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Multi-Needle Monday: Saving an Embroidery Design as a JPG

Technically this subject could be viewed as embroidery software but I think if you are using a multi-needle embroidery machine for a business you could use this information. As a commercial embroidery business owner, I use this feature often. Many customers select a font or embroidery design from a website or printed catalog page and we know as embroiderers, that all letters are not created equally. Therefore, it is important to lay out an entire monogram or logo in embroidery software and have the customer approve the selection.

One of the many benefits to having this opportunity is to quickly share the future order with whoever needs to ok the design. For example: I work with a high end interior designer who frequently changes her mind on lettering styles and overall design size (much to my dismay). Instead of stitching out samples for her approval, I can go to my software and save the new design as a JPG. I can easily email the design to her in a few minutes rather than stitch the sample and wait for her new changes in a matter of days. I always charge for sample stitch outs but sometimes I am more concerned with the deadline ahead and the JPG file is a wonderful tool to have at our fingertips in our embroidery software.

Here are a few samples of what I would send to a customer for approval.lac 1BLlac 2BL

The two designs shown are the exact same monogram font which contains left letters, center letters and right letters. This style is called master circle and the letters should be placed as Left, Center, Right. I always re-work the monogram to be more pleasing to the eye and make sure it is legible. Intertwining letters are perfectly acceptable and it looks elegant as long as you can read the monogram. The first monogram design shown is using only the center letters.

My Perfect Embroidery Pro software by Inspirations has the capability to save any embroidery file as a JPG file. Save each new design as separate file name: LAC1, LAC2 it makes it easier for the customer to select the correct file name.

Step One: Open the monogram or other design in the embroidery software and select File, Save as Image. save as imageBL Select the JPG file format. Name the file as desired. design in folderBL

Step Two: Open the second choice of monogram and save the design as an image again. Rename it something different.

I am not sure if all embroidery software has this option but you can check when selecting “Save As “. Save all JPG images in a folder titled appropriately.

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  • Karin

    How clever! I never even thought to.look and see if I’ve got that option! I always take a screen shot or an actual photo (with my camera!!) And then email that, but I like your idea MUCH better! I’m gonna have to check that out…thanks for sharing!!

  • Rachel Price

    I save all my samples for my customers the same way as you do and email them, whether it’s a monogram or a design that they are looking for. I sometimes also take a picture of the design in my software with my iPad and email that. Definitely saves in time and materials when it’s done that way. Love your multi needle Monday’s and all you blogs!

  • Francine Meyer-Drasutis

    Marie what a great Idea. Perfect timing because I need send a design for approval. I am taking your class and loving it.

    • marie zinno

      Thanks for all the nice comments. I’m glad you enjoy the blog and my Craftsy class.

  • Sharon R

    PE-Design 10 does not have an option to save as other than a PE-Design 10 or 9 file. That’s outrageous, especially considering the cost of this software. When I complained to Brother, they responded with an option to save it as an HTML file by using a database manager, but I’d be better off taking a screenshot of my Print Preview.

  • Angela

    This is great information to have as a business owner. I use Bernina V6 software and I have the option to “save as image” either as jpg or png. I can even change the background “fabric” color and it will show up in the picture. I’ve used it a lot in the last few years. I have some digitizing work that I do online only and it’s been extremely helpful to have this ability.

  • Jenny Internoscia

    Great idea! Can you tell me the font name you used and where I can purchase it?

    Thank you!

  • Bruce

    Very great idea! Thank you so much for continuing sharing great information.


  • Aimee Aimee

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