- long Bostonian. The entire family was going to be together in Florida for the party and watching one of the baseball playoff games. I had a fabulous idea of altering a purchased Red Sox hat with the following symbol over top of the famous Boston Red Sox “B”.redsox1bl

I know…brilliant! Before I left for Florida, I decided to “hack” the Boston hat to aggravate my brother in law.

I purchased two Boston Red Sox hats and used my software to create the “no symbol” design. I used my hat frame attachment on my 10 needle embroidery machine and actually stitched the symbol directly on top of the “B” in red thread.


Simple steps to follow:

  1. Measure the existing logo on the purchased hat. The hat hoop has height limitations and you will need to be sure the “no -symbol “will fit.
  2. Create the no –symbol in software. Select a circle and insert a straight line on a diagonal. Save the new design as symbol1.
  3. Hoop the hat in your hat hoop frame and center the symbol design. Use the trace feature or live camera to properly position the symbol design on top of the existing logo.

*Remember this design was used for personal use and will not be sold in anyway. Licensed merchandise is trademarked and cannot be reproduced for sale.

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  • Joanne Banko

    Marie . . . this is hilarious! What a cute idea and a fun way to express yourself with stitches. Your fellow buckeye here in Ohio hopes we can embroider “WE DID IT – WE WON” at the end of the series!!!

  • Nancy V

    Such a funny idea! I had a big smile on my face after reading about your trick, even though we are true blue Dodger fans here in L.A.! And, yes, we are feeling “blue” watching the Cubs vs Indians in the World Series. Sigh.

  • Alice Cornelson

    Clever and so professionally done. Thanks, for sharing.

  • Joan Shriver

    Such a cute idea!

  • Clem

    What a great idea. Just watched the last. Cubs won. Sad day. I, too, live in Ohio. I will have to do this anyhow, just for fun!

  • Bruce

    I really the idea, very cute and funny. Thanks for share.