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Multi-Needle Monday: Kindergarten Rocks!

Through my embroidery business I have stitched hundreds of corporate logos, team items and unique baby accessories. I am always open to new ideas; once in a while a customer will bring me a special request. This time the request was for a kindergarten t-shirt. The mother’s youngest of 4 children was starting kindergarten in a few weeks and she wanted a special send off outfit for her 5 year old.

Check in with me for next week on Software Saturday to learn how I created the text for the Kindergarten Rocks t-shirt. Below I list the steps for embroidering a child’s t-shirt with the requested text. The Children’s Perfect Placement Kit was used to align the design centered on the t-shirt.

1. Pre-wash a purchased child’s t-shirt (youth size medium was used) and press before stitching. Position the t-shirt on flat surface and place the template labeled: center front youth small/ medium on the t-shirt. Line up the black bold lines on template with the bottom of the t-shirt ribbing.school1BLschool2BL


Place a target sticker in the center hole of the template. The target sticker will designate the center of the embroidery design.

  1. I sized my embroidery design to fit in a 5×7 Monster Snap Hoop (check DIME for hoop sizes and models to fit your multi-needle machine) to make hooping easy and quick. Embroidering a child’s size t-shirt is so simple with a multi-needle embroidery machine. The bulk of the fabric hangs in front of the machine and out of the way of the embroidery attachment.
  2. Use fusible cut away poly mesh stabilizer on the wrong side of upper portion of t-shirt. Lay the magnetic frame of the Monster Snap Hoop on a flat surface and cut the stabilizer larger than the frame. school3BLMake sure to iron the stabilizer centered in the area to be stitched. school4BLschool5BL Turn the t-shirt right side out and slide the magnetic, teal frame inside the t-shirt (magnets facing the top). Attach the metal frame on top with target centered within the metal frame.school6BLschool7BL
  3. Slide the frame onto the multi-needle machine with the neck area placed over the bobbin throat. Use your hands to feel underneath the t-shirt for any excess fabric. Line up the target sticker with the correct needle bar (this is a great time to use the live camera if available on your machine).school8BL
  4. Remove the target sticker and add water soluble stabilizer (light weight type) to the top of the fabric. Use the automatic basting feature to tack down the stabilizer.school9BL
  5. Embroider the t-shirt and remove after stitching is complete. Turn t-shirt wrong side out and clip the basting files carefully.school10BL
  6. Re-iron the cut away stabilizer from the wrong side of t-shirt. The adhesive is deactivated and can be trimmed.scholl11BLschool12BL
  7. Turn t-shirt right side out and spritz with water to remove excess water soluble stabilizer from the text design. school13BL

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  • Pam Bjorlo

    Thanks for such thorough explanations. I am going to look into the hoop pictured for my 10 needle. I LOVE to embroider and so glad I found your blog. I got the blog address from Lorraine. She is a big fan. Thanks again, Pam

    • marie zinno

      I’m glad you like the blog. I hope you find more inspiration and helpful techniques in future posts.

  • Donna Fecteau

    That is adorable! Thanks for all the instructions.

  • Jeannette

    Where is the coupon code?

  • Maureen

    Every time I read one of your blogs I learn something new, or remember something that I always forget to do. Like de-activating the stabilizer to trim it. Thanks for the reminder!

    • marie zinno

      There is a lot to learn in the machine embroidery craft, it’s nice to have have a blog just for us! Thanks for writing.

  • Carolyn

    Loved learning about the fusible cut-away stabilizer in a previous blog entry. It’s made a big difference in embroidering tee shirts. Plus, I LOVE my magnetic hoops!

    • marie zinno

      Thanks for the nice comment.:)

  • Clem

    Is it possible to embroider the top of the foot on a sock? My son requested this for a surprise gift for his wife, but I could not figure it out! Thanks!

  • Clem

    Ohhh…not the cuff, the part that is hidden by the shoe! Thanks…just a clarification!

  • Kitt

    I love your blogs, I learn a lot. Little tricks I had not thought of that makes the jobs a lot easier. Thank you for posting these helpful hints.

  • Annette