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Multi-Needle Monday: Multiple Name Tags – Part Two


As you read this blog I should be sailing and teaching on the Caribbean Sea. Last week I shared with you a sneak peak of our embroidered name tags for our students. We have 70 guests taking our Stitching Sister work shop and wanted to create something special for a name tag.

I selected three different appliqué designs from the Stipple! Sea Life collection. The designs used: sand dollars, star fish and sea turtle. All were stitched by me on my multi-needle embroidery machine (6 needle). This is how I like to set up my machine when stitching multiple items.

Step One: Upload one design and set up the color sequence (I opted for 1 color for each design) I also eliminated the color stops for the appliqué step. The designs have a bean stitch outline and it is easier to cut out all of the shapes after the embroidery is complete.tag9BL

Step Two: Adjust the hoop size to the largest hoop available for your machine (300 x 200 was used). Touch the “repeat” icon to add the design to make another row -plus 1.tag10BL Touch the icon below for spacing because you want to be able to cut around each design without them touching.tag11BL You will need to “space” the designs at this point . Now touch the “plus row” button again to fill the screen with multiple designs.tag12BL

Step Three: I used a crisp medium weight tear away stabilizer along with a cotton fabric to give body to the appliqué name tags.tag8BL Sorry for all the thread tails in the photo….I think this was the last group of name tags and I was getting tired.

Step Four: After the 70 embroidered appliqués were complete, I sat in front of the TV and watched a few recorded Downton Abbey episodes while cutting out the shapes.tag15BL Eileen even came to visit me in cold, snowy Ohio a few weeks ago, and we worked on our kits for the class. You can see the appliqués in the photo to the right (sorry it is bad quality, my hubby does not take the best photos).sisters 5BL

Step Five: The flat pin backs were purchased from a craft store along with the heavy duty glue called, Liquid Fusion. I attached the pin backs and let them dry for a few hours as suggested.

Step Six: Each guest will select the group they will be in, and for this reason I did not embroider the names on the sea life designs. The names were stitched on a simple canvas purchased tag which I trimmed to fit onto the appliqués. The name tag portion will be added when we meet on the ship and attached with adhesive hook and loop tape.tag16BL

I hope this helps you plan for future multiple embroidered designs and can save you time.

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  • Cindy Amend

    It is a wonderful cruise and workshop with wonderful people!

  • Bruce

    As always, very helpful! Thanks for sharing this!